Evolved: Threat, Menace, or Worse?

Editorial by Ingram Wright

Since the solidification of Allen Rickham's bid for the Presidency, you'd figure that the Evolved threat would see this terrible decision on the part of the American people as a sign of some relenting towards their demands. But no — you'd be largely mistaken. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and the Evolved are skipping merrily down the path to Hades carrying that basket under their arm. Just a few days ago, after their very public appearance in New York's Cathedral of St.John the Divine, the radical Pro-Evolved terrorist group PARIAH not only started the wholesale slaughter of innocent lives, but they chose to make their targets innocent civilians.

There was the highly publicized and horrifying Howell-Family Massacre that took place on the 9th, where an entire family who supported the election of Rickham's Republican opponent Senator Andrew Mitchell was senselessly butchered to the last. PARIAH left their cheesy latin slogan plastered all over the house. Second, a body was found strung up in Wilkens Park down in Queens, naked and beaten to a bloody pulp with PARIAH's slogan again waving from a flag showing a nuclear explosion on it. Were they to blame for the bomb? All signs point to yes if you ask this reporter.

Now they're threatening honest, hard-working Americans with their threats of bombing construction sites! As if this Country and this world hasn't been through enough in the last two years, what we don't need are extremist lunatics like PARIAH running around and making all of our lives miserable. Now that Rickham is coming into office, there's a chance the Linderman Act might be repealed as well, maning these dangerous individuals will be able to walk the streets without being so much as given a second glance by the police.

They could be in our schools, in our places of work, with powers capable of destroying whole cities and we'd not be any more the wiser. This is the America that Allen Rickham is going to build, one where if we don't kneel to every whack-job terrorist or extremist our lives are on the line. That's the state of the world we're in, one where fear rules the day, and it's looking like it's going to remain that way for the next four years to come.

We're slouching towards armageddon, folks. And nobody seems to care.

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