Ellen Degeneres Must Die


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Scene Title Ellen Degeneres Must Die
Synopsis Elle and Warren have a talk.
Date August 24, 2010

The Octagon

Even after a long, relaxing bath and a tasty hot pocket, Elle has been in a bad mood all morning after their adventure on a boat earlier. She sat in the bath and scowled at walls, occasionally splashing at bubbles. Afterwards, she made herself a hot pocket and scowled at inanimate objects some more. While she ate said hot pocket, she scowled at the television. And all the while, she's been giving Warren the silent treatment, and has avoided getting too close to him.

It's not entirely his fault, either, though it may seem that way. She's got so much on her mind these days. The lies she's been living, the fact that she almost got in a lot of trouble for the interaction with Devi. Then, the talk she had with Cardinal, and the new image of the once somewhat intimidating man she now has. The incident at the lake that may have left Warren with a bruise on his arm from all of Elle's punches just made things a little bit worse for the blonde. It's just been one long, drawn out breakdown that she's watching happen slowly.

Finished with her Hot Pocket, Elle is lounging on the couch, glowering up at the ceiling with the empty plate balanced on her belly. Finally, the silence breaks, and the electric blonde speaks. "Warren. We need to talk."

Warren's changed into another suit, sitting back as he flips through channels, not one for touching his electrified girlfriend when he's quite adorably pissed off at him. Then she says they need to have a talk. "If you're pregnant, we'll name him Warren Ray the Second. If you're breaking up with me, I'm going to kill Ellen Degeneres, then assassinate Eleanor Roosevelt." he threatens, then just goes quiet to listen.

The electric blonde opens her mouth to say something…then closes it, and just peers at him quizzically or a moment. "I'm not pregnant, and…What do Ellen Degeneres and Eleanor Roosevelt have to do with me breaking up with you, aside from the fact that their first names are similar to mine?" She arches a brow, shaking her head with a soft laugh for a moment.

Then, she shakes her head, and makes herself a bit more serious. "First off, Warren, I need you to leave Devi alone. I got in trouble for it with Broome, of all people. I don't know why he was mad that we were hassling her, but she's off limits, okay? Send your men to clean up her shop and leave her the robot, and then don't ever talk to her again." She crosses her arms, as if to signify that this topic is not up for debate.

"They have other things in common with you?" Warren asks with a puzzled look, as if he really did choose them directly based on their similar names. He drops the remote into her lap, then turns to face her, actually listening. "Well, Devi is a very hard thing to give up. I want her help to work on my arm. But if you're getting into trouble…" He seems conflicted for a few moments, and then finally just sighs. "Whatever you want, Elle Bishop."

"Not…really, no. I'm certainly not a lesbian or a political figure." Elle shrugs. Then, she plucks up the remote, flipping to a music channel, before turning to peer quietly as…he agrees to leave Devi alone. Wow! So easy. She tilts her head to one side, watching him quietly as she taps the remote against her lips. Then, she sits up, spinning around and resting her head in Warren's lap, peering up at him.

"We just need to try to be normal for a while. I'm not saying you can't recruit people, but…ask me before you do, okay? I'll look into them for you. I don't want you getting screwed over or getting in trouble, okay?"

Elle reaches out, grabbing the man's hand and alternating between running her fingers over his palm and linking her fingers with his. She's quiet for a long moment as she does this, before turning her blue eyes up toward the man. "…So why do you hate Richard Cardinal so much, again?"

"I will, Elle. But I want to give Devi blueprints to my arm. If she's ever free to work with me, the blueprints will make her familiar with it by that time. I'll have one of the cleanup men take it, so I'll stay away." Warren stares down at her, placing his fleshy hand to her forehead as he strokes lightly. "He keeps spying on me, that sneaky little shadow. I think he wants to steal my inventions for his cause, and I think he knows where Liette is and won't tell me. I can forgive withholding Liette, but I don't like people who steal my work."

Elle tilts her head to one side, peering up at Warren quietly for a long moment. "Thank you." She sounds…relieved, more than anything else. "That works fine. Just…yeah. Leave her be after that, okay?" She then tilts her head, watching Warren with a ponderous gaze, as if judging him. "What would you say if I told you that I don't think Richard Cardinal is all that bad?" She grabs hold of his right hand, bringing it to her lips and planting a kiss on his palm. Then she flips his hand over, kissing the back of it.

"I will." Warren starts running his left hand over her shirt, very gently, as if she were a big adorable cat. He seems quite relaxed and clear headed at the moment, possibly mauling over her question in his head. "That depends on your reasons for saying so."

The electric blonde peers up at Warren, her brows raised. One hand lifts, her fingertips tracing over his jawline. "Well…" Elle taps his chin. "He had the chance last night to get me completely out of the picture. He had two people with him, and I have reason to believe that he did some planning before I arrived. Instead of attacking me, he…told me things. Made offers to me." She offers him a small zap to the chin, lowering her hand back to her stomach. "And then he just let me walk out, unharmed."

"Whatever you do, I'm going with you." Warren states as he leans down to briefly brush his lips over her's, then look into her eyes for a few seconds before sitting up straight again. "Even if it's for a bastard like Cardinal, I don't wanna lose you. Everything is so much clearer with you around. I feel like there's a reason to stay anchored to some shred of sanity." As she might have noticed from the event at the lake.

Elle sits up, taking hold of the man's fleshy right hand and squeezing it. She stares at the man for a long while, her head canted to one side. "Really?" She chews on her lower lip. Then, she leans against him, closing her eyes and letting out a soft sigh. "So you would follow me to Cardinal, if I were to consider going to work with him?" She closes her eyes. "I'm not certain that's what I'm going to do, but…just food for thought, you know?"

Warren nods, leaning in to give her another soft kiss on her upper lip. "I'd follow you to Cardinal, if it was what you wanted. The alternative is not being with you anymore, and it's not a pleasant alternative to me." he explains, his metallic hand resting on her stomach now. "If I have to, I'll work for him with you, but only as long as you're with him."

The electric blonde smiles softly, returning the kiss. Then, suddenly, she wraps her arms around him, squeezing him tight for a long moment, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against his chest. There's a pregnant pause, here, before turning her eyes up toward him with an uncharacteristically soft expression on her face. "Do— do I really mean that much to you, Warren?"

"You do. I don't have any loyalties to organizations, I do what I want unless I have a good reason to listen." Warren wraps his arms around her waist when she hugs against him, looking down at her. "I'm loyal to you, and I'd never sacrifice you to a god, you're too precious."

The little blonde squeezes against Warren, leaning her chin against his shoulder as she peers up at him. "For a crazy guy, you're really sweet. You know that?" That warm look remains on her face as she reaches up, cupping his cheek. "Well…I'll definitely keep that in mind when I make my decision. I still have…a lot to think about."

"You don't have to rush. But I want to talk to Cardinal. If you really think he's not bad, then I want to know what kind of person he is." Warren raises his right hand to run his fingers through her hair, grinning. "I don't think he'll answer my calls. I want you to tell him to meet me on mutual ground. He can bring whoever he likes so we can talk, at least we'll be on equal footing in killing power."

Elle keeps her chin rested against his shoulder, her brows arching. "I'll see what I can do. I— I don't even know if I'm going to accept his offers…" She leans up, planting a kiss on his lips with a small smile. "I'll talk to him about that, though." She leans back, then, resting her head in his lap once more. "I'm sure, at the very least, he'll find that interesting."

"You always surprise me when I think life is getting dull and something needs blowing up. You make explosions less necessary." Warren suddenly starts removing his jacket, then unbuttoning his shirt. "Alright, let's go have crazy sex."

"You're incorrigable." Elle laughs, sitting up and crossing her arms with a grin. "I have to punish you for making me go out on a boat, still. No sex. Today, we snuggle and watch movies and be generally mushy at each other, or something. I'm in the mood for some good positive snuggle time."

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