Evolved Attack in the Bronx

On June 11th, 2009 at approximately ten-o'-clock in the morning, the NYC Police and Medical Teams where dispatched to a street in the Bronx after a call that young man, Nathaniel Douglas, age 26, was apparently 'drowning' on the sidewalk. Police reportedly arrived to find the man with water and blood seeping from his tear ducts and nostrils as he gasped for breath. Eye-witnesses state that the man was trying to help a young, disgruntled, Asian woman when he suddenly began to convulse and fell onto the sidewalk in such a state. The young woman fled the scene directly after. Douglas has been rushed to the city hospital with severe injuries, but is expected to recover.

Police officers are working with the witnesses in hopes of creating a sketch and ask that anyone with information please step forward to aid the investigation.

The relevant log can be found here.
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