Ellen Fung Xue
Portrayed By Lucy Liu
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Present Cognition
Age 44
Date of Birth 1965
Occupation Shop-Keeper
Family Fung Hui-wei (father), Fung Chiu Li (mother), Chiu Ping (maternal grandmother) deceased
Significant Other(s) Tsang Hao-Tung
First Appearance Facades

Ellen Fung, or Ellie as she is often known, runs a small family store in Chinatown. It has floundered but somehow manages to keep going despite a lack of clientele these days. She is friendly to most, but quietly looks out for her own skin primarily. For this reason, she prefers to keep her head down and stay out of these political battles.

Character History:

Ellen Fung Xue was born in NYC's Chinatown, to second-generation Hong Kong immigrants. Her whole family was involved in running the shop above which they lived. Trying to make ends meet, her parents both put in incredibly long days, leaving her maternal grandparents as her primary caregivers during her formative years. Her grandmother was extremely traditional and refused to even learn to speak English, which made her a bit useless in the shop;, despite the best efforts of her parents, the store seemed to mostly appeal to white hipsters looking for authentic Chinese kitsch with which to trick out their Village lofts. Her grandfather had suffered a stroke when she was only a baby, leaving him partly paralized and unable to speak. Still, somehow, he and the young Ellie developed a bit of a rapport, and as a girl, she would read to him or tell him winding, childish stories about her life or something out of her imagination.

Evolved Human Ability:

[Present Cognition] Ellie's ability manifests very much like that of a standard pre-cog, except instead of seeing events that have not yet come to pass, she sees things that are unfolding at this very moment. They come to her in sensory flashes, and are only partly controllable by her. The most common is for her to "see" things play out, as though she were standing right there watching events unfold. She has no physical manifestation in the remote location, but a telepath or someone similarly sensitive might be able to sense her presence there. Sometimes there may be audio to accompany the visual, but most often, these visions are simply silent jumbles of images that require some deciphering.

The memory of the manifestation is much like that of a dream. Details start to slip away from her quickly, and it's for this reason, she likes to draw the vision or write down what she heard during or immediately after the event has occurred. During these visions, her eyes will turn solid black, and she will be unable to see or sense anything going on where she physically is. However, she is able to draw or write 'blind', so that she can make a rough record of these visions while they are happening.

She has some limited control over this ability. When left to its own devices, the events tend to trigger almost randomly, tying particularly to things and people that are significant to her, or events that are liable to have some sort of impact upon her, whether because they are personal or of a large enough scope to influence her life (for example, a loved one being hurt, or a lone gunman on a grassy knoll about to shoot the President). It may also simply be an occurrence in the area that is charged with a great deal of emotion. These triggers can happen at any time (though they certainly do not happen for every significant event), and she has yet to learn how to stop them from happening when they want to.

With greater focus, however, Ellen can force herself to trigger, and she has even learned to hone her mind's eye to limit these manifestations to a particular geographical area. The actual event will still be random, and the more she tries to hone it, the more focus and energy the task requires. Unless the event is of huge significance, it is unusual to get the same one over and over, so when looking for something in particular, she may need to keep trying, hoping to land upon the right vision.



Date Log Participants
03 Facades
There are many different kinds.
Ellen, Hao-Tung
04 Just Browsing
Veronica shops for Brian, Brian shops for Veronica, and Ellen feels like she's caught in a modern version of an O. Henry story.
Brian, Ellen, Veronica
06 As Subtle as a Brick Through a Window
Wendy manages to out two evolveds who insist they're not. Well, they insist she's wrong, anyway. She leaves Aaron with a parting gift, before making Ellen's day with a large purchase.
Aaron, Ellen, Wendy
07 Unbroken Ground
Ellen sets out a proposition that doesn't make Hao-Tung entirely happy.
Ellen, Hao-Tung
12 Thin Ice
Fragile and delicate, thin ice is also a metaphor for traversing dangerous terrain.
Ellen, Liu, Song
16 Involvement
Hao-Tung is formally filled in on Ellen's newest intentions. If there is a surprise, however, it is more for her than him.
Ellen, Hao-Tung
18 Where Would You Like Them Left?
Ellen Fung Xue receives her first shipment of Refrain for storage.
Ellen, Ling
24 How Do I Bought Drugs?
Dean Parker (Also known as Magnes J. Varlane) shows up to buy drugs, which is has no experience doing. Ellen has to dig deep not to commit murdercide, a type of murder that only a person with that sort of pent up rage can commit.
Ellen, Magnes


Significant Other
One of the very few people in the world whose opinion actually counts with Ellen, though she'd be reluctant to come right out and admit that. Most of the time, she can see past that gruff exterior.

Memorable Quotes:

  • Coming soon.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Ellen operates the family store, The Lucky Monkey in Chinatown.
  • Ellen plays the cello and has a knack for picking up random and useless trivia.
  • She does not disclose the fact that she is Evolved. Wendy is the only one to have identified her as one so far, and Ellie denied it to the very end. I have no issues with people figuring it out, but let me know, since it may have IC repercussions for Ellen.

RP Hooks

  • The Lucky Monkey has become a front for Refrain distribution.
  • She is a new associate of the Flying Dragons.
  • The woman could do with a few friends. She's lived in NYC her whole life, so it could be a pre-established friendship or something that develops "on screen".
  • Ellie gets visions of what is currently happening. This can happen at random, especially with regards to people she is close to or emotionally charged events nearby. If you'd like her to see something of yours as a hook for RP, please feel free to poke me!
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