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Scene Title Enjoy the Game
Synopsis Len's moment to unwind is interrupted by an unexpected visitor with even more unexpected news. So much for relaxing to ESPN.
Date June 17, 2009

Primatech Research: Len's Office

It's only been about 15 minutes since Agent Sawyer left his office and Len has spent some time on the phone talking with a few other agents. He sets the phone down and refills his coffee mug, dumping out the cold stuff that had set most of the morning. He takes a deep breath, leaning back in his chair and sips at his coffee. It's been a helluva week. He reaches for the remote and turns on the sport scores.

Don't worry, Len — it just gets worse. As the television screen fades into life, there's the faint sound of footsteps at the door — buried, however, beneath the voice of the narrator. The woman in the entrance is an uncommon visitor to this floor, her taller aide a silent shadow behind; he holds a few manila folders, their labels small and impossible to read from any distance.

Sabra smiles pleasantly, regarding only briefly the television, her gaze soon settling upon Len. "I hope your team is winning. Or perhaps I should say 'has won'?"

As quickly as it was turned on, it turns off. Or at least is muted. He stands to greet Sabra as she enters his domain. "Good morning, m'am." he says politely as he offers her a chair. "Just getting settled back in after taking a personal day yesterday. Got back in first thing this morning." He waits for her to sit, before sitting down himself. "Is there something I can help you with?"

With another genial smile and a faint inclination of her head, Sabra accepts the offered chair, Ashton remaining standing behind it. "I am curious," she replies to his prompt, hands folding neatly in her lap, "to hear what came of the information you requested."

"I think she was hoping the information given to her by former Agent Goodman would have been false. The fact that it was true — well, she was a little shocked. She's angry, rightfully so, but controlled." Len leans back in his chair, he tips his hat back some as he looks across as Sabra. "If you're asking if she's going to be a problem, I'll say she's not going to be a problem. She's partnered with Agent Lu." Meaning, if she decides to stray, they have someone in place to take care of it." The file remains on his desk, as he wasn't comfortable letting her walk off with it. "I'll make sure the file goes back to the Records room, unless you have something else in mind for it?"

The elderly lady dips her head. "Fortunate." She could mean the outcome, or the circumstance of Veronica's partner, or even both. "I did say I would have Ashton retrieve it when you were finished with the files. As it happens, I also have something else for you. A trade, as it were." A crook of her fingers causes Ashton to step around the chair, setting two of the folders he carries on Len's desk.

"They're identical," Sabra remarks offhand, "in the event you wish to pass copies to your agents. We will be withdrawing from this facility in two weeks' time. I strongly suggest, in the current climate— " She doesn't mean weather climate, either. "— that all major preparations be completed well before."

Well, that causes one of Len's eyebrows to raise as she offers him a file in return. The file is taken and be begins to read. "I.. this is sudden." He flips through some of the pages. Some are pulled out and folded open as if containing some sort of poster or map before being being put back where he found it.

"This is rather thorough, and I will make sure that all personnel receive notice. Is there something else I should know about this movement order?" He asks as he continues to flip through the remaining pages.

"The major concerns, aside from personnel, are either already taken care of or in the process of being relocated," Sabra remarks. One pale brow arches, unwitting mimic of Len's expression. "'Should' is not, I think, the word best-suited. If you have questions, Agent Denton, you are free to ask them."

After a moments consideration, Len shakes his head. "No, m'am. No questions here." While considering, he stopped his browsing of the file she handed him. He folds it closed, and plans to take a deeper look at it later. "I will ensure that my personnel have all their assets relocated by the end of next week." If she says things are being taken care of, there is nothing more to ask, right? He gives her a smile. "If there's anything further I can do to assist, you know where to find me."

"Very good." With the file formerly in his possession now in Ashton's hands, and instructions delivered, Sabra can now take her leave. The aide retreats to the hall outside as she rises from her seat. "I do indeed," she affirms. "Enjoy the game," the woman concludes as she departs.

The game indeed, Len thinks to himself. The movement, lies and deception and the like, it kind of reminds of him a game. And what is it they say? The game is afoot? When Sabra and Ashton disappear around the corner, the sound on the television is unmuted as Len turns his attention back to the file that was just given to him. For some reason Len thinks that this game will not be highlighted on ESPN.

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