Evolved Anonymous


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Scene Title Evolved Anonymous
Synopsis The first meeting of the Evolved Anonymous.
Date August 28, 2009

Suresh Center: Ground Floor

Conference Room

The conference rooms, were a little warmer than Adelaide had anticipated, and the young woman removed her jacket and set it on the back of one of the chair. She stood waiting, and pacing only a little bit careful to look down at her notebook, one of two set up on the table. She smiled at it and then checked her cellphone for the time.

The tall redhead who walks into the room just before the official start time smiles toward Adelaide. She's wearing a pair of black slacks and a teal blouse, definitely in 'business casual' mode in spite of the late hour on a Friday. "You're the organizer, right?" She walks over and offers her hand. "Megan Young. I'm one of the medical staff here at the Center. I thought I'd pop in and check out what's going on with your group. I hope that's okay?"

Nicolas steps into the conference room, scanning over the room. He has his hands stuffed into his jacket pockets as he looks at those gathered here. He looks to one of the women as he speaks. "Is this the Evolved meeting place?" He asks with a hint of uneasiness in his voice.

Clunk Thud Clunk

Down the hall from the conference room, in the men's restroom a fierce struggle is taking place. This struggle is between one hotheaded fuzzy little man and one pristine white toilet bowl. A black loafer strikes violently against the toilet, before a fist swings out rapidly, making a small indentation in the stall barrier. Turning the man flings his forehead into the stall door, one, two, three times. Throwing his wrist up, his teeth clamp down into it, briefly muting the scream he lets out into his own flesh. A final kick is delivered to the toilet, the flip up lid, popping off and clattering to the ground.

Man 1 Toilet 0

A long moment of silence passes. Then comes the flush. Stepping out of the stall, Douglas clears his throat, brushing one hand over his brow he then adjusts his black tie over the blue shirt. Grabbing his jacket off the counter, he exits the bathroom and walks casually down the hallway, finally stalling at the conference room. Leaning in slightly a single knuckle is brought up to give a little tap tap to the open door. Subsequently he steps in, his body language echoing Nicolas' question, though he says nothing.

Adelaide nods. "Fine!" she says with joyous warm tone. "As a note, as I said, this place is open to Evolved and non,so if you're going to chime in do so,with anything at all." She exhales and flops into her jacket backed chair.. She nodes to Nicolas warmly at the second visitor. "It is. Welcome to Evolved Anonymous, I guess the name should changed.. Non & Evolved Anonymous?" she muses. "Anyway… please sit… and we can start."

Megan moves to go sit in one of the chairs, crossing her legs at the ankle in the way of women used to decorum and not flashing leg in skirts. She nods to both of the men in the doorway with an easy smile. "Welcome to the Suresh Center," is all she says.

Nicolas nods his head as he steps into the room, moving towards the chairs and takes off his jacket. He looks to the redhead and smiles slightly. "Thanks." He glances behind him once before he drapes his jacket across the back of the chair and sits down. He rubs his palms on the top of his knees as he eyes each person for a moment before he moves onto the next person.

A twitch of a flash of a wink of a smile comes up at the welcoming before dying back down. Walking in Douglas goes to find himself a chair. Easing himself into one, quite slowly, one leg is thrown up over the other as is common to do it seems. Grabbing his knee with both hands his eyes fix straight ahead in the lapse of silence that is the time where everyone goes to take their seats.

Not looking at any particular person, Douglas stares straight ahead. That is, until someone speaks once again. Then he will blink out of his trance and do well to pay attention again.

Adelaide smiles. There's a warmly pleasant smile on her face. "Welcome to the first meeting of Evolved Anonymous… not that I expect us to remain such. I set this up as a way for those of with gifts… the evolved, to practice and dicuss and learn, and communicate. For those of us who are not evolved… your welcome to share experiences, and offer support and join in with dicussions for us, even participate with the power -practice, if you wish." she brushes her hair carefully with her hand.

For a brief moment the young african american woman, surveyed her small group. "You don't have to give your names if you don't want to… I know there is.. animosity between evolved, non, the tensions are high and things in the world aren't helping. I am Adelaide… I actually publiced outed myself at the opening of the Center-if you all might remember…" she tries to smile. "Not the best choice, but it was one I did to show that I wasn't afraid of who and what I was and the world should be either… I am not particilarly in favor of the registration- as an african American, I believe… it smacks abit of discrimination, but" she raises her hands and shakes her head. "Oppps, I digress.. we're here to talk about what we can do to help one another. Why not going around and give a name-if you want- and one thing about you -evolved, do not make it power related- mine is…" she pauses to think… "I am songwriter, and a writer in General and want to become a doctor…"

Megan listens to the young woman thoughtfully. She says mildly, "I'm Megan Young… I work here at the Center and wanted to give you all someone you can speak to if you're having problems. I'm a registered nurse and I work in the medical wing here. In case you're interested, I am not Evolved, I merely think that education and training are the best ways to help people who have abilities to integrate into the world around them." She chooses not to mention more.

Nicolas nods his head as he listens, looking to the others. As his turn arrives, he takes a deep breath before he starts to speak. "My name is-" He pauses for a few seconds before he continues. "-Jason. I am Evolved, but I'm not registered. Like Adelaide," He motions to the woman. "I don't agree with the registration. I was a computer hacker before I was arrested, but then I got my… gifts I suppose you could call it."

Douglas leans forward, watching the others as they each take their turn in speaking. For his part, he says nothing. Simply here to observe so it seems.

Adelaide smiles. "I am registered for the record- after outing myself, I thought it best since I could avoid it since I'd been… recording saying I was…" she looks down at her hands. She thinks a moment. "Now, I suppose I should ask what you all might want to dicuss… first and foremost, this is a group for support."

Megan has the thought that this is … unlikely to go well. Since Adelaide's group consists primarily of herself and one scared boy, and one … surly one. She studies the two boys but leaves them to speak first.

Nicolas shrugs slightly before he bites his lower lip slightly. "I don't know. I have never really been to anything like this, so I'm not sure what the usual things that are usually talked about."

One black loafer bounces up and down. His heel pumping somewhat rapidly, finally it plants against the ground firmly with a sharp yet semi-quiet slap against the tile. Leaning back in his chair, a single finger comes up to drape against his lip, tap, tap, tapping there. The conversation seems to come to a standstill, and that's when Douglas' hand shoots into the air.

Holding his hand up, the man doesn't actually wait to be 'called on' to voice his question. "Is support different for ze ah…?" He frowns deeply his seemingly french accent heavy through his lips. "For ze ah, different powers? For example, what is your power and how do we support, dat?"

Adelaide thinks. "Well we could always just be friends, be the best way to start, what do you for a living? I am college student, and song writer… and writer… and occasionally I go in as media." she grins. "Mine? hmm.. as far as I know I an looking into peoples memories… I can experience… things they have, but its random from what I know…" she thinks. She extends her hand… "Actually this would be a good time to 'demonstrate', I think… I'd like to try if it ok, something, I wanna see if I can trigger it… I usually 'can't' and so nothing happens."

Megan tilts her head, her blue eyes narrowing very faintly at the French accent. A Frenchman in New York? All right…. maybe. But it's an oddity that draws her attention for a moment. "I'd say the best support for anyone is friendships," she adds her two cents' worth. "People with powers are no different than …. people who can sing opera or play piano like a virtuoso or do complex mathematics in their heads, in general. Statistically, the vast majority of abilities out there are benign. Obviously there are more destructive abilities, and people unlucky enough to be given those do need other kinds of help. Homeland Security offers both training and drug negation as necessary, from what I understand." She looks to Adelaide warily, getting up to move a little further away. For all her willingness to support people with 'Evolved' abilities, Megan's well aware that some people are not exactly as benign as others so she gives Adelaide room to work.

Nicolas glances over to the French guy for a few moments as he asks about people's powers. He glances back over to Adelaide as she answers. An eyebrow raises slightly as he hears what her power is. He looks at her then to the French man as Adelaide asks for a volunteer. His eyes return to Megan as she speaks, still not offering his memories up for a sneak peek.

His eyes locked on Nicolas, Douglas watches the man with a certain interest before he is able to reingage on the conversation. Something about seeing memories, and then a hand is touching his own. Douglas swings his attention back to Adelaide.

A lighter is tossed up into the air, the small flame flickering as it flails through the night before falling abruptly on the clothy surface. The flame suddenly erupts, licking over the kerosene covered man in less than instants. It then spreads to the woman, and the other man bound together. Setting the three of them alight. Their screams are muffled by the gags, but still so satiating. Douglas sits on the kitchen counter, watching with a small smile as the family is set ablaze.

His hand jerks back, pushing back in his chair the man sends a heated gaze towards Adelaide. His brows narrowing, hand practically twitching. His tongue crosses over his lips slowly, eyes setting firmly on Adelaide. "What did you see?" He asks quietly. His hand rests on his lap.

Adelaide watches. She looks between the people and drops her hand. "Right.. I guess no one wants their lives known. Sorry, I forget sometimes, that…" she thinks "people don't want their memories plucked and since it randoms.. I'd rather not live anyones personal lives…" Contact, both eye, and physical… Adelaide's mouth closes, her eye blinks as she's left shaking. "Horrible…" she whispers.. "cruelll." she closes her eyes and shakes her head and only looks at Douglas…. "That… its horrible… that… I won't dicuss someone else's memories, not infront of others, and I think this one is.. rather…. ahh…." she makes a small first, glaring at Douglas… "Did you really do that?" she asks… "The flames…" she almost looks as if she's gone into some sort of shock…

Enough of Megan's memories are of blood and war and death that she didn't want to traumatize the girl… she moved away to keep it from happening, but the sudden pallor of the dark-skinned girl alarms her. She moves immediately to get Adelaide to sit down. "Sit," she orders softly — but it's still clearly an order. Wary blue eyes turn to Douglas and she says quietly to Adelaide, "If you intend to continue with this group, I believe you should live by the AA confidentiality agreement. What's talked about in this room — or in the case of seeing memories, telepathy, or other assorted mental abilities — stays in this room unless it is a threat to self or others."

Nicolas fuzzles his brow as he watches the exchange between Adelaide and the French man. He remains silent as he watches the events between the other three unfold. He glances over towards the French man with a cautious look.

Adelaide nods slowly. She frowns. "No that's a good idea." she says in a slowly steading voice. She frowns. "No that's a very good idea.. its…" She leans against the table. "Thanks, Meg.." she breath.

A queasy grin raises up on the French man's lips. "Shouldn't take without asking." He whispers softly, his french accent all but dissolving in the softly spoken words. His hands rest on his knees for a moment before he pushes up to stand. Practically glowering down at Adelaide, he glances over to Megan, then to Nicolas. "Merci. I will be going now." A forced smile is given before the man turns his back and makes for the door.

Megan simply stares afer the man uneasily. Why did he come? Who was he? Is he a threat, or just a guy who wanted to know? Megan has no answers, and she merely pats Adelaide's shoulder lightly.

Nicolas watches as the French man starts to leave. He watches the man for a few moments before he looks to Adelaide with a slight eyebrow raised. "I take it that whatever it was that you saw, it wasn't good?"

Adelaide frowns. "I would think he didn't like me… like Evolved.." she mutters… She thinks. "Those were just horrible… murders I think…" she murmurs. "I am sure of it almost… so… twisted…" she shivers. She looks more and more less like a fragile doll. "I can't do anything about lives lost." she murmurs. "And saying that I saw it… even only as memory proves nothing he could deny it… or use it as Anti evolved centament and I bet things seen, through evolved powers aren't admissible in court." she licks her lips. "I didn't think I'd see such dark things, but such is the nature of my power… I suppose randomness…" she closes her eyes… before opening them again. "Sorry, I didn't mean to burden you or ramble. He was… umm… he… killed people.. burned them alive.." she blurts those last words out like a shot gun.

"The law hasn't caught up with things like telepathy, Adelaide," Megan says gently. "And even then, you'd have to prove what you saw was a memory of something actually done as opposed to a memory of a television show or a fantasy." She scratches her head. "I highly suggest that you do not view other people's memories as a method of sharing in this room," she says, her eyes on the door still. "It could prove… dangerous." She looks at the two. "This group is a good idea, I think… but… I think we might need to rethink how it's handled. A conversation between you and the director might be in order, Adelaide."

Nicolas looks between the two. "Should I consider this meeting over?" He asks as he starts to take his jacket off of the back of the chair. "For what it's worth, I do think that what you are doing is a good idea and I hope that it only takes off."

Adelaide nods. "Yes." she whispers. "Remember, what happens in this room stays here.. maybe.. but its the only power I have, the only gift I know and I'll be honest, I can't actually 'control' it persay, I know what triggers it but now 'how' at leas not in any meaningful way."

Megan smiles at Nicolas. "If you would like to stay… to talk about your talent and … what you want from it, whether you have control of it. I'm sure that conversation would be of help, Jason" she offers him. She's already offered her one bit of advice to Adelaide on this — keep what you see to yourself… cuz it could be VERY bad.

Nicolas nods his head slightly, stands up from his seat and puts on his jacket. "I won't say anything. I promise." He says as he looks to the two, offering a slight nod. "Thanks again." He says as he starts for the door. He stops for a moment as he looks over his shoulder to Megan and smiles. "My gift is always on. I hear it all the time. I just can't turn it off, but I know how to manipulate it." He says, turning around fully.

Adelaide frowns. "I thought once I got control, once I could begin to pull things at will with word and wants. I might be able to help… people psychiatrically, or with psychology."

Megan nods slowly to Nicolas. "All right. Take care, then." She pats Adelaide and says, "And perhaps you shall, as time goes on." Because it looks like tonight's meeting is over. "Drop the director email, Adelaide…I think you should speak with her directly."

Adelaide nods. "What do I say?" she asks. She stands and grabs her jacket and smiles. "I should be going." she tries to sound brave and less shaken.

Nicolas nods his head and smiles. "Thanks. You too." He turns his eyes from Megan then to Adelaide. "I'll see you next time." He says as he heads out of the room, closing the door behind him.

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