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Scene Title Evo-Dar
Synopsis It's like gaydar! But for Evo's! Faith finds out that her central park artist who sets up shop beside her all the time, she's an evo herself.
Date June 29, 2009

Central Park

Under the shade of a pitched awning, Wendy is parked with her charcoal and pencils, easel, clips, colored pencils, really one might think it was an art supply store where she was. A grinning kid, the son of a pair of tourists sits ona stool while Wendy works away, putting the finishing touches to the drawing before her. It's not her strongest medium, but she's good enough for making 20 bucks here and there. She doesn't make much money off this, it's more for shits and giggles that she does it, and so she can meet people

"Almost done Stewart. Then you and your parents can run" Goldfish, as her friends call her, says as an aside to the kid. There goes her name on the bottom corner and voila! With a flourish its' torn off, passed over and money changes hands, there's a shake of hands and Wendy is left with her constant park friend once more. "Don't know what she was. Never felt that before…." once the tourists were well out of earshot. Central park is busy even for a Monday at lunch.

Faith has her own artist's gear with her — she worked the weekend, so she gets Monday off, and Central Park is always an interesting place to sketch or take photos. She's walking in bare feet, flip flops stowed in her tote bag. Today she looks the starving artist type, even if she's not — cut off jean shorts show off the long length of her legs and a Greenday concert t-shirt has been cut at both the midriff and the sleeves to fit her sense of aesthetics.

She pauses behind Wendy's shoulder to look at Stewart's portrait, always curious in other artists' work. When the woman mutters under her breath 'never felt that before,' Faith pipes up from her silent stance behind Wendy. "Never felt what?"

"Whatever the woman could do. I mean, I've felt a lot of different kinds of gifts, but I still.. I still find some that I've never felt before" Wendy wiggles her fingers, staring at them. "Tourists, they wouldn't do you two a lick of good. But there's… one coming close, I can feel it" Wendy turns in her seat to look towards Faith and the changing internal compass point that moves with the motion of the person that it's attuned to. A cluster of people, locals from the look of it. "Someone in… that… group" a pause.

"Yeah, someone in that group"

Faith's eyebrows rise as she watches the woman babble. She glances over at the group of people nearing them. "Someone in that group is … what?" she prods, hiking her bag up a bit on her shoulder. A sketchbook peeks out, but it contains her camera equipment and pens and charcoal as well. "You can feel their gifts?" she repeats. Apparently she can only speak in questions. "Like, do you mean, like, abilities? Evolved stuff? Or are you talking like religious stuff?"

"What, did you think I just guessed?" comes a slightly sarcastic jab at the other woman. "Gotta touch em to figure it out, but… yeah… someone in that group coming past us.." Well, they were just within her range but they were the ones in front of her as opposed to the… two that kept darting in and out of her range behind her.

"I have no idea. You could just be a crazy artist chick in Central Park for all I know," Faith retorts. It's a valid point, isn't it? "So you can't tell what that woman can do, but you can tell she can do something?" she says with a nod toward the woman whose hand Wendy just shook. "If you knew what she could do — then you'd recognize it someone else had the same ability? That's pretty cool…"

'If I have name for it, you bet" Wendy answers as she leans over, fishing her beat up wallet out of an equally beat up bag. Her registration card is plucked out and handed to Faith. "Power deeetection.. There's still a lot I probably don't know, but, I learn em. Each one feels the same" There's a couple women who stop to look up at the posted pictures on the poles and Wendy offers them a smile. "20 bucks gets you a charcoal"

Faith takes the card, not having actually seen one of the Registry cards before. "Interesting," she says, taking note of the woman's name before handing it back. "So what's it feel like? I mean… when you can feel them from the distance, and when you touch them? Does it hurt or itch or what?" she asks curiously.

There's a shrug of Wendy's shoulders. "Hard to say it's just… Well, like right now, that group, there's only one pull, it's like a compass you see" She points with the butt end of her pencil as the two who were admiring walk off. "As they move, that pull moves. The closer they are, the better I can pinpoint it down to who exactly it is. But I gotta touch em to know, ya know?" Probably doesn't know. "And I don't know like.. a pro, a flamer, I just get.. hot. Like someone licked my palm with some flame"

"Wow. I'm surprised you haven't been swooped up by the people who work with them… you know, the Homeland department or whatever. They ever approach you, try to recruit you? 'Course, you don't really look the type to be law enforcement," Faith says. It's clearly a compliment in her eyes. "I don't have a power, but then I guess you know that already."

"Eh, nope. Not at all. I think they have better things to do and probably people better able to do what I do anyways." The registration card is tucked away. "What do you do, when you're not parked beside me here at the park? And no, no, I get no vibes off you. I get nothing off folks who aren't carrying around abilities"

Faith nods. "I'm a photographer for the news. Well, an intern, but paid, anyway. Hoping we'll make it full time, eventually, my sister and me. She's a reporter. My name's Faith Kelly," the slim blond girl says, holding a hand out to Wendy. "I'm more of an artist but you know, taking photos pays the bills for now. I'd like to do more fine art eventually."

"Hey faith, Wendy. I'm just a plain old artist" The small group is passing by and it catches her attention due to proximity. the group breaks off into two pairs, one heading across to the right and the other to the left and the water. Wendy's eyes follow the ones towards the water, sorta lost in thought

"What's wrong?" Faith asks, her head turning to watch the ones that head to the water. "Something abnormal?" Her 'nose for news' (and maybe for blackmail possibilities) gets a little itchy as she looks back to Wendy, her head tilted in curiosity. "It's like gay-dar but with Evo people…"

"prettttty much, no, just watching. I think it's the guy, they're standing too close together to be sure" But enough of that, they're walking away and it's less distracting, and there's potential customers approaching. "Gaydar for evo's" Wendy snorts. "Good one Faith"

"Too bad Evo-Dar doesn't sound catchy or I could trademark it or something, right?" the tall blond says with a chuckle. "Hey, do you go to museums or galleries or stuff like that? My sister hates it and sometimes it's more fun to go with someone else."

"Sure, Not like I don't have time" Bummer, more lost customers. Wendy fishes in her bag again for her smokes and her lighter. Once found, they're shoved onto hear easel ad n scrap of paper gets her number written on it. "Call. Anytime" It's held out, waggled towards faith for the taking if she wants it. "Could always use a distraction."

"It's a big city. Hard to find friends, sometimes," Faith says and smiles. She pulls out her card and a pen, scribbling a number on it. "My work number and then my cell," she explains. The card identifies her as a New York Daily News photographer. "It was nice to meet you, Wendy." With that, Faith heads down toward the water, to find a place to sit and sketch for herself.

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