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Scene Title Ew Gross
Synopsis Pizza is eaten, Delilah's bodily fluids are discussed, and Magnes ends up becoming Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Don't ask.
Date January 31, 2009

Magnes' Apartment

Earlier in the evening, around 6pm or so, Delilah, Kendall and Magnes are having a bit of a gathering at Magnes' place. Since it's evening, the smell of pizza rises up from the shop and gives his room the vague sense of being delicious. For the past fifteen minutes or so, he's left them in his room to their own devices, a room with poster on top of poster, most notably the Starfire (in a bikini) and Baroness above his bed, life sized, and the large Mary-Jane from Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane on the back of his door… also there's a Lois Lane on his bed wall.

There's plenty of book cases of TPBs and a few containers of comics for Kendall to go through, and his entertainment center, while only modestly sized, is stuff full of things from retro to newer games. The very newest addition to his room, a bit further past the Superman and Batman beanbag chairs, is the 88 keyboard with a small stool behind it. That's clearly brand new, and freakin' expensive.

So where the hell has he gone? That question is answered when he comes back in the door with two boxes of pizza, once again wearing that red Spider-Man shirt with the black symbol on the front. "Pizza's on me. I made it. I figure Kendall might want some traditionally cooked pizza."

Kendall is just a little uneasy being left in someone else's room with a hot girl, and he just kinda… keeps glancing around and at Delilah. When that 'glancing around' happens to go from Delilah to the poster of Starfire or vice versa, it's accompanied by a bright blush. He shifts his feet, and looks relieved when Magnes returns. "Ah, um… wait, you made it?"

Delilah hasn't been to Magnes' apartment in a long time, but she seems to have made herself right at home. Aside from the mark on her lip, she wasn't harmed by that riot and subsequent arrest- but the first thing she showed the guys was her new registration card, with a frown. And she may have tried to field some questions from Kendall if he had any. Hard to tell what 'Psychoactive Secretion' is, offhand. And if she has noted Kendall's uneasiness around her in a room full of posters like those, she hasn't said anything.

"Is that always the same shirt, or do you have a drawer full in here?"

"I, uh, just really like this shirt… I wash it." Of course she'd know why he likes it so much, but, Magnes just coughs a bit, taking a seat on the Superman beanbag and sitting the boxes on the floor. "Almost all the clothes I usually wear were picked out by Claire, and, well, it just feels weird putting them on now. Maybe one day. But anyway, yeah, I made the pizza. Don't worry, I've got about three years of experience." He lifts the lid of the top box, which is a meat lover's pizza, with all sorts of spices and such. "Pizza's what I'm best at making."

"Who's Claire?" Kendall asks, shifting his feet again. "Well I guess if no one's died so far it'd be safe to eat. After all, just because you're a delivery boy doesn't mean you know how to /make/ pizzas."

"Then find some new clothes, donate the old ones. If it is that much of a reminder you don't want to have, anyway." Delilah lifts a hand to cover a yawn. Still sort of tired-hungover from that whole arrest, perhaps. "If you want I can help you out again, though I'm sure you have enough sense to pick out your own clothes. His pizzas are good! They're safe." The redhead exclaims this heartily to Kendall, peering at the pizzabox.

"Claire's my gi— ex-girlfriend." Magnes swallows hard, briefly frowning, then suddenly smiles and pushes the boxes forward. "Come on, dig in!" he excitedly offers, raising one hand up to poke at his white bandages with a slight wince. "I like having female insight when I go shopping. And just so you know, I wasn't just a delivery boy!"

Kendall doesn't need to be told twice, especially since Delilah vouches for the pizza. "Ah, an ex." he nods sagely at that as if he knows what he's talking about. He kinda… can't think of anything else to say on the subject, however, having not even dated a girl yet, so he makes with the pizza-eating.
"You're lucky that bat didn't knock your head off, stop messing with the bandages." Delilah appeases him by taking one of the smaller slices; her appetite hasn't wholly come back yet. "If you really need help, I'll help. Do you have a nice suit? Every guy has to have a nice suit."

"I have a semi-casual suit I used to wear, but it's not, like, a Clark Kent suit… wait a minute." Magnes looks to the bookshelf near the entertainment center. "I actually think I have a Clark Kent costume, I'm not sure if that counts." Though one has to wonder, with all the costumes he has, where the hell are they? Certainly not in the small dresser at the end of his room. "Hey, Delilah, do we all seem like we have funny accents to you?"

Kendall looks at Magnes funny. "You…you're a /larper/, aren't you?" he asks in the same horrid fascination he'd use if he happened to catch sight of two rabbits furiously humping each other.

"Clark Kent costume doesn't count." Dee says before her mouth is occupied with a bite of food. She watches Magnes for a moment, eyes going to Kendall and then back. "No, you sound like people. Abby has an accent, you guys don't."

"I love Abby's accent, but then, I had a crush on her for a good eight months. She was my first kiss." Magnes' cheeks go red and he reaches for a slice of pizza himself. "I don't LARP, I go to conventions. I'm almost done with your Link costume, by the way. But, yeah, Abby's pretty cool, and the most unattainable girl on the planet. Who ever gets her is freakin' lucky though."

"I'm…. I'll only wear it if it's adult Link. I want a Master Sword." Kendall replies after glowering at Magnes. When accents are discussed, he shrugs. "I guess if everyone has the same accent you don't notice, huh? But everyone knows what a New York accent sounds like who isn't from here. It's been used in so many movies and tv shows and stuff. When people from outside the US think of American accents, it's either country, or New Yorkian."

"There's about five distinct ones, I think." On costumes, Dee has nothing to add. It seems like she is trying to not do anything for a moment and savor the fact she is not in a cell. "There are a lot of accents in Thomas Jefferson, so I stopped noticing years ago." Has she told Kendall where she used to live? Well, she did now. Not that it's too bad- just new.

"I always liked your accent, Delilah. It's like… well, it makes everything sound better." Magnes stuffs his face, mostly to avoid blurting anything too awkard. He hasn't been awkward in a long time, but for whatever reason, possibly the youth in the room, he's like he was a few months ago with Delilah. Regression is bad! "There's this woman, Huruma, don't know if you've met her, but she has the thickest accent I've ever heard. I kind of like it though, makes her sound like she can punch me with letters."

"You can't really call them different accents though." Kendall points out. "I mean, Brooklyn accents and such are more dialects than different accents, right?" munch on pizza thoughtfully.

Delilah lets out a laugh, on both counts. Plus she knows when he is holding back now. "If someone could punch me with letters I'd try and avoid them. I'm glad you like mine though, I actually get that a lot. People think it's cute, I guess."

"It is cute, you're cute in general. Kendall agrees." Magnes points a finger at him, which is followed by a slight invisible nudge. "I've fought people with some strange abilities. I think the most scary ability I ever went against was a woman who controlled blood, especially since this was before I could do cool stuff. And then when I fought Gabriel… he's not someone you hesitate with, or things just get bad." He assumes Kendall wouldn't know who Gabriel is, but Delilah… maybe.

Nope! The only Gabriel Kendall knows of is the archangel, and that couldn't be any farther than the truth. "Ah, right, yes, you are." Kendall blurts out, then stares at the pizza in fascination. Wow, uh, that's a lot of meat.

"Eyebrows guy?" Delilah answers, having met him perhaps just once or twice in passing. Her attention is drawn over to Kendall though, a small smile on her face. "It's kind of interesting hearing that consensus. Doesn't happen much." Or, it might, and she's just being nice. "Thanks." Or something like that, right?

"Yeah, eyebrows guy. He broke a promise and tried to hurt someone, and, well, I kind of flipped out when I found out about it. I did learn something though… I can't let my emotions lead my ability." Magnes nods to Kendall, as if to teach him some sort of life lesson, then moves the already opened pizza boy to open the second. This one is anchovies and pepperoni, though there's still plenty of the first pizza. "If anyone ever calls you anything but cute, they're a liar. And man, I miss my penguin…"

Kendall looks at Magnes oddly. "Penguin? Is that some sort of… euphemism for something I'm not supposed to know about?" he just looks clueless about the 'eyebrows guy' thing.

"Maybe you shouldn't even know about the penguin. It was sketchy." Delilah leans back to find one of the TPBs she had been flipping through earlier. "I wish I had something more useful, but now mine is even on my registration card, so I guess that means what it means. I wish I could do stuff like control blood or gravity."

"Make a big glob of it in your hand." Magnes requests, and shakes his head to Kendall. "I kind of went on a trip, and I had a penguin for a while. I want it back. I never had a pet before, and it was really cool having a penguin in my room…" But then, looking back to Delilah, he continues. "Your ability isn't useless, I explained that to Kendall. It's just about how you use it, how creative you are. And I really think me and you would be an awesome ability team up."

"A glob of… what?" Kendall asks warily. "Blood?" this is very creepy, actually. "You… you're registered, now?" he asks Delilah in confusion. "What… er, what do you do?"

"There aren't that many applications, trust me. Unless someone wanted to poison some arrows or use me as a drug source. With this it is kind of- what you see is what you get. There's no middle ground. I'm trying to learn how to make it only come out of my hands, but it's hard. Spitting works because it's a mucus and is made immediately." Delilah does sound like she's looked this stuff up. She digs out her card for Kendall to see, and Magnes if he wants. "I got arrested during a riot, some arsonists tried to burn down a building and things went nuts. Psychoactive Secretion." She even points at the line on her card.

"It's in your spit?" Magnes instinctively starts feeling around in his mouth with a finger, but then realizes the implications and immediately adds, for Kendall's sake, "Ah, something stuck in my teeth." Another awkward cough. "I haven't kept my registration updated, and I wasn't entirely truthful on it to begin with. I'm tier zero, but I'm sure some part of the government knows better. And I doubt they'll be busting us any time soon. But uh, I was thinking, if you learn to make it come from your hands or something, I could manipulate it with gravity and use it as a poison weapon."

Kendall stares at Magnes. "Ugh…. I don't really want to know what's stuck in your teeth that has to do with her, I really don't." cue the seething resentment! Rawr! Delilah is /his/ crush!

"Sounds more like Pokemon than people. Yeah, spit, sweat, blood- uh-" Everything else, technically, but those three mainly. Delilah just switches tracks. "I got Tier 2. I think I only did because either I'm very convincing, or someone pulled a string. I'm lucky I didn't get blackholed." She is finishing her second piece of pizza now, trying to locate a napkin, hopefully.

"I'm pretty sure I know why you didn't. I'll tell you what I think later." Magnes doesn't want to spill classified government stuff in front of Kendall, so instead, he offers over a slice of anchovy/pepperoni pizza to the younger of the male geeks. "We are kind of like Pokemon. If we think of it that way, it's easy to think in terms of strategy, instead of taking your ability at face value. Sure, it might be hard to think of what to do with it now, but a man once told me that our ability limitations are nothing more than mental blocks. He's the one who taught me how to move things with my mind."

Kendall frowns in yet more puzzlement. "What does tier two mean?" he asks the other two, snagging another slice and wrinkling his nose at the anchovies. "Yeah, there's these creepy 30-year olds who like playing Pokemon and calculate stuff up the wazoo and basically make it not fun anymore."

"Two means that I'm powerful enough to cause death and destruction, but capable of living in society." Delilah answers Kendall first. "It's not mental blocks with me, it's physical capability. I can't exactly Sludge Bomb or something. Toxic, sure."

"You could learn some good spitting techniques. And anchovies aren't that bad!" Magnes takes his anchovy pizza back and bites into it himself, then asks, with just a touch of concern, "There's like, no way you could uh… accidentally make your body fluids toxic?"

"That just reminds me of that poison-spitting dinosaur in Jurassic park. Are you really comparing her to that thing?" Kendall snorts at Magnes. "That's harsh, man, harsh."

"Humans don't have the muscles for projectiles. I wonder if we could evolve again though, maybe I'll grow some!" Haha. "Not on accident, generally." Delilah looks at Magnes, knowing full well what he means. "Last year at this time, yes, I'd probably do that alot- but I've learned to mostly get it under wraps- but if I got an overwhelming negative emotion it would happen again. I used to just start leaking every time I got sad or angry." Not anymore, thankfully.

"Alright, so happy is fine." Mental note. Magnes sits the pizza down into the box, then turns over to the entertainment center and starts going through DVDs and games. "Too bad the person who mentored me for the last few months is… well, he's not around anymore. He'd definitely do something with your ability."

Kendall snorts. "So I suppose you want to mentor her now? I guess that means I'm safe now." he starts picking anchovies off a slice of pizza. The last one he kind of looks at, then tentatively licks, makes a face, and sets it to the side. Ew gross.

"I'm fine on my own. I'm not really wanting to do much with it if at all Possible. Since I'd rather have something else or nothing at all. I like having it most of the time but then other times it is just a burden." Delilah frowns. Like getting tested in jail and having to spend hours and hours explaining it.

"One day you might be able to control the chemical composition. It's perfectly within the realm of human capability." Magnes reaches over to grab an anchovy from his slice, then teases Kendall by chomping down on it. "And no way, you're still my apprentice, Kendall. I've had a lot of mentors, and I always came out better for it. And uh, if anything, Delilah's kind of my mentor…"

Kendall regards Magnes skeptically as he partially denudes another slice of pizza. "If you call this 'better' I'd hate to see what you were like beforehand. I'm not sure I should trust you that much."

"Unlikely as hell, Magnes. It's a defensive mechanism like toads have, only potent to everything." Delilah laughs at Kendall next. "Oh, you can trust him with most things. He means well." Hah, talking about Magnes like he isn't in the room.

"Oh, I don't know a lot about toads. Maybe your tongue will mutate… that or you'll get warts. Please don't get warts." Magnes mock-frowns, then slides a movie into the DVD player; Up. "Oh, hey, you can make killer spit balls. And hey, I'm a lot better than I was last year! I mean, I think I'm pretty, well, masculine." Which was the least masculine thing he could say.

"That's what people say when they're trying to convince themselves they are, and that they /don't/ like fluffy pictures of kittens, or wearing his mother's clothes when he thinks no one is looking and having tea parties." Kendall points out. "My cousin had a friend like that, it wasn't pretty."

"There's nothing wrong with that." Delilah sits up and gives Kendall a small glare, then smoothing her skirt and watching Magnes pop in a movie. "Maybe I should chew gum more. Better projectiles than loogies, right?"

"You could practice licking a knife too. But I admit, it does sound like a hard ability to work with." Magnes lays back on the floor once the move is in, and just lays there, yawning. "What's it feel like, when you're oozing?"

"Is this really what should be discussed in polite company?" Kendall asks after finishing off his last slice and not really looking for another. "I mean, that sounds kinda… personal?" 'oozing' also sounds kinda gross.

None of the verbs for it sound good. Ever. Delilah knows that much. "Um. Like a little kid playing in the mud? I dunno. It's just messy. Can we not talk about that? It's kind of gross to describe."

Magnes nods in Kendall's direction, from his spot on the floor with his arms behind his head. "You see what he can do? He made me shoot a kamehameha. His ability's got so much potential, he just needs to practice."

"But it doesn't actually do anything." Kendall protests, shaking his head. "I could try drawing Godzilla stomping New York flat, but there wouldn't even be a breeze."

"I've never seen what he does." Delilah looks at Kendall now with interest. "I was sort of guessing he had something by the way he acted, but I was never sure."

Magnes motions to a sketchpad sitting on his nightstand, then an invisible force moves it near Kendall and drops it down next to him. "You can show her, we'll watch. You can put on a whole show and make Pokemon and stuff."

Kendall rolls his eyes. "All right then." he glances at Magnes, then gets this evil little smirk and starts drawing. Eventually, Magnes' outer appearance changes to that of Ash Ketchum's from the first season of Pokemon, complete with the little zigzaggy lines under his eyes and the hairdo. Evil smirk, transform to innocent smile. Magnes still has the same face, though.

Delilah is just left to raise her eyebrows before reaching over to swat at the pencil. "Agh, kinda creepy there-" She looks somewhat disturbed, but her fingers pause on the sketchpad and a smile comes up for Kendall. "Just that one- the actual thing was- pretty damn cool. You're an illusionist?"

Magnes quickly sits up, looking himself over, slightly horrified as he tugs at the clothes. "What the hell did you… you can fix this, right?" He shakes his head, crawling over to the bed. "My head hurts, I'm gonna lay down for a moment. My bandmate's coming over later. I can take you guys home after a few movies, then you don't have to take the buses."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Kendall looks thoughtful. "Actually, I've never tried stopping them once I stopped. I… uh, I don't know. I guess you'll, uh, look like that until it ends itself, I guess…." oh bwahaha. "Hope your bandmate likes Pokemon." he tries to suppress a snicker but fails. "Want me to draw you a Pikachu too?"

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