Evening News for November 24, 2008

"Emergency switchboards were tied up for several hours earlier this evening as many citizens attempted to phone in reports and requests for ambulances across the city," Greg states in as calm yet compassionate a manner as he is able. The camera switches to footage undoubtedly taken from a helicopter apparatus of a building which has been reduced to rubble on a street of otherwise perfectly sound structures. "In Queens, the Jackson Building, a low-income tenement, no longer stands," Greg explains, "and while firemen and paramedics try to rescue the residents from the rubble, the police are trying to figure out what happened today at approximately two P.M. that caused the building to collapse. Witnesses on the scene reported that the building was one of the few in Queens that was in decent shape."

The camera switches again to several other scenes, one after the other: a brownstone with crime scene tape around it, and several apartment buildings out of which come paramedics carrying stretcher after stretcher, each with an ominous black bag. It is Diane who picks up the story now, her softer voice lending a much more empathetic quality to the tragic news. "Several other deaths and injuries occurred in various parts of the city, and because of their similar timeframes, The NYPD have not dismissed the possibility that the collapse of the Jackson Building may be related in some way. While clearing a scene and apparently attempting to ease the minds of concerned neighbors, one police officer is quoted as saying, 'We have seen stranger things.' Unfortunately, at this time we cannot give you any more information regarding these instances or the cause behind the Jackson Building's collapse, which is estimated to have claimed ten lives already. Many citizens suspect the involvement of the Evolved."

The camera shows a man in his forties who looks like any honest, blue-collar worker in the city might. The type across the bottom of the screen reveals his name to be Joe Ulson, Mechanic. There is a microphone in the corner of the screen, held by whoever Joe is looking at. After a moment of transfer delay, he can be heard. "I knew the people that lived there," he says, his voice hard and controlled, "I live right next door. They both were like that, you know? And there was yellin' today, right as I was getting' up. Wouldn't surprise me if they did it to ea-" But the interview is cut off when a police officer interrupts, politely yet firmly requesting that the gentlemen cease his conversation with the reporter and come with him.

"Of course, the NYPD is being very careful not to release information that might hinder their investigation," Greg explains to fill the gap as he fills the screen once more. "Rest assured that we will keep you updated as we receive more facts concerning these tragic events."

"In other news," Diane segues with a smile born of pure professionalism, "President-Elect Rickham will be making a visit to New York City after the Thanksgiving holiday, but his itinerary is, at this time, unknown."

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