Enough To Feed An Army


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Scene Title Enough To Feed An Army
Synopsis Liz brings enough food to feed an army to the Library. Of course, with Bones around it might only be enough food for one guy. Orders are given and then the FRONTLINER is bound for a plane… again.
Date Feb 07, 2010

New York Public Library

When Elisabeth sent the text to Claire, the tinyblonde couldn't have been expecting what the cargo was. After taking the requisite amount of shit for the sheer volume of food that they're bringing — and the required amount of bitching for the fact that we have to schlep half a dozen printer-paper boxes of baked goods — Elisabeth finally tells Claire on the second run from the car to the library, "All right, now. You can quit razzing me about it or you can starve. Next time I get a wild hair and decide to cook, I'll just donate it to a Ferry safehouse or something." Her retort holds a little bit of an edge and her demeanor looks more tired than a woman who has been "home" for the weekend should probably be. She let Claire handle the last two boxes of baked stuff while Elisabeth herself handled the box with the casseroles and soups. "Any chance Gilly and Peyton are around tonight?"

"I'm not razzing you.. I'm serious.. Bones will devour it all. You know how much stuff he has tucked everywhere?" Claire gives a little shake of her head, ponytail swinging side to side. "Your not cooking for an Army.. you cooking enough for him." She flashes Liz a big grin, the two boxes of baked goods being carefully balanced. Making her way into the the library, Claire shakes her head a bit. "I haven't seen them this evening."

Craning her head around what she's holding, Claire calls out, "Bones! Where are you.. could use a hand here."

"Here!" Bones calls as he rounds the door out of his room and makes his way towards the two women, chewing something and one of the cookie tins that Liz and Claire brought in with the first load in one hand. "Oh, yeah. Sure. Sorry." he says apologetically and sets the cookie tin down on top of the load that Claire is carrying and takes her load from her and then turns to the side so that Liz can load his other arm up. "Oh good! You guys brought more. How thoughtful."

There's a soft snort from Elisabeth that might be a chuckle, might merely be a huff of annoyance. She goes ahead and hands the man the boxes. "Don't drop those ones. The baked stuff will survive being rattled around, but the pans and bowls of real food might shatter. I thought it'd be enough to get you guys some real food for the week, at least. I used to leave stuff for you and Richard," she tells Claire quietly. "So, uhm…. I've got some news for you two while we put this away."

A glance to Bones after he takes the stuff. "Yeah well.. you'll be lucky if it lasts that long." Claire murmurs back at the other blonde, her tone just as amused as the look she gives the tall man. "Part of his ability or something…" She gives Liz her attention now, "Oh? News?" Then her expression gets a bit guarded. "Good or bad?" Eyes narrowing some as she studies the older woman.

"New is news. It cannot be good or bad. Only your perception of such." So speaketh the 6'7" dark-skinned Yoda. Bones balances a couple of the soup containers on a forefinger and with some skill uses the other fingers to spin the containers as he carries them towards the only refrigerator in the place, Bones' bane since he has to either keep a generator going or a battery bank plugged in.

"The upper level of the library is cold enough to keep that stuff frozen until you're ready to eat it," Elisabeth tells Bones quietly. The sound of feet crunching on the icy stairs leading up to the place brings Elisabeth's head around toward the front door — she can hear the arrival from far away. She expects to see Gillian, but instead there is someone new. Interesting… a querying glance is shot to Claire. "Yeah… news. The PI I hired has reported that Danko is in rehab after a domestic disturbance. So he's out of our hair… for a while."

"Yeah.. can you believe he sleeps up here.. he's insane I tell you, but at least he's a good instruc…." Claire trails off as Liz turns around, suddenly hearing it as well. Turning around, her hand freezes in the action of reaching behind her when she sees who it is. "Alia. Welcome back. To our humble home. Just in time to meet the woman in charge." A motion is make at Elisabeth. "Liz.. this is Alia, the girl I told yo about.. the one Rebel sent our way and is looking for information some Adam guy."

"Been closing the place up slowly and patching up windows when I can. Might still be cold enough to keep food for a while but not for too long." Bones explains to Liz. He gives a shrug all the same and puts the food down with the rest of the stores. He turns to see Alia and walks back with the cookie tin in hand. "…the girl whose head nearly got made in to a canoe I'd wager, knowing the way Claire swings around a shotgun." he says as he munches on one of the cookies from the tin. "Good cookies, Liz."

Alia frowns, and supplies the full name. "Adam Monroe. Told he's trouble. Need to know how much." She keeps mostly quiet, her sentences short and to the point… she looks comfortable enough however with this, as she looks between those present. She offers her hand to Liz. "Lia. Or De-Crypt." She smiles a little.

"Thanks, Bones," Liz replies quietly. Her blue eyes on Alia are cool and thoughtful. "So you're the technopath that Rebel sent this way." She tilts her head, taking the hand. "Adam Monroe is… just about as big a trouble as you could hope to find. Why do you need to know about him?"

"That name…" Claire murmurs thoughtfully, a look that most EndGamer's are use too. That look of a woman trying to connect missing dots of a shotgunned head. Leaving Liz to dealing with the technopath, Claire steps deeper into the library, snagging a cookie from the cookie tin. "… so damn familiar… like I should know it."

Alia shakes the hand. "He hired me. Twice." The words sound almost bitter now. "Got him.. out of trouble. Then… hospital data. Now… Linderman banks.

"I didn't realize you'd actually been closing the place up, Bones." Elisabeth grins a little bit. "You sure you don't want to move down?" Glancing at Claire, she says quietly, "Go read the file on him. Pretty sure it's got stuff in there." She looks back at Alia and frowns. "Hospital data? Linderman banks? What the hell for?"

"Yeah.. I'll do that… See if anything jogs the missing parts." Claire murmurs, taking a big bite of the cookie and chewing thoughtfully. "I tried to convince him Liz.. his answer is me moving up here." She sends a teasing look to Bones.

Alia shrugs. "First he had.. 'a cure' he said, but wanted… to limit who got it." The words are hard for her to say. Or hard to see her at all

Alia shrugs. "First he had.. 'a cure' he said, but wanted… to limit who got it." The words are hard for her to say. Or hard to see her at all. "The linderman group… He hates them."

"Well I have to make it look like I am doing some work on the place for my supervisors. And the cartography room is the hub where all or most of the electrical or data lines run in to the building. If the grid ever comes back on line, I'd like to reap the reward." Bones gives a shrug and then raises his brows at Claire. "Hey now. You cannot blame a guy for trying to stay warm. And two's company." he teases Claire right back, giving her an elbow with one of his rather sharp elbows and hands Claire the cookie tin. Stepping over to Alia and looking at her skateboard, he gestures towards it. "May I?"

Claire's little tease brings Elisabeth's blue eyes back to Bones, a sharp expression in them as a smile plays around the corner of her lips as if to ask, Oh really? She doesn't say anything, merely gives Bones a once-over and a look that might read as amusement. She seems to not have a problem with it, as if it's her business anyway. She looks back at Alia. "All right. I'm not entirely sure how to address the idea that Adam said something about a 'cure', but I can tell you that we've got need of a technopath who can potentially help out. And since you've already been shown around the library, I'm willing to keep you on as an ally." She pauses and studies the girl quietly. "I put one warning on the table. You do something that hurts my people, and you and I will not have words. I'll just take you out of my equation. Are we clear on how far I'll go protect mine?"

Alia smiles as she hands the skateboard over without much of a question. She then turns to Claire. "Crystal." She sighs. "I … want to do something that… helps." She sighs, and looks about.

"Yeah… again Bones… Nice try." Claire gives him a light shove back, snagging another cookie as the tin is handed to her. She notices Elisabeth's glance and arches a brow. What? Brows drop a bit as if she is trying to figure it out, taking a big bite of cookie. Read: DENIAL.

Bones takes the skateboard from Alia and looks between the women just to see the Liz look at him and cocks his head to the side in askance for a moment but as Elizabeth goes back to being all business, he mentally shrugs and sets the skateboard down on the marble floor, placing his foot gingerly on it and scooting it back and forth with one foot firmly planted on the floor. As Liz goes through the riot act with Alia, he looks over at Claire. "Just me or did she give me those lines a little nicer?"

Alia remains quiet as 'the riot act' apparently is gone through. The technopath wisely opts to note that she could already caused the damage if she wanted to. Instead she has kept the secret in good faith of what's going on here.

With a shake of her head, Elisabeth says quietly to Bones, "I might have…. I'm feeling a bit…. rabid lately." She grimaces a little and says, "That brings me to the second bit of news, since it's the reason for it. Kozlow — a Russian illusionist with the Vanguard — has been positively identified in Manhattan proper. He's left Abby a little nastygram. Claire, you can pull out the Vanguard file and give the picture to everyone. If they spot this man, they are to immediately contact Cat Chesterfield and Homeland Security. He's a wanted criminal, and he's stalking Abigail."

OOC NOTE: Liz's player's brain barfed, and this information has been corrected with the players in question — did not tweak the log simply because it alters other people's poses, but did catch and and fix via @mail.

"Your kidding me?" Claire blurts out, giving Liz a flat look, "I thought we heard those last of those bastards after Antarctica?" There is a soft sigh and a nod of her head. "I'll make sure to get the file out later. I'll give it over to Gillian or Peyton when they come through to get copies made for the group." Rubbing the side of her face with a frown, she adds, "I hope this isn't going to become a theme around here. Last thing we need is these people popping up constantly to take revenge."

Alia listens passively. She doesn't know who 'Abigail' is, or she MIGHT take a bit more note.

Giving a push off, Bones glides in a lazy circle around the women, frowning down at the skateboard as though he is attempting to understand some secret innerworkings though it becomes clear that his mind keeps track of several things at once. "You want us looking for a guy that plays Vegas and has white tigers?" because of course that is what an illusionist is to Bones. He steps off of the skateboard and pops it up, handing it back to Alia. "I don't think it is my style. It was a nice thought though. Thank you." he smiles to the technopath and then reaches out to snatch the cookie tin back from Claire.

Alia ponders words back and forth. "Grid. electric?" She asks Bones. This is something she could help with, maybe, even as she tucks the skateboard under her arm.

Rolling her eyes, Elisabeth says, "No, Bones. Kozlow can…. pull things out of your head and make you see what he wants you to. People from your past or present, telling you to do things, for example. Like… he could make you think Claire was standing in front of you when it was really him. And the only way you'd know it wasn't would be if you knew her well enough to trip him up." She glances at her watch and sighs quietly. "I need to catch my plane. Alia…. welcome to the revolution. I need you to download everything to Claire's laptop that you know about Adam and whatever he asked you to find out for him. If you can, that is. And anythign else you think I might need to know about all this. Get familiar with Kozlow just because I want everyone on the lookout. And get familiar with who our actual members are versus who our allies are. That's for both Bones and Alia." She nods to Claire. "And pull out the files on the H1N1 stuff, Claire. Alia, any help you might be able to give us by tapping into satellites footage to take a peek around or finding out additional possible camp locations to watch from Rebel, that'd be great intel to have. Anything else before I have to leave again?" She shoves a hand through her hair. "I'll be glad when the training weeks are done, I must say."

Alia smirks as she reaches into her own backpack, pulling out her laptop, and a small case. She pulls out two DVDs, labeled respectively. "AM1" and "AM2". She hands them to Clarie, who will find, later, on the first, NYPD records on Adam. Not much, just assault from the hospital incident earlier this year, and a record of HOW and WHY they were deleted from the orgininal system. Disc two has the whole data set from every hospital in the NYC area, including mortality rates, child mortality rates, funding information, and the like. There's also a footnote about prepwork for taking Linderman group to the cleaner, with a brief description of how one Kain already helped fund two semis worth of materials for Sunny Meadows. She came, it seems, prepared to share alright. It also mentions that she has a fencing club membership paid for by Adam, and he currently thinks of her as 'on payroll' it seems. "Camps." She notes mentally to see what she can do on that aspect. Nothing she'd be doing from here, at least, not at the moment.

"Step and a half ahead of you, Trinity. Can't turn the electricity on yet. All of the gas mains in this section of town have not been accounted for, to my knowledge, and some might be broken. Someone turns the electricity back on now and one stray spark and this movie could go from The Broadway Melody to Gone With the Wind." Bones points out to Alias before he listens to Liz rather intently. "Wow… talk about a head trip." he narrows his eyes a little at the thought of an illusionist tricking him. Something makes him blink though and he nudges Claire. "She /did/ say it nicer to me…" he muses before he turns and starts heading back to his own little headquarters in the library.

A mock glare is sent to Bones as he snatches the cookie tin back, but not before she takes a couple of cookies. The tall man gets a smug look, before she approaches Liz, one cookie offered to Alia. "Yeah, I can dig up the laptop Rebel gave me for that." A glance goes to the technopath. "He gave us one few days before you ended up on our doorstop." The DVD's are taken with raised brows, glancing at them. "Thanks… I'll make sure to go over these."

Then Claire moves to hug the other blonde. "I'll be damn glad when your back as well… that way I don't have to make anymore decision." There is a teasing tone to her voice. Then she lets the woman go so she can call after Bones. "Don't let it go to your head."

Alia has two words for Bones, and she says them with a smirk. "Solar Power" It wouldn't be enough for an entire server farm… but enough to tap a line? Easily. She already set up similar for someone ELSE with power grid problems. She sighs, and in a rare act for her, whispers a thought out loud. "Hotoku…"

But Alia shakes her head. "Camps. I will… try."

Elisabeth's head comes around sharply at Hokuto's name, and though the older blonde hugs Claire, she asks Alia, "Are you helping her too? If so…. keep me apprised of that situation via email, okay? The 35…. was originally my case." Back when she was a cop.

Alia blinks. "Helping her? She is… in trouble?" Alia suddenly sounds concerned. She has NO idea what you are talking about… She hasn't seen the card-reader/shopowner in a long time… and has been worried. Now she seems more so. The technopath sighs, and rubs her forehead. Words are NOT her strong point, and it's showing. "35?"

"Already have four of those new-fangled solar leap-frog pads on order. Two generators. Two separate battery banks." Bones raises his voice so that he can be heard while walking back towards his room and gives a wave to all about before he exits, stage right.

"She's…. in the middle of something nasty, yes. Dealing with some kind of Evo dream manipulator out there who's been driving people to suicide." Elisabeth grimaces. "Including 35 kids last year." She shrugs a little. "I'll keep you apprised, it sounds like." She smiles a little. "I know people in contact with her. I'm sorry I can't stay longer to talk, but I really can't miss this flight." She grimaces. "You know how to get me, Claire. You guys enjoy the food." There's enough there to feed several dozen people, probably. And she slips out to head back out to get her gear and make it to the airport on time.

Watching Liz leave, Claire smirks a bit and shakes her head. "She's probably going to be spread pretty thin sadly." A glance goes to Alia. "Since you've got her permission in a way.. you can now look through the files. They are 'hard copy only'.. so no copying them or anything. Anything locked up, leave it. There is a reason for it." The DVD's are held up.. I'll go get comfy in my room and watch these. "Thanks." Glancing at the door Bones, left Claire looks thoughtful and turns to go. "Welcome to the end game.. "

Alia nods. She understands the warnings alright… and heads to start up her 'education' on what's going on.

The mistake I made about Kozlow is one that Elisabeth actually made …. chalk it up to being tired, if you'd like, or having her wits scattered about by the fact that she had just come from seeing Richard Cardinal for the first time (something that no one knows happened because she has not even told Claire he's made it back). She called Claire about ten minutes after she left the library and basically said "oh shit, Claire. Kozlow is not the illusionist, that was Zhukovsky — and he's supposedly dead. Abby kinda made me paranoid with the idea that someone was messing with my head. Make sure you let the others know — Kozlow is some kind of healer, though not on par with Abby's old power. He closes up wounds but they still leave a scar and such. Still, he could have a telepath or another illusionist of some kind working with him."

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