Equality, Plain And Simple



Scene Title Equality, Plain And Simple
Synopsis An interview takes place.
Date September 10, 2009

The Radio Waves

Tune in, tune out. Information drifts across the waves and it only takes a twist of the dial to catch something of meaning, nothing of meaning, anything in between.

"…problem we're facing right now is a social one. Violence, terrorism, the physical danger of the Evolved comes second to the underlying social implications their existence forces us to face. Oppression breeds that violence and in the last two years we've been doing nothing but treating the symptoms."

"You're going to call what happened in New York a symptom?"

"Yes, yes I am. A premature symptom, and we're going to see more incidences just like it if we stop at counter-terrorism. What the Department of Evolved Affairs will do is look at the cause. Now, it's a repeated theme in the history of human beings - we're always looking for difference. We found it in race, we found it in economy, in blood lines, social standing, excuses for oppression. Some of these date right back to immigration, wars, religion, and from there, we get class division - superiors and inferiors."

"So what do we have now? Where do Evolved and non-Evolved stand?"

"That's the problem. The world doesn't know. So what we have is two groups of people - one with numbers on their side, and one with a more concentrated kind of power, and I don't even mean superpowers, I mean they have the power of fear and the unknown on their side. There is nothing deliberate about this, let me make that clear too - human beings find themselves split down the middle by this arbitrary genetic selection we do not yet fully understand. So we struggle - who is superior? Who is inferior? Right now, the Evolved are the minority."

"And what does this new department— "

"The Department of Evolved Affairs."

"What are they hoping to accomplish?"

"Equality. Plain and simple. A new class division is not what this country needs and so we aim to make sure that doesn't happen. Setting up programs that will integrate Evolved into society, programs and administrations that are prepared to help rather than cut off the hydra's heads. Among our goals would be to lend our resources towards rebuilding New York City, and any other Evolved-related disaster that might strike America at any given moment. We aim to share awareness of Evolved; promote Registration and avoid encroaching on basic human rights, which we know has been an argument heard a thousand times over in the past two years. The DoEA is exactly what Petrelli's administration has needed since he was sworn in, and I think it will see him into the next term. This is the first real step towards moving in the right direction."

"Well thank you for your time, Mr. Praeger."

"Not at all, Jim, thank you."

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