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Scene Title Evo?
Synopsis Since Rebecca's ability requires a mirror, she must be the expert right? Since when does anything Tamara says require logic? Aude has questions.
Date June 20, 2009

Forensics Lab, NYPD

It's been about a week since Rebecca Nakano traded in her spectacles for contacts. It's been a bit awkward for her as she finds herself pushing up invisible glasses onto her nose by habit. She's been analyzing some stuff all day brought in some detectives, though the excitement of yesterdays in-precinct shooting still lingers. She has reviewed the evidence and weighed in on her findings as requested, and now it's up to the board to make their ruling. For now, she's sitting at her computer typing up her findings on another case that she was asked to check out before she goes out for a late lunch.


Knock knock.

Look it's a familiar riot curled cocoa-skinned officer. Part of the subject of the evidence that Rebecca had been working on. In her non-lintel, rapping hand is a couple Starbucks. She brings bribes, peace offerings, something. God this is galling her to ask the woman. 'Evo' and all.

Looking up and combing her fingers through her hair, Becca smiles to Aude. "Hey. Come on in." She stands and flips off her monitor. "You've come bearing coffee, so I assume you need a favor?" She's teasing of course as she walks over to greet the officer. "How are you doing since yesterday? I heard you were the cop of the hour, though I can imagine that taking a life is a hard thing to do. I hope it's something I never have to do." She leans up against a metal table, perhaps like something you'd put a body on to do an autopsy.

"Not a favor that you or others might think. Didn't come here about the shooting. I already know it'll be clean. Labeled justified. She was flaming up and the HomeSec officer couldn't tranq her. I had to shoot. It was either that or we'd get burned to a crisp" The coffee with creams and sugars on the side is put on the table. "You're 'evo' right?"


That terms seems a little derogatory for Rebecca's tastes. She glances at Aude for a moment as she nods. "I wasn't suggesting you were at fault. Not in the least. They asked my opinion and that's what I said. Justified. Lives were in danger."

She tilts her head, long strands of hair tugged downward by gravity as it sways back and forth lightly. "It appears I have the gene, yes. Did you have a question about it? Do you think you might be?"

"I'm not. Took the test when they made us all do it. Blue, I’m blue. I just, there was someone I met and just the way they acted, and what they said, I dunno, maybe I’m seeing Evo's everywhere now that suddenly… they're everywhere. I figured, since you seem to have something to do with mirrors, maybe what she said might make sense" Aude shrugs, doping up her coffee with some cream.

Rebecca takes the second cup of coffee and lifts it to her lips, but doesn't yet drink it as she inhales the aroma first. She listens and lifts her eyebrows in curious form and nods. "Sure. I might be able to help. What did she say?" It's after she speaks that she finally drinks from the cup.

'She was a little airy. Like she wasn't all there, but just, the things… the last thing, before she just up and walked away she said something about, sometimes she's herself, but sometimes, she's the mirror?" no, not quite right. "No it's 'I know when it's me and when it's the mirror"

Tapping her fingers on the side of her coffee cup, Rebecca thinks for a moment. "Well, that's rather mysterious, isn't it?" Her gaze moves far off somewhere as she attempts to unpuzzle the statement that has been provided for her. "Mirror?" She glances at Aude. "She /might/ have multiple personalities? Maybe? I don't really know for sure. But it's apparent she sees herself as different individuals, so perhaps that's it? Or, she could have a twin." Rebecca shrugs. "It's only a guess at this point. I could talk to her, if she wants to come back in."

"Met her in the park a couple hours ago. Battery Park. She looks like she doesn't have a home." Aude frowns again. "Thought maybe it might make sense to you, that whole trick that you do and all" Aude points out. 'Since it has to do with mirrors and such" The dark skinned woman shakes her head. "Where's your glasses?"

"They were a casualty in the line of duty." Meaning, she set them on the ground after a vision so she could rub her eyes and then stepped on them when she stood up. "A friend thought I would look cuter with contacts, so I thought I'd give it a try." She shrugs. "Anyway, it doesn't make any sense to me, except that it sounds like she thinks who she is and who she sees in the mirror are two separate things." Rebecca takes another sip of coffee. "Though I would be curious to talk to her. Sounds interesting."

"IF I see her again, random homeless teenager walking around the park talking about mirrors, I’ll send her your way" Wasn't that, couldn't be that. Aude taps her knuckles on the weird table and stands up. If I see her, I’ll toss her you're way. I should go, before IA sniffs around to see why I’m here. I got a shrink to see."

Rebecca smiles as Aude gets ready to leave. "Enjoy your time off anyway, at least. May as well make the best of it. I'm sure you'll be back in no time." She holds up the coffee cup. "And thanks for the drink. If you need anything else, feel free to stop by anytime." Nakano turns to go back and sit at her desk. More work to be done. She can feel the pressure of a headache coming on, so she reaches for her purse only to notice the snap of the pocket she carries her wallet in has been unlatched and the wallet is missing. "Damn." she sighs softly. Luckily she has a secondary wallet with her badge in it, but.. credit cards, state ID, the rest is gone. She stands and moves to trace her steps back towards the market where she last remembers seeing her wallet.

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