Everything Is Fine



Scene Title Everything Is Fine
Synopsis Kaylee gets checked out and the results were not what she hoped.
Date November 6, 2020

“I don’t know what to tell you Ms. Petrelli.” Dr. Roberts, flips between the pages on his clipboard uncertain of what he should be seeing there. “MRI, CAT scan… blood work… Everything is clear.” Letting go of the pages, he looks at her over the rims of his glasses. “You’re in great health. In fact, I wish that all my patients were this healthy.”

Kaylee swallows, brows furrowing when she looks up at the doctor, but her eyes don’t focus on him. Her blue-eyed gaze focuses on a point beyond him.

It’s hard to ignore the tap tap tapping of heels being drummed against the doors of the small sink counter in the room. The doctor was already looking at her with concern, so she doesn’t mention it again… she’d already sounded crazy when she asked for the testing.

One thing was certain, he clearly wasn’t hearing what she was… Seeing what she was for that fact. No one was.

“You’re certain there are no other tests you can do? Maybe more blood tests?” Kaylee couldn’t hide the desperation in her voice.

There is a giggle from the child sitting on the sink counter. Shifting uncomfortably, Kaylee internally cringes at the crinkle of the paper. The sound of a lollipop being sucked on pulls her attention to the boy who’s been haunting her, watching her, a smile on his lips.

Lips stained red from the lollipop.

The doctor turns just enough to cast a look over his shoulder seeing nothing, when he turns back to his patient, lips pressed tightly together. “Here’s what I’m going to do. Prescribe you some pills to help you sleep. I suggest you take a month and just… chill.” Blue eyes flit back to the doctor at that, the heiress looks horrified at the idea. When he hands her the prescription sheet, there is a card attached to it for a psychologist.

“Kaylee,” Dr. Roberts shifts to rest a hand on her shoulder after she takes the items. “you’re overworking yourself. You have been since your husband died. It’s time you talked to someone,” he says gently, tapping the card. “She’s the best in the business and might be able to help you with these hallucinations. For all you know, this child you’ve heard is a part of some unresolved issues with Nathan’s loss… I know you two were preparing to try for your own kids.”

Again Kaylee swallows, but this time it’s to stop the welling of emotions in her throat. “Maybe you’re right,” she croaks out. “It’s been stressful this year, with the election… and just… the memories of Nathan’s election.”

“Mmm. It’s a shame about Senator Faulkner’s loss,” The Doctor says only half listening at this point, mind already on the next patient. His pen scratches across the file making a note of his recommendation, before tucking it under his arm again. “I even voted for him. Well, he’s young, he’s got time on his side. Have a good day, Ms. Petrelli.”

Some time later at the Petrelli Mansion…

Kaylee watches the way the orange juice splashes into the glass and mixes with the clear vodka waiting there, her mind lost in the playback of the day. After that visit, she decided she needed something stronger than just wine.

The buzz of her cellphone pulls her attention from the drink to the ongoing conversation with her assistant. There was so much work that had to be done within the foundation, how could she even think of taking the month that was prescribed? Corbin thought everything would be just fine, but Kaylee was less convinced, she’d been taking too much time off since everything started.

Not that she had told Corbin exactly what was going on, just that she’d been ill.

Setting down the bottle and picking up the phone, Kaylee sighs and turns off the screen. “Fuck.”

Again there is that infuriating giggle, like the child was amused that mommy used that word. Mommy? Kaylee shakes her head. What the hell was wrong with her? Another giggle and Kaylee finally looks up at the boy sitting on the barstool across from her. He’s eating a slice of pizza, his favorite food.

What do you want?!” Kaylee hisses at the boy, who just continues to smile serenely and eat his food. “Just go away!

It was probably good she’s alone, Kaylee would probably look crazy, as she felt, talking to someone who isn’t even there; but, she was desperate to get her sanity back. Closing her eyes tight, she wills the child to go.

When her eyes open, she’s alone again.

Kaylee lets out the breath she’s been holding and looks at the pill bottle on the counter, but more importantly the card next to it. Picking it up gingerly, she considers what Dr. Roberts said. There were risks to doing that. Going to a shrink and telling them everything… While it wasn’t unusual for celebrities to have psychologists, the Foundation’s board might look at her weird.

Lose faith in her as CEO. She couldn’t have that. There was just too much that needed to be done.

Giving a small shake of her head, Kaylee makes her decision and rips the card in half. SHe couldn’t take that chance. Tossing it back on the counter and her glass quickly takes its place in her hand. She glares at it for a long moment, before turning away for her dance studio.

“I’m not crazy,” Kaylee murmurs under her breath.

The soft giggle of a child behind her would say otherwise.

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