Every Idiot With A Power Thinks They're A God


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Scene Title Every Idiot With A Power Thinks They're A God
Synopsis Azrael pays Cardinal a visit in the guise of his beloved. His discussion does not go as planned.
Date September 3, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

It's four o'clock when Liz stirs in her bed, eyes peeling open. It's nearly an assault on the eyes with the lights as they are, so she clamps them shut again. The way she ambles out of bed is definitely un-Liz, even pre-torture. It's squinting that her body finds the light switch, turning them off. That should be the first sign that something's amiss, even more so when she stands in the doorway of her bedroom, looking out in the expanse of the living room. "You and I need to have words, Richard Cardinal." The voice belongs to Elisabeth, but it sounds different. It's the un-Liz.

The light out in the living room is rather more dim, despite the fact that there's someone out there; a reverse of the usual assumptions, the sleeping chambers bright while the others are dark in stark contrast. Cardinal's sprawled on the sofa with his phone folded open, going through messages with a slight frown pursing his lips. The sudden turning off of the light brings his head up, and he blinks, sitting up straighter, "Liz?"

An index finger is held up and wagged around, "Not quite." Head tilts to the side, the un-Liz steps forward. "Now, I can tolerate a certain level of … interference, but you're lining people up for the slaughter, and it's wasting my time." She licks her lips, "Mortimer Jack was no longer an issue, and I liked it that way. It made my job so much easier, and then you have to go and sic him on me."

At that, Cardinal grows still for a moment… and then he pushes himself up to his feet, slowly, his gaze not leaving Elisabeth's body. "Azrael," he states flatly, coldly, "I presume."

"Bingo, Ricky my boy," Azrael replies, a sadistic grin playing upon her lips. "I appreciate your situation. You consider me a threat, and for good reason, but as I informed your girlfriend while she was in the clutches of Humanis First: My game, my rules. I did not authorize the entry of another player. But, since this is your first infraction, I will be merciful. Call off the dog." She holds a hand up and gestures towards her face, "You see this? I made sure she was asleep before I took over, which means, unless you want to horrify her, she need not ever know I was here. I'd consider that a good trade off."

"I have my own game that I'm rather busy with, Azrael," Cardinal replies, bringing the phone up in his hand; thumb tapping over the keypad lightly, the flourescent of the screen illuminating his hand and fingers, "I didn't send Mortimer anywhere— in fact, he called me specifically to ask about you. Release Elisabeth, and stay the fuck away from her, or you'll find your game ending rather suddenly."

Azrael licks her lips again, "Yes. Going after Humanis First. I admit, the man in charge did not seem so receptive to me. He filled the poor young marine with bullets before I could tell him off for putting a bullet through dear Lizzy's head. I was very glad to find out she was still alive, though." The sadistic grin returns, "I will do as you ask. I wasted enough time trying to find her when she was taken." She raises a hand, "But before I go, do you want me to put her back down, turn her light back on. She's been through enough, I don't think you want her to know what just happened here. Of course, I could have misjudged you. It wouldn't be the first time. Poor Detective Shelby, isn't nearly as worthy an adversary as I thought he would be."

Cardinal exhales a faint, humorless chuckle. "You think that's my game? You only know what Shelby and O'Shea know, Azrael, and they don't know anything." Hazel eyes regard the figure in the darkness, not hindered in the slightest by the lack of light, and he states coldly, "Elisabeth is off your game board, Azrael, or I'll have all the rest of your pieces removed. No games, no fun, bullets in the back of the head from blocks away or in the middle of the night. And then I'll bring in the telepaths to lock you in your own body forever." A jerk of his head, "Go play your own game and get off my board, you pathetic little parasite."

There's that grin again, "That's only because I haven't sat around in your little head slowly prying details out of it. O'Shea and Shelby have been far more interesting." Her eyes grow cold, "You're not being very nice." She turns and heads back into the bedroom. The lights are turned back on. "For the record boy, my body finished decomposing over a century ago. Good luck killing the angel of death." Azrael gets back into the bed, pulling the covers up around Elisabeth's body. Her eyes close, and Azrael leaves peacefully.

"So you're a cut-rate Kazimir on top of it all? I'm not impressed…" Cardinal shakes his head, watching as she gets back into the bed from the bedroom's doorway until he's certain the possessor's gone… and then he sighs, turning away, "Every idiot with a power thinks they're a god these days."

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