Escaping Reality


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Scene Title Escaping Reality
Synopsis To leave behind all the things that bog down the day-to-day life of an engineer/whatever else he does and a cop/freedom fighter requires only two things — a good movie and good company. (Mildly racy end pose, for those who don't like to read such.)
Date February 28, 2009

Movie Theater, then Elisabeth's Apartment

The theater showing the original print of "Rear Window" is an older one, not fancy in the slightest. And given the curfew, the showing has to be run at 6pm, which means attendance is down — many people can't get from work to the theater that quickly. But that doesn't seem to bother Elisabeth when she meets Alec there. She's dressed far more casually than the last time they met, this time in jeans, sneakers, and a black V-necked blouse beneath her heavy jacket — nothing too fancy, nothing too casual. Although she seems easygoing enough, her blue eyes are somewhat watchful of the crowd; hazards of being a cop. "We get popcorn, right?" she asks with a smile when they meet up. "It's just not a movie without popcorn.

Alec grins a bit and waves a hand at the consession stand, "Of course. Extra butter, fuck the diets." he pays for the tickets and the food, somehow always getting his cash in when Liz isn't looking or before she thinks about it. Sneaky bastard. He grins a little at her as with giant popcorn bucket and equally giant coke in hand, the pair make their way into a sadly populace free theater. Once there, the movie begins and the pair are sucked into the mind of Alfred Hitchcock, the original master of human suspence. The popcorn is long gone before the movie ends, the drink nothing but ice in a cup as the final credits roll. Alec turns to his companion with a grin on his face, "I love the old stuff." he admits, beaming like a little boy who just got what he wanted for Christmas.

Clearly Elisabeth enjoyed the evening too, allowing the movie and the company to take her away from whatever else might be on her mind. She shared popcorn and drinks and was thoroughly engaged in the movie. When the lights come up, Liz chuckles at Alec. "It was almost more fun watching *you* than the movie," she tells him. "I can't imagine what you were like at Rocky Horror," she snickers.

Alec chuckles, "Actually? Not very much fun." he admits, "I like my movies to have the hint of reality to them, at least a little. Rocky Horror has never been one that I was particularly attached to." he winces, "I know. Blasphemy, right? I don't know. I just couldn't get into it." he stands and starts to lead the way out, ditching the popcorn tub but getting a refil on the coke, something for them to drink on the walk.

With another chuckle, Elisabeth says, "Oh thank God. I was thinking that'd be a deal-breaker. Cuz I *still* have never seen the whole thing. It strikes me as ridiculous, and I managed to avoid being dragged to it in college," she confesses. As they walk out, pausing to hit the ladies' room while he refills that huge drink, Elisabeth shoves her hands into her pockets. The streets are getting dark, but there's still a decent bit of time before the citywide curfew kicks in. She walks with him, a faint smile playing about her lips. "It's weird, you know… I feel like I'm watching the clock with you, worrying about getting you home on time or something," she says with a grin. "It's almost like high school! Only I'm the one who gets a later curfew by virtue of the badge."

Alec chuckles a bit, "True, but if I get busted I can talk my way out of it. I'm charming after all, not to mention I'm rebuilding the city. Tends to go a long way with the curfew busting types when you're helping put their shit back together. It also helps that I'm stunningly handsome, police women can't keep their hands off me." he grins at her impishly, "It's like a mummies curse or something."

Elisabeth looks intrigued. "Oh, really? So I'm not the only cop you've got on the hook, then? Cuz so far, I haven't actually managed to *get* my hands on you," she teases easily as they walk. "I suppose one of your other conquests can get you out of hock if you get busted or something," she says with a wink.

Alec pffts, "Conquests? I said I was charming and stunningly handsome, not Alexander the Great. I havn't conquered anything in entirely to long." he makes a face at her and sips from the coke.

Elisabeth reaches out to snag the soda from him so she can have a sip from it too, her pace a meandering one as they wander along the street. "Well, now… stunningly handsome and charming as you are, I have difficulty believing that women don't give you the time of day. I mean, geez… all I wanted was a place to sit for lunch, and look what happened!" she says with a smile. "So tell me what you do when you're not just being a movie buff. You didn't see the park before the lower end was devastated, but have you made the time to walk through? I know its allure is lessened by the sheer number of homeless people camping out in there nowadays, but… some of its former glory exists."

Alec shakes his head, "I really don't have much time. My job is nearly an eighteen hour a day affair, give or take, my firm is handleing ever increasing numbers of projects, all of which are being given to me to task out to appropriate teams to work on." he makes a face, "Even the park. They wanted an assessment on what could be done with the park but I didn't know how to tell them 'not a damned thing for at least a year'. People that run my firm think all projects can be completed in a matter of months. They think in business terms, this quarter or that quarter. Hell, we still have people in New Orleans finishing up the Katrina rebuild for Christ sake."

With a grimace, she replies, "Good Lord. Parts of New Orleans will *never* recover. And … honestly, I have to wonder if Midtown will ever recover either," she comments as she sips from the soda. "So many people lost and displaced. From someone who's lived here my whole life, take it from me — there's a different feel to the city now. Not all bad, but… there's a lot more bad than good these days." She stops walking to look at him, handing the soda back. "Tonight's the single nicest night I've had in a month, Alec. Thank you."

Alec tips an imaginary hat, "The pleasure is all mine I assure you." he grins a bit and turns to begin walking again, "So, nicest night in a month huh? I gotta ask. What happened last month that was nicer then this? Gotta suss out the competition."

Turning to walk with him again, Elisabeth shrugs. "I wouldn't worry, there isn't any right now." She hesitates and says, "I was just able to hang out with my best friend last minth… he's been missing since the incidents last month. The ones that brought you here." She forces a smile for him. "Since then, I've pretty much been busting my ass working those same kind of days you're working, and what little spare time there is, I try to get some sleep." Her hands are back in her pockets now.

Alec chuckles, "I'm lucky. Clinical insomniac, I get a max of three hours of sleep a night, but it's more like two. I used to just sit up watching TV all night, but in college I figured out how to channel the extra time. Now that's when I usually wander the city and see my movies. Of course, the curfew made me change my usual 'sleeping' times to 'early evening', but still. It works out okay. Gives me at least a little time to unwind each day, or get some extra work done as the case sees fit." he nudges her with an elbow playfully, "Gotta admit though, I'm worried about your intentions tonight. You keep looking at me and I'm just not sure they're entirely honorable."

Elisabeth smiles at him now, his nudge giving her the opening. "Well, even if they weren't exactly honorable, I don't think I could in good conscience make a move on you, or invite you to make one on me, without saying something. I keep looking at you cuz I'm wondering if I'm about to send you running screaming into the night, honestly."

Alec snorts, "Cause you're a cop?" he makes a pfft noise, "Besides I don't scream… I do run like the devil though. But when I do, I make a more manly grunting noise, like a lion or a bear, less with the girly screaming."

Her laughter is sincerely amused, Liz can't help it. It's probably the thing she likes most about his company — he's easy to be with. "Nah… not because I'm a cop. We got past that. And not even cuz I'm an anti-registration cop, which is sometimes a bit of a conflict of interest." She seems unsure of herself at the moment. "It'd be because I'm an Evolved cop," she finally admits after a few more steps.

Alec actually stumbles a bit at that and he turns to eye her for a moment, his expression shocked. He blinks rapidly a few times and straightens up, keeping in step with her. He's quiet for a moment, "Okay." he says after a moment as he considers this news, "Well that was unexpected." he admits, "Wow. Uh. Hrm. Now I don't know what to say. Do I crack a joke here or ask like a million questions or do I grunt and run away like the devil?" he pauses, "That last part was the joke, sorry."

When he stumbles, Elisabeth stops walking to let him regain his balance and recover from his surprise. When he seems ready to start walking again, she walks with him — walking helps her think too. The quip brings a bit of a grin back to her mouth. "Don't be sorry. I'm okay with the cracking jokes as a coping mechanism. And I'm sorry to just drop it on you, but well…. in truth, you're really the first person I've hung around who didn't already know me before I put my name on the damn list. And given the public sentiment these days, I just don't feel like jumping the hoops with anyone — trying to hide it, dealing with the fact that I've lied to them. So… I decided that putting it on the table in my relationships, friendship or otherwise, is probably the best option." She looks at him thoughtfully. "You're welcome to crack a joke, ask a million questions…. *or* run away grunting in a manly fashion."

Alec nods again, the motion seeming robotic at this point. He is lost in thought, "Well lets start with the obvious one, if I make out with you is my head gonna explode or do you turn into a voracious flesh eating monster when you climax or something? Cause those would totally screw up my plans for how this evening was, hopefully, going to end. What's your uh, your 'thing'?" he puts air quotes around it.

Once again, Liz is forced to laugh. "No, your head is not going to explode — well, …. okay, I admit that I *hope* that will happen, but only in the metaphorical sense — and I do not turn into a voracious anything — well, okay, maybe mildly voracious, but not for flesh," she says around giggles. "The ability I have is a sound manipulation one… so… I can calm riots with the sound of my voice, I can… make it silent around us. As examples."

Alec blinks a bit as he considers that, "Huh. I was expecting lazer beams or like calling down meteors or something. Sound stuff seems relatively harmless." he grins, "Okay, so you're not gonna eat me or make my face slough off. Bonus. Anything else I should know? Crazy ex-husband? Madly jealous partner? Mean older sister for whom no man is 'good enough' for you?"

Shaking her head negatively to each of the suggestions he comes up with, Elisabeth seems to relax a little more with each joke. "Nope, nope, nothing that I can think of, nope, nope, and nope," she replies around her laughter.

Alec nods his head, a serious expression on his face this entire time. He sips from the coke as he continues to ponder, "That's crazy you know." he says as an aside, "Messing with sound. I mean, I'm a man of math and science, an engineer, so I can safely tell you that there's no reason you should be able to distort sound waves. Like ever. Not unless your body emitted another signal in the exact frequency of the waves around you, enabling you to cancel them out…" he shakes his head, "Wow. I just like burnt out four million braincells thinking about that." he blinks again and eyes her once more, "Kinda makes you sexier then before, more dangerous or something. I hope that's okay."

Though his expression is serious, he hasn't run off. Which actually gives him bonus points in Elisabeth's book. "Yeah, I kinda like that it makes me sexier," she grins. "For what it's worth, the ability has pretty far-reaching applications that are somewhat amusing. Noise cancellation, which I'm pretty good at. I also control subsonic waves, which is what I do when I'm quelling riots. I've been told I could even create earthquakes using resonance frequencies, but I've never even remotely tried that."

Alec blinks and eyes her, "Vibrations build up of stresses in the tectonic plates." he states as if such were common knowledge. "Damn. I hadn't considered that." he rubs a little at his eyes, then stares at her harder, "Okay, /that/ one was creepy. Let's not try that one 'k?" he sighs a bit seems to still be comeing to grips with this. Slowly. Still, better then running away. "Well on the other hand, I bet you make the most amazing bedroom noises."

You know…. that actually makes her blush in the dark. "Uhm… I've had to learn to keep that under control, thanks," Elisabeth replies mildly. She glances at him as they continue to move, randomly sort of on a path that will ultimately lead toward the park. "So far, you're handling this really well. You're joking a lot, but since I already guessed that was your mechanism for dealing with nearly everything, it's not telling me much about what's going on in your head. Wanna share?"

Alec shakes his head, "Not sure you'd understand it." he says honestly, "I understand the basic principles of harmonic resonence. It's part of our training, the stresses of prolonged sound distortion on building structures and the like, and the math is boggeling my mind. Physics and biochemistry say you can't do what you say you can do. Which means that there /has/ to be an explination for it. If it can be explained, then it can be understood. Understanding is the begining of the end of the fear of the unknown, which I believe is what fuels most of this anti-Evolved fervor. Well, that and a big bomb. But you get the point. I'm trying to crunch the math in my head for everything you've said you can do, how it could be possible, how the human body could do it, and then what all such things could be capable of." he blinks and eyes her sheepishly, "Sorry. Understanding things is kinda my uh… thing. I don't like unanswered questions." he makes a mental note to look up sound theory.

Elisabeth reaches out and puts a hand on his arm, drawing him to a stop on the sidewalk. She looks into his face, and she pulls a silence bubble up around the two of them. The sounds of the city — the constant hum of traffic, horns, the buzz of a neon light somewhere, the whisper of the wind — all of it is silent. The world goes on around the two of them as it should, it's just as if someone hit a mute button. "The threshold is about a foot to any direction around us. You're welcome to step in and out of it at will," she offers.

Alec looks around, startled. He blinks a bit then nods, "I believed you." he says with a small smile, "I just want to know /how/. Like I said, if you can explain it all, you can end the fear of the unknown. People fear most what they don't understand, if science can explain things then…" he shrugs, "I'm not saying it's a quick fix, but maybe a long term solution? Education tends to do that, remove racist ideas. It's sort of the silver bullet to the world's problems."

She lets it fall, and shrugs slightly. "I wish I could explain what I can do. I only know that I can manipulate the sound waves to create a cancellation field and … well, all the rest. If you can get the science to work for you, I think you'll either be the most loved man in existance, or the most hated — depends on whether the government tries to pay you off to keep quiet about how it works." Or disappears you, she thinks darkly. But her tone, though wry, doesn't offer much in the way of negative tone, only a kind of weariness. "In any case… I have a feeling a lot of what they want to know is only going to be learned in autopsies… and I have no desire to have my brain cut open, you know?" She smiles at him. "So… have I managed to toally ruin our evening? Sounds like you're still hoping the end result here will be positive."

Alec shakes his head, "Not ruined." he says, "It does make my brain spin a little." he says, "Hey, if you can manipulate wavelengths you can trigger vertigo in people, mess with their inner ear balance, even make concussive explossions of sound waves, like a flash bang with more bang and less sound. Huh. Hey, you think you could make my singing sound better? I'm horrid."

Elisabeth snickers softly, "Uhm…. I can do all of the above except fix your singing, sorry. Not in my repertoire."

Alec pouts, "Damn. I wanna sound like Sinatra." he slips an arm around her waist and begins walking again. He seems distracted, but at least she knows now it's just his brain in over drive, right?

Settling into the casual embrace and matching her footsteps to his to make it easier, Elisabeth slides an arm around his waist to hook a finger in his belt loop as they move. "Aw, so sorry," she quips, clearly not apologetic at all. "So tell me what you do when you're not being a movie buff. Anything outside? Hiking? Biking? Running?"

Alec nods, "I work out a lot. Big believer in the Japanese philosophy of Gi. Balance. I do a mental job, so I need to strain myself physically to balance it out. Five mile run every day, some time in the gym, yoga and stuff like that to stay limber, you get the drift." he shrugs, "Beyond that? I read a lot, occasionally take a class to help me unwind. Right now I'm taking a cooking class a couple times a week at night, trying to learn killer cuisine."

Elisabeth smiles, reaching out with her free hand to steal the soda back once more. "Nice," she comments. "I run every day that I can — not so much recently, which'll be the suck when things settle again — and I cook a good bit myself. Italian grandmother," she admits with a grin. "That woman could cook like no one I've ever met."

Alec nods his head, "Well my mother can't cook for crap sad to say, so take out was my regular fare." he shrugs, "Still is truth be told. But I've heard it said the way to a woman's pants is through her stomach, so … cooking. I even bought an apron."

Elisabeth tilts her head and chuckles at him. "Really?" she asks mildly. "And here I was thinking that tonight, at least, just not running away screaming like a little girl was the way into this woman's pants."

Alec hrms, "I have to admit, that sounds far easier then whipping up a decent chicken parmigana on the fly." he turns to nuzzle lightly at the side of her neck, "You know curfews about up. We should head to our respective homes." his tone is light and playful, easy going.

Turning into the playful movement, Liz looks up at him and grins. "I've got a badge that'll get me home without harassment, but if you go with me, you're stuck for the night." She rubs her cheek lightly against his. "If you're backing out, say so now. I'll still respect you in the morning," she tells him, now serious. Their flirting is fun, but she's giving him an out without losing any face if he wants it.

Alec blinks and seems to consider, "I don't know. I have to work out the math of this… Let's see. Hawt Evolved cop with handcuffs is inviting me home for the night, or go home alone and spend another evening in blueprints and Neil Gaimen books. It's a close one, especially since it's Gaimen, but I think you still win out. Neil will just have to understand. Lead the way gorgeous."

Elisabeth just rolls her eyes at him, chuckling. "Who's Neil Gaiman?" she asks, resuming their walk and altering path back toward her car. It's the department's car, but well… right now, she has to be able to run off at a moment's notice, so hey…. nice perks!

Alec just shakes his head, "You poor poor soul. He's a modern day treasure. I'll let you borrow Neverwhere and you can tell me how amazing he is." he gets into the car with her and then looks mischevious, "It's illegal for me to distract you while driving, isn't it? Phooey. I'll have to wait."

As they head toward Dorchester Towers, Elisabeth smiles at his distraction of the driver comment. "You're already a distraction. So what's this Neverwhere about?" she asks as she drives.

Alec chuckles, "It's about an ordinary man who, through no fault of his own, is forgotten by his world and forced into a world of fairytales, most of which are trying their damndest to kill him. It's an exceptional tale, and I'm sure you'll love it."

Elisabeth looks intrigued actually. "Wow… nothing like a tale that resembles real life." She glances at him with a grin. "You know, a bunch of normal people tossed into a comic book."

Alec deadpans, "Exactly." he eyes all the toys in the car, "Hey, what happens if I start randomly punching some of these extra buttons? Flipping switches? One of them an ejector seat?"

"Hrm. No, but if you hit the wrong one, the automatic restraints come out and tie you to the seat," Liz replies. "And they're on a timer lock, so I won't be able to release you til 8:00 in the morning." She slants him a look. "I wouldn't touch."

Alec stops, his fingertip hovering over a button. He pulls the hand away slowly, "Huh. And just a moment ago restraints were sounding fun."

Elisabeth laughs at him. "If you believed that, I have a bridge to sell you — there's one called the Verrazano Narrows that's in beautiful shape, lovely architecture." She expertly avoids several traffic slowdowns as they drive along

Alec eyes her, "Hey, gimme a few grand and some time, I could totally put restraints in this thing, and I have enough bridges thank you very much." he makes a face at her.

"Aw," Liz chuckles. "And here I thought I'd be able to sell that thing off finally. Damn." She pulls the car into the parking garage beneath the Dorchester Towers and parks it in a slot there.

Alec grins a bit at the irony, as this is in fact, the same place his ridiculously nice apartment is and shakes his head a bit. It's a big city, huge really, what are the chances?

"What?" she asks as they climb out. "Something surprised you, what is it?"

Alec just shakes his head, again, "I live on the fourth floor." he says with a little grin, pointing up, "What are the odds?"

Elisabeth blinks, looking nonplussed. "Well, hell…." She shrugs and grins. "I couldn't tell you odds, I'm not a math genius," she comments. "I'm up on the third. C'mon." She pockets the keys and heads for the elevator.

Alec climbs out of the car and still chuckling, follows her to the elevator. "You know, I have a spectacular place. What kinda cop are you that you're popping a sleep here? You on the take gorgeous that what it is?" he teases, nudging her with a hip to show he's kidding, "I'm only asking so that I know what to offer if you pull me over for speeding someday."

As the elevator arrives and Liz steps in, she turns to put her back against the back wall. "I do okay," she tells him easily. "If *I* pull you for speeding? Hrm… we'll have to work out a payment plan if that happens," she teases back.

Alec is no coward, and as she steps in and leans back against the wall, he advances with a predatory gleam in his eye, stopping well within her personal space, his hands resting on either side of her on the rail. The doors close and almost as an after thought he reaches over to push the '3' button. He never breaks eye contact. "I can see what I shall have to break more laws then." God if she only knew…

She doesn't drop eye contact with him, awareness of his body sending tension through hers as he invades her personal space. Her expression contains perhaps more amusement than might be warranted. "Well, now… depends on what laws you wanna break. Maybe I could be convinced to let you off the hook for bigger ones too," she murmurs softly. If he only knew. Consorting with people who maybe should be in jail seems to be her specialty lately.

Alec moves with infuriating lethargy, fitting himself against her, one small body part at a time, until he's pressed ever so lightly against the length of her body. "I may hold you to that." he teases, perfectly aware that the longer he stays this close the less of the rest of the world she can see, hear, smell. "Third floor is /such/ a short ride." he complains softly as behind him the door's 'DING'.

Up to this point, her hands have been on the rail behind her next to his. When he leans into her, there's an almost imperceptible catch to her breathing, her amusement easing to a more focused kind of attention on him. "Yeah… it is," she murmurs, putting a hand in the middle of his chest like she's going to push him away, though she doesn't yet.

Alec just smiles and pushes himself away from her, slowly, and then steps aside, so that she may lead the way out of the lift and to her apartment, "I blame the elevator company. Rides should take longer. Four hours ought to have done the trick."

Moving then to push herself off the wall, Elisabeth leads the way to her apartment (304) and pulls her keys out to unlock the door, pushing it open as she says with a grin over her shoulder, "Four hours, hrm? Guess we'll see if you're all talk."

Alec follows behind her, a soft rolling laugh falling in the back of his throat, "Well seeing as how in here there's more to lean you against then a wall, I'd say a greater amount of time, but that would jsut be bragging." he swings the door closed behind him, and as if it were automatic, throws the deadbolt too. But he's a city kid, it prolly is automatic.

That makes her laugh. "That would just be bragging," Liz agrees easily, her eyes playing over his back for a moment in the small hallway. "Hold that thought a minute, okay?" She precedes him into the living room and uses a key to open her desk drawer, pulling the gun and holster out of the back of her waistband, putting it into the desk, and locking the drawer all in one smooth motion. Then she moves back toward him, her keys shoved into her jacket pocket as she slides it off her shoulders. "Would you like a drink?"

Alec eyes her like a man looking for a meal, smileing pleasently when she offers a drink, "Wine, if you have it. I fear i'm something of a fan of the grape."

"Wine it is… in the mood for red or white? I've got both." Liz pauses at the look on his face, her smile taking on that very feminine look of 'oh good, you like what you see' as she lays her jacket over the back of the couch and holds out her hand for his. "If you keep looking at me like that, though, I think we're going to be forced to skip the wine," she comments softly.

Alec laughs aloud agian, "Look at you like how?" he asks, his eyes still smoldering as he follows her, then adds belatedly, "Red."

In the kitchen, Liz pulls a nice Shiraz out of a rack that sits on one counter, retrieving two glasses from above it and setting all three in front of him while pulling a corkscrew from a drawer. "Like a man eyes a perfect medium-rare steak when he's been stuck eating salad for a year," she quips mildly.

Alec shrugs his shoulders lightly adopting a perfectly innocent expression, "I have no idea what you're talking about." he states as she can at this point no doubt /feel/ his eyes taking away her clothing one single peice at a time. Slowly.

"Mmm-hmm, of course you don't," Elisabeth laughs. When the bottle's open, she pours glasses for them, bringing his around the counter. The anticipation, his full attention on her, the sense that he likes her company, they're enjoyable things that keep her focused on the now instead of the things that go on in the rest of her life. She walks back around the counter, deliberately stepping now into his personal space, sliding her hand up his chest again like she did in the elevator and offering the glass with the other. "Drink?"

Alec doesn't back away in the slightest, and if anything seems to find her proxcimity intoxicating, "Absolutly." he says in an almost hushed whisper before taking the glass from her hand and availing himself of a careful sip. "Very nice."

She reaches up to take the glass back from him again, her eyes on his. His reactions make her smile, and Elisabeth takes a slow sip out of his glass before setting it on the counter. And then she leans into him to slide her lips very lightly along his jaw, the hand she has on his chest steadying her motion. "Very nice," she echoes softly.

Alec's own hands slide around her waist and they seem to draw her in tightly against him. She never manages to get the last word of her statement out before his lips find her own and he swallows the sylable whole. It's a soft kiss, but not in any way a chaste one. It's passionate and tender, hungry, but not forceful, promising and whispering and devilish while still holding onto a hint of sweet uncertainty, as if a part of him still weren't sure she'd accept it. The tremble in his hands at the small of her back signals his restraint, the curl of his fingers against her shirt a sign of how badly he wishes to merely lay waste to her clothing then and there.

If anyone ought to be uncertain, it's probably Elisabeth — she's the one who dumped a bombshell on the man not even an hour ago. The kiss she welcomes, opening to him without a qualm, her free hand going up around his neck as the anticipation flares into a full-fledged conflagration of want. If they make it as far as the bedroom at this point, she'll have time to be shocked about it later. At this moment, there's not a single thought in her head outside what's happening right here, right now. Without words, she shows him that his restraint is not entirely required, the hand on his chest running down to pull his shirt up from the waistband of his jeans so she can slide it along the bare skin of his lower back.

The bedroom is in fact not a room that Alec will see for quite some time. Elisabeth spends the next pair of hours becoming intimately familiar with her kitchen. Counters, floor, table, even a chair, no furniture is left unsullied, no surface left entirely untouched. Cries and calls fill the air of the apartment for longer then one might think as the engineer tests her stamina in unrelenting ways. Condoms are left in their wake like the dead soldiers of a war, lying forgotten until the battle has ceased and both armies lay at rest. Limbs entwined, breath ragged and wasted, sprawled across the floor of the hallway, the pair having stumbled there some time past and never made it out, the two groan in that odd achy pleasure that at this point has long since drifted into pain. Alec chuckles then softly, "I'm still wearing my left sock," he murmurs into her hair, tangled as it is about his fingers. "Good God… I haven't even seen the living room yet." Another chuckle that she can hear all too well, her head resting upon his chest.

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