Especially With Kids Involved


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Scene Title Especially With Kids Involved
Synopsis Detective Harrison goes to Agent Castillo in hopes of gaining more information on the Sandman.
Date September 15, 2009

Offices of Homeland Security

Although she's off duty today, Elisabeth has a call in to DHS and today happens to be the day it gets returned. So she makes the meeting. She's wearing jeans topped with a navy-blue scoop-necked T-shirt and a hoodie over top of it, her blonde hair loose — her appearance is neat and tidy though more casual than she might have otherwise liked. But hey… when you ask for an appointment, you take what you can get. She walks through the DHS building to the office she was told that the person she needs to see is inhabiting, and she knocks politely.

"Come in, Detective." Comes the accented voice of Agent Castillo. When the detective steps in she'll find the dark haired woman sitting behind a desk. The desk is devoid of anything personal, so obviously she's not here all the time. Her hair pulled into a severe ponytail, a long sleeved maroon henley and jeans. Which is dressing up for the agent really. Two files sit in front of her as she lounges in the desk. She motions to the chairs across from her. "Please have a seat."

"Thank you for seeing me, Agent Castillo," Elisabeth replies mildly. "Apologies for the lack of business attire. You caught me on the way to the hospital to see one of my partners. She was pretty savaged by the Azrael case." She figures DHS is all over the details of that, what with EVO SERIAL KILLER on the loose possessing people - now that the information is available to them, of course. "I understand that you're the Homeland contact on the Sandman case, and I wanted to touch base and find out whether there's any chance at all of a pooling of information." Her blue eyes are cool on the agent.

"Well, I don't have a problem with casual.. Sucks to run in heels or flats." Carrie eyes the woman across from her. "I heard about that killer… Surprised the NYPD was able to keep it so quiet for so long. Glad to hear the woman he took is alive." Though she doesn't sound overly sincere. "So. You want to pool the info on the Sandman?" She glances at the files on her desk and then sits back. "I think we can do that. Homeland is stretched thin.. and my partner is well… occupied. I think I could definitely use the help."

Agent Castillo take a deep breath, and when she lets it out she asks, "So… Maeve Buchanan.. Aka Sandman. Where do you want to start?"

There's a long pause, and Elisabeth raises a brow. "Well, now…. got to admit that you've given me more in one sentence than I've had in weeks. You have a name… I presume you have the details of her power set. Question is… do you have a full background on her? Any idea of old contacts or addresses where she's lived?" Because Christ…. she's been chasing her tail just trying to ID the woman.

"I have a psych eval too." Carrie gives a bit of a smile, as she grabs a file and drags it too her. "I and one of the Agents did a lot of legwork for this stuff. Unfortunately, thanks to some other matters I haven't been able to act on it. That and attempts at contacting the recent victim…. you'd thing they don't like me." She chuckles softly and opens the folder. She flips through the papers as if making sure they are in order. "This one is pretty messed up. Her ability is nasty, a fine powered poison that causes paralysis. I don't think she purposely kill them. Her victims die of dehydration and starvation. Which I know you know.. I'm just saying." Snapping it shut, Carrie offers over the manila envelope. The sheets inside are photocopies of heavily edited sheets. But the important information is there. "The psyche eval said that she doesn't have suicide or homicidal thoughts. And she doesn't believe she's killed these people." She presses her lips together briefly and sighs, "Becareful.. cause part of her motivation is cause she believe the police have her baby… who is dead. Maeve's poison is deadly for the very young." Her voice is soft as she says that.

Oh…. visible flinch. "Fuuuuuuck," she breathes as she reaches for the file with a sigh. She skims it briefly, and looks up. "Are any of the places she's hit places that she's lived near in the past? And you do realize that she's still in possession of a nine-year-old girl, right?"

Carrie nods slowly, "I haven't been able to get a hold of the father, to talk to him." Which she seems a bit stressed about, "And no, she hasn't hit places she's lived near, that I can tell. But I do know that she's targeting single fathers. Or at least that I have found so far. And she's all over enough and there isn't enough of them for me to find a pattern yet. Even when another Agent looked up old news articles, he found similar deaths in Delaware back in May." She frowns a bit, "I dunno why it's so hard to track a powdery woman." She rubs her forehead and draws the other folder, this one with Homeland on it and opens it. "I'm thinking about taking a trip to Staten to root around and see what I find there. I've got people checking some of the more popular hangs outs for homeless. Just in case she goes to places like that when she's not slowly killing her victims."

There's a nod as Elisabeth assimilates the additional information that the background gives. "Not surprising who she's targeting given her situation," she comments softly as she skims the file in her hands. "The death of her own child snapped her — if she hadn't already been disturbed before that." She shakes her head. "She can't accept that her baby died because of her actions… because of what she is." She looks up. "I've got a couple of contacts who've had extensive experience out on Staten. Gabriel MacNamara just came off a long stint out there undercover. I'll tap him and see if I can turn over any rocks. Now that I have a name and a history to work with, I might be able to actually work the case instead of just waiting for her to hit again." She shakes her head. "I appreciate the cooperation, Agent Castillo."

"When it comes to something like this, it's a pleasure to help. Can't let agency rivalries and egos get in the way, especially with kids involved." Carrie fishes out her badge wallet and fishes out a card and slides it across the desk. "If you hear anything, let me know. My phone is always on and I'll keep an ear out on my end as well, see if I can dig up anymore out of our own stuff."

Elisabeth nods slightly and reaches over to take the card as she moves to stand. "Much obliged," she says quietly. "Anything I find out, I'll pass along." And she waits only long enough to see if there's anything else the agent will offer before she leaves.

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