Eviction Notice


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Scene Title Eviction Notice
Synopsis Abigail informs trask that it's probably better if the folks from the past go be with the folks from the past.
Date May 11, 2019

Abigail's Brownstone

The air in the house that is Abigail and now Deckards has changed over the last few days. She's got work today, her vacation time is all taken up, and the children were back in the house the night previous, and joseph is bounding out the door for pre-school, taken by the neighbour after Abby asks. Natalie is still asleep in her old crib while Abigails downstairs starting to cook. Yoga pants, tunic, the blonde has a lot on her mind as sausages sizzle in the pan.

Trask makes it to the kitchen, he smiles seeing Abby cook, "Need a hand?"

"No. Thank you though, I have things under control. You could get out a bowl of Kix for Natalie though, she'll want that when she wakes up" Two sausages are deemed cooked enough and plucked from the cast iron pan and plopped into a paper toweled surface.

Trask smiles and starts making breakfast for Natalie, getting out a bowl and the box of kix, pouring it for the child. "We haven't had much time to talk lately….

"I've been busy, going between here and Brooklyn and then other things. I'm sorry." A few more sausages catch up with the others on the plate. "Odds are Norton, that you won't have much time to talk with me. I'm going to have to have you and Isabelle and Elle move into Dorchester or to Cat's building"

Trask smiles, "We can't live here forever…you have been great and I wanted to say thanks Abby…but….you need to get on with your life, and so far we don't have a for sure way back….

"That's not why you guys need to move to the phoenix nest. I can't help you guys. I can't helps end you guys back, at the risk of obliterating my world. And you three staying here, means I'm doing just that, some small part. I already healed Gillian even though I didn't want to" The sausages are all done and the pan is taken off the element, another one, a teflon one this time, is placed on it. "That and my children need to come home and I and Deckard don't want Elle near them"

Trask comes over and gives you a hug, "I..what do you mean obliterating your world?"

Still not a toucher. Abby's stiff in the hug that the negator gives. "Pre-cogs. they're seeing black. Nothing, even Gabriel is seeing nothing. Just a red door and then it's all obliterated by black. Please Norton, don't touch me. That part of me hasn't changed in ten years" She slips away from him, heading for her fridge to grab tomatoes and eggs. "Right now, our world has no future. We cease to exist. Sending you back… will.." Kill them all? wink us out of existence? Something. "So I wouldn't be surprised if they come to fetch you guys at some point. You can have a few days getting all your stuff together, I'll help. Just please keep an eye on Elle around my children please, until I can get a hold of Delilah and have her take them for a few days"

Trask backs off, "How do we know if the blackness is to come because we do go back…or because we don't? What happens if only some of us go back? Why hasn't anyone mentioned this to me before…….Cam…..

"Because likely Norton, your here at my place, and they don't want information to leak. Go talk with them, because they certainly are not talking with me and are not likely to be doing such in the very near future seeing as I just stated that I'll not see you all go back. I helped stop a man who was hell bent on kill 95 percent of the world, I'll help stop a group of eight hell bent on winking my own out of existence. Your here, your alive as opposed to dead. They need to stop looking gift horses in the mouth"

Trask says, "Why is Tamara pushing this then…if she is such a powerful Precog?"

"One pre-cog out of how many?" Abigail points out. "I know what I know, and what I've seen. If I could visit Pastor Sumter I'd see what he has, but ever pre-cog see's nothing. Except, it seems, Tamara" Abigail starts cracking eggs into a bowl and scrambling them, dumping the eggs into the pan to start cooking.

Trask nods, "Look I don't know the answers, but I am going to try to find them…."

"You do that Norton" Abigail murmurs, scraping the ban, shifting the eggs around and around. "Just let me know when you guys need rides over with your stuff or if someone can come get them, I have shift at the hospital in an hour.

Trask says, "I will make sure everything gets packed up and we get out of here and out of your hair as quickly and painlessly as possible."

Abigail looks over her shoulder at the former officer, some unfathomable look on her face. "For what it's worth Norton, it was nice having you here. Seeing all of you again. I just… I don't think you'd understand but.. I won't let my children's futures just.. disappear"

Trask meets Abby's eyes, "I understand…I understand completely….I will get to the bottom of this Abby…I promise.

"I know" Abby answers back, eggs transferred to a bowl and placed on the table. Sliced up tomato follows. "Help yourself, I have to get Natalie up and ready to go to Delilah." She wipes her hands on a dishtowel, starting to head for the doorway out to the rest of the house.

Trask says, "Just remember….every time a Precog looks at me…I'm a black spot in their vision…maybe that means that the future hinges on me…not that it will cease to exist."

"Norton, a black spot that you are to them, is nothing compared to the flat out black that they're getting across the board. Think on that" and with that, the blonde disappears out the door and down the hall, her footsteps heard going up the stairs.

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