Eight Years


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Scene Title Eight Years
Synopsis It took eight years for Kaylee to realize she wasn't made for a desk. Today she turns in her resignation.
Date April 08, 2019

Kaylee has spent a few days trying to think of how to approach her brother on this. He wouldn’t be the only one she needed to tell, but Richard was first. To be honest, she couldn’t expect Liz to hold on that secret for much longer, while she has a mini mental crisis over what she’s about the to do.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, it still doesn’t calm the butterflies in Kaylee’s stomach. Hands grips a manilla envelope like a lifeline.

“You can do this,” Kaylee whispers to herself. It was always so much easier to do things like this with the snake in her head. Though she wonders if it would have agreed with this decision or not. There was still so much she didn— NO!

Giving her head a little shake refocus and dash away everything else. She was going to do this.

Another deep breath and Kaylee knocks on the door, before opening it. A smile is plastered on her face as she pushes into the room. “Hello, big brother. Have a moment to talk?”

Raytech Industries - CEO’s Office

“…tus report,” Richard’s talking on his phone, a hand lifting up with a finger extended upwards in a ‘one moment’ gesture and a quick smile flashed to his sister. “I’ll talk to you next week to find out its progress, thank you.”

The phone’s hung up, and he leans back with a creak of the chair, “Well, progress on the hydroponics facility is going well, at least. That’s one less thing I have to worry about; what’s up, little sister?”

“That’s great,” Kaylee means it too. It felt like the project was stretching too long. “Be nice to have another big win above the belt for us.” The Spot bots being another. “Should look at selling the fish bots as well to help…” She trails off and shakes her head. This wasn’t why she came here.

The edge of the envelope taps lightly against her palm as she crosses the room. “I—” This was harder than she thought it was going to be. The sound of her heels was too loud, in her mind, but maybe that was the nerves talking. “I wanted to talk to you about the future of Raytech.” The tapping stops mid motion and the manilla envelope is suddenly held out. Looking suddenly nervous, Kaylee watches him.. The envelope appeared pretty thick. “My future with Raytech or my role within it.”

“Oh?” Richard’s smile fades at those words, a glance to the envelope and then back up at her before reaching out a hand to take the thick envelope in hand, “Your.. what’s this about, Kaylee?”

His gaze drops to manila, then back up, both eyebrows raising in confusion.

Free of the envelope, Kaylee’s hands clasp together tightly and hang before her. When he look at her, guilt-tinged eyes drop away to the envelope in his hands. “I’m stepping down as COO,” she says after a hard swallow against her emotions, mainly anxiety, “and taking up a position with NYPD Scout.”

It was one hell of a career change.

Hands unclasp so that Kaylee can motion to the envelope in his hand. “I had Jared draw up the paperwork so everything is in order and ready for you and the others to sign.”

There’s no answer at first, the envelope opened up and callused fingertips drawing some of the papers slightly out to examine before letting them slide back in— having seen enough, apparently, to decide this isn’t some off-date April Fool’s joke.

“Eight years,” Richard says then, leaning slowly back in the chair, arms folding behind his head as he regards her with dark eyes, brows lifted just slightly, “It took eight years before you realized that you weren’t suited for riding a desk filling out paperwork all day…”

His lips twitch a little, cracking that stoic facade with a bit of a smile, “You lasted longer than I figured you would.”

Somehow, Kaylee really thought there would be more of a fight… so she just stares at him in confusion. Then like a dam breaking, she sighs out heavily in relief. It doesn’t completely dispel the anxiety. “To be honest, it was New Mexico,” Kaylee admits offering him a weak smile, that shows no joy. “It… it changed everything.”

Taking a deep breath, she nods to the paperwork. “I’ll still be Board… a member of this company. I- still have some research ongoing that I would like to continue.” Kaylee couldn’t imagine losing access to the pool tucked in the basement. “But..”

Stepping forward, Kaylee slides the envelope closer to her and pulls the paperwork out. There is something she wants him to see. “… I won’t be the one getting my share,” she says softly, setting the paperwork in front of him, turning over half the pile and taping the top sheet with a manicured nail, before stepping back.

“It changed a lot of things,” Richard admits quietly, even as he reaches over to the paperwork she’s offered. The top sheet is swept off, and he reads through it, nodding slightly. Then he sets it down, one brow arching, “However you’d like to handle it. I can have someone else deal with personnel, you were always wasted there anyway…”

The paper’s set down, and he notes, “You’re family, Kaylee. Did you really think we’d be mad, or kick you out of the family or something?” Hands spreading, “You need to be where you feel you need to be, but you won’t get rid of us that easy.”

“I don’t know what I thought,” Kaylee admits quietly, though she looks like a huge weight has been lifted. “I feel like I am abandoning what dad wanted, but… I find myself questioning everything he did.” Motioning to the building around them she says, “We’re safe, which is what he wanted… but, if this last year has taught me anything, I don’t want that for me.” It was weird to admit that.

“So when Donovan told me what he wanted… I remembered one of my visions. I was a detective and she loved it. Even missed the hell out of it when she became Vice President.” Shoulders shrug a little upwards, giving Richard a sad smile. “I figure it wouldn’t hurt to try and see if it is my calling too, like the Ferry was. Helping and protecting others.”

“Don’t let everything that your father did eat at you,” Richard shakes his head, “Whether it’s what he intended or not… he wasn’t God, and he’s gone now. No more plans, no more threads and strings to tangle you up in. Just worry about what’s right for you, sis.” It’s hard to tell if he really believes that, what with the executive storeroom and what’s in it, and it’s harder than ever to tell what he’s feeling now that he has to wear sunglasses all the time.

He pushes himself up to his feet, moving to step around the desk, reaching out to clasp her shoulder and look at her seriously, “So do what you need to. But do not isolate yourself from us, okay?”

Her hand moves to lightly grip the wrist of that hand, a sad smile on her lips. “Thank you for understanding,” Kaylee says quietly. “I know we don’t always agree on things, but I won’t isolate you.. Any of you. I’m always here to have your back when you need me. Just… call me.” Fingers curl a little tighter around that wrist. “Seriously, don’t be dad and try to keep me safe.” It may not make sense to him what she says next, but maybe it’s the guilt talking. The guilt of what Edward did and of what she’s going to be doing. “You’ve done that enough over the years in his name, let me return the favor and protect you, too.”

From one moment to the next, Richard suddenly finds himself being hugged by his sister. “We’re family and nothing that happens from here on out is going to stop that. If all those years in a bunker with all those babies didn’t drive us apart… nothing can.” That was a trying time indeed.

“Besides… “ Kaylee adds with a bit of an amused smirk, not he can see it with her clinging to him, “I can’t exactly lock you out anymore, shadow man.”

After blinking once, Richard returns the surprising hug with a tight embrace of his own, head tilting to rest against hers. “You’re damn right you can’t,” he chuckles softly, “Don’t forget that. I’m going to be checking on you, too, and don’t think Liz won’t be— and she’ll be working with you, so you can’t dodge her.”

He leans back a bit, though not far, enough so he can see her face and grin down, “Besides. You’re working with my agenda here— with you and Liz in place, we’ll control the police. World conquest is just another step down the road.”

He’s kidding.


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