Endings and Beginnings


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Scene Title Endings and Beginnings
Synopsis Veronica cleans out Kat's desk, and meets her new boss.
Date May 3, 2009

Office of Len Denton

He's taken the day to get settled in as opposed to anything else. His household goods have not arrived to his apartment yet, so nothing more to do but come to the office and get himself comfortable. Len has already glanced through some files, getting a good feel for the agents here and sent out a general memorandum wanting to spend some one on one time with all the agents assigned to this facility.

He's currently leaning back in his chair, his cowboy boots on the desk as he flips through some recent reports on the Marks shooting. His door is wide open to whomever may passby, as his secretary doesn't work on Sundays. His cowboy hat stays on, indoors or outdoor — only to be removed when inside a church, or at some formal occasion.

After a few days off, Veronica decides it's best to get back to work. She needs to catch up on files and also find out everything she can about Adam, whether that's her case or not — that and she needs to clean out Kat's desk, a task she's not looking forward to but doesn't want to put off too long. Better to deal with the pain while the pain's still already there, rather than come back to it after the wound has started to heal, right? She passes Len's office on the way to Kat's desk, carrying a box to put anything in that she will keep. Her head's down, and sunglasses cover her eyes, so she doesn't take note of the open door or the big cowboy in the office.

As a figure passes his door, the cowboy takes note and announces. "Agent Sawyer." He's actually read through her file as there's a note in Kat's case file that she was on the scene.

The brunette stops suddenly in her path, turning and pushing up the oversized sunglasses that cover her dark eyes, shadows beneath suggesting a lack of sleep. "You must be Agent Denton?" she asks, pushing the empty box to one side where it can rest on her hip. "Nice to meet you," she says with a nod, not entering his office unless invited.

Enormous boots are lifted off the desk and planted onto the floor as Len gets to his feet and motions towards the chair in front of his desk. "Take a load off. Let's chat." Even though he says it with a teeth-filled smile, it's not necessarily a request. Polite almost to a fault, he'll remain standing until the other agent is seated. "Len Denten. Seems I'm here to lead the posse. Pleasure to meet you, Sawyer."

Vee enters the room, pausing to set the box down on the floor before standing straight and offering her hand to the giant cowboy in front of her. "Pleased to meet you, sir," she says, a smile bringing dimples out in either cheek, yet the smile doesn't quite make it up to her eyes. She takes a seat, hands going to rest on her jeans — it's a Sunday so she's in tennis shoes, jeans, and her "Cal" sweatshirt, dark hair pulled into a ponytail. Maybe not the best impression to make on the new boss, but she wasn't expecting to meet him just at this moment.

Considering her 'boss' is dressed in a button up work shirt, faded blue jeans and dusty cowboy boots, it is safe to assume that he's not one to look at appearance, but at the results. His hand dwarfds hers as he gives it a firm shake before taking a seat after she's sat. He pulls up the file. "I want to let you know right of the bat, Sawyer, that from what I've read and heard about you — that you've done one hell of a job around here so far." There is a genuine look of admiration in his eyes as he speaks. Though his cowboy boots do make it back to the top of his desk again, kathunking onto the wooden surface as he leans back in his chair.

Vee's dark eyes drop to her lap and she nods, murmuring a husky "Thanks." She doesn't seem to believe it — not of late, anyway. This Sawyer also doesn't match up with the personality biography that is probably in her file — all confidence and charm, ready to take on the world. The last week has erased a bit of that vim and vinegar, but it's understandable, given the events. "Where are you coming to us from, Sir?" she asks curiously.

Well, Len hasn't gotten around to putting up any personals into his office, so the question draws a teethfilled grin from the black cowboy. "Well, I'm surprised that you couldn't figure it out all on your own! I'm Texas-bred, Texas-born, Agent Sawyer. I thought the hat might have given it away. At least the boots." he curls up one corner of his mouth into a grin. "And I wouldn't pull on your leg about something like that." he dips his head, tipping his hat towards her.

Vee chuckles and nods. "Well, yeah, I'd have guessed you're from Texas, or somewhere near there, anyway, but you could have been working somewhere else before coming to New York, right?" she says with a smile. "Feeling claustrophobic here in the big apple yet?" she asks, nodding to the window and its view of nothing but building after building.

A light snort comes from the cowboy. "Nah. Not yet. It's a big place. But don't you worry yourself none about me. Find me a good karaoke bar around here and I'll be just dandy." He lets his grin wane just a bit as he holds up a file. "I was looking over the shooting of Katherine Marks. This was a damn shame. I heard you two were close, so I wanted to find out how you were doing? I reckon that it's been one helluva week for you." He sits up, letting his feet drop as he strikes a more serious posture, putting his elbows on the desk and leaning forward.

Those eyes drop again and she nods. "She was a good agent, and a good friend. I'm dealing," she says with a shrug. She taps the box with a foot. "I came in to catch up on memos and files and to clean out her desk, if that's okay. Obviously anything belonging to the Company I'll leave here." She brings her eyes back up to meet his solemn gaze.

The cowboy hat dips down again in acknowledgement. "Listen. You need some time, you just let me know. I'll make sure it happens. I ain't gonna want for you to be going on out there and messing something up because your mind's not on the game. We lost one. We don't need to lose another, if you get what I'm saying." His brown eyes are on her, a touch of concern in them as he speaks.

Vee shakes her head. "I won't do something stupid because of her, I promise. I've done stupid things in the past without having a valid excuse." She chuckles a little at that. "If I take more time off, I might," she says. "I need to get back to work and get focused again. Any word on Monroe? Any sightings?" she asks, since now they're on the topic, if tangentially.

Len nods as he listens, grinning at her admission. "Well, your jacket doesn't say that. Your jacket is very flattering, as I read through it so I don't think I have to worry too much about you doing anything stupid." He leans back in his chair again, though he leaves his feet on the ground. "Look, I don't take too kindly to someone shooting, much less killing, one of my agents, so this Adam Monroe rascal is going to be one of our top priorities. Hell, I'm already ready to put out a 'shoot first' order on that as well. Problem is with these regenerator types is that it's hard to keep them down. But, if you shoot them down, then get them cuffed, he should be ours to keep. Lock that som'bitch away." There's an actual angry tone in his voice as he speaks.

She nods. "Good to know you feel the same way I do," she says with a smile that's a bit more sincere, that actually reaches those tired looking eyes. "I know Marks overstepped herself but obviously he's out to kill and not just hurt or dismantle us… he's obviously dangerous and needs to be in our custody," Vee says with a shake of her head. "I can feel sorry for people like Case — who just couldn't control their power, but Monroe — he's one of the ones that is why our job is so important."

"We'll git him." he nods. Determined. "I don't want to keep you, but if you need any resources or any assistance on a case, you let me know. Even if I am a supervisor, I am still a field agent and looking forward to getting my feet into the mud." he grins again. Len stands as he readies to dismiss her. "Enjoy the remainder of your day, Sawyer." His large mitt of a hand reaches out towards her again.

She picks up her box, and holds it against her side with her left hand, accepting his hand with her right. "Welcome to New York. It's good to have you here, Sir," Vee says, turning to head out of the office and down the hall to the unpleasant task that awaits her.

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