Emergency Brass Injection (Coda)


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Scene Title Emergency Brass Injection (Coda)
Synopsis After the events earlier in the day, Eve Mas places a phone call.
Date February 22, 2018

Over the most unfortunate telephone line that ever could have existed

It's the nighttime and it's been a while since the ‘Tuba Debacle. A phone is picked up in the office and a pale hand dials a number of a certain agent that she hopes is near her phone.


The rings a hand full of times - almost too many - before suddenly a click sounds and a weary voice speaks up on the other end.

"A-Allô? The sound of something rustling can be heard. "This is Robyn Quinn. How, ah, may I help you?" Clearly she hadn't checked her caller ID - or had her ring volume on.

A faux baritone speaks over the line. “Agent Robyn Quinn, I have an assignment of the greatest importance for you.” There's a pause and the person on the other end clears their throat.

“It's of the greatest importance.”

… “How do you feel about polka?”

There's a moment's pause on the end. "Qui est-ce?" On the other end, Robyn clears her throat as well. "Who in the world is this?"

A beat.

"Not a fan."

“Ah.. I have you down here as a..” there's a clicking in the background, maybe a pen being pushed in and out. And then a saxophone blares in the background. “A crusader of the arts, a real Job of Arc. One that delivers justice with a swift swipe of a knife.”

The saxophone plays notes that would remind of an old P.I. movie set in a black and white dystopian city.

“There was an incident at the Elmhurst Hospital.”

On the other end, Robyn is silent for several moments. "Rhys, did someone finally get you drunk? This-"

A long sigh follows.

"What kind? Of incident."

“This is not Agent Fancypants!” There’s a brief break of character of the voice but they quickly reel it back in with a cough, “Yes, an incident.”

“There was a tuba involved. We need your help in getting it back Agent Quinn.” The saxophone ramps up to a dramatic crescendo.

"That will be hard," Robyn replies in a flat tone, "since I am five hours away in Rochester. How- How did you… lose a Tuba?"

A groan.

"Christ. What is that noise?”

“Five hours away?! Quinnie I dreamt you in your office!! Oh..,” Eve spins in Lynette’s office chair her legs propped up on her desk as she curls the phone cord around her finger. “Ah ah that must have been a week from now or something.” Back to faux baritone. “It's the sound of a noir soundtrack, just pay attention.”

“The Tuba is located near Sasha the Russian Man’s lock-” The voice/Eve stops as the sound of the door opens, “Whoops,” Eve looks up from the desk with a wide eye expression talking to..

"Why am I hearing saxophone music?" Lynette cuts in as she steps back into her office. "Eve. What are you doing? Who's on the phone?" There's a sigh dramatic enough for Robyn to hear over the phone and everything. "You're supposed to be behaving," she says, although there is a thread of amusement there, like she knows that promise was never going to be kept.

"Eve?" Slowly, Robyn is starting to understand. "I am in my office. And don't call me that." A deep breath as she hears the still familiar voice of Lynette Rowan.

"You need your tuba back. Why do you have a tuba."

“I.. I.. oh hey Lady Zeus! I'm just trying to seduce Red into getting my tuba back from the custody of those RIGHTEOUS JAILERS. Did you know they locked Hailey up like a rat? Then she got the rats involved, the Russian guy got bit in the dick, i think it hurt.” Eve rambles to both Lynette and Robyn before standing up abruptly.

“I have to go.. to bed. I said I would behave for 72 hours.” A sheepish look given to the blonde in the room. “Come see me at Benchmark!”

Out in the hallway, Mateo had been walking by to investigate the sound. At some of the words her hears coming from inside the office, specifically something about someone getting bit in the penis, he decides to turn around and let Lynette handle this.

“Also, tell Cherry hi! I need to talk to her! Nobody will blame you if you kiss her. Love you bye!”

"Oh my god, did you call Robyn? About your tuba? Now?" Of course, Lynette is not asleep, but she seems to assume other people should be by now. That's probably the last Robyn can hear of Lynette before the phone hangs up.


“I swear the tuba is important.”

"Well, important or not, you can't have it back until I can show Doctor Kozlow your assessment." After three days. "If he hasn't melted it down by then," Lynette adds, dryly.

Meanwhile, in Rochester, Robyn stares at her phone, a grimace on her face. "Not enough whiskey for this, Eve," she grumbles, finishing the tumbler she holds in her other hand. She'd have to buy more the next time she's in New York.

“But but Lady-Lynette!” Horrified at the prospect of her angelic instrument being melted down to goo. “If he does that I'll spray him with Febreeze and flea spray!”

Eve waves her hands as she she escorted gently out into the hallway where Eve tries to hurry up to Mateo, screaming something about Otters, rats and dicks.

The seer follows the couple along with no fight the back of hospital gown blown open, pale cheeks peeking out.

Benchmark has no idea what they just inherited.

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