Evolved Encounter

As the evening news rolls around, a local channel's normal friendly face appears grim, standing in front of the storefront of a Starbucks local to the Upper West Side.

"This is Steve Mitchell reporting on a horrifying set of events that have taken place earlier tonight in this quiet, quaint neighborhood coffee den. Two unidentified individuals, a man and a woman, confronted each other over a mocha. Their violent altercation ended with a wrecked shop and, as you can see, a destroyed window - it's a miracle that no bystanders were hurt, since eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that both of them were Evolved…"

The picture shifts to a poorly-pieced string of chopped interviews. Most of them seem to be with shellshocked college students who blabber about flying electricity and watching a man heal after being struck by lightning indoors. All in all, it's a very confusing segment.

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