Emergency Brass Injection (Bridge)


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Scene Title Emergency Brass Injection (Bridge)
Synopsis A special escort arrives for Eve after the earlier events of the day.
Date February 22, 2018

Elmurst Hospital

By the time the mostly nondescript squad car bearing the marks of the local military police pulls up to the hospital, the rats have for the most part disappeared. Those that haven’t are still being chased through, around, and out of the hospital in whatever way shape or form they could escape. In essence, Elmhurst’s custodial department is going to be working tonight.

Cesar is supposed to be on his way home, even, but the tail end of his ride-along today with the military police soon turns eventful as Dispatch calls in for an officer to report. Something about a tuba, and rats? Someone called it in despite the hospital’s reported negative when it came down to whether or not they needed further assistance, as there was an “uncontrolled SLC-E ability” in play. And when asked if he wanted to get dropped off instead of going, the response came with an incredulous glimmer in the SESA agent’s eyes. Hell no, let’s go.

He had to see this.

So it is Officer Rodgers and Cesar who appear when the orderly assigned to keep Eve from running around the hospital and finding another way into Hailey’s floor and room reliquinshes custody into their hands. Rodgers starts to pull out the cuffs, but Cesar waves off the handcuffs. Unlike the officer, the SESA agent is dressed in civilian clothes - no suit and tie on this guy. Right now, anyway. He’s had to dodge a few rodents already, so the man looks amused when the orderly summarily explains the incident to the officer. He’s trying to be serious about it, though. He looks over Eve as she’s seated in one of the hospital’s visitor chairs, dark brown eyes traveling over in cursory examination. This woman’s the one responsible for the chaos? Funnily enough, he believes it.

“For the last time. The horse was a metaphor.” is said to an uproar of laughter from a pair of just off duty janitors that have gathered around to see the crazy oracle off. They run the risk of being called in to work a double or triple for some of them due to the rat infestation, but the woman is a riot.

Not all of the medical staff were pissed at Eve, just like.. most. (Sorry Juliette, Sasha just seemed in a stinky mood as usual).

As the SESA agent walks up and gets to examine the harbinger of Tuba, she in turn gets to study her escort. He's tall and Eve can sense… a nice spirit about him. “Wow thanks for not chaining me to the furnace,” She says as she hops to her feet with a look over her shoulder and a wave.

Hago esta mierda para el baño!

Hm… she also does it for the children. Always for the children.

Those janitors really dodged a rat-shaped bullet with having been able to clock out before the call went out. Now it’s the night shift’s problem. As it is always the night shift’s problem. Cesar gives a quick, friendly nod to the departing janitors as he waits for the orderly and Officer Rodgers to finalize the hand-off. He looks even more amused with her ready hop up and the smattering of Spanish spoken aloud. “Que lo que, mi amiga,” Cesar starts as he offers a hand over for introductory sorts of shaking. “Who’s trying to chain you to a furnace? Not me. Do you see a furnace around here?” Is the furnace a metaphor? Cesar doesn’t get it, at least not yet. “My name’s Cesar, and I’m an agent of SESA,” he puts out there. Important to be upfront about it, after all. His head tilts towards the rest of the hospital lobby, but his gaze remains on Eve the whole time. “You want to tell me if my ears heard right on the radio? Where’s the tuba?”

“The furnace? Ah yes the furnace, they should clean it.” It's said as an afterthought as she comes to stand in front of the man. “Oh! You work with Red and Agent Fancypants.” The nicknames she has for, she thinks and rubs her head. “… Agent Quinn and the…” Her facial expression screws up. “Agent Blunderlust.” Rhys.

“Pleased to meet ya! I'm Eve Mas. Owner of Cat’s Cradle, they say I'm the Meme lady. I tell them that was a metaphor but they don't get it.” She shakes her head, the horse is a metaphor.

To the question of the tuba Eve looks nervous and looks over her shoulder. Puckering her lips she makes a sound, “FLAAAAAAARPT.” Spittle flying over her shoulder, it's a human tuba noise. Or a human version of her bad tuba playing. “The Unshowered One confiscated it. Don't worry, I’ll get Red on the case. We go way back.”

Cesar’s brows lift, amusement shining in his eyes. “Red and Agent Fancypants?” he echoes, not clear on who she means until she pseudo-explains. “Oh, oh man,” he realized just who she refers to afterwards, and then lifts a hand to wipe down his face. Professionalism!

And though years of being on the NYPD has exposed Cesar to several incidents of ridiculousness, it never, never gets old. He contains his laughter to a brief chuckle so that the orderly and Officer Rodgers over on the side don’t give him and Eve the dirtiest look, but still kind of an eyeful for her terrible tuba playing. Once the officer’s done with taking down the disturbance report, Rodgers comes back over to Cesar and Eve’s side. Since this is not his jurisdiction, Cesar defers to the officer. He sticks by Eve though on their escort out.

“Alright Ms. Mas,” Officer Rodgers says once they are outside and standing beside the squad car. “Orderly says you were here to visit a patient, and you are in part the cause of a major disturbance. Are you SLC-Expressive? Are you Registered?” The officer’s gaze looks discerningly over the seer, and he’s wary.

But Cesar interrupts the officer, stepping into be a bit of a shield. “It’s alright Rodgers. We can just drop her at the Benchmark. This sort of thing… you know it gets to be a real mess with paperwork.” He glances over his shoulder at Eve, making sure his eyes tell her not to get too wild.

As they walk out of the hospital, Eve gives another little wave before she's coming down to join her new friends. “My niece was injured because government shifty eyes aren't doing their job making sure the kids stay in!” Eve stomps her foot and looks over at the officer. “I cannot- She was scared okay? I had to cheer her up. She loves Polka.”

It's true Hailey does.

The Oracle goes to dig her registration card out from her bag. “No funny business, I swear.

Eve Kendra Mas


Registered Evolved (Class A Mental)

She probably has a bit of a file on her in the office.

She grins at both the men. “I'm all official and stuff. I ain't dancing with PARIAH anymore for Goddess’ sake!” Eve leans in with a wink at both men. “I'm on the straight narrow, trying to be. Heh.” She looks sheepish over at the officer. “Ahh I'm with the tall dark and handsome over here. He has bright ideas. I'll behave, look I'm harmless.”

Eve leans forward and shows her teeth to the officer. They are clean and white but if this were years earlier, they may have been covered in blood. The joke would be lost on the officer though so Eve just winks at the officer and stands up straighter and gives her most serious face. “Please lead me to Lady Ze- Sparkta- Lynette Ruiz.”

Cesar, trying to keep a straight face, turns to Officer Rodgers and reaffirms, “She loves polka, Officer.” The agent is at the very least briefly successful, but the remark gets an eyerolled grunt out of the officer. With the reveal of the registration card, Cesar and the policeman have a look. Cesar in particular lingers on the ability that’s shown on the card. “A precog? So you know what we’re going to do next?” he asks, a crooked smile coming up.

And the mention of Lynette Ruiz comes up as familiar for both officer and agent. “The Lynette Ruiz?” Officer Rodgers pays attention to the news, it appears, and so does Cesar. It also appears that the name drop works enough for the policeman to get a little blush to his cheeks. Someone finds the war hero at the very least attractive. A celebrity. He doesn’t break his professionalism any more than that though.

Seeing that little rise on the officer’s face is enough to give Cesar the idea, and he remarks idly, “Yeah sounds like it. I heard she’s head of the Benchmark, so if we take Ms. Mas over there, probably will get a glimpse. Or even maybe meet her.” He claps a hand on the officer’s shoulder a couple times. “Come on man, I’ll ride in the back.” And with that he opens the door for Eve to get into the squad car, ushering her inside.

There's a sly grin as Eve shrugs her shoulders, “Maybe I dream what's for your breakfast. Or I dream about you falling off a bridge. There's really no like,” She seesaw hands, “No middle ground.” Well there is. But.

Ahhh a fan of Lady Zeus. Eve rounds on him. “Who do ya think shocks me back into place when I'm all KOO KOO KOO KOO!” It's a joke but he doesn't know that. “We fought in the war, she's such a buzzer. Like SWEREEK AWERRK!”

She tries to demonstrate her friends ability flexing her fingers out in front of her and doing an impression of her friends face when it's time to fry people. “Seer,” she takes a tone, “Get behind me. BUZZZZZ AHHHH AIEEEEE DIE DIE!” Eve is bouncing as she describes it all for them. Then they’re saying it's time to go for a ride.

“Oooh lookie here.” Eve loves cars and she runs a hand over the top before sliding into the backseat. She looks excited, “Is there a siren?” She's willing to fake an emergency so there's a siren, please.

“That’s some wild shit,” Officer Rodgers mutters beneath his breath, though even he looks amused by the seer’s antics. She’s not the weirdest person the MP has encountered on a late night, which is really saying something. Cesar kind of just leans on the squad car, watching the reenactment with far more amusement than befitting the agent’s role in all this. Once there’s a sense of focus again, and Eve slides in, he takes the seat beside her and shuts the door. Rodgers gets in, eyeing the woman from the rearview mirror at her question of their being a siren.

Well of course there’s a siren. But he doesn’t put it on just yet - this is a hospital zone! Once they’ve pulled out of the immediate area, Cesar taps on the back partition, remarking, “Flip the horn a few times, eh Rodgers?” Ok he’s indulging her, at the officer’s expense maybe. “Come on, it’ll get us to the rehab quicker.” There’s no need for precognition to know that Officer Rodgers needs no further bidding. He flips the siren and lights, at least for a couple blocks before switching off as they go through a few other zones.

In the meantime, Cesar’s got a question for Eve because he’s finally realized who she is after some thought. “OK Eve but I got to ask - what is the horse a metaphor for?”

“They’d cart me off to the looney bin if I told you the answer to that my Knight!” She chuckles and makes the motion of a truck driver pulling his horn as the siren flashes, “WOOOHOOO!”

“How don't you end up doing that all day? I would do that shit all day!” Eve ruffles the back of her hair and grins. ”Metaphors, faeries, black holes, my brain sees a lot. Remembers it all. All in the dreams, things can get muddy,” Eve is smiling though that fact is a little sad.

“You dream as much as me and the lines between brainpan and IRL are just blurry!” She waves her head as she lays her head against the cold window pane. Theresnoplacelikehome theresnoplacelikehome. Except she's not going home. Maybe a different home, but. “Do you drink?” An odd, sudden question.

“Nah, you’re wild but you ain’t crazy,” Cesar concludes, an amused grin playing over his face. He’s playing the straight man to this act, but for all that she hops through random topics, he regards her like she’s speaking her truth. After all, who is he, but an average man listening to a prophet and trying to interpret the dreams she sees. He’s just watching her with that crooked smile until she comes back into a sudden focus. “Who, me? Yeah, I enjoy knocking a few back every once in a while. My mom and pops are from the island Caribe, so you know: rum, cerveza. But not on the clock of course,” he answers, arching a brow. “Why, you askin’ me out for a drink?”

This gets an audible snort of laughter from the otherwise serious Officer Rodgers driving up front. But the officer also interrupts the would be drinking date setup with, “We’re here.”

He said she wasn't wild! Awww FRIEND!

The look Eve gives him is one of shock. “You know not many people besides Lady Zeus and Gilly.. and a few others say that!” She nods her thanks and wiggles in her seat, self satisfied.

At the speak of families and drinks she grins, “My daddy was Italian. He liked red wine and whiskey. I'm a tequila girl though.” Maybe that's why she's always been wild, well among other things. At the prospect of asking someone out to a date.

“Girlllllll,” nevermind that Cesar is a man. “You couldn't handle it!” She cackles as the Officer says they have arrived. “I throw wicked, wild parties at Cat’s Cradle though! Swing on by.” A devilish grin.

She begins to climb out the car. “This our stop?”

The exuberance of Eve is a refreshing change, if Cesar’s being honest with himself, from the usual humdrum life. He lifts a brow at her little reveal of heritage, at the invitation to some wild parties. “Well, you got my attention and agreement,” he says and looks out the window as they’ve arrived at the Benchmark. Once all three exit the car, Officer Rodgers takes up one side with Cesar on the other, but it all appears like just three people walking up rather than some official business. Even though it is, technically.

“It’s actually going to be your stop,” Cesar corrects mildly, only because he says, “I’ve got to get the good officer here back to his station.” Rodgers casts a sidelong glance at Cesar for that, but then he’s off to the front desk to explain their arrival. “But if you ever need help, or you know, you got some tequila you need help finishing.” He reaches into his back pocket to extract his wallet again and takes out an official card, passing it over to the woman.

It doesn’t take long before the officer returns, and it appears their little meeting time is up. Alas, Lynette is already preoccupied with another matter, and can’t come to the front right now. But it’s ok, Rodgers, certainly there’s plenty of other occasions that he’ll have cause to come back. “You keep your nose clean, alright, and I’ll see you soon, chica.”

At the announcement of her company leaving Eve frowns but she quickly remembers that she's here to see Lynette! And Otter Eyes! Taking the card back she nods her head at both the men. “Free drinks at Cat’s Cradle for the both of you!”

She mock whispers over to Rodgers, “Thanks for keeping the cuffs on your waist. I'm a kinky girl but get me dinner first!” Eve cackles as she scurries up the steps taking them two at the time.

“Be safe! Watch out for the sewer rats! They are turds!” The woman cackles as she disappears from view and into the next place she can cause a ruckus.

She's got an Agent to call.

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