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Scene Title Enlightening
Synopsis Magnes learns not to be greedy.
Date January 21, 2010

Village Renaissance Building: Delilah's Apartment

Just entering the apartment, it gives of a feeling of comfortable homeliness; light colors, pastel shades, floral designs, clean and sweet smells, and only accents of dark where it most fits. The front room leads to a den further on, with a large sofa in a coffee cream color sitting opposite a similar chair, and a wooden table in between. There is only an almost retro-looking television off on the other side, but the things hooked up to it show that it is not as old as it seems. Nothing is, really.

To the far end is the kitchen, which always seems to smell like something recently cooked there; the appliances and counters are squeaky clean, but obviously used on a regular basis, and the leftover anything in the fridge can attest to that, as can a perpetual dish of cookies on the table. The bathroom is also squeaky clean, and it seems as if anyone coming out smells significantly nicer than when they had gone in; there is a closet within where the washer and dryer stay. There are two bedrooms, but one is emptied and instead made into a big rainbow-colored sewing and storage room, complete with fabric bolts and racks on wheels centered around a masterfully ordered sewing machine and table.

The actual bedroom is based in those mainly soft colors, yet the lower walls have at least two long, cluttered tackboards home to pictures, clippings, seemingly random crafts, and generally quirky things. A desk in a similar state sits in the far corner by the closet, opposite a low, wide, fluffy-looking bed swamped in pillows and comforters. At least half a dozen stuffed animals peek out from various points.

Luckily for Delilah, Magnes wakes up before her, and she isn't greeted by being ten feet in the air. Instead, he's staring at the ceiling while she sleeps, hands behind his head, seemingly in deep thought. A blanket covers him from the waist down, and he lets out a slight sigh. "Huh…" is all he says, as if some bit of enlightenment escaped his throat.

Being the one with the most experience with these things is harder than it looks; Delilah has never been in that particular place until Magnes. So perhaps it is that which keeps her contentedly snoozing for what seems forever, lain out under the single bedsheet on her side, head and hair over the pillow just at Magnes' shoulder. Red locks against white pillowcase makes an interesting contrast, while her bare shoulder and arm are tucked over the sheet to hold it against her in slumber.

Dee takes her time in coming around, and even then her blink awake as Magnes sighs looks slightly alarmed for about two seconds. It's not her fault she is able to forget someone else was in her bed! And it is Magnes, so this takes a breath to parse. "Hey." Her arm spans over his stomach, the girl now awake and feeling quite so.

"I don't know what I was so worried about. I mean, last night was probably the best night of my entire life, but I don't feel very different, except that I probably got a 10d20 confidence boost and I don't feel so stressed anymore." Magnes moves a hand from behind his head, resting it on the one draped over him. "I think I scratched your ceiling when I put the bed up there."

Lilah lets out a girlish giggle, fingers patting softly at his torso. "That's how it's supposed to be." Well, she isn't familiar with anything else. "You did. I'm going to make you paint over it and then I'm going to chain it to the floor, just in case. Never thought someone would it a homerun and bring you home, huh? I can almost tell." At the rate he was going, if Delilah weren't around he'd probably be stuck for a while.

"I don't really know what changed. I mean, with Claire, I wasn't ready to have sex for a good two months. Then after my breakup, when I'm barely over her, I'm ready to jump into your pants. I should feel guilty, but, I don't, really…" Magnes looks over at her, just staring curiously. "I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but anyway; we are gonna do that again, right?"

"You're a guy. I think you must have just gotten tired of waiting on a subconscious level. It happens, there's nothing ever to it." Delilah leans up on her elbow, other hand gathering up the sheet to her, and the shifting underneath signals her stretching the muscles in her legs. "As long as we keep it casual, like we discussed. Neither of us are ready to stay in one place- I might never be, actually. But it's healthy to have a safe outlet. My- ah- Aunt told me that one."

"So, you're saying I can do it with other girls?" Magnes asks, apparently having missed that it was already heavily implied, then reaches up to place his hand against her cheek. "Veronica said all girls are different, but I guess I just don't quite see the point. You're amazing, like, I can't even by the wildest stretch of my imagination think that there's a girl who's better at that. But I'll keep an open mind I suppose." He shrugs, then carefully sits up. "I should cook breakfast."

"If it suits you, be my guest. If you just want one outlet, that's fine too. Just keep it all reasonable." And safe- that is implied, via tone. "There might be a better girl. You never know. I like to think I have some viable skills." Delilah ruffles her hand over her head- almost like ruffling her feathers up. "I'm always the one to do it, so if you want-" Her hand starts tickling at his side. Then go!

"I think I wanna learn everything you have to teach me before I go out and become a master playboy or something." Magnes chuckles, leaning forward to peck her on the lips, then reaches over the bed to slip some boxers on, and head for the door. "I have to say, this would have been a much better reward for saving the world than tax exemption. 'Course, I think Kershner would break my nose for saying that."

"That's how it works in Sword and Sorcery books- guy saves world, gets girl." Works for Delilah. She waits a few minutes until after he is gone before rolling around in the bed attempting to find something to put on. Rustling is all that's in there for a while, before Delilah trundles out wearing Magnes' Spiderman shirt and her flowery pair of underthings. Samson, having sat diligently outside in the living room, trots huffily after Magnes to the kitchen; if dogs could glare- well- actually, he kind of is, and basically intent on getting idly in the way/all up in his grill.

"Whoa, girls actually, uh, man." Magnes looks down at his shirt, on her, while he's mixing eggs in a bowl. For whatever reason, he doesn't use a blender or anything. "This is such an adult situation." is all he can say to her wearing his shirt, then starts sprinkling spices into the bowl before going to the fridge. "Let's see, something to mix in…"

Samson remains in the way, happily standing in front of the fridge door and peering yet again disapprovingly up at Magnes. Delilah just laughs to herself and sidles past them both, making for the coffeemaker and the cupboard with said elixir in it. Though she goes for the tea instead. "As adult as you make it." So she's treating it the same as any other time, despite it …obviously being chilly in the morning.

Magnes holds up his hand, shaking it around as if he has something, then throws to see if Samson will fall for it. "I should buy Samson more treats." he notes, trying to get into the fridge again. "You have any pepperoni? I could totally make a pepperoni omelette. And we should really meet that Kendall guy today. I was gonna try and set him up with you before."

Samson isn't one of those dogs. He didn't see Magnes pick anything up! He's standing right there! Hff. If the dog could talk he would agree on the treats. Delilah steps over to pull him out of the way, and he begrudgingly goes along. "I didn't want to introduce you to a bunch of people while you were still setting in. The last thing I'd want is to have people shoving other people in my face. I don't know what I have today."

"Yeah, I understand, but now I guess I'm just ready to get back on track, start meeting people, catch up with friends. Speaking of friends, I wish Abby would get back from Mexico. What's the deal with that, anyway?" Magnes wonders, figuring Delilah might know, then pulls out a stack of lunch meat and heads over to the bowl. "I'm just kind of worried I guess, Abby gets into almost as much trouble as me. I mean, Mexico. I'm tempted to have Daphne find her."

"Something about Flint being a bastard, I wasn't terribly paying attention." Oops. "I'm sure she'll be fine, she's lived through worse things than Mexico. And if you're keen on meeting people I'll definitely take you to Summer Meadows sometime." Delilah directs Samson out of the kitchen only to have him return as she is fitting the coffeemaker with some water. "Samson, stop getting in the way- at least we can't trip over you…"

"This Flint guy I heard about. I have half a mind to punch him in the face. Who could treat Abby /badly/?" Magnes shakes his head, turning the stove on as a pan seemingly moves by itself. He grabs the bowl to pour everything he's been preparing into the pan, once it actually lands, of course. "Oh well, I know worse Flints than the one she's dating, I'm sure." Of course he has no idea that both Flints are the same person.

"I just ignore him unless I have no other choice. I have no idea what she sees in him. Her problem though." If Abby wants to get into messes, that's fine with Delilah. Abby's life. "Haha, I'm gonna have to get used to this- the not touching thing." She exclaims with delight when she turns around to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice in her kitchen.

"I'm tying to use it as much as I can, so I can really get some fine control over it. I had to learn to use my ability while I was fighting the robots half the time. After a while I took one of their legs to use it like a club, 'cause I was wasting a lot of energy on those things." Magnes reaches for a fork with his actual hand, carefully watching as the eggs sizzle. "I had a thing for her for a long time, took me a while to get over her, but I can say that I wouldn't be a bastard. If I ever learn who this guy is, I'm punching him in the face, I'm telling you. What'd he do that was so bad, anyway?" He's ready to punch without knowing the story.

"I don't know anything anymore. Teo might. If you're that interested." Dee virtually puts an end to that, she's just not into it. "Just no practicing your power on me without saying something." This'll be his only real warning about it.

Magnes coughs a bit nervously, looking in the direction of the bedroom. "I'll ask next time." though he says it with more humor than anything, and thumbs in the direction of the plates. "Get two plates. And you know, Daphne suggested I start delivering pizza again until I decide what I wanna do. What do you think?"

"Might work while you figure things out. And he likes you anyway, Mister Panucci?" Delilah fetches plates and cups while she speaks. "And he could totally make it a twenty minute guarantee- you'd get there in no time these days."

"That's why I always got hired, I'd jump from place to place. But these days I can just fly. He makes lots of money when I work for him, so I'm sure he'd be happy for me working again." Magnes lifts the pan up as he turns the stove off, moving it over to the counter while waiting for the plates. "Soo… after we eat, wanna go do it really quick before I leave?"

"Don't be a hog. You deserved that first one- but now you're pushing it." Delilah quirks her brows up and snipes a piece of egg with a fork from the drawer. "Round two isn't this morning though." She snickers. "Big rule- if I say I don't want to, don't press. Teaching is exhausting."
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"It's alright, I'm patient, sort of." Magnes smiles, cutting the omelette in half and putting a piece on each plate, then lays the pan in the sink. "Looks like I'm taking a shower, going to get my old job back, then I think I'll try and catch up with Cat. Or maybe I should catch Cat before the job thing. Oh well, I'll figure it out later. Let's watch a movie while we eat."

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