Errant Lesbian Moods


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Scene Title Errant Lesbian Moods
Synopsis We all have them sometimes - Usually in college, not deathbeds. Huruma, Liza and Abby partake of hot tea under shelter while watching rain fall on ruins during parole from the infirmary.
Date April 12, 2011

Pollepel Island


Spring is crawling nearer and nearer around Pollepel Island, as well as down south in the cityscapes; a few days of off and on rain of varying force heralds the rebirth of more and more plants as the sun peeks out from clouds. An alternating, eternal cycle. The castle itself, so covered in growth and age as it is, is one of the first to fall victim to it. There is a shearling fuzz on its walls, a cover of moss and ivy, weeds and fresh grass budding from what seems to be any space where a root can dig. Even far out, where those markers designate graves, there is green poking out from the disturbed earth.

In the castle, things are the same old pace for most of its residents; a self sustaining system, living here has become second nature. Perhaps better off that way, in the end. With the rain drumming softly on the walls, Abby has been given something of a reprieve from sitting cooped up in a new infirmary. Since she can, for the most part, walk now- she can also get some fresh air. One of the towers of the castle is a tall, spiraling staircase inside of the walls; it twirls up around a column of empty space, the open sight above touching to the tips of trees silhouetted on the sky.

At the bottom of the stairwell is the hall that leads inside the castle proper. Outside of it is where Huruma has chosen to put a few chairs and a wooden table that seems as if she may have just nailed it together herself from scrap wood. Not the best surface, as there are knots in the legs and nicks in the top, but it stands still and you can put things on it. That is what a table is, right? The chairs are extra ones, thankfully not made of scraps. Huruma brought out a steeping pot of tea with her, and while Styrofoam cups are not glamorous, they emit some warmth as the women sit to watch the rain dribbling down outside of the alcove.

Liza loves the green. Really, it's something fresh, some color in an ordinarily drab castle. Even if it is a castle. All the dreams of being a princess as a child didn't quite prepare for the experience of a real one. Even with the routine, the patterned nature of life in the castle, she still finds time to break it up. Right now, she's keeping an eye on Abby. More like she's keeping herself busy and getting some company more than anything, but she's there in case she needs something.

The rain in the alcove, though, is a soothing sound and Liza barely makes a peep as she listens to the sound of the water in silence with her weight only slightly leaning against the table. She doesn't want to break it in case it doesn't support much weight.

"This place can be really beautiful sometimes," Liza murmurs.

Her arms pillow her chin on the table, peering out from under the wrap of a blanket that constitutes keeping Abigail warm beyond her jogging pants and sweater. All dark hair and blue eyes. It took a while for her to get here and she's barely made a peep since sitting down, but at least her breathing has evened out and not wheezing to suck in air.

She's taking in the sight, the greens and browns made more vibrant by the water that falls from the sky. "There's beauty, in dereliction. THere's beauty in everything, even the midtown ruins" Her own cup of tea steams up in front of her, occasionally the former healer breathing in through her nose to smell it, haven't touched it yet.

One hand up against the back of her skull, Huruma hasn't said terribly much either. Her palm runs over the black hair on her head, and she seems to be gauging whether or not she needs a haircut. Thankfully she only sometimes needs a helping hand with it. "Midtown has quite th'character now, yes. This place does. Differently. A marker of civilization fallen t'nature again." It sounds as if Huruma is partial to places like this, with the tiniest bit of awe crawling into her words.

"I am looking forward to seeing th'castle up close, when it all grows in." Kind of like someone that is growing a beard, isn't it? Huruma's voice vibrates slightly with a chuckle. "If not something else, maybe we can plant some herbs somewhere. It is like m'tastebuds die of disuse when I am here."

"I've forgotten what real food tastes like," Liza admits, taking a sip of her tea. "I could go for some Indian food. Curry… God. If there's anything I want, it's curry." She agrees with Huruma, her gaze shifting to Abby almost protectively to make sure she's not too cold. She might be getting some air, but it'd be bad to end up making her sicker on top of what she's already got. "Planting herbs would be nice. Make this place feel more like home with a little garden. Well, it'd have to be a big garden to flavor enough of our food…"

"There's plenty enough spaces inside crumbling walls, just a matter of planting things where they'll get light, that need light. Sandy soil for lettuce, all of that" Says the girl who grew up in nowhere Louisiana and lived in a big farm house. She's fine, there won't be repercussions healthwise from parking out here since she's not in the rain.

"A BLT" She confesses. Liza may want curry and Huruma wants herbs but Abby wants bacon. "I want it piled with bacon, and really red tomatoes that are just dripping and a nice spicy mustard. And a cold bottle o'coca cola" She can almost taste it and after soups for the last week since she woke up again, the stews once she could take it, she's craving real food.

"I could swing th'spices for curry…" The next time she went off, anyway. Huruma sounds amused by the fact she got the two of them talking about food. "BLTs are easier, per'aps." Tomatoes may not be easy, but bacon- well- frankly it is surprising that the kitchen isn't stocking it already. The kind of meats that one might expect to be there. Cola would also be easy, but maybe not the best idea. Too much sugar, not enough nutrients for such a secular population. They do as best they can, but perhaps it is getting to the point where they may even need to start buying supplements for everyone.

"Now I am hungry…" Good job, girls. "Easter is coming up." Maybe an excuse for a bigger supper. Huruma's head tilts back, eyes on the raindrops. "I could use a big, rare tenderloin, m'self." She even holds up her fingers to make the vague shape- if someone was watching and not listening, it could be misconstrued, of course.

"You would be some kind of spicy angel if you did, Huruma…" Liza insists, mouth watering. "Oh, oh… gosh, Easter food can be good. Mabye we can boil a bunch of eggs and color them and let the kids go hunt around the castle for them." She looks positively thrilled at the idea. "And lots of eggs would be fantastic. Man… I'd love everything at this point. Funny the things you miss…"

Bacon is expensive, which might explain why it's not all stocked up on and vitamins would likely be a good idea. But it boils down tomoney, or which, there is little to spare. "Dollar store, for easter eggs, plastic ones and cheap candy, plant em everywhere in the castle to be foud" A hand sneaks out from the heavy woolen blanket so she can drag her cup of tea over and slurp from it all un-ladylike.

"And steak sounds really good, not so much rare, or curry. I'm sure curry will taste real good" Food, it makes her stomach rumble and yearn to be off the island so she can go hit up the cheap restaurants and enjoy a big fat meal.

Spicy angel? Huruma laughs, the sound pulling a smile to her face- the real kind of laugh, not so much the one where it has no hope of reaching her eyes. For a moment she feels like her daughter, when the girl smiles that absurdly big smile. On the mother it lasts for just a second, however.

"I think tha'next time there is an opportunity… a trip to a buffet is in order." Provided that they are all still well, and that nobody on the island would need them for a few days. She doesn't think Liza has even been off the island for her own sake, has she? Huruma sips at her cup of tea as she mulls over this. Morale is a tricky thing.

"I remember egg hunts when I was a girl, but my dad couldn't ever hide them well enough. I usually found them in five minutes flat. I timed myself once or twice. I wonder who'd find the most," Liza muses. Her eyes light up at the mention of a buffet. The blonde has barely left the island since she got there after the raid on Gun Hill, and the few time she has left have been on business. "I'd eat until I couldn't move. And then I'd rest and eat more!"

"The moment I can get off the island, when Megan lets me, we should go, the three of us. I have money, more than enough money that we can go to abuffet and stuff ourselves" Abby offers up to the two of them, looking at them from above the white rim of her cup. "Eggs hunts, at church, that's what we did, after sunday service"

Huruma's silence is confirmation that she does like the idea. Worth stoking the little fire of cameraderie. After a moment, she does add something else, cup on her knee. "We could take Kasha. It is almost her birthday…" A beat of pause. Huruma was never actually one for Easter, just that she is used to it being there throughout the years. "You are getting better every day, b'cause you are relatively healthy." Abby is lucky for that.

"You're getting better because you have plenty of reasons to leave, too," Liza insists, her gaze shifting over to the two. "We could have a party for her. And I'll eat extra food for her. Oh! And we can have cake. I bet that'd be great. She could eat some, couldn't she? Is she old enough to nibble a little?"


That brings a weird look across Abby's face. "I'm going to get her from Brian. If I was with Robert, if everything weren't as it was, I would have asked him if we could adopt her. I intended to. But now we're all on the run and… and once I'm better, I'm going to find out where they've parked her and take her up" Abigail murmurs. "Not like she'll be able to get adopted by anyone else" Sicne the lighthouse kids are all on the run.

"Kasha is almost a year now. Just shy of… It is hard t'know for certain, b'cause when I found her th'mother was already dead." Like with a stray animal, they simply have to guess.

With weird looks undoubtedly come weird emotions, but Huruma looks over at Abby firstly because of the odd look, rather. Her eyebrows knit just a little in question. "Some safehouse. Obviously I am not privy to where." Huruma isn't technically Ferry, remember? She could probably find out these kinds of things, but unless she is told she assumes it is not pressing. "I think that you would make a lovely mother." Not a doubt in her mind.

"I'm sure you would, yes," Liza agrees, a happy smile on her face. "And I am sure she is safe now… you'll be able to scoop her up and live happily ever after." There's a tiny smile. Liza knows that's not realistic, but it's a good hope, and she's trying to make the sentiment, at least, feel good. "Maybe I'll adopt one day too." She looks to Abby. "I think she'd be good for you. You two need each other, I think."

"You shall be her godmother Huruma" Only fair, without her, Kasha would not have been found, or even have had the name that she does. "Liza can be her Aunt. She'll have many aunts and uncles, I'm sure" And the other lighthouse children. From one of the dreams that read like memories that have been happening, Abby knows that Kasha will at least marry another lighthouse child. "I can hope, that I'll be the best mother that she'll need and Liza, you can just go find yourself a man and get a …. deposit"


"You can have children" To the best of her knowledge. Abby's certain that she can't even more now or Kasha would not have been an only child. "Huruma's already got beautiful and handsome children" She flashes the negress a big smile at that. One armed her son may be, what she saw of him he was strapping and smart.

There's a slight smile at the suggestion of a 'deposit'. Liza looks back to Abby, smiling still, but this one's a touch sadder. "I don't think that'll happen, realistically. It's a little hard to meet people when you're on the run. Besides, I wouldn't even notice someone interested. I don't know the first thing about flirting." She shrugs her shoulders, then takes an indelicate slurp of tea. "But at least I can make myself useful on the island. Everyone here can be my family, and that'll do just fine."

Godmother sits perfectly well with her. When Abby gets to 'deposit', she does her best in not laughing. But when she gets around to mentioning the woman's children, it causes her to shift awkwardly in her chair, clearing her throat passively.

"Well… I can only take credit for half of their being tall an'handsome." Her lips purse, faint displeasure floating there for a moment. "I cannot take any credit for their growing up int'good people, though. Dajan did that all on his own, I think that Juwariya simply- parroted him." If you're going to do that with anyone, may as well be a person with dignity. "I had m'chance. An'unless I start getting some, there will b'no surprises…" Just sayin'.

"You flirt when you want a go around, not when you want a mate. Those come t'you b'cause of you, not your ability t'flirt."

"Liza, None of us here are getting any" One is a cannibal, another is a lone company agent and she's got a husband but is on the run. A motley crew they are. Yes indeed. Abby curls up more under the blanket, drawing the cup closer, hoarding it's warmth with each pat of a raindrop on the enclosed area in front of them.

"I flirted with Robert. I did it without thinking. There was this time, in Russia, over the phone. I think I flirted." She's pretty sure she flirted, but unintentionally. Very unintentionally, but lookit where she is now. His ring in a solid gold puddle in her bag.

There's a bright red blush on Liza's face as she shifts in her seat. "I know, I'm just saying it's unlikely and it's, uh, something I've never done," she confesses, looking away. Nope, not making eye contact after that.

Not a cannibal! Well, unless you go by once one, always one. Huruma has been doing good, considering. "Unless you are Abigail, apparently. Though I suppose it is b'cause you didn'put your sex life b'fore your happiness." Abby is the odd man out, thus. The dark woman glances over at Liza, sparing her a tiny smirk, eyes narrowing. "You've never flirted, or you've never-" For the sake of avoiding vulgarity, Huruma just makes an odd circular gesture from her lap to the air in front of her. Vulgar enough.

"Happiness first, that other life…after. Besides…" Besides, there's complications to her marriage. A very… chaste… marriage. Not so perhaps, likely, in the future, unless she or him end up biting the dust. HUruma's hand action is seen, unkempt brows rise all the way up to her obviously blonde haired roots. She too does like Liza, looks away with a color on her cheek that isn't fever based or ability based.

Could Liza get any redder? Probably not. "I've flirted before! It's not like I didn't see some cute guy in class when I was still going to Columbia and flirted. I just mean, I never, uh… well, you know." She clears her throat a little bit. "I just never got the opportunity. So, um, maybe I'll adopt someone on the run one day. It'll be my best option, anyways."

Jeez, what is it with these girls? Huruma looks falsely affronted by the modesty. "Come, now, it isn't that hard. Or, I suppose, technically it is-" Her eyebrows lift up at the edges. At this point, she is seeing how far she can press the exchange; it isn't often that she can without getting into trouble somehow. It is easy to force someone to feel embarrassed, but the thrill that comes with doing it yourself is entertainment enough.

"You are not even old enough t'drink, are you, Liza? Don'expect spinster days this early, dear."

"Too busy bagging and tagging and being super secret company agent. Come on Huruma, give the woman a break" SHe'd stick her tongue out at Huruma if she wasn't so sure she'd loose it. Swiped clean off. If she was feeling better, or stronger,s he might even go so far as to kick the black woman's leg under the table. Instead, she sends a sympathetic look towards little liza jane. "I bet, that you kiss very nicely and if I was a guy, I would be overjoyed to make out with you"

"I'm twenty-two, thankyouverymuch," Liza protests, looking between the two of them. "And I was working and going to school for a degree in criminal justice. That kind of thing was my life. It was my family. It meant a lot." While ordinarily the petite blonde might have been a little teary-eyed at the sentiment, there's another pressing topic involving the male population at hand. Well, the male population and Abby.

Liza's still bright red, but she practically chokes at their words. "I was busy and, uh, I mean, guys are…" She's going to focus on other awkward things instead. Like Abby's comment. "Abigail, you probably don't remember this, but, uh, you kind of already did find out about what kissing me was like. You, um, thought I was Robert. I don't think anyone saw, though, so…"

"I get it, I am just teasing…" Nodding along in understanding that Liza was busy, Huruma isn't paying close attention until the girl describes a certain situation to Abby. Then, Huruma is sitting up, mouth crooking into a smart little chuckle. "She what now?" She fails at stopping up the laugh, and it comes smoothly while she turns her eyes to Abby. "I didn'know you had it in you." Congrats, you had a Moment.

'The guys here are too busy with either helping everyone survive, or are already mar-" What Liza said, registers and her face drops, looking at the former Company Agent. Say what again?

Shame, Huruma can sense it. Unabashed shame that she put Liza into a situation like that. Abigail fish mouths for a few moments, trying to figure out what to say. Hey, thanks for pretending you were my husband. you're totally fucking lying. How about Wow, I hope you liked it too! She herself can't even meet Huruma's eyes, just staring into her tea.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know.. what .. I mean.." Abby fiddles with the tea. "Okay. That's. That's good to know"

"I mean, uh, it was only a second and… you really needed him to talk to so we talked. I was scared you were going to die," Liza looks a little embarrassed, looking down. "That's okay, though, you didn't know what you were doing anyway." Oh yes, that's right. Tea. Liza drinks some. "So it was only awkward for a second and then it was okay. It would have just been sad if you couldn't talk to him before… well, that doesn't matter now, because you're okay." She smiles, her smile slowly brightening. "Don't be jealous, Huruma. I am sure Abby will kiss you too if you want." She teases.

Too busy helping everyone survive, that sounds about right. Huruma mutters something into her tea. She looks between the two as Abby gets flustered, and Liza responds with a dutiful amount of graciousness on the matter. She's right- Abby was effectively on her deathbed for a while- and it was a kind notion to think that she should at least let Abby feel as if things were normal- happy again. Huruma is on the ex-agent's side up until the last bit, where the teasing comes around to bite her.

"Si wivu-" The tall woman lifts her foot to nudge at Liza's calf with her shoe. Not jealous, come on now. Besides, that would be so weird now. Beyond it, even.

"Si weevoo?" Abby parrots back badly, shaking her head. "No, no I think, that my kissing… Liza should remain between the three of us thank you very much. Lest there be people singing that… kissed a girl song around me" She feels bad, for LIza really, more than anything. That the woman played her husband when she didn't have to. That she got kissed by Abby. "I hope, that you can forgive me Liza"

The blonde smirks at Huruma's little kick, but she sticks her tongue out playfully in the woman's direction before her gaze settles back on Abby. "I forgave you when you came out of that coma," Liza says with a smile. "Didn't need to lose any more people and so I'm very happy we didn't. Plus I don't want to lose any more friends."

If Huruma was in reach, she might make grabby motions at the tongue. Don't do that, she'll rip it right out. She just lets out a mocking little laugh, shoulders rolling back. "I think that I have to agree on that one. A kiss is a simple price to pay, I imagine." The alternative being Abby dead, this is a promising deduction. "I wish I'ad been there though, I think I was off gallavanting." What a thing to miss!

'What does Si weevoo mean Huruma?" SHe'll skip the whole almost died, people would be bereft without her. She doesn't like, with how close she came to dying, how slow - to her - it is that it's taking her to recover from it. Abby looks expectantly at Huruma, a couple beats, before looking to Liza.

Then moues her lips out in a kissy kiss face to Liza

"I am just glad no one saw. I would be mortified," Liza's still red, but she giggles as she notes Abby's kissy face. "Look, Abby… you're a great friend and all, but I'm just not interested. You'll just call me Robert again." She says in a playful, teasing tone, then she sips her tea again, as casually as if nothing had ever happened.

"It means I am not jealous." Maybe more than a year ago she could have been, but that is neither here nor there. Huruma chuckles when Abby makes the face, and Liza seems to settle into the fact that what happened, happened. "I am glad that you are both big enough t'forgive errant lesbian moods. Go figure, hm?"

"What happens in the infirmary, stays in the infirmary" Abby murmurs, keeping her lips to herself, looking out towards the open space. "Buffet. Next week. We'll get presents for Kasha and easter stuff for the island and we'll… we'll stuff our faces" She smiles at the thought. Of going to some department store and getting Kasha an easter dress.

Of seeking out Kasha.

Liza laughs heartily at Abby's suggestion of the infirmary as a Las Vegas full of secrets. "Don't worry, it stays in there, yeah." The continued teasing from Huruma gets a genuine smile from Liza as she looks back towards the other two. "I think this sounds like the best plan ever," she says.

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