Electric Meeting


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Scene Title Electric Meeting
Synopsis An Evolved Anonymous meeting at the Suresh center gets a bit tense.
Date April 29 2010

Suresh Center

In one of the small rooms, a young woman ,a guitar and a few place settings await, the outside of the room has a small hand crafted sign which reads. "Evo-Anon", in beautifully carved wood, though its unpainted. The first few strings of a melody are heard being toyed with. "No, that's not right." says a melodic voice.

Caleb has been at the Garden for a few days now and NEEDS some air, so he headed back to the city, being from LA he likes the noise, the brown haired teen is dressed in blue jeans, a light grey t-shirt, a dark grey jacket with two purple strips around the shoulders, a black cross around hi neck, black and purple sneakers, is wearing eyeliner and black nail varnish, however he is now a lot cleaner than he was a few days ago. He's not sure what this place is but he's heard the name Suresh before, so is curious, so he wonders in and looks around.

She continues to compose. The sounds of the acoustic guitar ringing around the little room carefully. Nothing special, expect the melody is ever twisting, and ever changing. Adelaide seems unsure of how to construct it. She puts the guitar on the table and looks at the piece of paper before her and makes a few notations.

Rain is walking through the center at a slow pace, his eyes casting about himself at the building. He stops when he hears the plucking of guitar strings, a faint smile touching the young man's lips. He walks towards the room the sound came from, peeking his head inside. "Hi." he offers in Adelaide's direction, the young man's hands tucked into his pockets, but his eyes show a genuine curiosity as to what's going on.
Caleb hears the guitar and smiles to himself, he likes music, he doesn't get to listen to it much anymore, he walks towards the source of the sound and leans against a wall to listen.

Adelaide continues to play and for a moment, she's lost in her own world. She looks up at the sound of a voice, breaking through her musically induced compositional haze. "Hello," she says blinking a few times, rapidly. "Here for the meeting, or just passing through? I mean if your just passing through, then welcome, and you're welcome to join me… this is Evolved Anonymous."

Rain gives his head a slight shake to the question of whether he's here for the meeting or not. "Can't say I am. Interested in the idea though…" he stops and looks over to Caleb with a bright and friendly smile. "Hello." he offers to him too. He glances to Adelaide, then to Caleb. "Maybe he's here for the meeting? I wouldn't mind sticking around and watching thought if that would be okay. I like group activities, takes a good spirit to host them and get them started." he winks at Adelaide, then steps into the room she's using fully, a few steps before he stops and looks back towards Caleb.

Caleb straights up with a start when Adelaide says "Evolved Anonymous", "Err, hey", he bites his lip, "Errm, I’m not here for your meeting, I should go".

Adelaide motions them into the room. "Please sit." she says in cheerful tone. "Now, don't worry as I said, the groups name is Anonymous- and like A.A. Nothing goes beyond the room, and the moment you all leave the door, forget everything you've heard in here. That's the best way to put it." She frowns, and stands up. "Come now," she says putting the guitar in its case. "You can't run away, I mean if you do how are you ever to learn about life."

Rain laughs lightly at Adelaide's statement to him. "Oh I've no problem attending the meeting. It's not why I came here, but I can attend no problem at all." He glances over to Caleb and his head tilts to the side a touch. "Oh come now. You can come in, relax, eat some snacks… if they have some, and just enjoy it for a little while. Not like there's any commitment or anything by coming in." He winks at the other guy, then walks over to take a seat, settling in.

Adelaide slips out of the room to go grab some snacks.

Caleb shakes his head, "I'm not evolved, I didn't know what this place was, I’ve heard the name Suresh before but couldn't remember where", as usual when he's panicked there’s a crackle of electricity in his palms, "I'll go".

Rain looks over to Caleb and he smiles lightly. "All the more reason for you to come and sit and watch. See that not all Evolved are animals trying to bring down the foundations of the world and all that crap that people seem to be spouting these days. I bet you quite a few of the people that come won't be evolved, but they'll come with a friend, or they'll come to see for themselves. And yes, Doctor Suresh, one of the leading scientists in the field of Evolved studies."

Caleb nods, "O…, ok, I guess I can watch", he walks further into the room, he gives a slight smile at Rain, "So, you're evolved?, what do you do?", he's a little calmer cos they believe him.

Rain nods his head a little bit to the question of what he is. "I am. I've never tried to hide it. I make barriers that block kinetic force. It's a defensive power, and it suits me. I'm a non violent person… a hippy you might say to a degree." And though he's dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, it is loose, and he wears it in a very non chalant fashion. "I'm about as far as you can get from the hate slogans that the Humanis First people toss about. I'm a working class American, peaceful almost to the point of pacifism, and I love people and hate conflict." He flashes the other man a grin, then looks about for Adelaide.

Caleb grins, "Cool, nothing wrong with hippies", he pulls off his jacket and puts it on the back of a chair, "My dad's a bit hippieish, he's a music teacher, and he don't like fighting either", his mother is another matter.

Rain smiles happily at the mention of his father being a music teacher. "My mother was the musically talented one. Father couldn't play a note to save his life. I … can play a little guitar, but that's about it." He lifts a hand up, running his fingers back through his pale blonde hair. "I work and stuff, so I guess I'm not a traditional hippy. I'm more… of an activist maybe? Save the rainforest type stuff, but I've got a lot of hippy in me too." he flashes the other a big smile, then leans forwards, resting his hands on his knees.

Caleb leans against the wall again, "I can play some guitar, but mainly I’m a singer", he's also a cheerleader, but guys tend to frown on that, "Where do you work?", hmm, peace corps maybe?
Rain flashes Caleb an embarrassed smile. "Well, actually I'm a regional guy for Primatech Paper. I'm PR and stuff like that. Mostly I sit around and talk till I'm blue in the face to people. A bit odd that I work at a paper company, but they do quite a bit for the environment. A lot of recycling and stuff. And, a man has to work if he wants to live right?" He winks at Caleb, then leans back in his chair once more. Rain doesn't really seem like the type that would judge Caleb for being a cheerleader either, himself being more pretty than handsome, and rather small of build.

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "Dude, how old are you?, you look too young to be a regional guy", he's not gonna judge Rain for working in a paper factory, like he said everyone’s gotta work, "My names Scott by the way".

Rain laughs lightly and his shoulders shrug in a slow fashion. "I'm 23. And yes, I am rather young to be a regional exec type. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm charming, cavalier…" he snickers a bit, then shakes his head. "I'm just good at my job, and I put people at ease. I'll talk to anyone, any time, and I'm easy to get along with." He holds his hand out towards the other man though. "Rain. Nice ta meet yah Scott."

Caleb smiles, Rain isn't just charming, he's downright hot, but shhh bad thoughts go away, he shakes the other guys hand, "You are pretty easy to talk to, I guess that is handy for PR", he runs a hand though his brown hair, "So do a lot of people come to these things?"

Rain shrugs his shoulders slowly. "I don't know. I honestly had no idea this kind of thing was even done. I've got no reason to come to one. I'm quite fine with who and what I am but… a lot of people have problems with what they are, who they've become…" He shrugs his shoulders before he pops up to his feet and takes a slow look about the room. "There's a lot of anger in people, and they just don't know how to deal with it. I lost my parents to the bomb, like a lot of people did. I was angry for a little while, but not long. Gotta move on with life."

Caleb's eyes widen, "Whoa dude, your parents died in the bomb?, I’m so sorry, my original parents died when I was a kid but I didn't know 'em too well, I’m sooo sorry", ok, not sure what to say now, "How about those Knicks?"
Rain smiles lightly and his slim shoulders give a slow shrug upwards. "They did. It was hard losing them like that. I was close to the explosion, but my life was saved by an Evolved healer. There is good, and there is bad. It's all about awareness and control. If someone doesn't know they have a power, or know how to control it, then they need to be helped, shown how to control it. Then they're not a danger to people. It really wouldn't take much to make things better than they are. Just stupid people letting go of their unnecessary hate." He offers Caleb a bright smile, lips pulling upwards. "It's fine. I don't have a problem talking about it."

Caleb considers for a sec, "How do you learn to control abilities?, and if you just don't use them won't they just go away?", that’s the approach he's been taking, if he ignores his ability, it might go away, then he can go home.

Rain smiles lightly. "Well, there are all manner of ways. Hypnosis, negaters, practice…. tons of different ways to control one's power while they learn to use it. And no, your power doesn't just go away. In fact, I've heard of a lot of bad results of people bottling their power up and refusing to use or acknowledge it. Tends to end badly." He offers Caleb a sly wink, then looks about for Adelaide again. "Wonder where she got to…" He huhs softly, then shrugs before his eyes come back to Caleb. "I learned to control mine awhile ago, not that they needed much training to be properly controlled."

Caleb eyes widen again, this time is fear, he looks at his hands, sure he gets sparks every now and then, and they have been happening more often but that doesn't mean something’s gonna happen does it?, he looks round when Rain mentions the woman again.

Rain looks back to Caleb, and the widened eyes, and he sighs softly before his head gives a little nod. "Hmmm, maybe fate brought you here for a reason?" he asks in a soft and concerned voice. "Holding it in can have disastrous results Scott. Not always, and in fact, much of the time it doesn't do anything bad to hold it in. But sometimes? Sometimes it does. And sometimes people get hurt… it's always better to just accept it and move on from there. Learn to control it, or learn to turn it off, whichever you prefer." He stands there, his hands tucked into the pockets of his slacks, and he watches the other guy with sympathy in his eyes.

Caleb is now not only freaked that he may be a ticking time bomb, but he has also just given himself away as evolved, well he's given himself away so…, "What do I do?, I’m a fucking human bug zapper", he uses the term Kendall used for his ability.

Rain laughs a little bit and his head shakes slowly. "Nah…" he purses his lips, his eyes aimed at the ground as he thinks. "I know some people that might be able to help you if you want it. They won't force you to register, and they should be able to help you figure out how to control your abilities? Well, I known of several someone's who might be able to help, just depends on what you're comfortable with." He shrugs his shoulders slowly. "But, think about it first. I do know people that can help you if you want it, but… I could try to help too, though I'm not very good with it since my own ability was kind of natural to me."
Caleb exhales, ok, he's freaking out, BIG time, he walks over to Rain and holds out his hands, palm up, "Ok, ok what do I do how to I fix it?!", you can probably tell from his voice that he's freaked.
Rain smiles lightly and watches Caleb come closer like that. "Relax Scott… it's not going to go nuclear just because I told you that it could okay?" he purses his lips, his eyes on the floor as he thinks. "I know a man who works as part of an underground thing, helping the Evolved. And then I know some people that are part of a more professional gig that helps them as well. It would be up to you what you prefer to do. Either way you shouldn't end up registered unless you want to be." He offers him a comforting smile, or tries to be comforting anyway.

Yikes, Caleb freaking out is not a good thing, fear = no control, and his control wasn't that good to start with, there are several cracks of electricity across his palms and up his arms, "Who?, how?, do it!", if Rain is talking about the Ferrymen, Caleb is already with them.

Rain smiles lightly before he looks around the room, then back to Caleb. "Calm down okay? If you start losing control in here the government will come get you and haul you off like they've been doing lately. Please… try to calm down okay? I'll see what I can do, but relax… think happy thoughts and stuff like that okay?" he is looking around warily, trying to hide Caleb from anyone outside of the room so they can't see his hands. The loose organization was indeed the Ferrymen. He highly doubts Bennet has closed all lines of communication, and is pretty sure he could get a hold of him.

Rain sighs as he watches Caleb freak out and take off running. Rain jots down a quick note on a piece of paper letting her know there was an emergency and he had to leave. There’d be a phone number she can call to get a hold of him should she want to. And then, the young agent takes off after Caleb, not to tag him, but to help him.

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