Evolved Demon Penguins



Scene Title Evolved Demon Penguins
Synopsis Some scavengers look at a possible meal, and find something scarier…
Date April 24, 2010

"H-hey. Hey guys, are those— are those penguins, or— or'm I fuckin' hallucinating here?"

A hand wrapped up in woolen gloves points from beneath an overpass that's created a sunken area with snow piled up on either side, some mildew-riddled pallets set up to hold the white at bay and give the pack of vagrants taking shelter there somewhere safer to stay out of the weather. It's not indoors, but it's the next best thing, not that it's saying much.

One of the others pushes up from near the fire he's been nursing, walking over to squint over the piles of snow at the small group of dark, waddling shapes moving over the snow. "Holy shit," he mumbles through the ratty scarf wrapped about his face, "It fuckin' is a bunch of penguins."

"Shit. We fuckin' are in the arctic now— I told you, man, the magnetic pole shift! New York is the North Pole now!" That from one of the men crouched down near the fire, a little scrap of tinfoil emerging from under his knit cap, "It was gonna happen, I bet that's what caused all these Evolved and shit…"

"Shut up, Eddie," the first guy mutters, pulling a knife from his belt and scrambling over the snow-barricade into the open, "I'ma find out what penguin tastes like."

"Dude, we got plenty've food stashed back here from that grocery store we hit, the one they closed down 'cause of the weather? They might be rabid or have the— bird flu, or somethin'," the second vagrant insists, "Just leave 'em alone."

The knife-wielding scavenger starts carefully across the snow, heading towards the meandering group of penguins moving over the heavy snow-drifts. They hit a slight ledge, and slide down it, gathering themselves again at the bottom and waddling onward, ignorant of the man hunting them.

Closer, closer he draws, lips curving to grin a yellow-toothed grin in anticipation of a meal of penguin flesh. The knife is brought up, his other hand reaching out as he steps closer—

— and then the shadow of the penguins stretches suddenly across the white powder of the snow, a tatter-edged darkness with rips in it like gaping eyes and a jagged mouth, a whispered howl rising from the powder.


A shriek rises from the scavenger's lips, the knife dropped as he stumbles back— landing heavily on his ass on the snow, he scrambles back in a crab-crawl before managing to twist around and charge towards the safety of the overpass, tripping over the edge and falling in, shouting something about demon-possessed penguins.

"I knew it," Eddie howls from beside the fire, "I knew it! Government penguin experiments! They're— they're evolving birds! Transplanting human SLC DNA into them!"

Meanwhile, Richard Cardinal stirs a whispered chuckle as the penguin flock waddles along by, "Go with god, li'l birdies. You won't be filling any bellies today…" Not today…

The shadowmorph heads west on his own business. The penguins go east. The vagrant scavengers develop a phobia of flightless waterfowl.

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