Electric Ghosts


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Scene Title Electric Ghosts
Synopsis Do travelers dream of electric ghosts?
Date January 14, 2020


Elaine had chosen the meeting to be at Raytech simply because this was not exactly the kind of conversation she wanted to have at a coffee shop or similar location where someone could overhear. Raytech was a much safer location in that regard. She hadn’t given Liz a whole lot of details, just that they needed to meet up, it was “business related”, and that she was bringing along Rhett.

She waits in the lobby, standing near Rhett as she anxiously looks further into the building before focusing her attention on the man next to her. “I’m not sure how much she’ll be able to help us, but her knowing will be important, I think.” She pauses. “If you get confused, ask. I don’t know how well I did explaining much of this and she was actually involved in this so firsthand knowledge would be infinitely better.”

“What can you tell me about her?” Rhett asks. “What does she do for a living?” It’s just general conversation; after all, he doesn’t know much at all about the woman they’re going to meet. He turns his cell phone in his hand slowly, his mind turning over the items they’re about to ask her about, though he doesn’t bring those up for now.

The tall blonde man gives Elaine a supportive, quiet smile, slipping his phone back away into one of the pockets of his weathered, light brown leather jacket, and moves a hand to her shoulder, near her neck. It’s companionable, a comfort of touch offered, in a situation that’s given them both quite a bit of stress.

The lobby of RayTech is a hell of a lot more secure than last time Elaine was here. There is security flanking the elevators and the doors to the atrium off the lobby. Sera asked them to have a seat and Ms. Harrison would meet them. The last time Elaine visited, she went up the elevator and was just met on the residential floor.

When the elevator opens, the blonde who steps out seems a little distant. Dressed in a pair of heavy khaki slacks and a dark green cardigan over a lighter ivory shell, it's the weapon just barely hidden in the holster at her hip that some might get caught by. She makes her way to Elaine and her guest, offers a small smile, and murmurs, "Business?" as she hugs Elaine. "Do I even dare ask what kind of business, lady? You know I don't do RayTech stuff, yeah?"

Despite the lightness of her words, the smile doesn't quite touch her eyes. She holds out a hand to Rhett. "I'm sorry. Elisabeth Harrison," she introduces herself. For anyone who has any interest in the old days, the face is well known enough — when the NYPD reopened its doors, this woman is one of the higher-ups of the SCOUT division. The news had a field day.

Elaine manages to answer Rhett’s questions in the form of her own introduction. “Liz is a cop, an amazing mother, and most importantly a good friend. I’d trust her with just about anything.” She gestures from Liz to Rhett. “Liz, this is Rhett, my boyfriend. He’s the one I mentioned to you before.” She shoots Rhett a quick glance. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything bad.” She then looks back to Liz. “He’s amazing and talented and don’t let him tell you otherwise. I’ve also let him in on more sensitive information.”

She takes a moment to rub the back of her neck. “So this isn’t RayTech business, this is you business. Rhett and I saw something of a certain nature that I think you might be familiar with, something you might be able to shed some light on. It’s also the kind of sensitive that’s kind of… well, I didn’t want to be overheard.”

Naturally, though, Liz never had a problem with that anyway.

Rhett extends his hand when Liz offers the handshake. Rhett’s a relaxed, calming presence in general. A cop’s cold read of him would most likely mark a very laid back personality, possibly a reserved one. His answering smile with the handshake is simple and honest, with a brief nod.

“Rhett Thorne,” Rhett introduces himself, though it isn’t him adjusting what Elaine said, only adding a little bit more information. His handshake doesn’t try to prove anything, it’s a warm quick shake and that’s all. He doesn’t shy when Elaine attaches the compliments but does give her a briefly amused look, humility in it.

Rhett’s gaze moves from Liz fully to Elaine as she explains the purpose of the meeting, glancing down only briefly at the comment of it not being overheard. “We both saw this… anomaly.”

"Fuck." Elisabeth breathes the word out, and glances toward the front desk. "Come with me." Whisking two badges off the desk, Elisabeth hands them to Elaine and Rhett, then makes her way toward the high-ceilinged, glassed-in atrium. The place is open enough and green enough to not feel sterile, but Elisabeth doesn't have to leave the building either. She gestures them both toward a bench and joins them there.

"No one will hear us," she promises Elaine quietly. Now that they're in the brighter light, she looks… strained. Worried. But her attention is in the two of them, telling Rhett, "I'm an audiokinetic. We're in a silence field. Fill me in on this anomaly?"

Elaine slides into a seat, opening her mouth to ask as to how Liz is doing, then thinks better of it for the moment. She’s gone into serious business mode and sometimes that’s the easiest way to deal with stress. She folds her hands in her lap, taking in a deep breath. “I’m not entirely sure the best way to approach explaining it, but I’ll start with what we heard.”

She glances to Rhett, then back to Liz. “I didn’t realize it was me at first. My voice, that is, but it was all things I don’t recall ever saying. It was like half of a phone call. She said something about people being precious, kids and a piano, she mentioned Lynette…” She glances back to Rhett to see if he remembers more of it.

“I took some notes about the content of what we heard,” Rhett supplies, drawing his phone back out again. “At the time, though, we thought it was a speaker, or recording, but it was moving around us. We were in a large room at Elaine’s work, with a variety of different exhibit items.”

Rhett looks at his phone, then reads his notes aloud: “Something about children, and giving them projects. That it would give them purpose. And that it works on adults sometimes. People are ‘Precious’. And then…. Piano making people feel better. Especially kids. Lynette’s name was mentioned. —- that’s what I have here.”

Rhett looks up from his phone. “Then, we noticed this gas.” He looks to Elaine, returning the floor to her.

A frown furrows her brows together and Elisabeth goes still, clearly disturbed by the words. "That's… what Magnes's wife said to me. When we… first met," she says softly. "People are precious." Magnes's wife, the other Elaine.

Reaching up, the blonde rubs her forehead. "Can you give me a little more context?" she asks. "You were at Yamagato when you heard it? What kind of exhibits were around?"

Glancing between them, she adds, "I'm sorry if I'm… abrupt. It's been a rough week. What gas?"

“The voice came from some kind of… light. It was kind of like an electrified gas, so sometimes the voice was a little crackly. A cloud of it, I guess? But there was some wind there, so it was flickering like it could go out. Kind of a pinkish-red and it was really beautiful, the more I think about it. But it was all together, the voice was definitely with this gas.”

The redhead looks at Liz fully. “This was in the back room, where the artifacts are stored that need repaired or some kind of cataloguing or just aren’t on display. There were all kinds of things present, but if it was caused by something in there, my suspicions are on a mirror that we were near when it happened. That’s just a guess, really, but…”

Elaine looks between Liz and Rhett, nodding towards the latter. “When it all disappeared, we went to go investigate the marks it left. Rhett took some photos and, uh, they… well, you’ll see.”

There’s a flicker of curiosity when Magnes’ wife comes up, Rhett’s light blue eyes move to Elaine, but he doesn’t show more than that. He’s already preparing his phone, as Elaine goes over the visuals of the experience and answers Liz’s immediate questions.

“I noticed that there was a burn on the wall,” Rhett begins. “It was about two feet across, an oval. I’m an electrician,” Rhett says, “And it was an electrical burn, but not one that made sense. I’m familiar with what it ‘should’ have looked like. It was unnatural electricity. I took some pictures of it, and this other shape turned up, just in the pictures.”

Rhett offers his device over. The pictures are of a wall, of an oval burn, but also show a ghost of a human-like shape there, as if there had been a human presence - arms, legs, head — combined with the burn.

The more they talk, the more pale Elisabeth's face gets. "Jesus, Lainey," she breathes out without thinking of what she just said. "This can't be happening…." she reaches for Rhett's phone and peers intently at the images. When she hands it back, she pulls out her phone and sends a text. Atrium. 911.

"Tell me again what she said?" Blue eyes flicker between the two. "I can't… I can't tell you everything, it's classified. Magnes has told you enough and if you need to fill him in… I just need to not hear you do it." She looks at Elaine. "I need enough plausible deniability to not get tossed in jail — some other things have gone to shit too. But I need you to take Kaylee to see this spot on the wall?"

She swallows hard. "Magnes's wife was … among the missing when we landed. Presumed dead." But maybe, just maybe, she's not.

“I don’t plan on telling Magnes about this unless it becomes necessary. I’m not going to experience him flying off the handle and getting everyone killed when we don’t know exactly what’s going on yet,” Elaine says, heaving a sigh. “Hopefully he won’t find out somehow in the interim.”

She pauses, trying to recall some of the phrasing, “She said to take joy in people, in the little things. It’s hard to remember all of it, but Rhett’s notes are the best I’ve got. If she’s trying to send some kind of message… she’s sending you one you’ve already heard.”

Elaine glances back to Rhett, just a glance to check in before she continues. “I’m investigating the relic in there that seemed to be the most likely culprit with Ms. Nakamura’s blessing and full assistance. It is, at the very least, suspicious but we can’t say what it was that triggered this ‘ghost’. Could have been the room, could have been an object, could have been me.”

“We’ve narrowed it down to not having anything to do with me,” Rhett says with a softened, calm humor, his tone aimed to Elaine primarily, perhaps to alleviate the tension for her. It comes with a brief nudge to her shoulder sideways and a natural move of taking her hand gently, but he doesn’t make a big deal out of doing it.

He looks at his phone briefly, “I remember a few of the phrases. The one I remember specifically was…” Rhett pauses, as if checking into his memory. “‘I hope you settle in here comfortably’,” Rhett says. “It had been my first visit to the place, so for that moment I thought it could have been talking to me — Elaine’s voice… —- but I think that was only coincidence. It was like… part of a disconnected conversation.”

Jesus. Elisabeth definitely looks worried. "Let's try hard to make sure Magnes doesn't hear," she agrees. When she looks to Rhett, she nods again. "It… it sounds like you're hearing the conversation Magnes's wife and I had in 2011." Why she remembers that isn't as obvious but she pulls in a breath. "If we're lucky… it's just some kind of radio overlay, like you experienced a year or so ago. If we're not… it could be she's trapped somewhere between. Because things happened when we landed."

She's a little shaky. "I'm hoping if you take Kaylee with you, she can … assess that part?" Maybe?

“I am very fine with keeping Magnes completely out of this,” Elaine says. This is the thing she is most certain about, if anything. “Uh, I might say though, if it was an overlay thing… does it happen in a physical location, or in the heads of people? I thought it might be related to that but Rhett was right there and we both heard it coming from a specific location in the room. It feels too… substantial to me and that’s why I’m concerned. You could pretty much feel the electricity in the air. And it left marks. Something was there, dunno if it was someone, but certainly something.”

She glances to Rhett, squeezing his fingers gently. “I’m willing to take Kaylee, I’m not sure what she’ll find. I’ve got a Yamagato security detail for the room in case anything gets kind of…” Well, she’s not sure what good the security will be, but it’s better than nothing. “Anyway, I’m not sure what triggered it so there could be nothing left at this point.”

Rhett backs up Elaine’s firm statement with just a slight incline of head to her and her judgement there. He’s not familiar with a lot of it, so he’s leaning towards her instincts with a lot of this very unusual stuff.

“A scent of ozone, at the burn, as well… though how would we know if it was in our heads?” Rhett asks, with a slight shrug, and return squeeze. “Is Kaylee an ….expert?”

“I wouldn’t say an expert, maybe someone who’s seen some shit… so to speak.”

The words come from behind the pair, with the bubble who knows how long she was there; having masked the click of her heels. Kaylee is dressed in a more business casual sort of way. Hair pulled back giving her that last professional touch she needs. Just behind her a severe looking middle eastern man stands protectively, eyeing Rhett in particular.

Kaylee’s attention is on Liz who summoned her, but the curious scrutiny doesn’t last long. A smile finally form on tired features and directed at the guests.

“Elaine,” Kaylee greets the redhead pleasantly, before looking at Rhett as well. Offering a hand, the woman introduces herself. “Kaylee Thatcher, part owner and acting CEO of Raytech Industries.” It’s not an unknown name, especially the plight of Pollepel Island and the trials.

“How can I help you?” Even if Kaylee has an idea already from gleaned facts.

The voice comes as no surprise to Elisabeth. She felt it when Kaylee hit the barrier of her silence field. She waits politely while Kaylee introduces herself. And then she looks at her sister(-in-law) and says quietly, "some kind of overlay. They overheard a conversation I had with Magnes's Elaine in the first landing place in 2011 through a scorch mark in the wall of Yamagato. And there's a fucking mirror nearby."

None of that likely makes a lick of sense to Rhett, but the tightness of Elisabeth's tone indicates that it's alarming and possibly problematic. "Given the way we landed here, Kaylee…" Can the telepath rule out the possibility that it's the other Elaine somehow trapped there? The unspoken query doesn't even require telepathy to be obvious.

With Kaylee having answered for herself, Elaine doesn’t add anything to that particular introduction. Instead, what she does is gesture with her free hand next to her. “This is my boyfriend, Rhett. He was present when this all happened. He’s aware of the situation.” Rhett’s hand is briefly squeezed as she looks between the two other women.

“It’s good to see you again, Kaylee, although I’m sorry it’s so sudden and under such odd circumstances. I’m in the process of starting an investigation into the mirror, since it’s Yamagato property, but I certainly have access to the area and I can take you to see where it occurred. You should see the pictures, though, it captured a bit more than we could actually see at the time.” She nods in Rhett’s direction for that.

Rhett puts his phone away, then extends the free hand to accept the handshake. “Rhett Thorne; hello,” he introduces himself, and more than that does not feel important to mention at the moment. He is not CEO of any companies of note: he is a witness, primarily. And moral support for Elaine.

And he also has pictures. He gets the phone out again, and thumbs through to the appropriate pictures (the recent sappy selfies are inappropriate to share, after all). “When we were there physically, it was only a burn mark. Electrical burn, ozone smell. Unnatural movement to the electricity,” Rhett says calmly, evenly, as if he were purely observing. “But the pictures I took afterward showed this human form in them.” He offers the pictures of the burn to Kaylee, and turns his head to Elaine to give her a brief smile and exhalation of air from his nose.

Listening to all of them, Kaylee takes the offered phone looking at the image. Brows furrow in thought as eyes move over the image. “So you think this…” Teeth click, before looking at Liz, since somethings they can’t talk about, even if the boyfriend is in the know. Some of them have signed NDAs. A glance goes to each person, before Kaylee hmmms softly and offers the phone back. “Liz was right to contact me, I think I’d definitely like to see it.”

That gets a grimace from the man behind her, who then pulls a cellphone out of his inner pocket. He speaks up, gruffly asking, “You sure about this, boss?” even while he taps in a message. He knows the answer.

“I’ve dealt with overlays and things similar to this, so yes,” Kaylee glances back at Bob, mildly annoyed. “I’m sure.” Nodding her head towards the phone, she adds, “This could be a thin point in the wall between worlds and since we know that time isn’t a straight line it makes sense it could be something like a point in the past.”

Looking between the love birds, Kaylee asks, “So a conversation between Elaine and Liz from 2011. Anything else about it?”

And Elisabeth can see the moment Kaylee makes the same connection that she made. A slight nod is given and then she turns back to Elaine and Rhett. "Rhett, I'm sorry we can't exactly offer the full explanation of what's happening. Our lives are… not simple," is how she chooses to explain. Her glance goes between Rhett and Elaine, and she smiles at the redhead. "What you tell him is your choice, we just… have to be cautious on our end." A slight shrug accompanies a roll of her eyes. "Classified." She has to at least attempt to toe the line.

“He knows what I know which is, admittedly, not much. I know some from Magnes, bits and pieces from what other people have explained.There’s a bit from Richard, too, as he was very honest with me when I asked him for information regarding the information I found in Kaito Nakamura’s address book,” Elaine says with a small shrug. “It’s enough for us both to follow along, at least. It’s enough to bring this to someone’s attention.”

She, again, squeezes Rhett’s hand before she continues. “From what I know of overlays, it’s not exactly something anyone other than you experiences. I’ve seen Robyn react to them before. She said she felt like she was there. This was something both Rhett and I heard, and we didn’t see a vision or memory or anything like that, we just saw what was in the room. Some kind of electric gas cloud thing. The voice was me, and it was definitely coming from it. The conversation was all one-sided. Liz said it was one she had, but we only heard the other end. I didn’t know it was even Liz’s conversation for sure when I came in.”

Rhett nods once to Elisabeth’s statement. It’s Classified. He doesn’t seem particularly perturbed about it, there’s just a relaxed understanding. “You’re protecting yourselves and others. It’s all right,” Rhett says, with a calm smile at Elisabeth, then at Kaylee.

“I’ll be right over there, so you can confer without breaking the NDA,” Rhett says to Elaine, lifting a hand to squeeze her shoulder, nods once to the other women, and moves to begin to head over to the front little lobby waiting zone, closing his phone; his intention aimed towards giving the group the necessary privacy for the information to be exchanged, if he is the odd man out that isn’t in the NDA. He’s not going to block that with his presence.

“Wait wait…” Kaylee says first to Rhett and then to Elaine, though the second is more surprised. The description of the could reminds her of… “Eve.” The telepath blurts out the name, turning towards Liz, a touch excited. “Eve turns into an electrical gas cloud that leaves scorch marks when she phases through things.”

This meant that the Elaine, that came through with Liz, might not be truly dead. Like Eve she might have been transformed by the events in New Mexico.

“I don’t know if I can talk to her,” Kaylee says to her sister-in-law before looking at the others. “I don’t know if you have seen Eve since the change, but… “ Fucking NDA “…something happened to her and it changed her. For a long time she couldn’t hold herself together.” Pointing at Rhett’s phone. “If that is Elaine, then she’s having a harder time of it.” Brows furrow in thought. “How… How did she get all the way here?”

Blue eyes turn to Elaine, Kaylee studies her. “Drawn to you, maybe?”

"Rhett, you don't need to …" Elisabeth's silence field is more so the cameras and security personnel aren't privy to the conversation. No one needs to know if she and Kaylee break the NDA here. "Please, do go ahead and sit? Elaine's told you most of it anyway." She smiles slightly. She and Kaylee are just being careful about how much more they say.

As soon as Kaylee catches on to why Liz thought this was 911-worthy, Elisabeth nods emphatically. "Exactly." Maybe it's an overlay, maybe it's not. "It could be that or… it could be the mirror artifact." Because who knows? It's why she wants Kaylee to go with Elaine to look.

“I mean, I guess it would make sense if she came to me but… how did she manage to get to me? And why now? Did it just take this long to get here?” Elaine glances between the other two and Rhett, a tiny smile on her face. “He’s just trying to be polite.” She waves him back over with a hand before she turns her attention back over.

“I’m looking into the mirror myself, it’s already a little suspicious even if it’s not necessarily tied to this. How does a mirror with no paper trail end up in the collection brought over in the first batch of items shipped over from Japan?” She shakes her head. “It was in my office for like a month and there wasn’t anything weird. I have no idea if it’s connected but I’m at least looking into it now. Like I said, I’m not sure if this whole event was triggered by me or something in there.”

Rhett looks a little confused, but does come back over when encouraged; he hadn’t gotten far. He doesn’t look like he does understand a chunk of it anyway. People turning into gas clouds and things is generally outside of his experience for the most part. So Rhett does linger, but doesn’t add anything else, just listening, with a polite curiosity. He can report what they saw, but ideas? The whole thing didn’t make much sense to him to where he can offer any ideas yet.

There is a soft hmm, from the telepath. “Well, it’s easy to speculate here.” Though her head is in a whirl with speculation. What was clear is it had something to do with what Raytech did last year.

“Bob?” Kaylee twists to looks at the man standing behind her, his look flat, cause he know what’s coming. “Tell Sera to clear my schedule?”

Bob’s lips press tightly together with mild annoyance, “I’m not your fuckin’ secretary.” It sounds almost rehearsed, like he’s said it many times before. Still with all the grousing and comments about what his father thought he would be doing compared to what he is in his native Urdu language; Bob moves away a little to contact Sera.

“If you are going to be my bodyguard you are,” Kaylee comments after him with mild amusement. To the others, she offers a soft, “Sorry. I don’t want to drag around an assistant, so Bob gets a little inconvenience.”

Elisabeth quirks a brow in Bob's direction — it might not be exactly wise on his part to have significant attitude with Kaylee in front of the missing CEO's wife just now. Elisabeth's emotions are being tightly held, but it won't take much to make her explode, and Bob unfortunately is a damn good target. She manages to keep the comments behind her teeth, but Kaylee gets an unfortunate flood of words aimed at the man. Vicious, cold words that eviscerate — absolutely silently.

Turning back to Elaine and Rhett, she offers a small, tight smile. "I'm really glad you thought to bring it here, Elaine. It could be really important."

"Yeah, well, when I heard the voice I kind of guessed it might be her… and a lot of people cared about her, so at the very least I should make someone who cared about her aware of the situation. Plus it's something weird that I don't know if I could handle on my own."

Elaine has complicated feelings about "Magnes' wife", but she's put that aside in favor of getting to the bottom of this. "I was also worried there might be a hole somehow and ignoring that could be worse." She looks back towards Rhett, giving him a reassuring smile before looking to Liz. "You seemed the right person to call."

Rhett gives Elaine a little nudge when she expresses concern about handling it on her own, but that's all, just nudge and one of his reserved smiles. Rhett ignores the tension with the bodyguard for the most part, other than to maintain his polite exterior.

"We also thought to talk to … Lynette, since she was in the audio we heard, and Richard, for opinion?" Rhett reminds. There's a question of whether those are still necessary sought from Elaine. Those were the two other names: people Rhett doesn't know. Rhett very apparently doesn't know of any issues there may be in mentioning those. He's coming from a place of patiently assisting.

"Lynette… we should call Lynette and Mateo," she agrees softly, but Elisabeth's expression is very carefully blank as she adds quietly, "Richard can't help right now. He's… missing." Blue eyes flicker to Elaine, and she swallows. "He was taken a week ago. We're working with SESA trying to solve it." So having this to focus on along with her day job is actually… helpful. Having something for Kaylee to focus on is even better, since the telepath can't even do her usual day job.

The string of mental words smacking at the walls of Kaylee’s mind prompts her to touch Liz’ arm. “Breath. It’s fine.” In fact, she doesn’t seem upset about the reminder thrown at her by the head of security. Bob is none the wiser, having walked off a bit to talk to the receptionist over the phone.

Kaylee turns her attention back to the pair and gives them a faint smile and nods her head, “I agree, Lynette is a good idea. Especially if she was mentioned.” Of course, Mateo is a part of that. A match set those two.

"Richard's gone?" That's concerning. Elaine opens her mouth to speak but decides better of it. It seems like both of them are tense and it's probably not a wise idea to try pushing at the moment. "Let me know if you need anything." Doubtful, but the offer is made anyway.

"Yeah, Lynette seemed wise to consult too. If she was trying to send a message and only had moments from the past to do it, it could be reasonable that she wants to connect to Lynette. Either way, now you're filled in."

She briefly looks to Kaylee. "The door is locked and employees were instructed not to enter the room, so it should be exactly how it was when it first happened. Hopefully there's something to find. I need to take a closer look at the mirror anyway."

"Do you want to look at the room and mirror right away?" Rhett asks, his attention mostly directed to Kaylee. He gives Elaine a glance as well, which conveys that he does expect to be there for continued moral support on the episode, although she may well know he doesn't trust or like whatever happened in that place. Rhett's first 'weird' interaction, there's some discomfort, of course.

Pulling in a quick breath at Kaylee's hand on her shoulder, Liz nods just a little bit. That she hasn't actually said any of those very rude things is because she knows they're not fair, but it's distinctly difficult at times to not be mad at the man.

Moving to stand, Elisabeth offers Rhett a sympathetic smile and then winks at Elaine. "I like him. He's at least trying to take it in stride," she teases gently. Glancing at Kaylee, she says, "I need to get back to the office — let me know what you find?" Not that she really needs to ask that. As she moves around Elaine's spot, she drops a hand on the redhead's shoulder. "Thank you. Believe me, if you can help in the slightest, I won't hesitate." She appreciates the friendship they're building.

“As soon as possible,” Kaylee answers Rhett with a small crooked smile. A hand motions and head inclines to Elaine. “After you get ahold of Lynette, of course. And when everyone is ready. I’m just worried about how long the anomaly will last.”

“Boss,” Bob calls as he enters the bubble, no longer on the phone, but looking at the screen. “Sera says you are gonna need to talk to this one,” the cellphone he’s holding is passed over, the telepath takes it with a frown, glancing at the screen.

Kaylee gives a sigh at whatever she sees. “Okay,” she says handing it back. Offering the others an apologetic look. “I have a few calls to make to free myself up. When you are ready, I’m a phone call away,” she offers to Elaine and to the man, “It was nice to meet you, Rhett.”

Before she turns away, Elisabeth gets a jealous glance from the telepath. “Of course, we will. Go out and arrest someone for me, hmm?” She returns innocently. “I will live vicariously through you until I can return.” As much as she loved Raytech, she was going to miss her job at the PD.

“Okay, I’ll arrange things then,” Elaine says, glancing between the small group. “I’ll be sure to let you know when we’re going in. It shouldn’t take long.” Her hand tugs on Rhett’s gently as she moves to go. “Just.. be careful. If this ghost is out there… who knows where and what another one might be.” Who said there couldn’t be more?

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