Everyone Is Okay


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Scene Title Everyone Is Okay
Synopsis Encounters happen when people don't pay attention to where they're going.
Date January 19, 2011


There's flurries in the air, once again it seems like it might be trying to snow. It's just another factor that's driven people indoors sooner, along with the grossly unpopular martial presence. The majority of the population is in a constant state of rush to finish their daily necessities and hurry home. Not everyone is in a rush to vacate the streets. Some have only the afternoon to shop and find that perfect pair of socks for tomorrow's suit or that scarf that would match that handbag perfectly. And some just prefer to loiter enough and put off going home until the last possible second.

Somewhere between the two is where Devon Clendaniel falls.

The teenager, dressed today in a pair of black slacks, a charcoal overcoat hanging from his shoulders, and a maroon shirt with matching maroon and silver striped tie peeking just through the collar, walks with an idleness down a sidewalk. He might appear to be talking with himself to a casual glance, but closer inspection would reveal an earpiece, the sort that typically accompanies a cell phone. In one hand, a day planner stands opened, the other hand weilding a pen that stabs against a page. Whatever the conversation, Devon seems to be intent on making his point and not fully watching where he's going. Not that he's run into anyone.


There has been a shift in the tempest that is Elvira. Work normally consumes a greater portion of her time, though as of late, her personal ventures have taken a front seat. She is quick to get her daily work done so that she can jump into her secret work. Not to mention, about the time the news bulletin about the outbreaks of the new H5N10 virus started, she became less reclusive, wanting to be out and about amongst people more. Almost any little excuse to be social could get her out and about. Keagan had a hole in his socks, which is something she would simply sing Christopher out to go and fetch, but no, not this time. As soon as he got home from school, she had him grab his coat and get in the car. They are going shopping.

The sleek black limousine pulls into a thriving shopping complex, where the tall driver gets out to open the door and let the pair out of the vehicle. Yana, is dressed in her trademark black dress, which wraps and hugs across her form, while a large metal loop belt hangs about her waist, dangling earrings and a sensible necklace, designed for those dresses that permit cleavage, like she has now. Her coat just as elegant, grey and lined with fur about the collar.

"So, socks.. for one thing. I'm certain there are other things that you probably need, or desire to have." she tells the boys as she takes a look around. She is mildly pleased with the population here. Any of these people could be sick, and it would be fantastic if she could run into someone carrying the sought after flu she is hunting.

Keagan didn't argue when Yana wanted to go with him to get socks. It seemed so simple, but to Keagan, it's something he desperately craves. Real time with his aunt. Sure, he's been a bit at odds with her over his girlfriend, and has been struggling in class, but it's all forgotten now as they step out of the car. "Don't you think we could find something a little less…" the boy looks for a word. "Snobby?" Getting out of a limo always draws more attention than he really cares to have. He isn't dressed too fancy. A red and black overcoat is unzipped, revealing a shirt filled with 1 and 0. Some sort of binary joke is no doubt missed by most of the people who see it.

"I don't really want anything," he says. "But we could get you something if you want, since we're out here." The boy adjusts the pink wool knit cap that his grandmother gave him the year before last. Many teens might be embarrassed by the hat, but for Keagan, it's like a badge of honor to wear. Probably could use a washing, but it never seems to be found when the butler does the laundry. As they begin to walk, it's clear that Keagan is more interested in looking at Yana as he speaks, then looking where he's going as well.

"No, you're not getting it. One of the rentals has to be a Daewoo. No, no. —No, shut up and listen. Two SUVs and one Daewoo." Sounds like a riveting conversation. It holds Devon's attention, each point punctuated by a tap of pen against planner. There's a break in the conversation, likely the teenager has been put on hold, but inevitibly he's walking toward the two who'd just stepped out of the limo.

Chances are Dev hasn't noticed Yana or Keagan. His voice lifts again in response to whatever has come through on his earpiece. "Yes! A Daewoo. How hard is— Really. Oh hell yeah, we'll take that instead. Right, right. The two SUVs. Yeah, and a Prius." Nodding to the voice in his ear, a grin on his face, he begins scratching out information onto the opened page, unknowingly on a collision course for a couple of fellow pedestrians.

Children.. who knew they would be difficult. The subject of having children never came up between Yana and her late husband. And in talks with her mother, there is no indication that Yana will remarry to have them. Keagan will have to do, though the difficulty comes in the fact that he isn't hers, and she received him at a later age. Perhaps this is the awkward spike that stands between the two. While endeared to him because he is family, there is still a gap that has her putting other things before him, like now. He is but an excuse for her to search for something lethal. But he doesn't need to know that. The therapist said that he needs attention, so this is a good enough reason as any.

She was sure that little boys his age want about a million and one things to keep them occupied. This being something she could provide through monetary support. It will also get her circulating amidst many people. Especially children, if they hit the toy store. Children are just full of sick causing things. How could she get him to want to circulate.. hm.. The woman thinks on this for a few moments as the both of them start their way forward. And then she his struck with an idea, "What about Max? Don't you think he might like some things? It is getting cold on the balcony, perhaps a new bed, or a blanket or something extravagant." she tries.

While she converses with Keagan, Yana's attention is divided. And in fact, one of her eyes is reflecting green at the moment, using her ability to 'glance' at passing people, searching for viral infection. Using her ability like a hound dog, her ears don't seem to pick up the busy conversation of the young blond with the planner. There is the clicking of her expensive heels as she struts across the floor, her little purse clutched on one side of her. "Perhaps I could find a thing or two for myself. We'll have to see. Hopefully, this trip will inspire you to do better with your schooling. We could do more things like this a bit often should you improve."

In the last few moments of her words, Yana is just a step or so away from one of those bad cellphone commercial moments to where they become an example of why people shouldn't walk and talk at the same time.

"He's a dog," Keagan answers. "I don't think he cares how extravagant something is. If you really feel like spending money on me, we could go paintballing or lasertagging or something," he suggests. He'd rather spend money doing things than having things. Yana's eye changes color, and he is familiar. The boy rolls his own. "Why do you care what people's weaknesses are all the time?" he asks. "You don't know them, why would you care?" He glances back to see Devon incoming at the very last possible moment.

"Man," the teen states suddenly and blandly, nimbly tucking his left foot behind him and spinning casually to the side, out of the collision path. It's the only warning either one of them get, and far too late to be useful.

Not in time to fully avoid running into Yana, Devon looks up from his writing. With a flinch, he twists himself so he won't overrun the woman, More likely he'll have brushed against her shoulder. Whatever the outcome, he's sent stumbling over his own feet. The planner falls from his hands as Dev sets out to catch himself before eating too much dirty snow and concrete, coming to a rest a pace away.

"Crap, I'm sorry," Devon begins as he straightens himself, hands brushing against his knees. His eyes shoot toward the fallen book then cast quickly away to the party of two, hands reaching out to offer help if it's needed. "I wasn't watching.. You okay?"

Oh, poor Keagan.. if only you knew. "It is merely for our own safety, Keagan. News reports speak of the H5N10 virus going around; a new strain. My ability is pretty detailed when it comes to seeing those types of things wrong in people. I'm simply keeping an eye out for it. Can't be too careful." It isn't a lie, it just isn't completely the truth. No real comments are given to his suggestion of going paintball. It goes without saying that she is one person you wouldn't catch in such activities to where she is tumbling around, firing tapioca balls filled with colorful paint at people. Heaven forbid. She will never understand why he can't choose something more suitable to do. Like pick up ballroom dancing lessons. Or desire to see the opera.

The actual collision is as one could expect, quite dramatic. This boy comes out of nowhere, and makes physical contact with her, even before she knows his name. There is yelp that erupts from the woman while she all but falls off of her feet. It was unexpected and startling, and it leaves Yana twisting to the side to protect herself from what she believes is an assault. "Oh! Oh dear.. dear heavens." A hand goes to her upper breasts to feel her beating heart. She wasn't quite watching where she was going, so she is partially to blame, which is why she isn't firing off accusations in scolding tones right now. Though the boy's choice of words has her just a bit put off for the moment. Such a volatile word 'crap'. It isn't even within the scope of her vocabulary.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. I apologize, I am partially to blame." Or maybe Keagan is, for not warning her. "It seems we both were a bit preoccupied at the time." a small dip of her head to indicate the young man's effects. "No harm done, however."

Keagan watches from his position just to the side, and tightly purses his lips as he watches his aunt react so dramatically. He's really trying hard not to laugh. Just when he thinks that he won't resist, he tucks his lips inside of his mouth, and a sound similar to a snort can be heard from within his head, located somewhere in the back of his nasal cavity. "Aunt Yana, are you okay? You so just totally mowed this poor guy down." Why is it Aunt Yana's fault? Really, why isn't it? Anything that makes her seem more human is good in Keagan's eyes. The younger teen seems to be rather amused, still. He's trying hard not to smile, but failing enough that his efforts might not even be noticed.

Devon actually has to double take. Not that he recognizes Yana from anywhere, but the woman seems dressed to the nines for the middle of the week. "Wow," he breathes, though hastens to cover and continue helping the woman stand. "No, I'm sorry. The rental company and… Seriously, it's my fault. Should be walking and working." Please don't sue me.

A glance shifts toward Keagan in all this, triggered by the snort, and a grin to the younger teen is a reply to the amusement. "You alright," he asks of the other boy.

Keagan is given one of those firm looks that only women like Yana can give. It is tight lipped and is almost withering in nature. It serves to get across her displeasure at his reactions and his verbal responses. Her eyes narrow at him and then her tongue cuts in his direction with a scolding tone, "No. I did not 'mow him down' as you so boorishly put it, Keagan." In other words, use your proper words. "It was clearly an accident that could have been avoided by both parties." Just a way of her detouring the blame, and since Devon is taking it upon himself, she won't disagree with him. She came close to breaking one of her heels, which would have been severely tragic, and yet, her ankle is a little on the sore side. She must have twisted it a little in that fiasco.

"But I'm fine, really." she tries to assure him, looking up at the young man, though her face drops, lips twisting to one side with an expression of uncertainty, "Oh, perhaps.. Perhaps not 100 percent unscathed." she is moving her leg a little to test her stability, "Oh.. Oh dear, it seems I'm not without injury." She doesn't sound like she is angry, or out to sue him. She probably couldn't anyway. "I think I perhaps, twisted my ankle a little." she even tries to smile about it, and give a bit of a charming chuckle. "Rotten luck.." See Keagan, she hurt herself, don't you feel bad now? "Don't trouble yourself, it's nothing. Thank you for your concern." she can forgive Devon, as he has manners at least.

"Oh, I'm fantastic," Keagan answers Devon. Unlike his aunt, he looks like your average blue collar kid. "He shoves his hands back in his pockets once Yana is to her feet, pushing hard enough down on the pockets to cause his pants to sag a little. "Aunt Yana, I think you're okay." He glances around them, embarrassed by the display more than anything else. He certainly hopes nobody he knows happens by here. "You're kind of making a 'spectacle' of yourself." He elevates himself on the balls of his feet with the 'big' word that he just used, and his voice says it in a certain sing-song manner. He bends down and picks up the planner for Devon, trying to show his own manners in a more simple display.

Great! Everyone's okay. Devon gives a thumbs up to Yana, and turns to take his planner from Keagan. "Awesome, thanks man. —Nice hat by the way." It's added in sincerely, head tipping up in a nod toward the pink knit cap the younger boy wears. "This year's power color, you know. Bet you're pretty successful." It could be teasing, but Dev seems serious enough.

Turning toward Yana again, Devon affords her the same grin he'd offered to Keagan. Amused and easy going, pleasant enough for something between total strangers. But then it slips slightly. Crap, if the woman's really hurt, his own aunt might likely skin him alive. "Y'sure? Maybe you could just lean against the …lamppost there. Give yourself a minute to collect yourself."

Yana is trying to be graceful about it, though Keagan is making it a little difficult for her to do so. Her ankle does hurt, just a little, but not really enough to have her limping on it. Her dramatic moment is over. With Keagan, right now. She is starting to understand why some parents swat their kids. Children shouldn't point out the faults of adults in public. It isn't their job to do so. Though Keagan seems to do it often, much to Yana's displeasure. Once again, her lips press tightly together at Keagan, and she eyes him a little. "I'll be fine." she remarks to him a little firmly. A spanking. A good spanking is what the boy needs.

"Really, I'll be alright." she extends her sentence out to include Devon, though her tone is much more smooth and light than with Keagan. She makes an observation, looking Devon over, "It's surprising to see someone so young being so busy." she comments, "That kind of drive is nothing short of impressive." And Keagan is given a look, as if she were insinuating something, like that he should be more like this young man.

Keagan catches the look. "Hey, I'm busy, too," he contests. Except he's not usually busy with productive things. Still, he has to hand it to Devon. The guy just bumped into his aunt, and she isn't talking to him like he's the scum of the earth. That takes a real gift. "You like it?" he asks, patting the wool cap on his head. "My grandmother made it for me about a year ago. I think it's pretty sweet, myself." He reaches out, his right hand extended to the older teen. "I'm Keagan," he offers, figuring that introductory statements are in order.

Further assurances reliven Devon's grin, though a single brow lifts as though to prompt another assurance. Just making sure she's sure. "Yes ma'am. My parents insisted on making sure I knew the value of things, and my boss is kind of particular about things." Good work habits learned at an early age go far, supposedly.

With a casual glance to the hand, Devon accepts it with his own, a firm shake behind the gesture. "Devon," he offers to both Keagan and Yana, offering a polite nod to the woman. His eyes flick up to the hat again, then return to the younger teen. "Yeah, it's great. Looks warm too. Your grandma's got some talent."

The new epidemic has put Yana is a much warmer mood than she normally has. This would be the reason she isn't looking to verbally lash every person that so much as looks at her wrong. She has to admit to being giddy about it to herself, mostly. Keagan's behavior starts to meet Yana's expectations as he reaches to retrieve Devon's planner and make introductions. She'll even spare him the embarrassment of pointing out his past few transgressions and embarrassing flaws at the moment.

She observes the exchange between the two, contemplating if perhaps this new person would be a good influence for Keagan to follow. "Dr. Elvira Blite." she takes her turn to introduce herself, kindly offering out her hand to him as she should, "Though please call me Yana. It is a pleasure."

Keagan shoves his hands back in his pockets after the handshake. "You looked like you were running some big time deal there, or something," he notes to Devon. "You like a secretary for somebody important or something?" The boy doesn't seem to think much of the idea. Though he also wouldn't expect it to be a fully legitimate business that would have a teenager working in such a position, either.

"Doctor Blite," Devon repeats with a nod, shaking her hand as well once the exchange with Keagan is completed. "Please. Good to meet you both." Though the running into people, literally, isn't always so good. He brushes off the planner and then tucks it beneath an arm. The notes inside'll wait until later.

"Intern," Dev replies to Keagan's question. "Or… personal assistant." He's not really sure what his title is. Though if you asked around the studio it's possible you might come up with any number of answers. "To Mister Russo."

Ahhh, it is a bit of a small world. The announcement of his title earns a nod from Yana. Though it is to whom his employer is that gets her to chuckle lightly, and her nod extends, "Mr. Russo.." Yana's smile is pleasant and casual, "I met him several weeks ago quite my accident." she says with a light gesturing flip of her hand, "Not as accidental as this mind you, though I did find him rather refreshing to speak with. There was talk of the possibility appearing on his show. You see.. I'm not certain if he recalls me or not, but I'm a virologist. I've made actual breakthroughs with several vaccinations, and I do research into Evolved affairs. I believe he mentioned having a segment on it." Something Keagan probably hasn't heard about.

"It is funny that you should be associated. Keagan, you could certainly learn a thing or so from him. He is associated with someone who is very influential."

Once Yana starts talking, Keagan seems to go from neutral to bored in about 2.3 seconds, and his attention starts to drift. Most of what Yana says goes into his ears like the Peanuts teacher, and comes straight back out again. He watches a girl with her mom, drop a lolipop on the ground, and then pick it back up and stick it straight into her mouth again. Much more intersting to him than Yana's vaccinations.

It's the moment that his name is spoken that he comes back to the conversation. "Huh?" he arches his brow, managing eye contact. He has a rather lost look on his face, trying to figure out what he should be responding to. "Um, yeah," he answers. "Influence is good."

It's likely that Devon feels the same way, going on about viruses the way Yana does. Not that he's uninterested, on a scholastic level it would be very interesting, but the boy is an actor more than a scientist. However, he is polite enough, showing interest and nodding along as the woman speaks, and smiling pleasantly. "He's not mentioned anything to me, Doctor Blite, but that doesn't mean anything." Just the intern, remember?

When Keagan is brought up again, Devon's eyes flick to the younger boy. His brows raise slightly, questioning without speaking. Man, whatever releationship this lady is to the other teen, she sure is tough sometimes. "S'far as influences go, I doubt I'd do any good. I don't even get paid."

If Devon only knew the things Keagan got into, he might not think Yana was so tough on him. All she can do is give a small sigh to Keagan's lack of attention, and let it go just like everything else so far. "Of course he is only half paying attention." she chuckles to Devon. One hand reaches out and is placed on the top of Keagan's head. "He is probably more interested in getting to the shopping we planned." Though she notices something about his hair that makes her frown a little, "Hm. We need to get you a haircut.." she comments aloud to Keagan.

"Well, it was very nice meeting you, Devon. Give my regards to your employer. Let him know I am still available if he is looking to fill his show. We should really be getting along. Sorry again for the mishap." Gracefully she is bowing out.

The racially mixed young teen rolls his eyes at the haircut comment. "You can cut this one," Keagan offers with a smart alec look on his face. He holds a single hair out from the rest of his locks. "I like it long. It's the style." It make him look super cool. Gosh! He doesn't object to the hand on his head though. He just gives Devon a look that seems to say 'yes, I have to put up with this every day.'

Somewhere between sympathetic and amused is where Devon's smile lands. A single shoulder lifts, in a 'What can you do' gesture. "Maybe I'll see you around again, Keagan," he offers as he extricates himself from the small gathering. "Doctor Blite, it was good meeting you. I'll tell Mister Russo hello for you." A nod is given to both, following which the older teen turns away to resume his walk. Hopefully a little more careful this time.

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