Evening Run In


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Scene Title Evening Run-In
Synopsis Danika gets a new friend while Tracy is running in the park. Tracy gets? A new memory
Date July 25, 2009

Roy Wilkins Park

This area is far out of Tracy's prefered space. It's near Queens, yuck! But it's also near where she met Adam Monroe this afternoon, so she had her jogging stuff in the car. Might as well, right?

Tracy Strauss looks damn fine in a jogging suit, sweats and a tank top and a hat from Beverly Hills. Sneakers, but no music. She likes her own thoughts better, likes hearing her own wheels turning. So jog she does.

Danika is not so much impressed with the lay of the land, but she does look around at the sprawling size of it. Dani had a business meeting out here and now she's looking for a distraction from it. The regal form of the redhead appears right in Tracy's running path, a fact that Danika is not aware of just yet. She hmms softly as she studies the produce and the other people moving around. Aquamarine eyes close as she begins to concentrate on her own thoughts.

A collision. It's coming, it's so close! Oh god look out! Oh no! But instead, Tracy just stops as her path is suddenly blocked. "Excuse me, can you stay to the side please?" She asks, breathing slightly heavily, her skin glowing from a light sheen of perspiration. She presses two fingers to her neck, flashing a glance at her watch to check her pulse. "Left side is for runners."

Danika was actually concentrating on the memories of those around her. The voice jars her from her concentration and causes a look of annoyance across her features. Danika then smiles prettily, like a feline who's just finished the last drop of cream. Her eyes study the woman from top to bottom as she attempts to scan her mind. "Oh I am so very sorry, Dahling, I did not see you running and… sweating." There is a lowering of her brows as if trying to place the woman. "Do I know you?"

Tracy doesn't answer at first, counting and doing math in her head to discover her pulse rate. Once that's done, she lowers her hands. "If you can see me sweating, you're looking too close." Tracy offers her own smile - a political smile, one that says 'I'm beautiful and pearly white' but also says 'There's more going on in this blonde skull of mine than you will realize ever'. "But no, I'm pretty sure you don't know me." Giving away who she is on her own isn't the smartest thing to do, and Tracy knows it - this girl could be a Humanis First nut, and as far as Tracy's aware, they still want her dead.

Danika's eyes seem to get a bit more intense in color before she cants her head to one side. Tracy may notice her eyes move from right to left as if reading something. Danika is attempting to scroll through her memories for her name as well as surface memories of the person before her. She gives a soft, practiced smile. "Oh of course I would look closely. You are a beautiful woman. It is a pity that I am not into women though. Perhaps you should take a break. I'm Doctor Danika O'Shea, I tend to work in the psychology area with the research being in mental regression and hypnotherapy. What is it that you do?"

Tracy gives her a nod, the smile remaining painted on her features. "I'm in public relations," she explains vaguely. "And thank you," for calling her beautiful, of course. But Tracy doesn't say she's not into women - although she's not. It's a simple tactic - leave people enough room to doubt one way or the other, they start making things up the way they want them to be. Tells a lot about the person. "And I'm afraid I only have a few more minutes to run anyway."

Danika perks to that. "Lovely! I need someone in public relations. Let me give you my card." She pulls out a sleek business card holder from the curve of her hip. The case sparkles in the sunlight before she extracts one card and hands it over. Her smile more cruel for a moment before she smoothes it away to something neutral. "You should call me, I pay well."

Tracy will accept the card, of course, but she already looks apologetic. "I'm sorry, Doctor, but I'm not currently taking clients. I'm rather…booked up, and I expect to be for quite some time. I work for a specific client, and not a consulting firm. I can get you the names of a few good ones, if you'd be interested." She offers, not wanting the poor girl to come away with nothing at all.

Danika smiles to that as there is a sparkle of something in her eyes. Then she nods her head. "Of course." She extends her hand then to offer to Tracy. "Perhaps we can can have dinner or drinks. It is always good to meet someone from the city, yes?" Her words are sultry with just the softest strains of promise that coat the words.

Tracy bobs her head a little bit in assent. "Of course. I'm not from the city, actually, I've only lived here this year. But I'd be more than happy to meet with you for drinks. As I said, I'll look up some of those consulting firms for you, Doctor." Tracy doesn't seem seduced, she's probably the last woman in the world that could be, and not by another woman either.

Danika tightens her hand on Tracy's as she watches her eyes. There is a moment and then she laughs. "Tracy? You don't remember me, really?" She shakes her head. "You know it is all going to be coming back to you so soon. I bet as soon as you walk away you'll remember everything." The redhead smiles sincerely, although it doesn't really hit her eyes. "It was good see you again."

Tracy shakes her head, and shaeks the woman's hand. "No, I'm sorry. I really don't think we're aquainted." Once her hand is released, she turns, and starts to jog off. She gets about a quarter of a mile before she blinks, pauses, stops and looks back. Staring a moment even though she cannot see Danika, something crosses her mind. But she shakes her head - no, it's impossible, how strange. She keeps jogging. It couldn't have been her

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