Everybody Works With Everyone


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Scene Title Everybody Works With Everyone
Synopsis Ryans sits down with two new members of his team and tries to explain how the Investigations Team works.
Date May 23, 2010

Fort Hero

A few days ago, a list had been handed to Assistant Director Ryans of the new agents joining his team. In truth he was uncomfortable with his close knit group getting more people added to the roster. The bigger a group gets, the more problems it causes. Though the agents in the conference room are the least of his problems.

He wasn't there when they first arrived, only folders set in front of one of the chairs along with an old fedora, and a sports jacket is draped over the back of it. They don't have too long of a wait, before a tall man in this late thirties steps into the conference room. A brief pause, folders held against his chest, by an arm in a cast, he gets the first look at the pair, eyes narrow a touch.

"I apologizes for the setting." The older man's voice rumbles deeply through the large conference, though the words are softly spoke, they carry. "They assure me I'll have an office soon… not that I plan to be in it all that much, if I can help it." There is a hint of a smile, but it fades fairly quickly.

The one thing about the Assistant Director that people will learn, is that he's not much for showing emotions. He's learned the art of the neutral expression over the course of time he's worked for the Company. "I am Assistant Director Benjamin Ryans." His hand is offers to one agent and then the other, as he says their names in turn. "I believe I have the pleasure of speaking to Agents Lupinetti and Dawson?"

Dante rises as Ryans enters, tugging his at the coat of his relaxed business suit (no tie, natch). "The pleasure's ours, sir," he says in one of those no-nonsense tones of voice that so many career-focused people tend to have. He smiles politely, though the expression suggests his face is unused to the exercise. "Thank you for meeting with us." His handshake is firm and warm, though brief as he turns a look to his compatriot, waiting for her to pipe up as well.

And oh, what a day it's been for Isa. The woman looked sour when Ryans came in, probably in the middle of one of her patented furious rants towards Dante. But of course, as their superior enters, haphazardly painted sunshine crosses her face and she smiles warmly. As warmly as she's able to, anyways. She too stands, wearing a long sleeve blouse and a nice knee-length ruffled skirt. Of course, on the chair behind her is a hefty winter coat and scarf, and on the table is a pair of gloves, and a hat… Go figure. Her handshake is firm and confident, despite her petite hand, and perhaps a little overzealous. "You /do/ have that pleasure, Mister Benjamin Ryans," she says, a little of that earlier irritation still wearing on her tone, though she keeps her words as light and cheerful as she can manage. "Isabella Dawson. I prefer Isa."

"Sir… I'll have to get use to that." It's one thing when Webb says it, when everyone else does. "I'm tempted to say 'I work for a living.' Ryans is just fine." Another ghost of a smile graces his lips again, as Ryans moves to settle into his own chair, motioning to have a seat. "You come recommend by Gael Cruz. So that says something for you both." Though it's awkward in a cast, Ryans still manages to flick open a pair of files.

"How much did he tell you about the department you'll be joining?" Blue eyes flicker between each agent in turn, Ryans' brows lifting just a touch out of curiosity. "Especially, since we are not your typical operation."

Dante's partner's rants are like water running off a duck's back for him, as he looks none the worse for wear because of it. Isabella's immodest remark gets a brief flash of exasperation from Dante, though he's keeping his lips tight and taking his seat as Ryans does, nodding cordially to the man's remarks, lacing his thick fingers over his lap, still in their gloves. "Very little, sir. They were very closed-lipped about it all," he remarks briskly, eyes flicking to the files briefly. All business, this one.

Isabella sits as well in a rush of movement, as she picks up her file and leans back in her chair. "Not much, no. Just that we'd do well here, which is unsurprising." Another immodest smile goes with that remark, and she looks to Ryans for a moment, gesturing at his cast with a lift of a brow. "What happened there?" Pause… "…if you don't mind my asking," she adds with a bit of an annoyed glance Dante's way. For whatever reason.

"This? Agent gone rogue." The Assistant Director explains a touch blandly, as he studies her. "Telekinetic broke my arm. This.." He points to a group of four scratches going down one side of his face and disappearing under the collar of the dark red shirt he's wearing. "Held down someone while they were being stitched up… My grip slipped." He waves it off as not important with his good hand. "Just part of the hazards of the job.

"Anyhow…" Ryans settles back into his chair, as he begins to speak. "Within the Company's Investigative Team we have abolished the 'One of us, one of them' rule that has been the motto of how agents work… well for as long as I have been here. Which has nearly been from it's founding." Not that the man at the end of the conference table looks that old.

"We are all each others partners so to speak." He leans forward and picks up to packets and slides them across to the pair. "You will find there a listing of the people within the department and the skills they bring to the table."

Dante tilts his head slightly at Isabella when she makes that addendum, a ghost of a pleased smile on his face. Though it only lasts for a few moments, the mention of a Rogue Agent drawing the man's brows into a comfortable furrow. He tilts his chin up slightly, cool eyes sliding over Ryans' face, leaning forward a bit. "Sounds like you had a busy week, sir."

Dante picks up his own packet, pulling it onto his lap before starting to flip through it. He's silent as he peruses, his lips quirked to the side in thought.

Isabella watches Ryans closely, those explanations getting a mask of irritation? Acceptance? Kind of both, as obviously that's what Evolved do. Some Evolved. Bad Evolved, which is every Evolved she doesn't know. And it was clearly the work of Evolved, after all.

"Partners," Isa repeats thoughtfully. She glances at Dante again for a moment, then looks back to her superior. "Do we still go in two's, or is it just whoever?" Seeing as her attention is focused on Ryans, she doesn't bother with the file just yet.

Brows lift at Dante's assessment, Ryans nods his head slowly in agreement, "More like a busy couple of months. Since the group was formed, we have been working nonstop." A motion to nothing he adds, "Even in this weather, we've been out dealing with cases."

"With some hope we'll get some healing time before we have a fresh stack dropped on my desk." With so many of his own issues still to deal with in the aftermath of the latest cases, a breather is what Ryans needs.

His attention shifts over to Isabella, his head nods slightly. "Depends on what the situation needs." Benjamin Ryans' words are softly spoken, but with a firm tone. "It just isn't always one of each. It had been very successful."

"Motioning to the large screen behind him, he continues to explain. "It normally starts with a meeting. The cases are described, what we know shared. Then tasks are offered up for the team to take up. We all work on the cases, share what we know. When we need to, other meetings are held." There is a slow shrug of his shoulders. "It works."

Dante glances up from the folder in his lap, not catching Isabella's glance. "So tasks are assigned on a volunteer basis, then? How are duties organized among your group?"

He thumbs a page in the docket, having stopped at the profile of one of the more attractive female agents. Only for a moment, however, and he's turning his gaze back down to his lap, turning the page.

"I see. So, like. It's a group thing? Sort of? Huh. So long as it's not done by committee. Gawd, I hate committees." Isabella folds her arms over her chest. Glancing between the other two people in the room, she frowns and tips her chin up. "What he said," she adds, shoving a thumb Dante's direction.

"On an as needed basis." Ryans offers up neutrally, mouth pulling to one side. "Basically…" He leans forward finger touching the desk. "We get a case. A team goes to the scene.Agent Ayers and the other intelligence agents gather what they can." As he explains things his finger moves down the table, stopping at each new point. "A meeting is held. We throw around ideas. Tasks are set up. People say whether or not they'd like to explore an angle." He rests his cast on the table. "What you learn, you report and from there you or others may pick up leads."

"It's confusing, but you'll get use to it." He shifts his gaze from both. "There is no real way to organize that. Just make sure that people know what you are investigating so there is no overlap." Ryans settles back, fingers gripping the edge of the desk.

"We do have people assigned certain duties. I am your field leader and tactical adviser when needed, as it says in the packet. Agent Sawyer is my assistant. Agent Ayers is the man who will find the files and such you need. You two will be field agents. Though you…" He motions to Dante, "Might at times be tasked to go to crime scenes to help look for stuff missed. Hopefully that makes some sense. This department is new, so… it has some growing to do. But yes… it's a group effort."

"I think I understand," Dante says quietly, flipping the docket closed and tapping it against his knee, glancing ove to Isabella. "We'll want to meet Intelligence. We'll likely be working closely with them." Ryans' motion draws his attention, and he gives a satisfied nod to his assessment. "Best if Isabella comes with me, sir. She's the other half, after all. I find the clues, she identifies them for what they are." And there's a smile again. "Things will work out."

Isabella eyes Ryans there for a moment, looking about to protest when Dante does it for her, and more politely. She gives the man a bit of an innocent smile there, a 'surely you understand?' sort of smile. "So now, when's the next meeting? What are the current cases? Let me tell you, this snow has me itching to get out there and do some work. Ugh."

"We'll see how everything works out. I'm sure if you ask, Agent Ayers will talk to you." Ryans says softly. "And just so you all know, we all work closely with everyone else. Agent Ayers goes out and does field work just like the rest of us, he just also does that. Again… group effort."

Eyes narrow at them both thoughtfully, quiet for a tick or two. "Next meeting, I'm not sure of. You've kind of arrived in a slight… lull. Though we do have one case I believe still in the works. That is Agent Sawyers project though, somewhat outside the team, given to her by the higher up to work on. Best I can suggest is to tell her your interested in helping."

"Beyond that… the cases will come along soon enough and we'll be running around like chickens again. It will allow you both to get settled in. There is room available on base, if you would like to keep close by. Otherwise, Siann Hall is the approved offsite apartments." Each file in front of him is closed slowly. "Anything else?" He asks curiously.

"I guess we'll see if Agent Ayers wouldn't mind a little help, then," Dante remarks quietly, perhaps to himself. "Thank you for the offer, sir, but Isa and I have our own place. Tough to get to, with the snow, but it's home." As the meeting comes to a close, Dante looks warily over at Isa. When does she not have something to add?

"Yeah, no, what he said, we've got a place in Queens. But I guess if we need to relocate in the future, here's as good as any. Never know what'll happen, right?" Isabella snorts and looks over her file, then back up at Ryans, peering. "I don't mind saying, this is a weird division for this place. Little outside their usual bureaucratic norm. But hey, if it works, I guess it works. I look forward to working here. This Sawyers person. She's in this file?" She waves the docket a bit in demonstration.

There is a short nod of Ryans head. "Just figured I'd make sure you knew the options. I have a family, so I live in a home else where." Pressing hand and cast to the table, Ryans pushes himself to his feet. "I do not look forward to seeing the mess I will be faced with when the snow melts. The basement will probably flood." He gives a heavy sigh through his nose, before looking at them both.

"And your right, you never know what will happen, such as people kidnapping for family." Which had just happened to the Assistant Director, himself… not that he'll be moving though.

"Anyhow, yes. There is a short blurb about Agent Sawyer in there. There are four people that are your bosses — in a way. Me, Agent Veronica Sawyer, Agent Corbin Ayers and Senior Agent Martin Crowley. When you have questions and I'm not around, they are your go to."

Dante rises to his feet as Ryans does, taking up the docket and slipping it into his coat. "Thank you for the info, sir. You can expect us to be ontask within the next few days. I'm sure we'll prove to be an asset to your team." He offers a hand out to the Assistant Director.

Dante is always better at the whole "professionalism" thing. Isabella stands on his cue, and extends her hand as well. "I'll be sure to contact Agent Sawyer to let her know of our availability. And then, I guess, until next time, Ryans." She has no problem dropping that whole "sir" business, of course.

The offered hands are taken briefly in turn and Ryans gives a nod, offering that ghost of a smile to them both. "We'll be seeing more of each other over the time. You'll find I'm not much for being behind the desk all the time. I am a hands on man."

Settling back into his seat, Ryans eyes the paperwork he inherited with the new position. His gaze flick up to the pair again, as he drags some of the dreaded work towards him, "Welcome to the team."

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