Endangering The Safety Of Others


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Scene Title Endangering The Safety Of Others
Synopsis Doyle and Kaylee have a talk with Magnes of the stunt he pulled and the problems he has possibly brought to the Ferry's doorstep.
Date July 23, 2010

Gun Hill: Magnes' Apartment

After calling Doyle over, Magnes has gotten things ready for company. He's made a nice large home-made pepperoni pizza with a garlic bread crust, laid out a shrimp cocktail glass, two glasses of grape juice, and a bowl of chex mix all over the coffee table. He told Doyle he had to talk to him about something involving the ex boyfriend situation, and when he and Kaylee, who he wasn't expecting, are let in, they'll see his apartment setup.

There's a computer unconnected to the internet and a large monitor where the television used to be, the newer game systems with wireless internet are no where to be seen, and they don't see, well, anything that could really get an outside signal, not even a phone. "I'll get you a glass of juice, Kaylee. And if either of you have cellphones, do you mind removing the batteries?"

"I don't think so, Magnes…" Eric Doyle steps along into the apartment, shoulders raising and then falling in a sigh as he looks around, and then looks over in the direction of the gravitokinetic, one hand raising upwards with his fingers trailing down, "…not until I get a few answers out of you."

The puppeteer's power stretches out across the room, twisting through the young man's form, seizing control of his muscles - and deeper, shutting down Magnes's ability by preventing his brain from accessing it. A turn of his hand moves to turn Magnes away, fingers walking through the air to guide him over towards the couch to force him to take a seat.

Eric's voice is cold, "You'd better hope that I like the answers."

Following Doyle into the room, Kaylee doesn't look super happy and doesn't even blink when Doyle takes control of Magnes. Standing to one side of the portly man, the tall blonde crosses her arms across her chest. "I'm good, Magnes… I'm just here as a precaution." Blue eyes slide over to the puppetmaster.

She knows how Eric gets, Kaylee is here to hopefully keep him from going to far. Her gaze moves back to Magnes, they narrow slightly. So… he better hope she likes his answers too.

"What the hell?" Magnes asks when he gets taken control of, and is forced to plop down on the couch. "I don't know what's going on here, but…" He shifts his eyes down to look himself over, sighing. "I'm not discussing anything until the batteries are out of your phones."

"I didn't bring my phone. I told Kaylee not to bring hers, too…" A step along up behind the couch, and then Doyle leans down, folded arms on its back as he leans in beside Magnes's unmoving head with a false smile on his lips, "…but what I'm really wondering is why we need to do that, Magnes. Who's spying on you that has you and Elaine so paranoid? What are you doing up here that you're doing without actually telling the people who are in charge of the building who are supposed to be protecting you and the others? Why are you running around shouting Elaine's name while having super hero battles in the streets?"

The tone of his voice changes, suddenly, a growl of voice, "And why shouldn't I force you to generate a gravity field inside your own god-damn skull for endangering my kids?"

"I never yelled her name, I never even said her name or acted like I knew her, it was that crazy bastard threatening to kill people who did that. It was the first part of my plan. I had to fight him long enough for the police to come, and make sure he didn't hurt anyone. I knew people would record it and it'd end up on the news, what I didn't count on was him having some insane Evolved ability, but that only makes this easier." Magnes tries to shake his head, until he remembers his inability to move, so all he can do is keep looking down. "This kids aren't in danger, not from what I did, Elaine and Sable weren't captured on video since they left as soon as things started. I wanted to talk to you before I began the second phase of my plan, because I don't want to put people in danger."

"Magnes! You were videotaped? It's all over the damn place. And if we are smart enough know it's you, by god so do others. There are not too many people that can fly —real people — that has a thing about super heroes." She motions at the door. "You endangered the whole damn safehouse. Your little stunt could bring the Institute down on our heads."

She doesn't move any closer, but she watches Doyle carefully. "Eric… When it comes down to it, he's still Ferry." Her eyes moves to Magnes. "For the moment, but that's not that up to us."

"Do you… do you have any, any sense of scale? Do you have any… any fucking idea…" Eric Doyle's teeth grind against each other with an incoherent sound as he pushes back from the couch, giving a sharp glance to Kaylee as she offers those cautioning words, hands flung up as he circles the couch, "…fine. Fine. You know what, Magnes? I will bite. What is this second phase of your plan? And you still haven't answered why the hell you're worried about cell phones?"

Both hands come up, brows furrowing, "Whoa whoa wait." Brows furrow and Kaylee takes a step towards the seated man. "Magnes, they may have put up with you so far, but who is to say this time the government decides you've gone too far and come for you where you live."

A hand motions to the door behind her. "There are kids in this building… not to mention the people being holed away in the safehouse." Leaning down she gives him a dangerous look. "Not to mention Joseph is living here, you might give them a reason to take him again. Your little stunt was dangerous beyond what you think. You may have given the institute a reason to sweep through here and pick everyone up for their experiments."

Straightening, Kaylee steps away, glancing at Doyle. She's worried about the big guy.

As he speaks, Eric just… stares at the man for a moment. "The Company? You want to trust those— do you have any idea who they even really are? Of course you do." He throws up his hands, exhaling a bark of laughter with no humor to it, almost half-hysterical, "You were with them, I'm sure you understand everything about them…"

His hands drop down, then, and he steps forward almost like a dog lunging on the end of its chain, fixing the young man with a glare, "Do you have any idea what bringing this kid to the police now would even do, Magnes? He's arrested, questioned, they find out about Elaine and you. They come here, question everyone. Like Kaylee just pointed out - there's people here that are hiding! This is a safehouse. Everyone in the building who even knows you and Elaine is forcibly registered, because, surprise!" That fake grin again, hands lifting in a splay of fingers as if something were popping out of the box, "They can legally do that now, and by the end of the month, they're required to." The smile fades once more, brow darkening, "Then, oh, then they notice all the kids running around, who aren't in the orphanage as legally required. So they take Hailey, they take Mala, they take all the others, they break them up and send them to foster homes all around the fucking city. Statistically, some of them are abused for years. Some of them might die. And that's without the Company, or Institute, even getting involved! I probably get vanished down a hole never to be seen again, if not shot in a back alley somewhere. Other people in this building probably suffer the same fate. But hey, you got to play superhero and fight with a voice changer in public, and you got on Youtube. Hooray for you, you selfish bastard."

He turns with a snarl, stalking away a few steps, "And you still haven't answered me about this cell phone spying. Why the hell would someone even want to spy on you?"

"Alright, look, you both make good points, and, in all honesty, I agree. So, here's the solutions I'm going to offer. First, what you said about the police would also apply to the Company or the Institute. But I don't know what I'm supposed to do about him, I can't just have him killed. At the very least, I could capture him. Second, this has all made me realize that I need to move out, as long as I'm here, I'm a danger to everyone." Magnes doesn't seem to be in a particularly bad mood anymore, if anything, he seems to have a newly found understanding of the situation. "And the phones, sorry, this is just a little heated so I keep forgetting. Rebel, from what I know about his ability, he can only spy on you in mediums that can transfer information. I'm controlling the digital information that goes in and out of this apartment, so I'll know what Rebel hears and what he doesn't. He can't enter a phone if it doesn't have the battery in it, simply shutting it off isn't enough."

"This safehouse… those kids… this network are more important then any little vendetta you've got against this guy." Kaylee says with softly, brows lifting a little. "You make sacrifices when you work with the Ferry. The protection of these people comes above everything… even your love life." The words coming out somewhat bitter in the end.

"But I think your right, you need to live somewhere that isn't a safehouse. Your too public now." Kaylee's mouth pulls up at the corner in amusement. "Personally… I say kill him. Hell, between Eric and I, we don't have to get our hands dirty." The telepath looks from Magnes to Doyle, brows twitching up a bit. Let's her it for making it look like a suicide.

"Actually, yes, yes you can have him killed. I would happily kill him, in fact. Of course, at this point I would also happily kill you," Eric mutters under his breath, bringing a hand up to rub against his forehead, taking a slow breath then exhaling it, "We're here to protect this place, Magnes, and we're more than willing to kill to do so, like Kaylee just pointed out - we'd just make it look like he did it to himself.. Not like I haven't done it before."

"You don't have a choice there, actually, Magnes," he says as he turns, frowning darkly in agreement with Kaylee's words, "You and Elaine aren't going to be living in this building past the end of this discussion, I've already come to that decision. Why Rebel would want to spy on you at all, I have no idea, I'll just chalk that up to your paranoid superhero delusions, I suppose. But I'm not letting you anywhere near Gun Hill. Once we've gone back to the Lighthouse, I suppose it'll be up to Toby if you can come back here, but don't even think about going to visit the kids. I'm not having you endanger them any longer. It'll break their hearts, because they like you, but I'll do whatever it takes to protect them."

"So I can't see the kids anymore?" Magnes asks, then averts his eyes to the bedroom. "Let me out of this, I'm going to pack. You won't have to worry about seeing my face anymore. With this willingness to just kill people as the first resort, you're going to end up just like Messiah. So maybe I don't have a place in the Ferry either, maybe I've been going about this whole save the world thing the wrong way. I have Eileen and Raith, I don't need to stick around this group to constantly be reminded that I'm a failure just because I have some form of ethics and choose to do what drives me."

He closes his eyes for a few seconds, then opens them again. "I'll find some form of protection for Elaine, but I don't need a bunch of Cardinal knockoffs telling me what I should and shouldn't do just because they think they know everything. This is the last time I try to talk to any of you like adults. I gave you the benefit of a doubt for the sake of Sable, but I realize that was a mistake. I'm leaving and then I'll handle this my way."

"You don't think Eileen or Raith won't do whatever is necessary to protect this network?" Kaylee's eyes flash with anger at the comparison, she takes a step towards him. "We are not Messiah, lets get that straight right now." She snarls out. "Just because some of us will not bat an eyelash to kill someone, doesn't mean we go out and… and… suicide bomb as car. Or… or… hit a registration station. We do what we need to to keep this network safe, no more." Which is why Gillian is still with the Institute.

"Look at the whole, not the few. Most don't want to get their hands dirty, some are not capable of it, like Pastor Sumter. All we are saying is, we…" Kaylee motions between her and Doyle. "…are not afraid to kill to protect these people."

"First resort? First res— Magnes, this whole thing could've been handled, safely, if you all had just come to us in the first place instead of… instead of coming up with some fucking… insane plan involving costumes and jumping around and getting filmed and…"

He jerks his hand to one side as if cutting strings, releasing Magnes - although a thread of his power remains coiled in the young man's brain to keep his power inactive until they're gone, in case he decides to try something, "You're not an adult. You're a child living in a fantasy world. Get the hell out of my safehouse."

"No, I guess I'm not an adult. Every time I try to be mature and do the right thing, like invite you over to actually discuss what I should do instead of doing it myself, this happens. So screw this whole thing, I'm on my own." Magnes slowly stands, though he stumbles and grips the couch, very slowly heading toward the bedroom so he can pack. It's clear he struggles, to walk, but he's not going to ask for help. "And Eileen and Raith may not always agree with me, but… just forget it. I don't need a group. I don't need a group of people who just want to tell me what a bad person I am until they need me for something."

"No. The mature thing would've been to come talk to us before you started doing all this stupid shit," Doyle states flatly, heading for the door, "Get out. Just… just get out." The heavy jaw of the puppeteer clenches into a scowl, and he stalks to the door, slamming it open and stalking out into the hallway.

"Did I call him a bad person?" Kaylee asks Doyle directly, brows lifted high on her head, eyes widened a little. There is a soft sigh and she turns back to the youngest of them. "No Magnes, your not a bad person… your actually a pretty damn good person. Delusional, but good." As Doyle starts to leave, Kaylee turns to move with him, pausing to add. "What we are saying is you fucked up and why. Learn from it. We all screw up.

"I've done my fair share and I probably will again… luck and tolerance will only get you so far, before you get killed." Kaylee studies him for a moment before shaking her head and heading for the door. "Eric… wait up. Let me help you get the kids packed up. Need to get them out of here, just in case."

"I don't doubt that I screwed up, I just didn't have the foresight to realize how dangerous it is for me to live here. I can't operate in this place, I don't disagree." Magnes grabs the knob to his room with both hands, balancing himself. "Seems like burning bridges is just one of those things I do, but maybe that's a sign that I need to stop building them and just do what I want."

There's no answer from Eric, who just stalks out into the hallway; releasing his hold on the gravitokinetic as soon as he's around the corner.

"Talk to Eileen first before you go and do something stupid by burning your bridge with the Ferry." Kaylee say as she pauses at the door, hand on the knob so that she can close it behind her. The telepath watches Magnes for a moment. "You'll find the Ferry is fairly forgiving if you learn from your mistakes. When the Institute took me… wiped my memories and dumped me back into the world, I was sure I was going to be tossed out.

"Or when they found out I knew Angela Petrelli and associated with her. I thought I was going to be thrown out… Yet… here I am." Starting to close the door, Kaylee says it again. "Talk to Eileen and Raith, Magnes." The door clicks behind her and the blonde hurries to catch up with the portly man.

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