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Scene Title Elle-O-V-E?
Synopsis A man to Magnes talk of Minea, Hiro and Elle.
Date June 22, 2009

Primatech: Training Area

Wearing his usual training attire, a plain white t-shirt, black cargo pants, and black sneakers, Magnes is skipping lunch to extend his training time. Something about getting rejected by a girl you like, then getting hit on by a Company girl, well, it makes one a lot more motivated to do his job. He's floating in the middle of the gym, and instead of getting battered by twenty balls, he's pacing himself with only four, hitting one into each wall. "Twenty seconds." he quickly says before kicking a ball, then one falls from another wall and comes flying right at him, "Three minutes!" he exclaims, punching the ball into the wall before one behind him slams into his back, earning a yell before he flips back and slams a knee into it, "Forty seconds!" Then the twenty second ball comes flying at him again, while a forth ball is still stuck against a wall, not falling toward him yet. Yes, it's crazy gravity training.

Watching through the observation window, Len stands there all cowboy like, stoic and watches him practice with keen interest. He is actually very much interested in the development of Magnes Varlane as an agent. Len is hoping that one day, Magnes will have the maturity to do great things for the Company. Unfortunately, that time is not looking to come any time soon. But, it's an investment that Len is most certainly willing to wait on.

As he watches, he's actually pretty amazed as Magnes ability, and even more amazed at his potential. He'll wait for Varlane to finish with his training before going into the gym. He doesn't need to be accidently pelted with flying balls.

Finally, Magnes is ready to end today's training session, waiting for each ball to fly into him one by one. "Stop!" he commands one ball, quickly pelting it with his hand before it falls to the floor, then yells the same again, "Stop!" and kicks another ball, and the same treatment goes for the other two.

He takes a few deep breaths when the balls hit the floor, then slowly descends and closes his eyes so he can focus for a few seconds. "Vertical horizon is doing better…"

Len finally enters the gym. "Nice work, Varlane. Your ability control is improving. See? You don't necessarily have to blow things up with your power." he chuckles. "How are things coming along? Are you getting what you need?" Len can be helpful if his charges seem properly motivated and loyal to the cause of keeping the peace.

"Everything's alright, and I'm getting kinda used to this." Magnes' cheeks redden as he rubs the back of his neck. "I think this Company girl likes me, uh, her name's Elle, she's really nice, other than the shocking." He rubs his cheek as he remembers the feeling; but hey, at least she didn't tase him, bro. "I've got my room at Carrie's place set up like it was at Minea's. And uh, could I ask you about Minea?"

Inhaling and exhaling deeply, Len nods. "I would be careful to start any intra-agency romances, Varlane. In fact, I need you to keep your head on your training. If I think you're steering from that, well, we wouldn't want that. It's not a threat, but I am hoping you're going to be more of an asset to this agency, than a detriment, though I have folks whispering in my ear that you're going to be a hazard. I hope you prove them wrong. It is possible I can answer some of your questions about former Agent Dahl, depending on what those questions might be." Len leans against the wall to listen.

"Well, I feel kinda better about training, hanging out with Elle makes me feel like I have something to look forward to, so it's a lot easier to take a few hours and work out." Magnes explains as he lifts his legs up and crosses them in the air. "Well, I guess, why did she do it? Why'd she betray the Company?"

Well, direct and to the point. "She had beliefs. She was told something and she took it to heart. Something about the future. She didn't trust me or this agency enough to take that information and use it to our advantage. I can't really say what it was she believed, not until you complete your training, but I can say this: I am going to do my damndest to make sure that whatever was supposed to occur, does not. In fact, I think we've taken quite a few good steps to avoid the disaster they say happens. She didn't believe that we could avoid it, so she panicked and split." Len shrugs. "There's not much more that I can tell you above that. I could even be wrong. It's just my impression of the situation."

"Well, if it involves the future…" Magnes crosses his arms, giving that a moment's thought. Might not be the best suggestion to make to a Company agent, but. "Maybe this is something I should tell Hiro, if he's alive? I'm guessing he's alive, if he was dead I think I would have heard something by now."

An eyebrow raises at the mention of Hiro. Len isn't going to let it pass, but he has to get to that point first. "Well, the future is a tricky thing. The fact that someone witnessed something in the future, any single incident can change the course of that future. We believe we have taken care of the thread that caused that future that scared Dahl in the first place. But, she doubted. That's really all I know at this point. Until we bring her in, we can't really know for sure what her motivation is. And I'm sorry you were caught in the middle. She was your trainer, so I'm sure her betrayal hurt you. If you need to talk to someone, the Company counseler is always available."

"I think I'll be alright, I still trust her, but I'm confused. It feels less secure without her, and I haven't really spoken to Carrie much at all, but I guess I should try to get to know her and do something nice." Magnes decides as he steps down from his air chair. "And I think Elle might really help me feel more at home here, like Minea was starting to do."

Len nods and places a supportive hand on Magnes' shoulder and gives it a soft squeeze. "It's part of the counselor's job to let me know when future agents are ready to be active agents, so you'll be seeing her anyway. You may as well talk through your feelings. You can trust Minea Dahl, but remember, she's broken the law and has betrayed this agency. If you come in contact with her, you need to tell me. I promise, because of her service to this country, that she'll get the best treatment possible until things get sorted out. But you have to be straight with me. Same thing with Hiro Nakamura. If you come across him, I need to know. He /may/ be innocent of the crimes that they say he committed, but until he stands up and accounds for his actions, he is still considered a criminal. Regardless of how we feel about things. Does that make sense? No matter what, we do try to be fair."

"It makes sense, but even if I don't know what happened with Minea, I know for sure that Hiro is innocent, Sylar is too, well, at least with the bomb." Magnes tilts his head with a vaguely confused look. "I thought the Company would already know that? I mean, I went to the past, I, well, I know what Sylar was doing, and it wasn't blowing up Manhattan, I'm a witness."

Len gives a smirk at that and shrugs, letting his hand drop from the trainee's shoulder. "I am not certain time travel will count in court for anything. But it's a way to go. Until he's at least come forth to answer those charges, everyone is going to assume he's running and running usually means guilt." Len smiles. "If you see him, you should encourage him to turn himself in. It's the right thing to do."

"It's impossible." Magnes notes with a shake of his head. "I don't always talk to the same Hiro, sometimes the one I talk to is from the future while the present one is busy with something else. It's uh, complicated, but I'll talk to him anyway." Then, rubbing the back of his neck again, he asks, "Do you uh, know Elle, personally?"

Len shakes his head. "She was missing when I arrived on the scene. I only know from second hand reports that she's resurfaced within the agency. I should probably have her into the office at some point. Just haven't had the change yet. Too much stuff going on with the move."

"I think I'll do something nice for her, she seems bored." Magnes smiles, beginning to head for the exit. "I bet she'd love movies about electric people…" he mumbles to himself, pretty much going on like that for a while. "Thanks for the talk, Mister Len!"

Len watches as the young man starts to leave. "Oh, Varlane. I've already sent notice to Agent Castillo, but if you have any personal effects here in this facility, it needs to be transported. Make sure she gets your stuff and it'll be moved. After Wednesday, you can start using the new training facility. I'll make sure she knows to get you out there. Clear?"

"I'll remember!" Magnes calls back, though his mind is on perky overdrive, likely playing Mr. Blue Sky over and over as he happily strolls down the hall.

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