Cardinal's Chessboard

Despite humble beginnings as a second-story man and ex-convict, Richard Cardinal's become something of an information broker and would-be power player in the games of New York City - and beyond. A disciple of the late Edward Ray, he follows in the footsteps of a man whose still-living plans may hold the key to the world's salvation — or damnation. The shadowman's information network is growing with every passing day, and this is a record of some of what he's learned — the terrain on the board and the pieces he has to work with.

All information listed here is to be considered OOC knowledge unless acquired ICly, of course. This is primarily meant as a reference point for Cardinal's player, and for the OOC curiousity of those interested.

Doctor Edward Ray
This handwritten manifesto was found along with the Earthquake Web (see separate entry for Norman White), left by Ray to explain his actions post-mortem.

From the first day I left my job at MIT, I knew my life would never be the same again. I had foreseen a future where a man who represented hope — a President who could turn around this country — was turned into a martyr on the altar of society's fears. No matter how hard I struggled, nothing I tried to change mattered in the end. I hadn't yet realized the most important truth of my ability. I had not realized that change, true change, requires monumental effort and sacrifice. True change costs lives, it takes planning, and most importantly; true change requires faith. Faith that after all is said and done, I will be judged by the outcome of my actions. Faith that the means justifies the end. Without that faith, in myself and my mission, I could not live with the things I am asked to do, and the people who's lives must be sacrificed for the greater good. That is how I wish to be remembered. A man who fought for the greater good. My name is Doctor Edward Ray, and these are my last words.

The future can be changed. It has always been my belief that we all have the capacity to create such change; forewarned and forearmed. From the moment I set out to change my lot in this future, to change what I know I become to something else, I knew it would be a mission I would not walk away from. The day I first met Helena Dean, I knew I would eventually die for a cause I believed in. I didn't know then, however, that our causes would come cross to one another. That the future I envisioned, would come at a price so steep I would not bloody any other's hands with it.

Sometimes the world needs martyrs, and for the future to be written in a different score there must be one. But unlike the future I come from, the Columbia massacre does not need to be the martyrs. I can don that mantle, and I can be hated by the world, if it means that through the hate of my deed change comes to us all. I will be the martyr, and I will make change. When you read about what I have done in the paper, remember that number — 245,001. Every one matters. I reject the future as it was written, and in its stead I replace it with one of my own design. Because if we do not find a point of divergence soon; what happens, happens, and then we are all truly out of time.

Without the 245,001 citizens of Fort Lee New Jersey exposed to Tyler Case's ability, I fear that the cataclysm to come will not be averted. In my time, Arthur Petrelli was able to silently subvert a plot that could have destroyed the world, a plot so terrifying that it was kept between himself and his most trusted confidants. I was not counted among them.

But in a world that I cannot abide Arthur Petrelli controling, it will fall to a different force to stem the tide of that coming calamity. With the advent of the 245,001 new Evolved, policy within the government will change and Frontline will become a global peacekeeping taskforce. This is the only way that the resurrection of the Vanguard can be stopped, and the fulfilment of the Final Solution from coming to pass.

I did what I did to save this world, and I have faith in that decision no matter what the cost.

— Edward Ray

The Staten Island Conflict
A criminal syndicate hidden behind a veneer of business and the thick armour of political connections; the most powerful underworld organization operating in New York City at the moment, headed up by Daniel Linderman.
linderman_icon.gif Daniel Linderman, Healer. The head of the Linderman Group, and a man with quite a few strings tied to Nathan Petrelli from all appearances and reputation (however, see the Time Traveller file). Very confident and certain of his superiority - possible weakness here.
kain_icon.gif Linderman's right hand man. Not much data available, although he was Linderman's hand on Staten for awhile.
logan_icon.gif Cockroaches tend to pop back up. This one's working as a legbreaker for Linderman now. This may prove advantageous, however, if he can be used.

The Brill Collection is a series of prophetic paintings that were discovered some time ago; although many of the events shown have come to be, not all of them have. Cardinal possesses a series of framed prints of these paintings.

Miscellaneous Information
Danko, First name unknown. He has a position high up in the organization, at the very least a cell leader. His group is apparently ex-military; he himself is ex-US Marines, ex-government operative. Described as mid-40s or 50s, bald, around 5'6 or 5'7.
William "Bill" Dean. Believed to be Helena Dean's father. Role in Humanis First unknown.
"Butch." Real name unknown. Henchman?
Samantha Tanner. At the very least, she's an assassin. Known cop-killer (Captain Will Harvard of SCOUT).
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