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Scene Title Expectations
Synopsis Elaine visits Quinn at her apartment and the two talk about what their expectations are and where they stand.
Date July 3, 2010

Quinn's Apartment, Gun Hill

It's been a while since Ygraine left her place, and Quinn has spent most of it relatively quietly. Music - though not necessarily soft, quiet music - emitting from her computer speakers at a low volume. She's in thought, staring ahead with her bass in her lap, plucking at it idly every few moments. She's spent the better part of the day thinking about a few things, instead of doing what she needed to around the house. It's probably a good thing that she didn't work tonight - though she was missing seeing the new bartender again, which was kind of a shame.

A sigh escapes her lips as she pulls out her phone, glancing at it. She'd sent a text message to Elaine just minutes ago, asking if she to come down. No response yet. It's with nervous and appraising eyes that she looks at the phone. After a moment, it returns to her lap, Quinn plucking at a thick bass string.

Instead of texting back, Elaine's promptly knocking at the door. Why text when you can easily just walk down and respond? Considering that the text was a request for a visit, it's just as easy to head down. She lowers her hand after knocking, a skeptical gaze at the door. Lately, she's not quite sure what to expect from people.

The knock on the door is audible enough from the spare room to startle Quinn out of thought - it was probably a good thing she had her door open and the music low. Phone slid back in her pocket. She rises from her seat, bass still in hand. Music s flipped off, and her free hand slides into her pocket. It's a short walk over to the door, and not thinking about using the peep hole, she just swings the door open - and seeing Elaine, her head tilts. "I was lookin' for a text. Silly me, I guess."

"What, my presence isn't better than a text?" Elaine questions, grinning over at the other woman. "Saves me the trouble of having to type out, 'I'm coming over', in response. Then again, I suppose I'd better text just in case. Don't want to show up knocking at the wrong time." She smiles warmly at the Irishwoman. "How're you?"

"At the wrong time?" Quinn asks with an eyebrow raised. "What exactly do you think I'm up to, in here?" A mirthful smirk comes across her face, stepping aside to let Elaine past. "Besides, Sable's threatened t' come in through the fire escape window before. If I can handle that, I can handle you." She smirks, and shrugs, holding up her bass. "Good. Messin' around, takin' a welcome day off from work. You?"

Elaine blinks a little before looking excited. "The fire escape? Now that's a damned fine idea." She laughs, moving to slip inside before she looks back to Quinn. "I was talking about you being in the throes of making music in your studio." She gestures back towards the spare room. "Nothing much, today. Today's been pretty quiet for me. Taking it easy and making sure Magnes damn well stays in bed and rests most of the day."

"Ah! Yeah, I'd have never heard you then. Or my phone." Quinn observes with a nod. Her free hand retreats back into her pocket, and almost immediately, she turns away and walks her way over to the couch, bass propped at it's side. "Sit," she says with a smile, plopping down herself.

Moving to the couch, Elaine proceeds to plop down as well, sinking herself into the couch as she makes herself comfortable. There's a careful peer towards Quinn. "You okay?" She questions, pointing at the hand in her pocket. "You got a habit of doing that. I noticed you do it a lot when you aren't as comfortable as you should be. Or you're stressed or something's a bit off." Well, that gives a clue on how perceptive Elaine is on things, and the fact that she does watch these things closely.

Elaine gets a quick, surprised look from Quinn. "I-am a bit nervous." A pause, and she shakes her head. "Not entirely for the reason you're probably thinking," she notes with a finger raised. "But- I wanted you t' come by because I did want to talk a bit about what happened." She wrinkles her nose, and shrugs. "Not, like, awkwardly. Just… I have some questions."

Elaine purses her lips a little bit. "Mmkay. Ask away. I'm good at answering questions." She notes with a bit of a smile, leaning her head back against the couch. "But don't be nervous. I would rather not make you feel nervous."

Quinn's smile grows a bit, nodding. "Well, that's a good start. I wasn't sure what t' expect." She sits up a bit, arms out across the back of the sofa, a hand poking Elaine as it passes behind her. "I- first and foremost, I want t' know what you're expectin' of all this. What… you want t' do from here."

Elaine peers back at Quinn, looking thoughtful. "Well, that's kinda up to you. I mean, I've figured things out with Sable and Magnes, but I'm really not sure what to expect or ask for. I don't know your feelings on the matter, which is what makes me slightly uncomfortable."

The mention of Sable very quickly deviates her thought process, and her eyes narrow a bit, though in a nonthreatening manner. "Ah- I was gonna save that for later, but- I heard about you an' Sable. Kinda wish I'd known before hand, but that's- neither here nor there. But be careful with her. She's supposed t' be on the straight arrow with this mysterious girl of hers, mending her ways as she says-" A pause, and Quinn tilts her head with a wry grin. "Unless that's you, she said she had red hair."

There's a bit of a giggle at that, and Elaine sits up a bit. "I can assure you that I wouldn't have done anything with Sable if I thought it would mess things up. There's sorta a weird dynamic that's kind hard to explain… but it's a little ironic and appropriate. I'd tell you, but I think Magnes likes his privacy 'bout certain things. But I assure you that if it complicates things between Sable and her ladylove, I'll step back. I don't plan on messing up anyone's relationship because of this, and if anyone has any objections then it can just all be ignored and we can all pretend nothing happened." There is a bit of a pause and a blush. "To… be honest, if I had known about the whole situation with Magnes before Sable brought it up, I would've liked it to be you first. Of course, that would've been terrible because I'd have never made any move cause I wouldn't know what to do and you were all nervous. But… I am sorry I didn't tell you 'bout Sable."

"Sable strikes me as the kind of person who needs a push if she's gonn-" Quinn stops, wrinkling her nose. "I guess that's not my business. But, really, that's the only thing I'm still awkward about. I mean, I shouldn't have been surprised, knowing Sable. I just… it's kinda weird, to me, to be with someone she's with, particularly considering our almost history." She coughs, and shakes her head. "I- am not saying that with any attempt to insinuate anything. I just wanted t' get that across. I said that t' her when she told me, too."

Quinn tilts her head again, eyeing Ygraine. "I- I don't think this situation is that big a deal. I certainly aim to figure out where things stand on it tonight, if I can get my thoughts together. If you wanted t' talk about our date, I'd love to. I'm… really curious what you got for me."

Elaine giggles. "Trust me, I'll keep Sable on the straight and narrow.. and when you think about, it's likely she's not gonna rush anything this way." She points out. She does blush at the mention of being with someone who's been with someone you were with. "I can see where that'd get weird. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable with it or I made you and Sable uncomfortable with each other, it's not at all what I meant to do."
"Elaine, you can't even keep yourself straight." Quinn replies with a wink, it's a comment she can't help bit share. But with that past, she looks a bit more serious, peering at the redhead. "I know you didn't. You're not like that. Or- if you are, you've kept it well. It's just- strange to me. A lot of things are lately, but that's one of the bigger ones."

The comment about being straight causes her to laugh, and Elaine genuinely looks pleased for a moment, but she is quickly sobered by Quinn's serious look. "I mean it, though. If you're hurting in any way because of me, you can just say so and I'll stop." She wets her lips a bit. "Cause that's my first priority. Seeing that you're okay. Same with Sable and with Magnes."

At that, Quinn pulls down the arm that had been laid across the couch behind Elaine, and pulls it back into view. Hesitantly, she reaches over and takes Elaine's. "I- to answer your earlier concern, I'm fine with us. I- Magnes is something else entirely," she remarks with a wink. "Sable is… a bit of a sore spot for me. It doesn't hurt, but I was a bit annoyed with her when I found out. But I ahve no business telling you what to do, right?"

Elaine looks towards Quinn with an amused expression. "Yes, Magness is something else entirely." She laughs, but she still looks serious. "If it's bothering you with me and Sable… I don't know, I can figure something out. I don't want you not feeling right about it. But I dunno, maybe time will help."

Quinn snorts, and shakes her head. "That wouldn't be fair to either of you, and I told Sable the same thing when she asked me if she should lay off. To try and get you t' do something to accommodate my awkwardness." She pauses, and tilts her head. "I guess this kinda answers ,y question about what you planned from here."

"Well, it's not like I wanna stop and he didn't stay I had to, and Sable's cool with it." Elaine frowns. "Well, what I plan is only me going off of what information I've got. I don't know what you wanna do. I mean, if I plan on doing something with her, do you want to not do anything with me? I mean, did you want me to pick or something?"

"Hell no." Quinn states flatly. "I- like I said, that's just not fair. But… please don't take this the wrong way, but I'll.. probably sit this out, in that case. You're wonderful, Elaine, but …" She quirks her lips, gaze moving downwards a bit, and attempting to disengage from Elaine's. "I suddenly bringing this up. Now I do feel awkward."

Now things have gotten awkward. "And… if I wasn't doing anything with Sable? Would you still want to sit this whole thing out?" Elaine asks, though now she won't look Quinn in the eye.

"That… would depend on how the rest of our talk went," Quinn remarks, her eyes narrowed. "…look. Never mind the rest of the talk. We can just… go back t' friends, if you want."

She pauses, and Elaine continues not to look at Quinn. "Ideally, Quinn, what do you want. Just hypothetically, if this were exactly how you'd like, what would it look like?"

"I- don't like this question," she begins, eyes still narrowed, though now she's resting her face on her palm. "But I'll answer it, it's only fair. Ideally, given recent events? Well… I guess I wasn't joking about that secret girlfriend thing. Even if it wouldn't be so secret. I-" she shakes her head, sighing. "I can't just cut Sable out though. It's not fair." She sits up, rubbing her face with both hands. "But neither is laying this on you. Guh. I am so sorry. I'm making you regret this whole thing, aren't I? This is what I get for over thinking things…"

Elaine frowns, moving to turn and face Quinn seriously. She reaches for the other girl's hand, and if allowed, holds it carefully. "Quinn, I know it's not fair. I wasn't expecting this to try and get complicated. That's the problem." She lets out a sigh. "I don't want to just let you go like that. It's not fair to you. Hell, it's not fair to any of us. But see, here's the thing, Quinn. This whole situation… Magnes is the one who orchestrated letting this even happen. So I'm being fair to him, too. Part of the reason I really don't like having to stick with just one of you is for that reason… when you have one person and only one person, things get serious. You know, one guy seeing one guy, one girl seeing one girl, one guy seeing one girl… there's something about seriousness and exclusivity. I don't want to give you up, Quinn, but if I stuck with you and only you… I dunno. Somehow I don't think Magnes would be quite as comfortable. Cause it feels more serious." She lets out a deep breath. "God, I just sound like a fucking whore now."

"I-Oh Lord." Quinn releases Elaine's hand and immediately reaches out to encircle her in a hug, pulling her as close as the other girl will allow. "Jesus, you're not a whore, Elaine. You're a wonderful person, and I feel better for havin' been with you." There's a very distinct honesty in her voice, a hand running down through Elaine's hair. "If I made you think that you were, then I'm being a bigger bitch than I thought." She closes her eyes, breathing in and breathing out heavily. "I can understand that. I- am not used t' sharing people, though I've been getting used to the idea lately, an' not just cause of this. But… God, this is why I wanted to have this talk. I never would have known that otherwise, and it's good that I do."

After a moment, she reaches down and takes Elaine by the chin, attempting to lift her gaze up to her own. "I like you a lot, Elaine. I mean, like… you know. Not romantically, I'm smarter than that. But I really enjoyed the other night, an'… depending on how the rest of this goes, you know." Her tone is much gentler, a meek smile on her face, a distinct change of pace from the sullenness she had moments ago.

Elaine definitely seems to be in need of being held, and she lets Quinn draw her close, eyes drifting shut as she lets out a deep breath before opening her eyes. "You aren't a bitch, Quinn. I'd never call you that or think that of you. I don't think it's fair to have to make anyone share. I don't think it's fair at all. And if this is causing everyone so many problems then maybe I just shouldn't." There's a moment before she presses closer to Quinn, as if afraid of the girl just vanishing.

"I don't tell people what I want, Quinn. Not all the time. I keep a lot of stuff locked up because I'd rather be happy by seeing someone else happy, even if I have to give up something I want. Magnes knows I keep stuff locked up, but I can't even always tell him what I want." She opens her eyes to peer up at Quinn a bit. "But this whole thing, god, for once I feel like I'm not just some ordinary girl who gets overlooked. I feel special. Like people have a reason for wanting me and wanting to be around me and be my friend. People even being willing to share me like that makes me feel loved, and I can't even tell you how long it's been since I felt this loved."

She sits up a bit more just so Quinn can look at her. "And I do like you, Quinn. I like this. You're special. I don't break down in front of anyone else, dunno why, but that's just how it happens. But I don't want to give you up if I don't have to, but I am not gonna cause you any hurt or discomfort or pain over it, and I'm not gonna ruin your relationship with Sable over this. So you just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. I'll try to."

"It sounds like it's just causing me problems, honestly," she remarks, continuing to run a hand through her hair. "I will say, though, that we don't need t' share sex for you to feel loved. I'd want to be around you no matter what, you know? You're cute, you're a fun person, and you put up with my antics. There's not a ton of people who do that." She smiles warmly at Elaine, ruffling her hair. "I can't speak for Magnes, or for Sable, but I know that's how I feel. I'm not opposed to the idea, but we don't need it to be close. You understand that, right? You know, no matter what, you can always come to me to break down, hang out, or talk, right? You've kinda become one of my closest friends, an'… yeah."

She gives a pause before continuing. "Me and Sable have stuck it through so far, and… we've been good. It's going to take a lot t' rock our friendship, I think. I was just trying to get across- I'm not really used to this kind of this. At all."

Elaine looks back at Quinn, smiling weakly. "It's not really the sex, just the wanting, really. Cause y'know, it'd be one thing if I was just some girl you saw who was attractive. When you know the person, really know them, the fact that you want them is different cause even if it's for sex… you still want more of them than just their looks." She leans in and plants a tiny kiss to Quinn's cheek. "I'd like to continue doing more with you, but that's your decision. And if you're not comfortable with things and you'd like it to just be friends, that's okay. Or even if you just want to be the kind of friends who cuddle and kiss but go no further, that's okay. I'm gonna leave it up to you."

"I… am willing t' give it a shot, but…" She takes a deep breath, and exhales, closing her eyes. "There's one other bit of awkwardness that I got cleared up for me today, but… you should probably know it too, cause it wouldn't be fair otherwise." She eyes Elaine for a second, thoughtfully. "I know I can, but I still gotta ask - you think you can keep somethin' under your hat?"

"If I had a hat to wear, I could keep it under there for you. Since I'm wearing no hat, no one will ever know what's under it." Elaine pauses. "That's a stupid way of me saying yeah." She peers over, wondering what awkwardness would top that.

Nodding slowly, Quinn purses her lips, eyes glancing down for a moment. "This, uh… isn't exactly the first time I'm doin' something with someone who's taken. Ygraine an' I have been… well, we've only gone out on one formal date." There's distinct emphasis on that word. "Before the auction. I- before you ask its complicated. Which is a cop out, I know, but… I'm still trying to wrap my head around it."

She wrinkles her nose, shrugging. "We talked about it earlier today, after she heard about the other night and… she wasn't opposed to it, you know?" If she understood her correctly. There's still a bit of doubt in Quinn's mind. "So, there's… that."

If Elaine was drinking something, she likely would have spit it out. "Y-Ygraine? Before the auction?" There's a moment where Elaine's just blinking, definitely seeming surprised. "I… suppose that explains some things. Uh." She looks a bit embarrassed. "I don't know, though. I mean, there's you and her and… she's okay with it?" She clears her throat. "I don't know what's with Ygraine and her wife, which is all well and fine and good with me, that's her prerogative. But… I mean, if this is something that's good for you and you like it and you want to be with her, maybe you shouldn't be involved with me like that. I mean, I don't wanna complicate things."

Quinn laughs sheepishly at Elaine's reaction, shaping her head. "Like I said, it's complicated. But so far, they're… friendly dates, if you know what I mean. It's not like we've slept together or anything. But yes, once we talked, she- well, she was surprised that I was surprised that she questioned me when I asked if she wanted it to just be the two of us, if… you know what I mean."

Elaine laughs a little bit. "Complicated, I can understand. I think you get how complicated my life is at the moment." She peers over. "So.. if you and she are okay, and Ygraine's fine… does that mean you at least want to try things for now?"

Quinn smiles warmly, a hand rising to Elaine cheek, lingering for a moment before moving behind her head, pulling her to her. Her lips find Elaine, parting just slightly, breathing heavy as she leans into the kiss, eyes closed as her hand runs down Elaine's back.

Elaine would have awarded Quinn bonus points, had she not been distracted by the kiss itself. She slides a hand up into Quinn's hair, leaning closer into the kiss before her other arm decides to slide around Quinn's waist, just keeping them close for the moment.

Quinn is in no quick rush to end the kiss, though she makes no attempt to move things along either. She seems content just to let it linger until she's finally a bit unable to breathe, pulling a bit suddenly, her breathing laboured for a moment as she looks ahead, eyes fluttering open. Just like the other night, she's red as a beet, a somewhat nervous grin on her face. "I-Does that answer your question?"

Elaine seems happy with the kiss, letting it end once Quinn parts it. She laughs a little, shifting to nuzzle her nose in against Quinn's neck for a second. "Yes. And I have two things to say. You're a very good kisser… and I like it when you're a little more headstrong with what you want."

Quinn laughs nervously, her head tilting. "You think? Thanks," she says quietly, still wearing that nervous smile. A hand runs repeatedly though her hair, Quinn leaning back a bit. "Well, I-" She wrinkles her nose and shrugs. "It's easier when I know someone… 'better', you know? That, and I wasn't sure you'd really believe me otherwise."

"It is a very convincing way to make me believe you, yeah." Elaine smiles, shifting to look Quinn in the eyes. "Yeah, easier when you know someone better, for sure. I certainly enjoyed it, though, I'll tell you that." She settles in at Quinn's side. "I honestly hope nothing falls apart. Cause I really like this."

"Like what? Kissing girls? In, uh… several places?" She winks at Elaine, smiling as she pulls her a bit closer up on her side. "That probably good, otherwise, this might be that much more awkward." She sighs, sloughing in her seat a bit, bringing her head closer to level with Elaine's. "You're not so bad yourself, you know. No wonder Magnes wanted you t' be his girlfriend." She chuckles at that, and shrugs. For a moment she stares ahead. "So, what do you want t' do? I… " She thinks for a moment, trying to remember if she had more questions. "I think I have everything I wanted t' ask out of the way."

And then she lights up a bit. "Wait, no. I did have a question of curiosity."

"Interrogate away, oh fair Quinn." Elaine states, leaning in a bit against Quinn. "I'm an open book. Unless it's a secret someone told me to keep, and then you're out of luck." She giggles.

Quinn shifts so she's sitting a bit straight, and not really attempting to awkwardly hug Elaine anymore. Instead she let's one arm wrap around her, pulling her close enough to let her hand rest on Elaine's stomach. A finger from her free hand is raised, and Quinn peers at Elaine. "You seemed so surprised that it hadn't happened sooner the other night. Am I really that bad a flirt?"

"Aw, Quinn… you aren't a bad flirt. Sometimes, though, you just kinda know." Elaine peers towards her leaning in a bit closer. "I was just surprised cause of, y'know… sexual tension. Really did think you would've given in sooner."

"I-" She wrinkles her nose and tilts her head. "Really? I- mean, I've had a crush on you," she says, with distinct emphasis, "for a while. Not romantic," she quickly adds. "But, like.. I never felt like there was tension until Sable actually said something about there being a chance. It just… never occurred to me." She chuckles, and shrugs. "And I certainly wouldn't just give into it with someone who has a boyfriend and seems entirely straight." She smirks at Elaine when she says the last part, a playful smile on her face. "You're not the first one it's taken alcohol with."

Elaine's grinning, full scale. "Quinn, I could tell. I'm not the best at these things, but I can usually get a sense when it comes to there being attraction. The whole crush thing was part of the reason why I kinda wished you had the opportunity to be first. Even if it still would've been weird." She looks over at the other woman. "Even with the flirting, I realized now that I was being serious with some of it. Not that I would've or could've done anything at that moment anyways, but…" She clears her throat. "And it wasn't as if I was completely straight in the first place… I just didn't know really my options or have the opportunity to pick. So… there."

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. "I guess I should have realized that from how readily you flirted with me." Quinn lets out a sigh, sinking a bit more in her seat - it's kind of awkward, the way her back is positioned, but she doesn't seem to mind. "So, what do you wanna do? I have no idea where anyone else is at the moment, and Ygraine's already come and gone for the day…"

Elaine waggles her eyebrows. "I'm surprised you didn't figure it out sooner." She looks over at Quinn's position. "Wanna sit differently? You don't look so comfy." She seems thoughtful. "Well, I dunno where anyone's at today. Hopefully Magnes is sleeping. I don't want him getting up out of the damn bed until he's got his energy back. I feel like the Bed Nazi or something."

"He better damn well be in bed," Quinn remarks, even as she looks down at herself. "He's put himself through enough this week. I'm kinda… surprised you're not up tendin' to him, though. Particularly after the last few days." She shrugs, looking over at Elaine. "Eh. It's not uncomfortable. And I feel lazy."

Elaine shakes her head a little. "I've been. Anytime I'm not here or with Sable or with Ygraine I've basically been making him steak and bringing him pudding and being there all the time. Plus there's not much actual tending to do when he's asleep and I get restless. I like being around people." She looks over. "Well, y'know, you could lie across the couch. Probably more comfy."

"Pudding? How dreadful, do you want to kill him?" Quinn looks disgusted at this concept, tongue stuck out at Elaine. "We should all get together on the last night of her bed rest and have a big group steak dinner. I'll chip in." She nods with a smile, and then wrinkles her nose at Elaine. "I could. It is my couch, after all," she responds, sticking her tongue out again. With that, she sits back up, something in her back popping as she does. This elicits a wince from Quinn, but not much else. All she does once straight is reach again for Elaine's hand.

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