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Scene Title Eeeee-Vuuuuuh
Synopsis After going home sick from work, Kaylee calls Brian and asks him over to watch movies. Brian brings Wall-e as an offering.
Date September 09, 2009

Kaylee's Apartment

After a stop at a local store for ginger ale and anything else that will help with her stomach, Kaylee finally went home. After getting into her gray sweatpants and pale pink tank top, the blonde telepath drops onto the couch and grabs up her cellphone. Tapping it against her chin for a moment, she tries to decide to call. "Brian…" She murmurs softly. He's always good for watching movies with. So she dialed him up. "Surprise we're back!" She states brightly. "I'm stuck at home or the evening. I've got a hankering to watch something animated… Feel up to it? The fuddy duddies on the trip wouldn't humor me."

"Yeah give me like an hour."

He could be there in fifteen minutes. Or maybe less, but when you're hiding you have an ability it's best to give yourself a reality cushion. So dickering around in a coffee shop across the street Brian finally felt it appropriate to cross the street after an hour and twenty minutes. Reality is often late, anyway.

When the door opens, Brian is standing there in a gray suit. A copy of the Wall-E dvd held to his chest. One hand goes up to bring the aviators away from his eyes. "First off. Who says 'hankering', second, when did you get back?" With that he's stepping cleanly into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him.

Leaning on the on the door for a moment, Kaylee smirks at him. "I guess my Kentucky roots are shining through. Grew up in my granma's house she said it a lot." She steps away from the door, letting him in. While for the most part she acts herself, she doesn't look it. In fact she seems pale, when she moves close enough to pluck the DVD from his hands. "Oh my god, I love this one." She gives a little hop, but then grimaces. Giving an apologetic look, she explains "My stomachs been off a couple of days… Um, we got back a couple of days ago. Took the red eye back on Monday." She looks over the dvd boxes with a small smile, "Needless to say I'm happy to be home."

"Kentuckah." Brian repeats for no real reason other than being obnoxious for the hell of it. Going to plop on the couch after giving up the DVD he glances over at her and watches her for a good moment. "You look beautiful as usual." He says with a little twinge of a smile. Then with that out of the way. "And you look like shit." A little frown before he pats the couch. "Did you catch something? Swineflu?"

"Well.. in Seattle I ate bad fish. But I was fine by time we went to LA. But I've been feeling off again since we got back." When she drops onto the couch, folding her legs, a necklace slips out of her tank top. A half helix embellishes it gems shines where is falls against her chest. "I should go in see what they say. And try to get something for it at least." She gives a little frustrated huff. "So… anything good happen while I was gone?"

"Want me to make you soup?" Brian asks, going to put his arm around her, but he pauses as he starts to lean in. Unabashedly his hand goes up to her chest, his fingers going to scoop the half helix up off her chest. He stares at it for a moment. "Where did you get this?" He asks in quiet tones, eyes remaining on the symbol.

"Food does not sound good." Kaylee says with a wrinkle of her nose. When he leans in she almost leans back, but stops herself and glances down. "That? Adam gave it to me in LA. He had it made for me. He says it was a symbol that represented him in another life. That it.. spiritually marks me as part of his family. His heir kinda thing." She looks rather proud of it. "He said I was like a daughter to him." She suddenly looks a bit paler and she winces a bit, hunching over a bit closing her eyes against something… She slowly breaths out and says, "Anyhow… yeah….. that's where I got it."

"When was the last time you ate?" He glances up to smirk momentarily at the little nose wrinkle. Still holding the necklace, he frowns softly as she tells him the story. His other hand slides over her neck, both hands going behind her neck. Unless she stops him, he goes to undo the necklace. But then he furrows his brows as she hunches over, "Oh geeze. Maybe you shouldn't be talking. Have you been resting much today? I'll get you some more seven up or water." He undoes the necklace and steps up from the couch.

"As for this. Do me a favor. Let me keep it for a week. Let me tell you the things I know. And then at the end of the week, if you still want to wear it, then do it."

"I tried some toast this morning? Does that count. Plus, I had to work." When the necklace slides off her neck Kaylee looks rather worried. "If Adam doesn't see it, he might not be happy about it. He asked me to wear it for him." She leans into the corner of the couch and draws her knees up. She rubs her stomach slowly. "Adam mentioned stuff he wanted to tell me, when he gave me that. But he said it wasn't the time to be hitting me with it." She looks uncertain about letting him take it.

"Wear a turtleneck." Brian suggests ruefully as he goes to tuck the necklace into his pocket. Drawing back in, Brian places one knee on the couch so he can lean back in. A soft kiss is planted on Kaylee's forehead before he reels back. Going to the kitchen he goes to get a glass of water ready. "I assume I know what he's going to tell you. But he probably won't tell you what I can tell you KayKay." Bringing the glass back, he goes to hand it to her.

Taking the DVD he makes his way to the TV, still talking to her over his shoulder. "But if I bring you in, Kay, you're in. So it's up to you if you want to know or not. Or we can just watch this adorable little robot." The DVD player is opened. "Up to you kiddo."

Ducking her head down a bit for the kiss on her forehead, it will feel cool to him. "Oh? Why is it that everyone knows stuff and I don't? I feel like everyone thinks I'm this delicate thing that needs to be protected. Even Sabrina…. She took two bullets trying to protect me." She sounds a touch upset about that.

Taking the glass of water she gives him a soft smile. Kaylee holds it in both hands watching him, "Can I tell you something.. something I haven't really told anyone.. Well, I told Sabrina…" she trails off a bit and watches him, she looks like she might take it back, but something about it disturbs her.

"You got shot at?" He looks a touch concerned, turning after the DVD is inserted. He frowns as he comes close to her, when her protest about being a delicate thing that needs protecting he grins, and goes to let his knuckles brush at her cheek. "You're helpless and pale on a couch." He reminds gently.

With that he plops on the couch, going to find the remote, an arch of his brow is given to her secret. "If you want, Kay." He says softly, letting his hand rest on the top of one of her knees. "What's on your mind?"

"I'm not helpless.. I just feel icky." Kaylee mutters before moving to sit next to him, curling up against his side. She's quiet for a moment and then sighs. "When we were in LA.. we met up with this woman.. She was Evolved… Sabrina said her ability was like.. Persuasion.." She takes a sip of water, at wipes a bit of her moisture from her mouth. "I had to go into her head.. and well… She spoke to me… yet she's not telepathic."

She shifts a bit to look at him, her expression a bit more serious then typical Kaylee. "But she said, I shouldn't trust Adam. He's a monsters… and only keeps me around for his ego. When he's bored with him I'll be face down in a ditch somewhere with a bullet in my brain. But she also said I should learn about the… Shanti Virus.. and the real reason he was locked around by a guy named Kaito." She shrugs a bit. "If that was a persuasion.. Should I be running for the hills away from Adam?"

A small twinge of a flex goes through Brian's arm when the Shanti virus is mentioned. He glances away before glancing back at Kaylee. "Persuasion?" Winters gives a soft hum. "If she used her ability on you." He tilts his head in thought. "Well, I'm not sure how her ability works. You still want to be around Adam don't you? You don't have strong feelings to run away from him? Maybe that means it didn't work." A shrug, one arm goes to lace around her shoulders.

"She was right about Adam, though. You shouldn't trust him. I'm not sure he'll put you down in a ditch for being bored with you. But he certainly doesn't care about you the way you probably think he does. If you got in his way." He shrugs heavily. "He probably would kill you. KayKay, do you even know about his power?"

"I'm kinda thinking it didn't work either. I mean.. I still trust him.. I still thinking of him like the father I never had." She shrugs a bit and sighs softly. "I dunno.. just worried me a bit. It was odd." She looks at Brian and searches his face thoughtfully. "I just.. I can't believe he would and yes… I know he regenerates… I know other things about it I can't say. It's a pretty nice ability. I mean.. I can read minds .. make them do things and forget stuff too. But… my ability.." She trails off and gives a little shake of herself… "Not important.. Oh! Hey…" She turns backwards on the couch and reaches over the back for something. "You are so going think I'm crazy…. But I when I was sick in Seattle, I was bored." She pulls folder out of her backpack. One of the ones kids use at school.

"You know he's like super super old. Right? Like he doesn't die? Like he goes way back? Like way way back? Like could be your grandpa's grandpa's grandpa? Or something like that?" Recoiling his arm he lets Kaylee go for the backpack. He glances at the TV and goes to hit 'play' on the remote. Setting it aside, he nestles into his little corner in the couch and goes to look at what she's pulling out.

"I already think you're crazy." He notes

"Well.. I think most of the gang think…." There is a pause and her head comes up and she slides back down to sit, still kneeling backwards. "I knew he didn't die when he was blown…." she stops herself…. "Er.. I know he doesn't die. But… Really?" She frowns a bit and makes a soft.. "Huh.." before she turns to nestle back against him. She's quiet for a moment.. and when she speaks again her words are a touch subdued.

"Anyhow.. I was at Central Park the day of the Humanis bombing. And there was this little old man. Carrying a board…" She flips open the folder and pulls out a printer copy of an image of a black circle with the numbers 12-12-09 in red. "..with this one it." She doesn't look at him as she continues. "He was spouting off about the darkness swallowing up the moon and everyone burning. Some other stuff too. Anyhow.. So when I was sick.. I was bored.. so I looked it all up.."

Brian's interest is definitely piqued, then it slopes back down then back up. Like a rollercoaster. "Yeah. He's real old." With that he goes to place his back in the corner of the couch. Moving to face her squarely, he puts one leg on either side of her, then goes to gently pull her shoulders back into his chest. Placing his chin on her shoulder he hums softly. "I imagine you found something that would give you an actual reason to put stock into a random hobo, right?"

"Because I think I've seen guys just like that on Cops." Not that he has ever watched Cops, but still. "You're still sick." He reminds gently, letting one arm curl around her stomach softly.

"More like.. a grim fascination… I was curious." Kaylee allows herself to lean back agaisnt him and nods a bit. "I dunno if I found something like.. you know.. mind blowing." She grabs a stack of printed papers out of the folder while she states… "Okay.. I'm still sick… or well… sick again." But then she hold up the images and starts shifting through them. All are the black circle with the numbers.. Some even have copper around the edges. "Germany… England.. China…" As she continues to say names it's obvious it's where they are found.."Chicago… Poghkeepskee.. I think that's how you say it.." The red lettering varies depending on the language. "Kinda neat, huh?" She glances at him and smirks. "These people swear the saw them in visions.. Dreams.. or heard it from friends like that." She chuckles a bit. "Kinda makes you wonder what their smoking."

"People are having this same vision all over the place?" Brian seems a little more vested in this now. Leaning forward against her he lets his cheek rest against hers as he peers down at the files. "Twelve twelve oh nine. Well people said that the world would end at nine nine oh nine." He looks up for a moment as if to confirm they are still alive. "Didn't happen."

Kaylee giggles and presses her cheek against his briefly. "Yeah I know. Like I said it's silly.. But.. There is a bit of truth to that darkness swallowing the moon." She pulls a sheet from some site about the moon.. "There is a viewable lunar eclipse on December 12th, 2009."" She shrugs a bit. "Kinda disappointed in that… but you know, they gotta get it from somewhere."

"Oh!" She exclaims as she sees the final sheet in there. Kaylee pulls it out with a snap. "I also looked up biblical dates.. That same day will be the anniversary of Cain and Abel." She offers the sheet as she continues.. "I have no idea why I printed that, but you know the tale of Cain and Abel? I only know cause, well.. I looked it up. But yeah. Cain was jealous of his brother. Killed his brother and God cursed him to walk the earth forever. And anyone that killed him would be cursed with the Mark of Cain.. Yada yada.. Not really important."

Kaylee sighs. "Anyhow.. that is my new hobby…" She tilts her head to look at him, "I bet you never realized just how crazy I was." She gives him a bright smile and a little wiggle of her brows.

"God gave him a mark." Brian murmurs, "And he wandered into the land of Nod. The world's very first murderer." Brian confirms. Apparently he knows the story or at least hinks he does. "Where is your brother, Abel? Cain answered 'Am I my brother's keeper?'" He smirks, going to wrap both arms around her stomach. "World's first smart ass too." Pulling her into him tight he goes to lean back.

"That's very interesting. I think I know someone who would be very interested in that stuff." A certain red bird. "That's not crazy Kay. You're calling yourself weird in front of the guy with a million voices in his head?" A little grin. "A lunar eclipse. On the anniversary of the first murder. That's probably not good if there is something to it."

There is a lift of her brows, Kaylee looks impressed. "Someone is up on their biblical studies. And exactly.. Abel was the first victim… or martyr. The legend is interpreted so many ways. It's crazy." She stuffs the papers back into the folder and tosses it on the coffee table. "You can take that. I can print more. There is one of those black disk images in Jersey I'm gonna go look at. There is this guy I know. Weird guy.. but he seems to like weird stuff. Gonna take him with I think." She rests her head on his and lets her eyes drift back to the movie.

"I'd ask why you got a million voices in your head.. but I doubt you'd tell me.. Maybe one day, huh?" She gives him a little nudge and then sighs, "Thanks by the way, for coming over. Lately, I just have been needing I dunno… a friend, I guess. I like a lot of the guys in the gang.. but stuff like this.." she wave a hand at the moves and folder, "They just don't seem to understand."

"Martyr? The bible's technical first martyr was Stephen." Brian points out quietly. "Stoned after Jesus was crucified. And Saul held the robes of those who killed him. When he died he said he saw Jesus at the right hand of God and God on the throne of glory. Or something like that. Abel didn't die for a cause. He didn't volunteer for death. He was just the victim of the very first passionate crime."

He smiles softly, bringing up his fingers he places them in Kaylee's hair briefly. "Can I trust you?" He leans forward. "If Adam finds out. He'll want me hung. I'll be shut out of the crew, and forever hated by your daddy figure." He arches a single brow.

Holding up her hands Kaylee chuckles. "I read it on a site.. Like I said.. Many interpretations. Like the mark of can.. some say it was light skin.. other say it was black skin.. Some say it wasn't physical.. I'm just telling it as I read it." She trails off at the question and shifts a bit so that she is sideways and can look at him fully in the eyes.

Blue eyes wonder his face, as she studies him . She starts to say something… but then stops herself and considers that thought and finally says. "As much as I want to say 'Yes'…. I think it's better I say 'No'. I like having you around. I don't want to get you hurt cause of my curiosity." She gives him a sad smile.

"Yeah. Some people thought it was black skin. But that's going under the assumption that the first people created were white. With the whites being really 'smitten' by the bible first, they convinced everyone else that the people in that book were white as well." He takes the offered files and slaps them on the ground next to the couch. He hasn't tapped into that knowledge since he became an agent. Funny how it sticks with you.

Brian grins softly. "Don't worry KayKay. Adam's not the only person who's very hard to kill." His hand goes to run through her hair. "By saying no, I know I can trust you more. When you want to know. You tell me." A warm smile forms up.

"What the fact that I just told you I can't keep a secret?" Kaylee asks sounding rather amused. She head rests against him and she lets her eyes drift shut as he plays with her hair. "I feel a bit better." the words said softly, "But yeah.. I'll ask some day. But right now.. its safer for you." A smile touches her lips at a thought. "I'm not tough to kill.. I pretty damn squishy. But I'm not helpless either."

"Squishy." He grins at that, his legs go to wrap up around her. Folding over her legs. His hands sink down to rest on her stomach, squishing a little bit as if to prove the point. Then he's relaxing against the couch. "Okay." He says with a little smile. He glances over to the TV. "Now would you please shut the hell up so I can watch Wall-e fall in love?"

"Alright fine.. I'll shut up.. and don't squish too hard… You might make me throw up…" Kaylee teases a bit, since she does feel a bit better. "Whoever thought so much could be said without words." She says those words so softly, before snuggle down to watch the movie.

"I'm your cure." He pips with a smile. His hand gradually starts to levitate up her stomach, though it stops just short of a different type of squishy. Tilting his head over to let his eyes lull over the TV he watches with a lazy grin. He makes a content sound as he wraps up with her.

"Eeeee-vuuuuuh." :D

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