Eltingville Blocks
Eltingville Blocks

The Eltingville Blocks comprises three main areas of suburban territory, divided further into smaller districts. Formerly a simple neighbourhood of suburbia pre-Bomb, the Eltingville Blocks still contain the stink of abandonment and neglect for all that new structures are clustered here and there, such as new residential units, public facilities and retail outlets.

Many of the homes and buildings remain closed down and abandoned, but squatting and homelessness is circumvented by the fact that the Eltingville Blocks are heavily patrolled around their borders. But while the military can sweep through the territories themselves, the policing within is light-handed, neglected, and left to the devices of the people inside. As the population steadily climbs through the Resettlement Project, so does crime.

Graffiti of various kinds, old and new, mark grey and brown brick. Wire fences don't have razors on them until you get to the borders. The traffic is minimal, with cars mostly heard on Hylan Boulevard, which seems to have a near constant trickle of military vehicles perhaps on their way to Miller Airfield to the east. Weeds grow in anywhere green. Old businesses — a bias towards Italian names and restaurants, echoing of its culture prior to a mass exodus and re-population — are boarded over and left to rot, but there are corner stores, liquor stores, a few bars and a small, functioning economy, even if it spills out into the form of street markets, both daylight and legitimate as well as not.

Major IC Events

The Eltingville Blocks make up a neighbourhood that was formerly just named Eltingville before it fell under the possession of the Reclaimed Zone, and is right in the middle of it. Since the Bomb of 2006, this area of dense suburb had seen a mass exodus save for a few remaining families, many refugee squatters and gang presence, but throughout 2010, it's seen some clean up under the watchful eye of the government. The taking of the Reclaimed Zone flushed out much of the riffraff population, with the few clusters of civilian who had remained there there throughout the years — whether by choice or not — given the ability to remain, so long as they cooperated with the sudden presence of the military.

Though it no longer reaches the population it once had, and may never again, the Eltingville Blocks are seeing some fresh meat. After south Roosevelt Island was all but destroyed, many of the Evolved who lived there as funded by the Department of Evolved Affairs have been moved to the Eltingville Blocks in a major migration that continues to grow and expand to farther corners of the city.

The Eltingville Blocks are penned in. To the north runs the former Staten Island railroad that is not active, but marks a very long checkpoint of military presence that blocks off the Reclaimed Zone from the rest of the island. To the south west spreads what was once known as the Blue Heron Park Preserve, but acts also as a checkpoint for optimum control. It is possessed by the military as well as robotic presence, and those that deviate there run the risk of running into trouble, whether fatal or simple arrest. To the east, the territory bottlenecks into the suburb of Bay Terrace and Great Kills Park, which is blocked off for barracks for soldiers, warehouses and facilities.

The south is dominated by ocean. There is also the bay, which also has a set of docks farther east which stand as a common method of entering Staten Island from anywhere else besides New Jersey.

That said, if you're brave enough and keen enough, it is not impossible to get in and out without detection. It depends on what you can do, who you know, and how determined you are.



Name Status Address Flagged?
Amadeus Deckard Pending ?!
Bethany Ruslan Restricted Unit 4, Harbor Courts
Brian Fulk Restricted 303 Sycamore Street
Daphne Millbrook Restricted 9 Scarsdale Street
Delia Ryans Clear 609 Tennyson Drive Y
Delilah Trafford Clear 12 Holly Avenue
John Logan Clear (Civilian Watch) 609 Tennyson Drive
Monica Dawson Restricted 11 Scarsdale Street
Nadira Sana Karim Restricted
Odessa Price Clear 150 Thornycroft Avenue Y
Raven "Sable" Diego Clear 12 Holly Avenue
Sasha Kozlow Clear 609 Tennyson Drive Y
Tania Kozlow Clear 609 Tennyson Drive


  • If you would like to enter undetected into Eltingville Blocks, please consult with staff, as goes with the rest of the Reclaimed Zone. In time this rigidity will lift in place of logic and common sense, but for now, just check.
  • Otherwise, characters can move through the checkpoints (during daylight hours, re: curfew) if they have a Registration card, but if they are not residents or otherwise listed as allowed, they will likely be turned back. Please talk to Brooklyn if you aren't sure.
  • When heading through, any equipment that can film or take images are generally confiscated for casual visits or even new residents. Cellphones are allowed through, but if they contain a card that can store more data, this may be taken too depending on the nature of the visit.
  • Characters with injuries who do not wish to seek help from the government can ask for "Sasha Kozlow" at St. Clare's.
  • Curfew is a theory rather than a practice — though checkpoints operate according to curfew, the security inside is as sporadic as it can be harsh. Meaning that while many stick to curfew, it is feasible to ignore it without smackdown because formal patrolling, inside the borders, is sketchy. But there is always a chance of bad luck…


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