Evolved Anonymous Stepping out


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Scene Title Evolved Anonymous: Stepping out
Synopsis The Fourth meeting of Evolved Anonymous, once person shows up and things get discussed, powers get used and people get a little uncomfortable
Date September 20 2009

The Suresh Center

The lobby of the Suresh Center is an open, very well-lit space; the exterior walls are more window than wall. There's a raised half-level on the right side of the irregularly-shaped room as one walks in, carpeted in pine-green, decked with oak furniture and small table lamps; a comfortable-looking space, with actual living plants at the top of the stairs and scattered here and there elsewise. Continuing to the left brings one to the receptionist's desk, a small vending area located just beyond that.

Passing the receptionist brings a visitor to the core of the building. Here are the Kastin and Chapman auditoria, named for donors who provided the money that built them; rooms designed to seat many people for lectures and presentations, equipped with large projector screens, pervasive sound systems, and video recorders. Four conference rooms fill out the central section, reduced in scale but no less comprehensively outfitted. The wings which branch off to either side contain rows of classrooms: smaller, more private and personal, some with installed technology and some with nothing more elaborate than a whiteboard.

The classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoria are all available for public use; anyone who wants to reserve one may do so for a nominal fee, be it to teach a class, hold a meeting, or present a seminar. There are no restrictions on subject, nor even the credentials of the instructor or lecturer, though the Center waives all liability for courses taught by a third party (which is all of them). These courses and seminars are all by definition open to the public. Donations may be requested, or small fees charged, particularly for courses with a materials cost.

The Evolved Anonymous meeting had been Adelaide's pride and joy and today she really seemed to fufilling. For a few days she'd made a a sign. She settled a small item, in black velvet bags. She sets up five small places.

He's just come off-shift from security, so Leo's still in his rent-a-cop uniform, as he edges in, looking around. "This the meeting?" he enquires, as he peers around the edge of the door. Oddly shy, considering he works here.

A polite nod from the young woman at the head of the table. "Yep." she says cheerfully. Adelaide grins. Well that's interesting, she moves a little. "Take a seat, and we'll see who else shows up."

He settles, clearly grateful for the chance to be off his feet. Leo gives Adelaide a patient, but not unfriendly, looking-over. And then notes, "I'm Leo Shelby. You may've seen me around, since I work here, though I tend to work the night shifts."

Adelaide smiles. "Ahh, Adelaide Naimar, or Adelaide Xylander." she says cheerfully. "Nice to meet you Mr. Shelby." she says the way an enthusiastic child might. "As I said, welcome to Evolved Anonymous, its a group for people who are Evolved, or those who wish to learn about, get in touch with or otherwise break the cycle of dislike and fear.."

He settles in a comfortable slouch, nods. "A worthy cause," he agrees, amiably. "YOu Evolved yourself?"

Adelaide nods. "Yes. Though that's one of the rules here actually. It's like an AA meeting so what says doesn't get beyond this room."
Leonard lifts his hands in a little scout's honor gesture. "Of course," he says, glancing around.

Adelaide grins. "Yes."

Since there's no one else there, at least as yet, Leo leans in conspiratorially, brows lifting. "Can I ask what your ability is?" Not quite a whisper.

Adelaide nods. "Sure." she smiles. "I can read people's memories, I suppose. IT's flashes snippets. Kind of like a movie."
Leo leans back, lips pursed. "Do you like having it?" he asks, curiously.

Adelaide thinks. "I don't know. I want to learn to find and direct this ability to be able to help others, modify things. Maybe help people get over trauma or develop themselves in new ways."

"A worthy cause," Leo agrees, cheerfully. "I wish you luck with it."

Adelaide smiles. "I wish that too. I just wish I knew…"
Now it's just one brow that lofts towards his nearly-nonexistent hairline. "Knew what?" he enquires, laying one hand on the tabletop.

Adelaide smiles. "I just wish I knew how to control it, to direct and guide and shape and mold. I guess it might sound egotistical, but I want to… 'play god' in something, to have… I don't know… it probably sounds stupid and childish."
"I don't know about that," Leo says, quietly. "How much control do you have?"

Adelaide Shrugs. "None, they just come and become present, I suppose, I have to touch and make, meaningful eyecontact— I suppose… It can't be just a 'catch' of an eye, I think."
Telepathic powers of that nature -do- make him uneasy, but Leo's too polite to let it really show. "It just happens to you? You can't got looking for particular memories?"

Adelaide nods. "Correct." She begins. "At least not that I know of… I don't think I can direct it, they're fast and sort of 'random', so far the instances that bring them on, accept for at one EA meeting— it… was pretty bad the person who I saw… here…" she shudders. "I'd rather not talk about it."

Leonard lifts his hands, as if to ward off any such idea. "No need," he says, quietly. "I understand."

Adelaide raises an eyebrow. "What you do?"
"As my job, or my power?" He demonstrates his ability by lifting a hand….and a stray pen comes winging to his palm, to land soundlessly. "Telekinesis."

Adelaide smiles. "Quite handy I am sure for removing offending shoplifters weapons or or something." she moves and extends her hand. Thinking. she smiles. "Can I at least try…?"

Leonard raises his hand, but doesn't place it in hers. Having set down the pen, first, of course. "Try what?"

Adelaide smiles. "I want to see if I can try and tigger this, on my own. If that's ok. If I can learn to maybe I can learn to not…"
He shouldn't let her. He really shouldn't. But Leo nods his assent, and takes her hand. She's in for a wild ride.

Adelaide takes his hand. She's almost tenative, nervous like but she does try to make contact, open herself up. They way she's always immagined it. Opening her mind sort of the way she did naturally.

It's a brief flash - heat, pain, a blinding sun, the reek of garbage and sweat and the sulfurous smell of gunfire and ordinance, the rattle of automatic rifles. There are shouted orders in English, pleas in Arabic, and over all of it the distant wail of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. Battle, somewhere in Iraq. And al lthe while, Leo gazes at her mildly.

Adelaide stagged. She crumples into the chair. Sights, smells, sounds existance. Slammed back into her own body. Adelaide looks up at him, she's somewhere between shocked and sickened. "Oh… uhh…"

Leonard glides his hand back to his lap. He's gone a shade or two paler, himself. "What did you see?" he asks, and there's a curious intensity to his tone.

Adelaide swallows. She tries to express it in words. "The Middle east." she begins.

And Leo abruptly goes pale, lips thinning out. "I'm sorry. I served in Iraq for about eighteen months, total. Very vivid images…."

Adelaide nods. "Its ok. Its ok.. I think its fine. Sharing them . I don't know what I am going to get so, at least it wasn't something too horrible, this I think I can sleep through-maybe not well, but I could probably sleep."

HE drops his gaze, clearly chagrined. "I didn't think you'd get anything like that. I'm sorry."

Adelaide nods. "No no.. no.. there is nothing to be sorry about. Its those things that we.. take in and breath in that make us who we are. These things shapped you."

Leonard's lip curl. "I wish I could say different. Listen, I don't know what I can do to apologize…."

Adelaide shakes… her head. "No thank you for the opportunity."

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