Exciting Career Opportunities


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Scene Title Exciting Career Opportunities
Synopsis It's a promotion, really. A lateral promotion.
Date February 27, 2019

Waite's Office

It isn't every day that AG Jane Pak has cause to leave her plush office in the capitol. Today is a special day, though. She's been announced by Waite's staff, so it isn't a total surprise when she appears in his doorway. Although it may be surprising that she slides into view dramatically and whips off a pair of sunglasses.

"Director Waite," she greets as she leans on the doorway, "got a minute?" She swings her sunglasses around and around by a leg as she looks over at him.

Waite is sitting behind his desk, looking at the computer and typing something super important. Obviously. He’s a Very Important Man! Or something. You wouldn’t really know if to look at him or talk to him, considering he’s soft-spoken and not imposing, except for the fact that he wears suits everywhere.

The entrance only makes his eyebrows raise a little bit — you have to be good at hiding reactions in this job. Of course, that little bit is something. “Attorney General,” he says as he inclines his head to her, gesturing for her to come forward and sit, “of course. Please. How are you? Can I get you something to drink?”

"I would love a drink," Jane says as she crosses into the room. Her sunglasses she folds up and hangs from the neck of her shirt. She comes to the desk and drops herself into a chair opposite him. "So we need you for PISEC," she says, cutting straight to the point of her visit. "Plum Island SLC Expressive Center. You'd think the acronym would be PISLCEC, but I guess that isn't as easy to say. There's a detention center within it for prisoners who have skills to contribute to the research being done there. There's a transfer in the works, but I thought I might come warn you before they land on your desk."

“PISEC?” Waite has gotten up to get her that drink, turned to the cabinet behind where he must keep things like that, but her words make him turn back over his shoulder to look at her in mild surprise. He’s heard about it, sure — considering his current position — but.

“Why?” It’s out before he seems to realize it, and he shakes his head, continuing, “I mean, why me? I don’t oversee research here. They don’t think that would go over my head?” He finally gets to the cabinet and pours her a drink — and himself, too, though he doesn’t fill the glass up to the top or anything. It’s a healthy amount, or unhealthy depending on how you feel about alcohol, but still. He comes back over to hand her one glass before sitting down again, but he doesn’t drink from his yet, just waits for her reply, confusion evident.

"You won't be overseeing the research, you'll be overseeing the prisoners." Jane takes her glass and also a drink from it before she continues to explain. "These are extremely troubled, but gifted people. You're my only choice because we need someone with patience and understanding. Someone who understands the balance between punishment and encouragement. They're not there because they want to be, but because the courts decided they were useful. They'll be allowed a certain amount of… chaperoned freedoms, how much will be up to you. But. They are criminals. War criminals included. It's a delicate situation." She spreads her hands. What can you do? "Plus, this set up is under my supervision, technically, and I want someone chill in this position."

“Well, thank God for that.” Waite smiles a little bit, before he takes a sip, though the smile fades when she continues. He doesn’t interrupt, setting the glass down and leaning forward with interlocking fingers resting on the desk, his head tipping slightly to the side. The neutral face that had settled in turns to a frown as she goes on, but still, he doesn’t say anything until she’s done, and even for a few moments after as he processes it.

“Okay,” he finally replies, and he leans back then, reaching for the glass. He doesn’t drink from it again, though, just turns it around in his hand absently. “I understand. I suppose it’ll be an interesting change.” The smile reappears, though he still looks a little bit like he’s making the best of a weird situation. Not bad, no, just…yeah, weird. Unexpected. “Don’t worry. I’ll try to make you look good.” It’s a joke, and certainly good-natured — the smile widens a little bit afterwards. “It’s not that surprising that people wouldn’t want to waste talent.” That’s not quite as good-natured — more resigned — but it’s not directed at her.

"I always look good, Director," Jane says, her tone playful. "But I appreciate you helping with that." She downs more of her drink, then sets it down on his desk. "I know it's a strange situation, but we have an obligation to understand the SLC Expressives and a bigger obligation to make sure that research happens in an ethical fashion within the bounds of the law. These people can help. And I want you to keep your eyes open for anything there that starts to go against ethics or the law. That's sort of an unofficial part of the job, but we know how this has gone in the past and I trust you to bring up any… shenanigans. We don't want a repeat of the Company or the Institute or any other vaguely named organization."

“Very true,” Waite replies with a little chuckle, but he leaves that for now, and the laugh fades quickly as he leans forward again. His face settles back into a thoughtful look when she continues, and he taps his fingers on the desk quietly as he considers. It’s the last part, though, that gets a nod.

“Of course,” he says, and his tone is a little more grim. It isn’t as though he hasn’t seen plenty of examples of that, especially in his line of work. He pauses, again considering, before he asks, “Can I bring anyone with me? I’m sure it’s already staffed, but I’d like a couple of people there who I know I can trust, just in case.” Not that anything bad will happen. No, no.

Jane smirks at his comment and the laugh that follows. She always likes it when someone backs her up on her claims.

"Sure, you can bring your staff. Get me their information and I'll put it through. I want you to feel at home there, so whatever you need to feel settled." And she understands having trusted people around in these situations. "I'll get you information on the prisoners we are transferring there, too. But do you have any other questions for me? Or can we break for lunch. My treat, as a thank you."

When he gets the go ahead for that one, Waite’s shoulders relax very slightly, and the smile sits a little easier on his face. “Thank you,” he says. “I’ll talk to them about it today at some point.” The offer of lunch, though, seems to take him by surprise yet again, and Waite hesitates, glancing over at the computer screen, then briefly down at his watch.

“Sure,” he finally says with a nod, and he stands up, buttoning his jacket as he does in one smooth motion, an automatic thing. “Why not? It’ll be more enjoyable than my usual working lunches eating a sandwich at my desk.” He smiles, starting around toward the door, reaching to open it for her so that she can precede him through. “Just as a warning, there isn’t much close.” Not that she doesn’t know that, but it sounds like he’s joking.

"No working lunches while I'm around." Jane stands up, finishing off her drink before she looks back at him with a grin, "We'll have to go off the beaten path. Maybe knock on someone's kitchen door. We'll find something."

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