Endgame Aftermath

In the aftermath of the chaos on January 28th, Manhattan and New York's surrounding burroughs are suffering from exceptional levels of panic and chaos. Below are contained a list of events and difficulties hammering the city in the wave of what could have been the end of the very world itself.

Rolling Blackouts: All of Manhattan and the northwestern portion of Queens (which includes Cliffside Estates) are suffering from rolling blackouts. These are related to the strain on the electrical grid from the loss of Consolidated Edison, which means there are going to be block-by-block spotty power outages off and on across these areas until further notice. This means, among other things, that backup generators are selling like wildfire, and many businesses that don't have reserve power units are suffering from power shutdowns, which leads to other problems, like…

Looting: When the power goes out, and with NYPD and the National Guard pressed to its limits trying to fight fires in Queens, direct traffic in areas without electricity, and help people who are without power, looters are taking advantage of the rolling blackouts. Apartment buildings, private homes and businesses are all getting their fare share of robbery, with the chaos of wednesday simply creating a Post-2006 crescendo of violence and crime as people whip themselves up into a level of fear and apprehension about what has been happening.

Riots: Looting leads to police response, police response leads to tear gas, tear gas leads to throwing rocks, and then you have yourself a riot. While small and contained so far, the strain of Homeland Security roadblocks leading in and out of the city are putting strain on an already stressed populace, and this leads to riots. They'll happen, and expect them to come when least needed.

Roadblocks: No one going in or out of New York City is free from this, the presence of Homeland Security are requiring ID screening of anyone trying to come and go, and certain major arteries of traffic coming in to NYC are closed for government relief use by the national guard, crippling traffic. If you're caught by Homeland Security for being an unregistered evolved, or on their watch lists, expect to be detained and questioned, or otherwise.

Curfew: As a result of the city-wide devastation, a mandatory curfew for New York City and New Jersey have been put into effect. No one outside of law-enforcement, emergency response or necessary government officials are to be on the streets after 6:00pm. Those found violating curfew will be detained by NYPD for 24 hours, face a fine of $500 and depending on the results of a background screening may face other charges or further interrogation. NYPD, the National Guard present, and Homeland Security will question people seen on the streets after hours, and without proper credentials and a check in to their offices, will be detained.

National Guard: The United States National Guard along with army reserves are present in Manhattan due to current events, assisting the NYPD with curfew management and emergency services, such as power re-routing alongside the Army Core of Engineers. You're likely to see armored personnel carriers rolling thorugh the streets, men in fatigues patroling sidewalks, and National Guard at the city checkpoints.

Then there's Staten Island…

Due to Staten Island currently being a "Lost Cause" by NYPD offices, the curfew isn't being enforced there, as there is /no/ appreciable military or police presence on the island. The only land routes left after the destruction of the Verrazano-Narrows to access Staten Island are through the irradiated zone in New Jersey (two highway bridges that have been closed, and one unused rail bridge). The Staten Island Ferry will not be in operation until further notice, meaning access to the island will be through walking, or private boats. The Coast Guard is not yet stopping people coming and going from the island.

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