Ex Partner's In Lock Up


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Scene Title Ex Partner's In Lock Up
Synopsis Len gives Veronica the courtesy of letting her know he has Brian in lock up.
Date August 15, 2009

Fort Hero: Gymnasium

The gym is empty except for Veronica who is currently kicking the shit out of a punching bag. Punch, punch, kick, knee. It's not the best for working on martial arts moves, as there's no element of surprise and you can't practice falls or joint locks on a sack of sand, but it's the best she's got without pulling in another agent to spar with. And she's not in the mood to spar with anything but her own demons. Her lime-green iPod is attached to her waist, the earbuds snaking up to her ears as she delivers another punch to what would be her opponent's face.

There's just so much to get done before he can head north, but what can you do? He's got a former agent in his lock up, and the first thing that Len does is contact his former partner. He feels that she should know, so after making a few inquiries, he finds that she's signed into the gym, so he leaves his office and heads down.

As he arrives into the gym, he sees Vee in her own little world, and that poor bag is taking the brunt of her aggression. He considers the possibility that she might already know the news he has to tell her. He approaches and moves in front of her, but behind the bag to get her attention since she has the earphones in her ears and probably cannot hear him. As he steps into her view, he takes the bag with both hands, as if he were going to hold it for her.

The brunette agent wollops the bag once more, just as Len takes a hold of it. She's got more force in that lithe little body than most people would give her credit for — one of the reasons she was such a success earlier in her career. People underestimate her. She smiles, and moves to pull the earbuds out of her ears, her other hand reaching for the device at her waist to turn it off.

"Hey, boss," she says, shaking her hair out of her eyes. "What's up?" So apparently she doesn't know that her former partner (and current boyfriend, not that Len knows that!) is in lock-up.

"I have some news for you, and felt I should probably come down and tell you myself." He lets go of the bag and moves to lean against a weight machine as he talks to her. "Varlane and Bishop picked up Winters night before last. He's here in lock up." Len has no real reason to think that Veronica has had contact with him, but there's always a touch of suspicion that is part of what they do. That being said, he watches her reaction to the news.

"Winters?" she repeats, her brows furrowing for a moment before she slips her stoic mask back in place. "Varlane… Magnes managed to bring in Winters?" she says as if shocked at that aspect of the operation, rather than the fact that Brian could be hurt, mindwiped, whatever else. "Shit. Where was he? Has he been working for Pinehearst?" Fat chance of that, but that was the possibility after Goodman had tried to recruit him, right? "What happened?"

There's a smirk that crosses Len's mouth as he responds. "Believe it or not, they accidently stumbled upon him while they were out for the evening. Coincidence." Len watches her expression for a moment. There was something, but.. "Anyway, I'm going to be going to have a little chat with him here soon and wanted to let you know before you found out from anyone else."

"I appreciate that," Veronica says. "Nothing worse than getting jokes made at you about your former partner getting picked up by the dynamic duo or something without knowing what the hell anyone's talking about." She begins to unwrap the tape from her hands — no gloves, since she's practicing martial arts punches. "Anyone get hurt?" she asks, in what's meant to be just a curious tone, as she concentrates on untaping.

Len shakes his head. "No. Bishop is a little concerned about Varlane's reckless offense. That he'll get himself or someone else killed. But everyone seems to be just fine." Len watches her for a moment then starts to ask something, but stops. He considered asking if she's had contact with Winters, but for some reason he trusts her. He's gone to bat for her, so he's certain that she'd come to him had she heard from him. "I am going to be talking to Sheridan about Varlane. I may have made a mistake bringing him aboard."

"Varlane… I don't know. His skillset is improving of course, but I don't know about his loyalty. Like I said, he has friends in Phoenix." So does she — it was one thing when it was just Brian, but now she knows Gillian, too. "And he should have tried to tranq that cannibal guy instead of rushing in and trying to use his power on him, first thing. He realized it was a mistake after the fact. Was hard on himself about it. That suggests he at least knows what his weaknesses are, which is the first step to fixing them." She's happy to have the focus on Magnes rather than on Brian, but she knows it will look strange if she shows no interest in Brian. "So Winters is in a cell somewhere? You guys going to mindwipe him, torture him for information, or what?" She begins to work on the other hand.

"I'll know more after I talk to him," is the response given. Len pushes himself off the weight machine as he gets ready to leave. "I'm heading down there shortly if you want to clean up and come along. It really depends on what he has to tell me as to how I deal with him. You know I'm not a fan of the mindwipe, but that doesn't necessarily mean I won't use it." He starts for the door. "Should I wait for you?"

Veronica glances up at Len, then toward the door, as if Brian's just on the other side. She gives a shake of her head. "No… let me know what you find out. I'm not a big fan of being abandoned and I probably can't be trusted to be polite and keep my mouth shut if he pisses me off." She smirks at this. "Or keep from using him instead of the punching bag."

Len chuckles as he puts his hand on the door to push through. "Well, I know who to call if I need a heavy, don't I?" he slips from the gym, leaving Veronica along with her date of a punching bag as he turns to head towards lock up.

There's a light laugh before Vee glances at her gym bag. She can't call him. What if the version in the Company's cell is the one with the cell phone? She'll have to wait until she sees him or until he contacts her. With a sigh, she grabs the bag and heads into the locker room for a shower. She tosses the tape from her hands into a trash can. If only that was all that was going to be unraveled in her life.

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