Even In War Life Goes On


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Scene Title Even In War Life Goes On
Synopsis Just two women in hiding.
Date August 19, 2011

In Dreams

Take it one step at a time. That's what Remi is doing, at least, the woman quietly watching her feet as they strike against the stones that make up the floor of Bannerman Castle. The lingering whisps of sunlight from the sunset outside helps to light the castle, but not nearly so well as the torch that the woman carries that casts its flickering light over the stones. Spring is coming, and the bite of the cold has lessened considerably in the past months. One of the kids even found a few flowers growing; the dried remains of a flower necklace remains around the telepath's neck.

She reaches her destination, lifting her hand to lightly rap her knuckles against the door, though she's sure that the occupant of this room likely heard her coming a mile away, just as she can hear the occupants within — though in much different ways. At her side is what appears to be a lunch box, filled to the brim with food and beverage.

Some might think the occupant is given too much credit for being that aware…. but it's true. Elisabeth Harrison is not a helicopter-mama, she doesn't hover over her son in that way. He's allowed plenty of freedom to explore and he's terribly independent at the age of 3. But the blonde in the room is very much aware of anyone coming into the hallway that their quarters are located on because somewhere down deep she continues to expect a day to come where it is decided that she is too big a security risk.

As the door opens, Liz has Joshua on her hip where he's busy trying to lean over and grab at the door to peer around it. She hesitates, as she always does, before stepping back and allowing Remi access to the small room.

For all of the trouble in the world, the telepath still has it in her to wear a kind smile upon her face as she slips into the room. "Elisabeth," she murmurs, lifting up the lunch box for her to survey. "I brought some food and tea for you and Joshua to enjoy." Over the years, Remi's accent has faded, and now she only bears the sound of a European accent, difficult to place by most.

She then turns a smile to the child, lifting a hand to offer the boy a small wave. "And Joshua, you grow more and more handsome every day." She holds her hand out to the boy; it's a different Remi that comes out when she's around children, and the son of Richard Cardinal and Elisabeth Harrison is no different in her eyes than the children she assists with every day. There's always true happiness in her smiles for children, even when there's little of it in her actual life. This is possibly the reason that Remi helps with the children whenever she can.

Blue eyes turn back to Liz as the telepath steps into the room fully, leaning against the wall. "Have you been doing well, Liz?"

"I appreciate it, Remi, thank you." Elisabeth tends to help out more than required to, always willing to do anything she's asked, but there is always a reserve to her. She smiles just a little for Remi, and Joshua gives the telepath a grin reaching for the lunchbox. Once the door is shut she sets the child down on the floor again where he scampers back to the small cars he was playing with. "We're doing fine," she replies to the query. "I found a couple of books for Joshua the other day at the bottom of a set of shelves. He's enjoying them." She smiles at her son, the only time her expression is carefree — the boy brings light and wonder to her world.

Remi smiles warmly to Liz, even as she settles down on the floor near Joshua. The lunchbox is opened, and a biscuit is pulled out and offered to the boy. Then, for Liz, she pulls out one of the sandwiches, made personally by the French woman. She always has a flair for making her sandwiches as artisian as possible, and today's sandwich is no different. Offered along with it is a trusting smile; despite Liz's lack of trust, the telepath has always gone out of her way to be friendly to the woman and her son.

Then, her attention turns back to the child, watching him with fond eyes. "I'm glad he's doing well." After a moment, she turns her attention back to the lunchbox, pulling out a thermos of tea and offering it to the audiokinetic, as well. Then, she reaches out, gently scooping up Joshua and planting a kiss on his forehead, before setting him down to enjoy his biscuit. "I'm thinking of helping Graeme with teaching. He keeps insisting that I would be good at it."

The boy tolerates the snuggle while his mother takes the thermos and moves to pour the drink into several cups. He escapes as soon as he can — he's a cuddler, but it's always on his terms. The sandwich is taken and Elisabeth moves to sit on the floor with the two of them. "It might be a good thing for you to do. I enjoyed teaching in a lot of ways." She nibbles on the edge of the sandwich, watching her son crash his cars about. She swallows the first bite, glancing toward the door. Someone walks past outside without stopping and she turns her attention back to Remi just as quickly, only then quirking a brow. Her blue eyes narrow on Remi suddenly and she purses her lips. Setting the sandwich aside, she sips from her tea. "How are you doing?"

The telepath blinks a few times, her brows raising up to wrinkle her brow as she turns blue eyes to meet Liz's gaze. She looks baffled for a brief moment, before her expression melts into a faint smile. "Well, I guess?" No need to mention her time with Graeme. It was just some time spent between friends, an agreement of sorts. That's what she keeps telling herself. "I've just been doing what I normally do. Help out as much as possible, try to bring some semblance of comfort to Bannerman."

"Mmmm," Elisabeth murmurs softly. Remi gets a faintly cheeky grin of amusement in return. "Comfort." She seems to be musing aloud. "Always an amazing goal." She continues to nibble on her sandwich, debating internally whether to spring the news on Remi or not. Not really her place, and if it goes badly… well, maybe the telepath would be better off not knowing that it was more than a late cycle. Ever the dilemma of a woman who hears the strangest things.

The blonde shares her sandwich with the curious little boy who has come over to claim it. "Mine," he informs her. Which Liz doesn't argue, simply giving him the sandwich and reaching for another out of the box.

A warm smile forms on Remi's face as she watches Joshua, the telepath shaking her head with a soft laugh. "I like to think so. I like to think that finer things, the little pleasantries, help to boost morale in troubled times. Certainly, comfortable bedding and good food can't heal all woes, but they bring small reliefs." She tilts her head to one side, watching Joshua.

"I've been hearing an odd buzzing sound the past few days." The admittance is random, something she only just decided to blurt out when the thought came to her mind. "In the back of my head. It's not bad, it's not bothering me. But I'm worried that something is wrong with my ability. Is that possible? For an ability to…malfunction?"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "It is — mine's gone on the fritz before, certainly. Usually when I pushed it too hard." She lets Joshua eat the rest of her sandwich, more than used to going without for him. She's very slender these days, far more concerned that her son gets what he needs than her own eating habits. "Although …. I have to admit, I don't think that's what's happening to yours." Her tone is calm, even amused now. It's an expression rarely directed at the adults around her. One of almost impish laughter. "Perhaps it's one of the babies. Didn't you mention that the small ones are usually a bit more… difficult?"

Remi tilts her head to one side, brows raising. "Oui. They don't think in words yet. It's more like…wants. Desires. Discoveries. It's amazing, how their minds view things. Everything is a new experience." She tilts her head to one side, watching Liz thoughtfully. She's gotten good at not listening in on thoughts these days, her grip on her ability much firmer than it was years ago. But just once, she lets herself peek.

The result is a shocked expression forming on her features, as one hand flits to her stomach. Immediately she pulls the shroud over her mind again, turning her eyes to a spot on the floor as her mind races over the past several weeks, and they all come to focus on Graeme Cormac.

"You think it's…" She doesn't finish the statement.

There's a soft snicker and Elisabeth responds gently, "I think you already have that answer." She didn't miss the shock. There is sympathy in her gaze, though, her hand absently smoothing Joshua's hair. She wouldn't trade the baby for anything. He's the only good thing that has ever come of her love for the boy's father. She's made so many mistakes. When she looks up at Remi, "I don't want to bring you down, but…. I'd keep it to yourself except for the medical staff and the father for now. Sometimes things don't… work out. You know?" Being pregnant in the middle of war on the level we're facing, hiding like this. It's madness. But life finds a way.

The telepath remains silent for a long while, her hand pressed to her belly as she processes this. Quietly, she takes the time to touch the little mind that's been buzzing at her. "So tiny…" She whispers this, in her own world for a moment. Finally, however, she returns to the here and now, turning blue eyes to Liz. "I…I need time to think on this before I tell anyone." She tips her head toward the woman.

She's still rather surprised, though she knows she shouldn't be. She should have seen it coming, really. The telepath finds herself watching Elisabeth and her son, a fascinated expression on her face. "What's it like?"

That's a loaded question. "What's what like?" Elisabeth asks, meaning for Remi to clarify what she's asking. "Pregnancy? Childbirth? Nursing? Doing it alone?" There are a lot of things the telepath could be referring to.

"All of it. I feel a desperate need for some perspective all of a sudden." The telepath tilts her head to one side. That hand never leaves her stomach, nor does her mind fully leave the buzzing. Technically, she could just have Liz show her, but she tends to avoid that these days. Of late, her ability is saved for helping with children, more often than not.

She's quiet for a long time, her hand stroking through Joshua's hair while he eats in her lap. Elisabeth has to be careful what she says with the boy listening — he's like a sponge, soaking up all that's said. "It's… wonderful. And scary. And hard. And rewarding." She grins a little. "The first trimester is mostly exhausting. You'll want to sleep a lot, and you should whenever you can. Cuz after they come, you barely sleep at all it seems like. You just… take each day, each minute as it comes. And nothing else seems to matter quite as much once they appear than making sure they're okay."

The redhead listens, smiling faintly. "I think…I can look forward to it, frightening as it may be." She watches Liz and her son for a moment, before standing up and stretching her back slightly. "Thank you, Liz…for helping me figure out this little riddle my ability was giving me." The telepath tips her head toward Liz, before gathering up the now empty lunch box. "What does it sound like? You can hear it, can't you?" Remi gestures to her belly.

Elisabeth hesitates, and then she smiles a little. She sets her son down, kissing him. And then she comes to stand next to Remi, encasing them both in a bubble so Joshua can't hear them. "I normally wouldn't do this — hearing it for the first time, it makes it real. But you can already feel its brain developing, and if it doesn't take…. " She shrugs a little. Remi will have to live with that feeling either way. She closes her eyes, seeks out the sound she caught by accident, and smiles a little. "It's fast, doesn't really sound like a heartbeat yet…." The finesse that made the government want her comes into play as she isolates that sound and brings it up into the audible range for Remi inside the bubble.

The redheaded telepath's jaw slackens slightly as she hears the little galloping sound. Again her hand strays toward her stomach, listening to that sound. A strong little heartbeat, or so she feels. For a long moment, she remains still, listening. Finally, however, she smiles faintly, turning her face downward. "That's amazing." She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes for but a moment.

Then, when she opens them, she offers a smile to Liz. "Thank you, once again…this is…" She smiles. "It's amazing. I…" She flushes. "I should go…I have a lot to think about. I need to figure out what to say to Graeme…"

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