Eliot Ford
Eliot Parker Ford
Actor Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Empath (registered)
Age 31
Date of Birth May 3rd, 1977
Affiliation Linderman Group
Business Rapture Nightclub
Family Orphan
First Appearance Not the Prom Queen

Why is it that some people starve and others have so much they waste it?
— Steerpike, from Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast.


Eliot Parker Ford is easily looked up. He's an orphan, raised in New York, who bumped around several foster homes and got outstanding grades both in public school and college. He has a psychology, sociology, and business degrees, and owns the high-class nightclub known as Rapture.


Finance: Eliot was a Business minor in college, and thanks to this and his sharp intellect, excels in economic endeavors. He knows how to manage books, keeps track of employees, and make business ventures come out profitable without much risk. He could make a life in Wall Street, if he so desired.

Social: It is unlikely to find someone more at home with people than Eliot. He can talk to just about anyone about just about anything, and loves to do so. He's a con-artist, a lawyer, and a psychologist, all wrapped into one. He could be a lobbyist or a high-priced defense attorney. He loves talking to people, and due to his special gift, most people love talking to him.

Muay Thai: He has studied this martial art since he started college, and has become quite proficient, though not an expert. He can handle himself in a bar brawl for sure, and it's not recomended to be on the receiving end of a knee or elbow blow from him.

Cash Flow: Picking 'Business' as a minor wasn't just a whim. Even during college, he put the few bucks he earned at his student job to work for him, and has coincidentally built up a remarkable investment porfolio and number of accounts in several different banks (including one in the Caiman Islands). He is filthy rich; with all the words.

Polyglot: As part of his studies, Eliot pored through languages like a hungry anteater through an anthill. While he isn't fluent enough to have a speedy conversation with anyone, he does speak the following languages well enough to talk business in them: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and German. He is, of course, a native English speaker.


He can tell when you're blue,
He can tell when you're mad.
He can feel when you're true,
He can feel when you're sad.

It's so nice to be an empath; (at least, that's what it says on his Registration papers).


Trivia and Notes:


I'm the Bomb, Electric Six
Power Player, Clutch
I Break Hearts, Leeroy Stagger

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