Else Kjelstrom Missing

SOHO — New York City police are currently investigating the disappearance of pop sensation Else Kjelstrom from her apartment in Soho. Police were alerted by residents of the Hedgeview Apartment building just after 8:00am of shots fired in the building, followed by scattered reports of two unidentified white females and miss Kjelstrom fleeing Kjelstrom's third floor apartment. Witnesses claim one of the women was bleeding, and that both of the women with Kjelstrom were wearing bullet proof vests.

The women were seen fleeing the scene in a vintage black ford Mustang. Authorities are currently searching for the vehicle and the women involved for questioning.

Kjelstrom, who just recently released her debut album "Shores of the Empire State" has been topping the rock and pop music charts in New York City and across the country for months with her hit single of which the album is named for.

Authorities do not at this time have any motivation for the apparent disappearance, and have not released details of the scene of Kjelstrom's apartment to the press.

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