Éducation Française


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Scene Title Éducation Française
Synopsis Tracy and Magnes discuss various things, while he attempts to avoid spilling the beans about the Company, though she clearly knows. Magnes then takes Minea's advice and Frenching happens.
Date June 18 2009

Financial District

In spite of itself, New York's financial district has weathered these tough times like it has other crisis' in the past. The neighborhood and it's people certainly aren't a strangers to them. The Financial District has its own scar, and it's own Ground Zero, though from an admittedly earlier tragedy. While the memorial to the September 11th attacks stands out amidst the skyline of this hub of New York's commerce, it is a wound that the city learned to survive, just like the events of November 8th.

Despite it's proximity to the fallout area and the Red Zone, the Financial District has bounced back onto its feet well. Public and private corporations funneled billions of dollars into the economy of the neighborhood to ensure that Wall Street didn't collapse along with the remainder of New York's heart. This multi-billion dollar effort was not without obvious results, and this neighborhood of New York is almost exactly as it was before the Bomb. While the western edges of the borough at Battery Park City were temporarily evacuated during the initial fallout scare, this region hasn't seen the dive in property values or spike in crime as strongly as other similarly hit areas such as Staten Island and Queens has.

Buildings in the area look well-tended, the city streets are kept clean, and the NYPD has a strong presence here. Overall not much has changed in the local attitude since the Bomb happened, save for the jagged northern skyline, and how the neighborhood slowly begins to degenerate in condition the further away from City Hall and Wall Street you go.

"Yes, arrange it for three o'clock tomorrow, I have a meeting at one. None of your business who with. I want the Ways and Means Comittee drafts on my desk before monday too," a blonde says into her phone. There's only so many hot blondes that could be. Her high heels click on the pavement, still hot from the day but cooling in the shadow of the buildings that tower over her. She appears to be on her way home. "And leave a message with Parkman's people - I need to talk to him when he's free." Pearls glimmer in flashes whenever she steps between buildings and a bit of sunlight leaks through. While Tracy walks, people walk beside her, ducking in and out of stores. Life is going on - a bit busier now, a different kind of rush hour. Kids done wiht homework, parents done with dinner, everyone just…outside and enjoying life.

Magnes is doing his best impression of enjoying life. Sure, he's not exactly depressed right now, he's somewhat come to terms with the Company situation, but he finds himself terribly confused about why Minea did what she did, and where she is right now. He's drowning that out in shopping. If there's a comic shop in the Financial District, he found it. A video game, clothing, and even a Target store. He completely loaded up, spending some of that fat Company check finally. Most of his bags practically have Geek written all over them, about five bags, all held over his shoulder in one hand. Boy is he strong! Or using gravity, which ever. He cuts down a small street, mostly to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy areas, heading for a bench placed strategically under a tree for shade.

Far be it for Tracy to ever miss an opportunity, even if that opportunity is a person. Tracy doesn't see people - she sees usefullness. And right now? That usefulness is in the form of one Magnes Varlane. "I have to go, Trent, but just make sure everything's done." Without waiting for 'Trent' to respond, she presses a button on her blackberry and heads for the bench Magnes is almost at.

Finally taking a seat on the bench, Magnes sits his five bags in front of him and starts going through things. The first thing he pulls out is a video game called Prototype, staring at the back of it and reading curiously.

"You know, you could be doing something else with your money, like going to school. Isn't that what you said you wanted?" Yes, Magnes. Better make sure Len isn't anywhere nearby because the woman responsible for your pardon is standing right behind you, arms crossed under her breasts and hip slightly cocked with a smirk. "But then I imagine Primatech paper pays well."

Magnes turns around, staring, eyes wide. "I-I'm not supposed to see you!" He quickly turns around, staring at his bags, not looking back. "This isn't happening and you're not here. You should just keep walking. Oh, and uh, thanks for getting Futurama back on the air for me, I'm pretty grateful…"

"I hope a presidential pardon will warrent more than a blush and a thank you. One kiss is really enough to send you into such a tailspin?" As Tracy does, she moves in the exact opposite way that he wants her to. She sits down on the bench beside him. "Someone really ought to teach you about post-sex awkwardness and how to avoid it."

When she sits next to him, Magnes' eyes instantly lock on to her lips, licking his own as he just stares. His cheeks aren't even red at the moment, he's a bit lost in thinking. "Uh, I, you did the pardon? Wait, sex? What?" he sounds confused, as he's too busy staring.

Tracy smiles, her white teeth flashing…and just a little glimpse of that pink tongue visable as she does so. At least he's not staring at her breasts. "I just like to throw the word 'sex' into conversation with you because you really are awfully awkward. But no, I haven't done your pardon. But it is within my power to do so."

"I'm really not supposed to be talking to you." Magnes cautiously repeats, but doesn't seem to be making a move to leave. He'll just have to tell Len later on! "And I'm trying not to be awkward, it's kinda making it hard to get girls. I've gotta learn to hide it more, or something…" Still barely paying attention, he's distracted by the flash of tongue. At least she's not teaching a language class.

Tracy has had plenty of men leer in every possible way at her, she knows all of their tricks. "Well the first thing to do is to look at my eyes, Magnes. Only look at my other parts when you're sure I'm not looking. Glance quickly, and look away." Yes, she's teaching him how to check out women. "You want your pardon, don't you?"

"S-sorry, I was, uh, thinking." Magnes clears his throat. Thank god Delilah can't see him now! He drops his game back into the EB Games bag, staring up into her eyes, which just seems to make him even more nervous. "Y-yes, I want the pardon. A-and to answer your earlier question, I wanna go to college too, I still have to work that out."

"Excellent. Don't be afraid of my eyes, it's just a way of actually talking to a person and facing them. It's very masculine to meet someone's eyes and not be afriad of them." She smirks, a bit, crossing her legs as she sits back comfortably. "As to your pardon…..how much do you want it?"

"I won't have sex with you for it." Magnes deadpans, scooting back about an inch or two. "So, other than that, what do you want?"

Tracy chuckles. "If I'd wanted to have sex with you, I would have. But statetory rape is still rape." Yes, he is a child in her eyes. "I don't want anything. What I need is to make sure that Agent Denton isn't trying to screw me over. We have several projects in the works together, I don't know if you heard."

"I'm 21! And I can kinda sorta fly now, which is a lot harder than driving, so you can consider me a man." Magnes states with a firm nod, but starts to stare at her as if she's out of her mind when she continues talking. "You realize someone's probably watching us right now, and that I'm not supposed to be talking to you? I'll probably have to tell someone about this so I don't get in trouble. The only reason I'm not just running away right now is because I'm grateful for the whole Futurama thing, and uh, the um, you know, the morning thing…"

Tracy waves a hand. "And hopefully your pardon as well. I'm not asking you to spy, Magnes. But once upon a time you were concerned for my safety. If it comes into threat again, I do hope you'll be willing to help me. I detest working with agencies that 'don't exist' because the people in them think that they can do whatever htey want without reprocussions. It makes them difficutl to predict."

"Well, I don't know what agencies you're talking about," though his tone clearly betrays his words. "But I'll always have my ethics, no matter what. If I ever thought anyone was trying to hurt you, I'd protect you, because you're a good person, even if you're uh, kinda, um, feminine." There are other words, but he can't think of them right now!

"I didn't know feminine people were all seperate entities from being 'good.' I think Jack the Ripper had a similar theory." Tracy chuckles to herself, sitting back and pushing some hair back behind her ear - not that any got loose in the first place. "Primatech Paper. The Company. Whatever you people are calling yourselves these days. Please, Magnes, we both know the truth here."

"Even if I had any idea what you were talking about, why would you be trying to get me to admit that when there's like, probably people listening, which could get me into some really deep trouble?" Magnes asks, hoping she can read between the lines as he sighs in exasperation, eyes averting from her eyes to her lips, then back up to her eyes again. He's trying! "Tracy, I'll protect you, alright? Maybe it's a bit unfair to say you don't need to worry about anything, but, you have my number, and you know you can depend on me. Even if it got me locked up forever, if your life is in danger, call me, and I'll fly right there, as fast as I can, restrictions be damned."

Tracy shakes her head. "I'm not going to get you into trouble, Magnes. Far from it. And if the Company is listening right now? Then a certain agent knows that his ass is in the red with me, and he still needs me for a few things. No, I think they know better than to try something like that. Besides, if anyone were listening, my security detail would pick them up. But you can deny it if you like, even though your boss came to me and told me all of it."

"Can you be straight with me, then?" Magnes moves his leg up on to the bench, resting his arm on the back of the seat. "Tell me what you want from me. What can I do for you? What do you think I can do, exactly? I learned all about expectations from a girl last night, so, now I wanna know yours."

Tracy shakes her head. "I don't expect you to go out of your way for me. In fact, I'll tan your hide for it if you do. Just…be aware of your surroundings and if you happen to hear anything about your boss trying to rip me off, I need to know about it. You can get a message to me through DHS."

"This isn't exactly something I can just agree to, you know, but I promise I'm not gonna let you end up in a ditch, or something like that. I'm kinda on the spot here, y'know? Just, well, trust me, I guess." It's about the best Magnes can offer her, since, well, he's pretty sure people are listening. Then, business over, he awkwardly coughs. "I uh, about that morning, if I were to like, ask for um, like…"

Tracy smiles, a semi-political smile, semi-amused smile. "Magnes, if you can't ask me anything you want to by now, we have some issues. By teh way, don't ever agree to something like I just asked. Agree in your words, discreetly, but make sure you have deniablity."

Magnes nods, since he's pretty sure Tracy knows what she's talking about; after all, she got back Futurama. "Alright, I don't mean anything by this, I'm not like, falling in love with you or anything, since I'm pretty sure you don't know what I'm talking about half the time, but uh, I wanna kiss again, one more time, just to get it out of my system." His cheeks heat up, and he raises a hand to feel it, taking a deep breath. "Can't believe I just said that…"

Tracy raises her eyebrows, a little surprised. "Well, for your sake, then, I hope your people are watching." She pats the bench beside her, but then realizes he won't come to her on his own. So instead? She puts her hand on Magnes' chin, slowly moving to tilt his face up toward her. The last man she did this to? Was the President of the United States.

"I don't really know what I'm doing, so, uh…" Magnes leans in a bit eagar to meet her lips with his, though he has no idea what he's doing, so he's trying to let her lead.

"Lick your lips, you don't want them parched from fear," she suggests, her icy blue eyes checking to make sure that no one is paying any attention. If even one jogger, one parked car looks suspicious? No way this is going down. But sicne she sees nothing, she continues to cradle his chin between two fingers, thumb running over him there for a moment. "And you don't want to over-pucker, that makes you seem like you got your kissing lessons from daffy duck."

"Uh huh…" Magnes is just repeating that over and over, doing everything she asks, brain likely ready to completely explode from blood pressure. "T-then?"

Tracy does one more sweep to make sure no one's around. They are alone. No one to fear. "Just…remember what I do, don't get lost in it. So when you kiss a girl? You cna remember." Only the ice woman could do this - she has absoutely no emotional attachement to the boy. "First I'm going to just press my lips to yours, and then I'm going to bite your lower lip - it won't hurt. After that, my tongue will go into your mouth. Just run your tongue against mine, alright?"

"Y-yes, alright." Magnes takes exhales in anticipation, licking his lips one more time as he wait for her. "If this is what sex ed is like, I wish I went to a normal high school…"

"Hush. I have a dinner meeting and I can't be late for it." Yes, boy. Hush up so she can kiss you and so she can run to her meeting. Finally, as promised, Tracy kisses him, and it's just like she said it would be. First lips, leaning back a bit, almost breaking the kiss before she goes in again, this time taking his lower lip into her mouth and biting softly, tugging it as she pulls away a second time. The third time? is that tongue Magnes so desires.

Magnes' hands move to her cheeks, running his tongue over her's just as instructed. Then, as he's pulling back, he lightly nibbles her bottom lip with his teeth. "Was that what you were gonna do? I think I saw that on TV once…" He sounds almost light-headed, licking his lips as if savoring the taste. Icey! "I think I learned a lot from that. Like, why kissing leads to sex, and I think I feel um, I don't know." Confident would be the word, if his tone is any indication. "Th-thanks for that, that's the last time though, so uh, I hope you liked it."

Tracy doesn't seem to care either way. She smacks your leg in an easy little pat. "Take some of that money you're spending there and go down to staten, get yourself a hooker. A nice one, though, don't skimp. Tell her you need to learn. Trust me, women love a man with experience. So are you all done then?" Yes, she really doesn't seem to care much that she'll never kiss him again

"I uh, I'll have to pass on that. I know how to kiss now, that's all the experience I need." Magnes decides as he picks up his bags, nodding down at her. "Thanks again, I uh, I don't think I'll be forgetting any time soon. Now I have an embarassing email to write…" He sighs in defeat, though otherwise appears in high spirits, beginning to skate away. "Later, Tracy!"

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