The End of The World As We Know It


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Scene Title The End of the World As We Know It
Synopsis … and I feel fine?
Date April 27, 2019

Abby's House

It's not that she's been busy with ex-Phoenix stuff. In truth, she's probably damn near as far in the dark as Abby herself — Cat is her touchstone for all that stuff, really. Today? Today's about popping in to unburden a little bit to a friend. And Liz comes bearing gifts — a CD that Cameron made for Aunt Abby and a basket of kolachi, a pastry she rarely makes that has its origins in eastern Europe (sweet dough wrapped around a filling - in this case, creamy something or another and raspberry. Think of it like a jelly roll, not as sweet.) She rings Abby's bell, and when the other blonde opens the door, she holds up the basket. "I'm making myself nuts," is all Liz says, the faint grin on her face telling Abby all the other woman probably needs to know at this moment. "Please, God, tell me your houseguests are not here… I staked the place out for half an hour and listened — DISCREETLY — but I didn't hear anything except you."

"Nortons taken Elle out for a bike ride again I think. Isabelle's off with Magnes, Likely. The kids are at my dad's still and Flint headed into work. Come in" The curly haired blonde, cross ever present at her throat on chain and dressed like the mother she is. As always the brownstone - though it's white - is spotless. No kids at home to mess it up. "Things that bad at Dorchester right now?" Waiting for the older blonde to come in before closing the door. Seems Abigail was in the back getting some gardening done. Not that, you know, they'll survive whatevers coming down the pipeline this time. But you have to carry on with a normal life.

The mention of what Norton's doing with Elle of all people makes an odd expression cross Elisabeth's face. "Yeah… Elle," she tells Abby. "Cam sent music for you." Wearing jeans and a sea-green sweater-top, Liz looks like she's not going to work today. She's usually more businesslike when she is. She follows Abby through, setting the basket of goodies on the counter as they enter the kitchen. "I introduced Cam to Norton," she blurts out to Abby. "And then I …. slept with him." She plops into one of Abby's chairs and heaves a great sigh of relief. "Holy crap, I needed to say that out loud. And before you ask, I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. Not one. He's been dead nearly a decade, he shows up alive, he sounds the same, he SMELLS the same… He's been avoiding me since they got here, and he finally told me why. He's sleeping with Elle! And how the hell is THAT not like the end of the world as we know it?" she demands all in one breath.

In the kitchen they went. Nurses uniforms of many brightly colored and charter printed scrubs hanging up on a hook, dishes ready to be washed, Coffee pot full and waiting, blender with green swamp sludge that was freshly made, probably a minute or two before Elisabeth actually knocked on her door. "Lord Elisabeth, you just don't change" This spoken with a warm laugh that sobers up some at the end. "End of the world" She takes a seat at the kitchen table, elbows and arms forward as she regards the other woman. "About that end of the world… We had dinner at Gabriel and Eileens. Gabe.. His Pre-cognitive ability activated."

Elisabeth gives her friend the Eye! "I do too! I haven't had a date — or a good lay, thank you! — in like six months or more. It's just…. it was Norton!" She groans and rubs her face. "God, please help me get through them being here without going insane? Or breaking down?" After they all 'died', she (along with a large number of other people) was not in good shape, if Abby remembers. "Okay… what's Gabe got?" Liz looks up at Abby, worried.

"He got nothing" Abigail offering her hand out to Liz to hold it. The same hand with that slightly different wedding ring now on the ring finger. Well, maybe, it's not as if Liz can see the top of the ring. "They were all black, the canvases. But Flint pretty much afterwards said that.. It's.. Well. It's an end of the world that we can't avoid and somehow Liz, I'm really sure it's tired to those people who all came back"

There's a moment of incomprehension…. and then Elisabeth slides her hand into Abby's, her blue eyes meeting the nurse's with all the fear that Abby herself must be feeling. "Shit," she breathes. "So…. that's it? You're telling me Gabe's seeing that we basically all blip out of existance? There's got to be a way to change that — sending them back was supposed to be the way to change that!!"

"I'm saying that right now Elisabeth, he's not seeing a future. He's not seeing anything. Flint was trying to hide the canvas's. There was more than one. He was just painting them all black. I don't know what's happening. Even with three of them parked in my house, I still don't know what's happening. They're keeping stuff close to the vest. Even Gabriel didn't know much other than they're bringing Peter into the mess. Right now I', just trying to get through each day without wondering if this is the last. That and dealing with Officer Varlane"

Elisabeth squeezes Abby's hand tightly. "If Officer Varlane is giving you shit again, let me run him in, Abby." It's not the first time she's offered. Hell, it's not the TENTH time she's offered. And right now, that's something at least to take her mind off this. She clenches her jaw to fight the upsurge of terror and tears. "I had nightmares," she admits to her friend softly, "the night they showed up at the apartment. Something in me wondered … even in those first moments… if their very presence here would just… negate our whole existance. And … I can't bear to think about it. So I'm just doing my best to put one foot in front of the other tood." She looks down at their entwined hands. "I'm just doing my best to let my son meet and talk to his father, ask all those things he always wanted to know that I had no answers for. And I keep hoping Cat will call and say, 'we've got a plan, meet me.' Like she used to." She forces a small smile. "And no one's done that yet."

"I think Officer Varlane will be turning himself in for assaulting my husband" she'll let that sink in later because she's busy listening to Elisabeth once again. "They surely have a plan. Or they're in the middle of forming it. I would almost say they're keeping to close to just Phoenix folks, but if your not being told then.. I don't know. We're just playing pick up the table scarps I guess, until they decide to tell us. For now that's all you can do Liz. Enjoy what time you can have with them, though if it makes you feel any better, what I got from Gabriel is that Elle a manipulative woman. Very manipulative. I wouldn't be surprised of Norton's on the recieving end of it. Though if he is, you'll find her out of my house in a heartbeat"



"Your…. " Elisabeth looks stunned, and then looks down, twisting Abby's hand to see the ring. "Oh God…. Abby." She looks back up at her friend, and then she smiles. "Are you happy?" Because the rest of what the nurse says? There's not much she can say to that…. except to point out that if Elle is manipulating Norton, it'll be a race to see who kills her first: Liz, Gabriel, Felix, or Trask himself. And Abby doesn't want or need to know that.

"I wouldn't have said yes if I wasn't. Teo caught a teleporter out to Vegas ten minutes before the wedding. We caught the red eye flights all back home, we haven't told alot of people. What with impending doom once more and this time there's not seeming to be a way to wiggle out of it. He loves me, though he can't really quite say it yet while looking me in the eye, but he does. I now have a step son who's 5 years older than me, and.. we'll not get to take a honeymoon, but, I do" Abigail looks down at the ring. "It's from a pawn shop. We almost had a street bum in a tuxedo standing as our witness at the bellagio. I mean, it was either drive thru with elvis, or just go all out. So.. we went all out"

Elisabeth just laughs. That's so….. Abby, somehow. So spontaneous and sweet and romantic in its own way. "I love it," she tells the nurse. "I'm mildly put out that I didn't even get a phone call, but I'm so glad for you." She squeezes the hand she's holding. The memory of having to tell a pregnant Abby that her husband was dead flashes briefly, and the contrast between that moment and this couldn't be more welcome. "If he makes you happy, that's all that matters. Don't worry about Petey, and don't worry about what any of the jackasses say to you or about it. Just… be happy. It's your life, live it the way you want. Besides…. Deck can be a complete ass, but I've never seen him watch anyone the way he watches you when you're not looking." She nods a bit. "You're good for each other in all those weird ways that just work."

"We're terrible for each other, and yet, we work. and look at me. I'm being a terrible hostess. I haven't even offered you coffee. Heavens. My mother must be rolling her grave. So, tell me how Cameron is taking Norton. This I have to hear" as the healer pushes herself away from the table, a squeeze of Liz's hand that still to this day is an uncommon thing from the woman, when it's not needed for her job. "And tell meeeeee what lovely music he's recorded for me"

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