Evolved And Conversations


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Scene Title Evolved And Conversations
Synopsis Wendy scouts out the evolved and Kurt and Adelaide talk meetings and history
Date September 29, 2009

The Surly Wench

A punk rock pub through and through, The Surly Wench is dim, cramped, and incredibly popular. It's a small, rectangular venue with a bar bordering one entire wall. Despite this, ordering a drink on a weekend can be an exercise in line-waiting and rib-elbowing. There are a few small tables ringed with high stools for seating, but these are prime real estate. The majority of the patrons are forced to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on any given night. Almost half of the cramped interior is devoted to a low stage for live music. There's no dance floor. If you feel the need, you'll have to thrash in place.

A late night at the Surly Wench, people are drinking, and stage performances are up ther. Tonight, the stars seemed to favor Adelaide. Her gitaur is out, a slow song is played to rig the attention of the awaiting crowd. She played. The young evolved woman, pouring out her heart and soul into the words and tune from the stringed isntrument. She sang, her voice was clearly trained- and she was talented. Sweet, empheral, sensual, beautiful, her voice carried through the microphone, as she lulled the hushed crowd. Drinking made everything just a little more rose-colored.

Slow songs suck. Not that the singer isn't nice but Wendy is not a fan of slow songs. So after displaying her assets to a higger member of the local chinese mafia just the other day, she's laying low in the lower east side. Cue the moby song. The upside is that there's more than a few evo's here, which makes Wendy more than happy. Lots of touching gonna be happening tonight. Not too many that she's gonna risk another Lucy incident though.

So up to the bar the tall woman creeps, leaning agaisnt it and wheeling back and forth on one heel while she waits for the bartender to pay atteniton to her!. Legs to canada, a little on the skinny side and hair of a fifties pinup along with the appropriate skort skirt and expensive top, she's looking around, trying to get the attention of one of the males of the species that's popped up on her evo-dar.

Deciding for a bit of a change of scene tonight, Nicolas pushes open the door to the Surly Wench and since this isn't Old Lucy's, he doesn't have his regular bar stool reserved. He pauses at the door, glancing up at the stage for a moment before he moves towards the bar and manages to find an empty spot. He takes off his jacket and sets it on the stool before he sits down, leaning against the bar top as he waits his turn to order.

She moves a little, setting herself up for her second set, Adelaide begins to play, this time its a rather, raunchy, ballad, sort of like one of the those Irish drinking songs-beautiful intense, raunchy. She keeps right on singing, making eye contact with a few of the younger men in the audience. She pauses during the refrain. "I can't hear you!" she calls out of the mic.

Kurtis Campbell is looking as frumpy as ever. though it looks like he tried to be a little less frump and a touch more grunge tonight with a plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up. He looks a touch lost in the crowd watching to musician he met last night play intently and beer in hand. Taking a sip he shakes his head and looks about the rest of the bar then as the music changes smiles enjoying this one a whole bunch more.

"Alright," Cardinal pushes himself up from his chair, reaching over to clap his hand on the shoulder of the scruffy, aging punk that he was talking to, a quick and tight smile flashed to the other man, "Just let me know if you hear anything else, you know I'm keeping an eye on this shit. And you still owe me."

The denim-jacketed man gives his shoulder a companionable punch, rolling his eyes despite a wry smile before drifting away towards the door. That little corner meeting completed, Cardinal pushes his way through the crowd on his way to the bar, dressed in his usual bdus-and-leather-jacket ensemble.

"Hey handsome" When Cardinal approaches the bar, a spot opening up conveniently beside the leggy brunette. The songs picking up and she wheedles back and forth in time to Adelaide's turning, yelling back appropriately when others yell with the song. Cardinal is riiight there on the evodar, though she's been watching Kurt as well. Out comes her hand, offered to shake. "I'm Wendy. Wendy Hunter"
Nicolas finally manages to get the bartender's attention to place his drink order. "An Irish Car Bomb, a shot of whatever and a beer." He says simply before he digs into his back pocket to pull out a ten. As the bartender goes to fetch the punch in the order to the register, Nicolas concentrates for a moment on the register, the bartender getting a confused look on her face at the total. She blinks for a moment before she shrugs and comes back to Nicolas. "Three fifty." She says to him and he pays the woman before she goes to get his drinks.

Lets her music die down as the singing ends. She smiles and takes her stage bow as she allows herself the rest. She moves out off the small stage, packing away the gituar. She uses it sort of as a shield as she makes her way to the bar. "Heya" she says politely paying for a rather fruity drink-a daquerry-the strawberry kind.

Kurt smiles as Adelaide finishes her set. The young man tries to get her attention but just lifts his hand a little then rethinking it goes back to his beer and fins it very interesting. Wendy get a bit of an eyebrow raise until he realizes she isn't talking to him and the bike courier stifles his misunderstanding with another sip from his drink.

A convenient spot is, conveniently, taken as Cardinal steps along up to the bar; bringing a hand up in a vague sort of beckoning towards the bartender while she's serving Nicolas, putting himself in whatever sort of queue there is. A turn of his head then takes note of Wendy, a smile crooking up at one corner of his lips, "Hunter, eh? Out hunting tonight, I guess…" He hesitates a moment, then shrugs one shoulder, reaching over to briefly clasp the offered hand in a shake.

"It's the best kind of sport, sometimes I wish they'd make it an olympic sport. Maybe i'd get gold" Her hand is warm as it comes down around Cardinals and lingers for perhaps a few more moments that it really should. But with a slightly distracted look in her eyes, she lets go. Long enough that is before she leans in to whisper into Cardinals ear. This gives the opportunity to look over at Nicolas and give a wink.

Nicolas smiles as his drinks arrive, arranging them slightly to allow himself more room. He glances up around the room before he takes up the shot and positions it over the pint of Guiness. He catches the wink and offers a slight nod before he drops the shot glass in and downs the pint, setting both empty glasses on the bar.

Drinking her daquery, Adelaide stops at the sound of a voice, clearly calling towards her. She looks around but then goes back to drinking her drink slowly. She listens to the others talk and murmurs around her.

"It'd certainly make for a more interesting show, although I doubt they'd be able to show it on basic cable," observes Cardinal, tongue firmly in cheek and amusement threaded through his voice. He turns a bit towards the approach of the bartender, lifting his reclaimed hand, "Bourbon and coke— " Then there's a murmur in his ear, and he turns his head a bit more sharply to look down to Wendy, brow furrowed, "What?"

Kurt slips over towards the bar as he finishes his beer and smiles to Adelaide, "Why hello again." He says with a touch of a smile and attempts to wave the bartender over to order another beer. Kurt finally gets his order of a heineken and as a rather large man vacates his seat Kurt watches to make sure he isn't coming back for it before sitting down. Raised voices catch his attention and Cardinal and Wendy get a half look.

"You heard what I said" Wendy murmurs, pulling back to pluck at her glass of whiskey on the rocks. "I'm just curious, can't fault me" And with that, she's moving away from Richard, a sway in her steps as she maneuvers around him and then to Nicholas, wedging her way in beside him. "Hey"

Turning her head, Adelaide smiles, "A pleasure." she says politely to the person who spoke to her. "It's a pleasure to see you again." she winks, though she sets down her her glass, though her fingers are still around the glass. "So," she breaths softly. She glances at the the sound of slightly raised voices. She relaxes a little bit though as the voices go back down-though its a bar so voices going up isn't too unexpected.

Hey, she's not getting away that easily after that quiet little comment in his ear. A few bills are tossed out to pay for the drink set down for Cardinal, and he sweeps it off the counter, stepping back from the bar and heading in casual pursuit of the young woman, brow furrowed and a slight frown lingering upon his lips.

Kurt grins to the young woman and nods his head, "Oh yeah nice to see you again, It was Adelaide right?" He says before taking the first sip of beer. The woman moving over to someone else catches Kurts attention and he watches the man pursue her with a touch of interest.

Ignoooooored. Wendy raises her brows at Nicolas before turning away from him. Sure there's a bump of hip followed by a grin when she knows exactly what he is. But turning brings her face to face with Cardinal again. "Hey there. Back for more?"

Adelaide nods politely. "Yes." She says softly, She works slowly nursing her drink very carefully. "And you are….?" she asks curiously she raises an eyebrow.

"You can't just ask a question like that and walk away," Cardinal points out, his lips twitching into a smirk as he looks down to Wendy from that hand's breadth away, eyebrows twitching up over the edge of his shades, "What makes you ask a question like that, anyway?"

Kurt ohs and fumbling to hold his hand out to the girl again Kurt looks a touch like a bumbling idiot, "Sorry Kurt Campbell." He offers and looks back towards Wendy and Cardinal again quickly before focusing his attention abck to the singer lady.

"I can't?" She gets away with it all the time frankly. One hand comes out to toy with the fabric covering his shoulder and a wide grin. "Pretty sure I did. But, then again, you're biting like a fish on a hook Mr. Shadow" She lifts her whiskey glass still smiling oh so brightly. "Call it a party trick, a little something to break up the monotony of drink after drink and men." Kurt's also got her attention and she turns away from Richard again so she can maneuver the few more feet. Brush up against curt with a hip, and in turn right after, Adelaide. "Oops! Pardon me! Sorry. Damn heels, so high" And then right on to another corner of the bar, looking over her shoulder to wink at Cardinal.

Adelaide smiles. She nods. A pleasure K-" she wobbles a bit not because she's unstead but from the bump of the other woman. "Easy.." she calls out in a quiet voice. She turns to look at the others who move by her, there's a curious glance and then she turns her attention back to Kurt.

The young woman drifts off through the crowd, and Cardinal watches her for a moment before following; weaving through the crowd after her, circling another table before intercepting along beside her, one arm reaching out to ever-so-casually drape itself across her shoulders to try and guide her along in a turn from the corner she's heading towards. "I don't usually let go once I'm hooked," he observes ever so casually, "In fact, I've been known to drag the whole damn fisherman into the drink…"

Kurt blinks as he looks up towards the woman bumping into them, "You alright ma'am?" He asks before shaking his head and taking another sip of his beer trying to ignore the woman and man apparently in their own little world, "Nice act by the way." He says politely to Adelaide.
Adelaide smiles. She bobs her head. "Yes…" she says. She moves a little and slides back onto the chair. "Ma'm?" she looks at Kurt with and a glare of 'watch it'. "I am not older enough to be called ma'm." she growls at him a little.

"Yup! Sorry. Like I said, heels. Sometimes, you just can't walk in em" She apologizes again to Kurt and Adelaide before she's is intercepted from her next go round of the bar by Cardinal and his arm and his ability blaring in her senses since he's touching her. "Really? While interesting, i'm not interested in you. Just in shaking your hand, so. Hands off tall, dark and handsome. So find another worm to catch hmmm?" Her fingers pluck at his arm and be bends her knees to ease out from under him to lay her drink on a table and head on out.

Sometimes, the fisherman can be slipperier than the fish. The woman slips out from beneath him and heads for the door, and Cardinal lets her; bringing the drink up to his lips, he takes a sip thereof, watching her for a few moments with a thoughtful expression.

Kurt blinks up at Adelcide and looks confused, "I um…ah…I was calling her um ma'am…sorry. I mean of course you aren't old enough to be ma'am." He admits with a hint of a flush and another mummered, "Sorry…" The bike courier isn't quick on his feet it seems. Cardinal gets a raised eyebrow from Kurt.

Out the door Wendy goes, a flash of thigh, a swing of her head that sends her long ponytail over her shoulder and a wriggle of her fingers in goodbye to the shapeshifter and she's gone.

Adelaide grins. She moves towards him, "No its ok. I'd really wasn't paying attention." she tells him quietly. She leans forwards a little watching him. It's not uncomfortably close but its a pleasant smile on a woman. "It's ok. Don't worry about it. We're probably going to be running into people all night. This place is pretty small."

Cardinal gives his head a shake, then, finishing off his drink and setting the glass down on a random table nearby. He ignores the bemused, offended exclaimation of the man sitting there, and heads after the young woman departing, his steps rather casual.

Kurt looks around the room again and nods his head to Adel, "Yeah it's a touch nuts in here." He admits and gives her a touch of a thankful smile, yay the girlly didn't run away from his bumbling, "So that card you gave me? What is that group all about?"

Adelaide smiles. "It's Evolved Anonymous, a group I run." she begins. "It's for those who are evolved, the non evolved, though who want to practice their abilities, think of it like AA, but more like a support and practice group too."

Kurt ohs and raises an eyebrow at this, "You evolved yourself then?" He asks without hesitation, not am evolved hater himself, "But the group is for non-evolved to? What do they have to practice?"

Adelaide nods. "I am. I can.. read, and perhaps more if I work a little harder… I can read memories." she finishes. "Yes, its for non evolved too. Its a place for them to come and talk in safety. I don't like how the non-evolved, are either too scared or can't discuss themselves freely. Parents with evolved children. Or people with evolved friends, should be able to sare their stories."

Kurt ohs and tilts his head to the side looking at her, "Read people's memories? Sounds like a bit of a drag to me, hope you don't catch any of mine." He grins trying to say it jokingly, "I'm not evolved myself but maybe I should drop by, check it out sometime." He suggests and grins a touch wider, "Can't hurt really."

Adelaide nods. "Well I have to touch and make eye contact." she begins trying to explain. "So its not like random, physical contact is required. I have to be… sort of focusing on it abit."

Kurt nods his head at this and takes another sip of his drink, "Still most people's memories around her aren't the greatest I bet." He shrugs and takes a longer drag from his drink this time.

Adelaide thinks. "I wouldn't know. Its a toss up I suppose. I'd have to touch them, eye contact and need to try and look into it."

Kurt chuckles lightly and shrugs his shoulders, "Alright you got me there." He admits before giving her a touch of a smile.

Adelaide says, "I do?" she asks softly. She moves a little, "So what about you?"

Kurt chuckles lightly, "Well I mean not like you're gonna go through all that effort to pove my point." He shrugs again and then hums, "Me? What about me?"

Adelaide grins. "Yes what about you, Kurt?" she sits back a little and drinks a bit.

Kurt ohs and shrugs again, "Well I'm just a bike courier. Worked at Alley Cat Couriers for the last year or so." He smiles lightly, obviously liking his job, "And I dabble in computers on the side, never graduated MIT but was there for 2 years before the bomb."

Adelaide nods. "Ahh.. well why not get a degree now and make some money doing computer stuff?"

Kurt's brow furrows at this and he seems to lean back a touch, "Well it's complicated really…" He gets a bit of a far away look and then taking a sip of his drink shakes his head, "Sorry…I mean just been in New york for so long, don't think I coudl leave it to go finish."

Adelaide nods. "Ahh. I've lived here my whole life so I understand."

Kurt smiles to her, "Yeah lived her my whole life except for the MIT years." He says with a grin, "This place may be hell to some but home to me."

Adelaide nods in agreement. "Very much." she breaths. "I do wonder though, what'd have been like, would the bomb have changed our lives the way it did? I mean I wouldn't have really continued my pursued dream of being a doctor, I don't think if the Bomb hadn't gone off… ifi t hadn't taken my family."

Kurt ohs and downing the rest of his beer he raises an eyebrow at her again, "A doctor you say? Way outta my league." He makes the horrible joke and his dark skin darkens more with a flush, "I mean…oh the bomb took your family as well?" He asks distracted by the more serious matter.

Adelaide nods. "Out of your league? Nothing is out of anyone's league, as long as the other person shows interest." she begins politely. "Believe me, I do want to find someone, but I think my dream of being a doctor, drives me to want… higher things, than just that… but I guess alot people would be shocked that I still want to be a singer-songwriter, world published author and a doctor."

Kurt chuckles at the slightly younger girl, "Well you have got lofty dreams Adelaide. I just want to make sure I have a shower every morning and a hot cup of coffee or I just can't wake up."

Adelaide laughs. "Well Its a dream mostly, I can do the doctor part, and drink lots of tea." she explains. "I'll be fine."

Kurt makes a face at the mention of tea, "Tea? Ah lady you need to rediscover coffee." He winks to her and leans on the bar as she asks for a third drink.

Adelaide Smiles. "I don't like the taste." She's swapped for something lighter. "Usually."

Kurt shrugs and grins to her brightly, "Well fine, I guess. I still think anyone who doesn't like the nectar from the god, coffee, has issues." He winks and grabs the new beer brought to him.

Adelaide grins. "No it's the taste. THe smell of flavored coffee is divine, but I still don't like the taste." she finishes her drink. "So, what are you planning to with the rest of your life?

Kurt shrugs at this, "No clue really. I'm only twenty three got plenty of time to figure that out I figure." He twirls the bottle around between his fingers, "So are you actually studying to be a doctor now? I mean you really ought to use that voice, it's beautiful." He compliments.

Adelaide nods. She averts her eyes at the compliment. "Thanks. And I do intend on it. My other dream is to become a singer-songwriter, you know as back up, for leisure time job. Enjoy my voice, my talent, tell stories with song. Inspire people."

Kurt smiles at this and nods his head, "Can't carry a tune myself so much impressed by you." He grins, the beer making him a touch less awkward. "Must be hard though, you have tons of studying I guess."

Adelaide nods. "More than I care for, my house is pretty much medical books, and books for pleasure of reading."

Kurt chuckles a takes a long drink from his beer afterward, "You'd hate mine. Filled with computer parts and equipment."

Adelaide says, "Well I kind of know how computers work and how to put them together, sort of…""

Kurt grins to her, "Ah they can be complicated, but always work the same way twice. Comforting really." He downs the rest of his beer and smiling to her says, "Alright no more for me. Never ride a bike with a hangover through midtown."

Adelaide nods. She smiles. "Agreed." She pushes her cup away and nods to the bartender who takes the glass and pulls from the register, a twenty dollar bill and hands it to her. "Thanks." she says. She puts the money away. She stands slowly, not drunk, she'd be drinking water in between her three glasses of daquerry. "Shall we go take a walk?"

Kurt ohs and isn't gonna turn down this opportunity, "Well can't have you out there by myself. My mother would have killed me." He gets up and smiles to Adelaide waitign for her to lead the way out.

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