Evolved Reproductive Restriction Executive Order


President Petrelli Signs Executive Order Banning Evolved Reproduction Without Government-Issued License

By Damian Chase, October 17th 2011

President Nathan Petrelli has signed an order that restricts Evolved living in America from the right to reproduce.

The executive order initiates a ban, effective immediately, on any Evolved citizen from legally reproducing without both biological parents possessing a government-issued permit to procreate. The wording of this executive order leaves in question the fate of Evolved parents currently expecting a child, and states are expected to rule independently within the boundaries presented by the executive order.

Additionally, this executive order prohibits registered evolved from adopting children or acting as surrogate parents for Evolved or Non-Evolved embryos without this permit. The US Government is not expected to begin issuing these permits until January 2012. Evolved who break this law will face immediate incarceration without trial under the National Defense clause of the revised Linderman Act.

The policy also prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to loosen restrictions on Evolved procreation.

The ban is a blow to reproductive rights and personal freedoms across the United States and was met with fierce protests in every major city in the country following the order's signing. The setting in which the President chose to stage its reinstatement has Evolved rights activists outraged.

Mr Petrelli signed the executive order in the Oval Office, surrounded by Non-Evolved.

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