Evolved Police Officers Potentially Corrupt

NEW YORK, New York — An investigative report from a former Internal Affairs detective that resigned recently from the New York Police Department is at the center of controversy after it was turned in early this morning. The report, written by Vincent Lazzaro (now of the Department of Evolved Affairs' Office of Intelligence and Analysis) hit the internet just a few short hours after it was leaked and immediately sparked debate over the place Evolved law enforcement officers should have in their respective departments, if any at all.

While Lazzaro's study was limited to the NYPD's operations over the last five years, his final conclusion — that further research should be funded immediately to determine whether or not Evolved police officers are capable of functioning effectively behind a badge at all — insinuates that the patterns of corruption and conflict of interest he recorded in his time there could have nationwide ramifications if left to play out without any action being taken. "The average Evolved officer out on the street," he says, "is mentally and emotionally unprepared for the massive conflict of interest they're dealing with out there every day, now. People look up to them — other Evolved citizens trust them - and then /they/ have to make a decision over whether or not they're going to bring an Evolved suspect in for resisting any number of new laws that they believe are problematic, or even unjust. It's not uncommon for them to make the choice they feel is 'right' instead of making the one that's legal."

The report goes on to acknowledge that individual officer discretion between what's right and what's legal is at times integral to policing, but that incidences of abuse tend to be higher and more serious when the Evolved issue is a factor. Additionally, Lazzaro has expressed his support of Federally designed and operated initiatives like FRONTLINE that are specially trained to work with Evolved citizens and issues unique to their legal condition.

Response from readers have varied widely, from outraged pro-Evolved activists demanding that such conclusions be supported by solid research prior to being presented as fact to Humanis First sympathizers pointing out that Lazzaro himself is Evolved and that the situation must be dire if even he's willing to stand up and say something. At the time this article was written, Lazzaro himself could not be reached for comment.

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