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Scene Title Engrossing
Synopsis Meanwhile, over the Pacific Ocean: Adam plays plot-master while little ears are attentive.
Date May 10, 2009

Huruma has never been one for flying- but there are some times where it is best to simply shut up and deal with it, and now is one of her finest personal examples of this. She has said very little during the trip, except when she has been asked a specific question or has needed to provide some essential bite of information for whatever reason. The woman has even sat away from the window an an effort to make it easier to bear, being thousands upon thousands of feet into the sky.

At the current moment, Huruma is sitting up, awake, with a nondescript little book in one hand, perched on the end of a crossed knee. Her other arm braces her jaw as she leans onto her fingers, eyes on the aged pages down below and frankly- she seems as if she could fall asleep at any second.

Adam slips in next to Huruma and leans forward to give a look at the book, "Engrossing?" he asks as he sits straight and slips an arm around her shoulders, "I think you should be excited, you've never been to Japan, yeah?"

Amy has been tired recently, and half asleep for some time. Yet, now, she's fully awake. While sitting nearby to Adam and Huruma, she's also taken the precaution of sitting somewhere she can slump without trouble. Now, however, a yawn escapes her. She stretches her arms out, stifling another yawn before looking around. Her backpack is situated on the seat next to her, she notices, and then her eyes go over to Adam and Huruma. She offers them a small smile, although she does seem preoccupied with her own thoughts for the moment. Never been to Japan, before, after all.

If he is looking to see what she is reading, the name and title in the top headers of the pages say Frankenstein; Mary Shelley. However instead of an expected English version, the book is written in a language that Huruma apparently understands, but chances are that nobody on the plane nor where they are headed will.

As Adam sits down and peers over, Huruma is slow to crease the book almost shut, eyes blinking back awake and pivoting to look at him. And then for just a second past his shoulder, to Amy nearby. "Tha's right. I am excited, do no'mistake m'dislike of …flying for …disinterest." Truthfully, she is indeed quite interested in going to Kensei Country.

Adam nods a bit as he says, "Well," he says, "You should know what we're in for when we get there. I'm going to have that half japanese kid scout the Nakamuras, see what sort of security they have, who they have guarding them, that sort of thing." he glances towards Amy, "Perhaps I should have you join him, give you a little lesson in recon."

Amy blinks a little, tilting her head as if lulling the idea over. "I could do that, I suppose. So long as he knows enough to not drag me where I'll likely blow his cover?" she says, her tone indicating it being as much of a statement as it is a question. "I don't really know a lot about Japanese culture or mannerisms or stuff, so I wouldn't want to risk him…"

"D'not pretend t'know, then." Huruma's eyes are back skirting over pages, but her smooth words are for Amy. "If he deigns t'take you somewhere public wit'im t'scout- pretend Satoru is your translator or …something. That is, unless he knows nothing himself." That is one way to try and make the girl feel better, but it does not seem to be an idea that Huruma is giving much confidence to, judging by the lazy way she relays it.

Adam strokes Huruma's shoulder a bit, "Now now, how will the girl learn if we don't test her on the field. She's my protege, remember, Huruma." he reaches over and pats Amy on the head before he turns to Huruma, "We're going to have the Nakamura girl kidnapped. Then, we'll lure her brother out and I'll deal with him. I want you there with me for that, I may possibly bring Ethan too.." has says this all in front of Amy.

Amy does not seem to be particularly unconfident or anything; just cautious. She nods softly, listening in on the conversation quite blatantly. "Nakamura?" she asks, though her voice is barely a whisper. She seems to be trying to, in vain, remember if she's ever heard of any important companies run by a person with such a last name. She draws a blank, however. "Do they have… powers too?" she asks.

Huruma pauses a few seconds to look ahead, eyes momentarily boring into the wall. "And what d'we do with th'girl?" After whatever we are doing is said and done? Amy gets a flickering look at the question, but Huruma simply purses her lips together, signaling to Adam that explaining that subject is his job.

Adam tilts his head for a moment, "We hold her." he says, "You're getting ahead of me." he glances towards Amy and nods, ,"Some of them, not all of them." then back to Huruma, "After we've dealt with her brother, I'll be challenging the elder Nakamura to a duel, ,I'd like you to accompany me on that one."

Amy pauses for a moment, reclining a bit in her seat. She does not, however, stop listening. Indeed, it seems like her curiosity is better sated by simply listening in, for the moment. So she does that. Her gaze eventually falls to the window she's sitting by, her eyes watching the clouds from above, as they become half-lidded. She seems to light up, however, when Adam speaks of duels and such. Seems like she's finding things are becoming interesting.

Huruma turns the quiet expression into a tiny smirk. "I think tha'is th'one I am looking mos'forward too." Because, you see, if it were not for Kaito Nakamura helping put Adam into Company custody in the first place, she would not have ended up on this very plane. It is funny how some things come full circle like that. Kaito wrote and signed his own warrant more than thirty years ago.

Adam nods, "Meanwhile, I'll have Cardinal stealing the formula and then he'll set about stealing back the rest of my artifacts from the Nakamuras." he pauses, "Also, I've got to buy some souvenoirs…" he glances at Amy, "Perhaps you should be in charge of that."

Amy blinks into attention once more, her gaze falling back towards Adam and Huruma. She nods. "Sure, I can get some souvenirs," she answers, simply. She probably assumes, with this, that he means small things. She tilts her head a little, seeming as if she's about to ask a question, perhaps regarding to whom the souvenirs would go to, but hesitates. She ends up withholding the question for now, seeming more interested in the discussion, as it were.

"Make quite sure that mister Cardinal has back-up." Or perhaps just a replacement, but Huruma does not say it. At least she vocalizes a concern- partly. Her crossed legs uncross, and the book closes only to be shuffled away into a pack strung on the armrest. "Souvenirs, Adam?" Are you serious? Huruma leans in her chair, coming closer to him with an amused sound in her throat. "For who? All of your lady friends?" Fufufu.

Adam chuckles a bit at Huruma, "Perhaps." he says, "You might also note we left some of our.." he pauses, "Resources back in New York. We wouldn't want them to feel so terribly left out." he reaches forward and presses his finger against Huruma's nose, "You're so cute when you're jealous. You haven't reminded me to tell you what we do with the daughter."

Amy's eyes slowly once more fall to the window, her eyes widening a little when she's able to see some water through a pause in the sky. She blinks, raising her hand and looking at it curiously, then back at the water. She hesitates for a moment, thinking. Then, finally, she lets her hand fall down again, getting comfortable in her seat. Of course, she's still listening in. What sort of protege would she be if she weren't?

There is a sharp snapping sound- though she hadn't done much to avoid the finger touching her nose, Huruma lifts her chin enough to snip her teeth together mere millimeters from biting his finger off. This is Huruma being playful- nipping, feigning bites, and biting itself are facts of life. The dark woman smiles back, a bubbling laugh in her chest and pale eyes shaded under drooping eyelids.

"So- remind me." She purrs in response.

Adam mms, "I will rescue her. From us…" he smiles, "Not as myself, of course, there would be no use to that. But with a disguise and a different accent…in fact, I even have a new name picked out.." he holds up his hand, "Rebel. I will feed her information as necessary and use our very attack to help point her in whatever direction I see as necessary."

"Mmmmm." Sounds delicious. "In ot'er words, you provide a controlled scenario?" That is what she understands the explanation to be, in any case. Huruma's hand flexes absently on the armrest, the finer muscles of her hands giving a flinch under her skin. And then, in a moment of Huruma's rare general humor- "I must admit- when'ou say 'disguise', Adam, I picture'ou growing a pencil moustache…" Best disguise ever, amirite?

"No, I'm thinking of more of a mask." he says in response. "Perhaps a ninja mask, that sounds appropriate."

Amy has to stifle a giggle at this, her eyes closing as she does. The conversation definitely seems to have taken a turn towards the more silly. She scratches the back of her head, then simply lets her fingers slip in between locks of brown hair. Perhaps she should be trying to rest up some more, for now? She yawns after that, clearly still not fully awake.

"Your chin is too weak for facial hair anyway." Huruma lifts the closer hand to nudge at the side of his face with her fingers, her own chin lifted in mock examination. "Noh." Her lips curl into a new smile, and Huruma relaxes into her chair again, hand moving back to rest. That wasn't a 'no'. Noh. A Noh mask is much more fun than a pullover, don't you think? "'Ow much longer until w'land?"

"I imagine a few hours. It's quite a long way from New York to Japan, love." he says, "Perhaps we'd best relax for now though."

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