Evo Prison May 2011

This morning, the Department of Evolved Affairs has announced its intentions to fund the building of an Evolved-only prison facility with a $65 million commitment. Working closely with the Department of Justice to provide advisement, the expectation is for a fully functional prison facility that caters to the special requirements of Evolved inmates to be opened in early May 2011. It is to be located in Delaware and will be able to house a maximum of five hundred inmates.

"The Delaware Correctional Facility for Evolved will be a state-of-the-art prison for Evolved inmates that have been convicted for a wide variety of charges," Senior Analyst Georgia Mayes commented. "It will be just as humane as our most advanced facilities currently going. I have a very good relationship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and I look forward to being able to provide [the Department of Evolved Affairs'] research and influence towards creating a safer environment for Evolved inmates while they live out the terms of their conviction without prejudice."

Secretery of the Department of Justice Doug Appleyard refrained from commenting on recent media attention on alleged Evolved prison Moab Federal Penitentiary, but has hopes to make the building of Delaware Correctional Facility for Evolved "as transparent and open as possible" to public inquiries.

When asked if the Government would implement a negation treatment for prisoners, Appleyard said, "We are currently researching options. This will be a point of discussion."

Mayes provided comments in a later interview with the Times. "Agent Lazzaro's research highlighted so many of the problems the Department of Evolved Affairs is attempting to resolve. We have no secrets. Frankly, I feel like the Department of Defense has a [expletive] load to answer for."

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